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His name is Wesley the Whimsical. And he can talk to plants.

It was a gift he's had since he was a little kid. He could understand them and have long conversations with them about the weather and the changing of seasons. Plants weren't very imaginative, but at least they could help him with directions and they never told him a lie. They had no reason to. For the longest time, Wesley spent his days wandering the world, going from place to place. He enjoyed it greatly. It made his overwhelming loneliness much more tolerable.

He wasn't always lonely though. Once upon a time, Wesley was a very happy little boy living with his family. He had a mom, a dad, an aunt, an uncle, and of course a cousin named Simon.

Wesley remembers Simon the most. It was hard not to remember his best friend, practically a brother since they grew up together in the same neighborhood. Simon was pretty distinct too. Unlike Wesley who possessed bleach blond hair and silver eyes, Simon's hair was striking red and so were his eyes. It frightened some of the neighborhood kids, believing Simon was some kind of demon. Yet, Wesley had never been scared. Why would he be? He loved Simon. He would always chase away the bullies and comfort his younger cousin with treats. Even though Simon wasn't a big fan of sweets, he still appreciated it when Wesley shared a cookie with him.

Life was perfect.

Until it wasn't. A fire took the lives of his dear aunt, uncle, and Simon.

Wesley had been six at the time. Simon was four.

For a few hours, Wesley and his family had hoped that Simon managed to escape the flames, but they could not find him. Nor did they find his charred remains. Simon was gone.

Yet, years later, Wesley had a feeling that his cousin was alive. For several months he had been having frequent dreams about Simon! Every night he would dream about his cousin; the same striking red hair and eyes. Wesley knew it was a sign, and after months of looking, he finally caught a break. Simon the Silent was his cousin's title, a very fitting title. He heard it from a grapevine in Mondstadt, a little town in Corinthia. Sadly, the grapevine only knew Simon's title, not his location.

So Wesley left his traveling merchant lifestyle to find his cousin. He searched all over the Ever Realm. Speaking to trees, hedges, rose bushes, and more. Most plants didn't care for names so Wesley had to describe his cousin for them.

"Simon he's well... He's kind of what you would think a vampire would look like. He's got red eyes and hair, and he's super pale! Like, you would think he was undead with how pale he is. Oh! And he wears black, so if the skin and eyes weren't enough, he also dresses like a vampire too. At least the last time I saw him he did."

Wesley could go on and on, and thankfully the plants didn't mind. They had nothing better to do other than listen, and Wesley could talk for hours about anything and everything. People not so much. Which was another reason for Wesley's loneliness. He never shuts up.

Sadly, none of the plants knew where Simon was. They had not seen Simon before and could not tell him where to go. Wesley had to keep moving on. He scoured through different parts of the Ever Realm for over a year before he met an ancient oak tree that had some info on Simon.


A flock of birds took off in a high-speed flight away from Wesley's loud voice. There Wesley stood, almost comically with his jaw hanging down and his eyes bulging from their sockets. He braced his hand on the bark of the tree to keep it from falling down. "Y-You're joking. Please tell me you're joking." He begged the tree, but the tree repeated itself again and Wesley couldn't believe it. His cousin made an attempt on someone's life.

No, not just someone. A person who is very powerful. The famous Enchancian princess. Princess Sofia. Simon had made an attempt on her life.

He couldn't breathe. Wesley shifted on shaking legs before falling down on the seat of his pants and dropping his face into his palms. "No. Oh, no no no no... This is bad. This is so bad... I can't believe he did that. That doesn't sound like Simon at all! He would never take someone's life. I know he wouldn't. Simon is about as threatening as a leaf. He wouldn't kill someone!"

There was no way. Wesley knew Simon as a shy individual who was always cautious around new things. He was hesitant and easily frightened when they were kids.

Wesley shakes his head, "That can't be right. Simon wouldn't hurt anyone. He definitely wouldn't take someone's life."

But people do change. Sometimes it's for the best and sometimes it's for the worst. Wesley slumps against the tree. He pulls out his map, a useless piece of parchment paper if he has ever held one. It was outdated and he couldn't make heads or tails with it. Along with his map, Wesley also withdrew his magic compass, the only item he had left of his parents. The magic compass could lead to where the user is needed. Sometimes the places Wesley heads to are where the compass urges him to go. The arrow spins around in fast circles but Wesley pockets the enchanted item before it could point in a direction. He'll worry about that later, right now he needs to think of what to do next.

"Maybe I should go to Enchancia?" He wonders aloud, before smacking his own head, "Idiot! You can't do that! They'll kill you if they learn you're related to Simon! Maybe it's not the real him? But what if it is and they decide to kill me? Oh!" He drops his head back and groans when his skull hits the tree, "This sucks!"

The leaves of the tree rustle with a slight wind, making Wesley hum and look up at it. "Oh," He sits up a little and pats the bark, "Yeah, I can talk to plants. If it grows from the ground, I can talk to it. I know it's a weird power, but it comes in handy. I've been able to talk to plants since I was a teeny, tiny, mini-me!"

The tree's branches begin to wave up and down, warning him of an upcoming storm. "Yeah," Wesley said, staggering to his feet. He groaned at the slight ache he felt in the back of his skull, "You're right, I need to find a safe place to spend the night. Thanks for the heads up!" He waves at the tree and hurries off to seek shelter.

Soon, Wesley finds a nice cave and slips inside just as the skies grew darker and the wind starts howling, rushing through the forest violently. After setting up his campsite, Wesley lights a small fire and sits back against the wall of the cave with his luggage acting as a pillow to keep his back from aching.

The fire cracks contently as heavy rain bullets down on the forest floor, hissing and making the area feel cold. Wesley was about to drift off to sleep when he notices a little pink lily plant near the entrance of the cave. Lilies were sweet plants as their name would suggest. They were always shy to him, especially when he spoke to them. They like to whisper and hear stories so Wesley carefully made his way over and laid down on his belly next to it.

"Sorry if I scare you," He said gently, reaching up to poke one of its pretty petals, "I'm Wesley. Wesley the Whimsical, and yes I can talk to plants. I hope you don't mind if I hang out here for a while." He smiles as the plant shyly responds. "Thanks, I'm glad that you don't mind.'

Thunder cracks across the sky, followed by an explosive boom that shakes the air. The lily's head bobs up and down, and Wesley swears it's shaking from the storm. "Shush, it's okay," He cooes gently, stroking the green stem, "Don't be afraid, little one. It won't hurt you. You're safely tucked away in this cave, though I'm worried you're not getting enough sunlight to survive."

The lily whispers hesitantly. Wesley nods, "Okay, so you are getting enough. That's good. Well, I for one prefer sunlight over storms like this any day, but sometimes it's nice to watch the lightning blast across the sky. It's like nature's fireworks, you know?"

He smiles at the lily, listening to it speak, and nodding in agreement, "Yeah, well I guess I am alone. I didn't use to be. I used to have a family. I had parents and we lived right down the road from my aunt and uncle. They had a son named Simon. I'm actually looking for him, he's my cousin. I think he's Simon the Silent, but I'm not sure. You see I haven't seen him since I was six. What happened was there was this terrible fire that burned their house down and we couldn't find him anywhere, not even his remains. I mean we found Uncle Luther and Aunt Simon's remains. I didn't see it of course, but I learned a few days later that their bodies were found, but not Simon's. So we went looking for him for three days and there was nothing. He was gone."

The lily offers its sympathies, making Wesley smile, "Thanks, I appreciate that. Anyways, I'm on a lead. I've been having these dreams about him and I know it's a sign. It has to be. I haven't thought about Simon for a few years, and to suddenly think about him must mean something. I heard that there was this person, who looks like Simon, and his name is Simon too. Simon the Silent. I don't know if that's my cousin, but it sounds like the title he'll have. He was so quiet when we were kids." Wesley sighs, rubbing his hand on the damp dirt, "I just need to know what happened that ruined our family. If I could just find him and ask him, then I might be able to find peace of mind." He looks to the thunderous skies above, wistfully. "Then maybe I won't be alone anymore."

As Wesley settles down for the evening.

Several kingdoms away, Mordicai was telling Princess Sofia a specific story that involved her former enemy, now good friend, Simon the Silent.

To say she was shocked was an understatement. Sofia didn't know much about Simon's family aside from his grandfather. As far as Sofia knew, Sylvester had been Simon's last remaining family, with the exception of Persephone and their kids. Now, she was aware that Simon had someone else, a cousin who has been looking for him for over a year.

"It sounds pretty clear cut," She acknowledged, more to herself than Mordicai. The original storekeeper smiled, "The story is far from it, Princess Sofia. However, I'm sure you can reunite Wesley with his cousin."

Sofia laughed a little, "Of course! I might be a little rusty since I passed on my duties to the girls, but since they're out living their best life, I'm ready to get back into the swing of things." It was a little bitter-sweet that her kids were growing up so fast. She was in her thirties and each of her children was growing into their own person. Soon her kids are going to move out and start their own families, and it was just so bitter-sweet.

At least they still had Charlie and Serena. Her last two children were still living at home.

"I'll do my best," Sofia told Mordicai before heading off to seek out her husband, Cedric. Oh, she just couldn't wait to tell him the "ah-mazing" news. No doubt he'll be up in arms about Wesley.

Entering their lovely home, Sofia made her way to Cedric who was working on something. He looked exhausted, the poor man. While Sofia had been speaking to Mordicai, Cedric had been taking care of their children. Charlie and Serena had both come down with the flu, and while they were much better than they had been before, both were still suffering from stomach aches and slight fevers.

Sofia smirked to herself, sneaking up behind Cedric and wrapping her arms around his middle, pressing a kiss to the back of his neck. "You're such a good father," she cooed, giggling quietly when she felt him shiver.

"M-My love," She couldn't see it, but she knew Cedric was red in the face. "I don't mind your attention, but I must focus on this." He doesn't stop her from hugging them though and as soon as he's done with his project, Cedric immediately spins around and embraces her. Their hug is quickly followed by a sweet kiss.

"How are the kids?" Sofia asked worry etch in her voice.

"Miserable," Cedric sighed, "Poor Charlie hasn't eaten a thing since this morning, and Serena's fever isn't going down."

"Oh no," Sofia whispered, her heartbreaking. Cedric smiled at her and kissed her head, "Not to worry, my love. I found the perfect potion to help. This will not only help Serena's fever, but it should also reawaken Charlie's appetite."

Sofia smiled and kissed the tip of his nose, "Reliable as always, my dear sorcerer."

He hummed in response, relishing in her presence, "I try." Sofia follows Cedric to the children's rooms. Charlie was first since he was the youngest and the one who was suffering the most. He didn't want to drink the potion knowing that any medication was going to taste bad.

"Charlie, please drink a little bit. You need to eat," Sofia said sweetly, combing her fingers through her son's hair. It amazed her how both their children were perfect combinations of herself and Cedric. With Charlie having Sofia's hair and accent but possessing brown eyes. She can see so much of her father, Birk, in him, it could make her cry. Her mother even said Charlie was a near spitting image of her late husband. Serena on the other hand took after Cedric with both his hair and accent but had Sofia's eyes.

Sofia swiped Charlie's brown bangs and kissed his forehead, "Please, sweetie. It'll help you feel better and make me very happy."

Charlie groaned, giving in, "Okay..." He takes the offered cup from his father and drinks it. The taste is bitter and it feels thick like syrup. He purses his lips into a white line, trying with all his might not to spit it out. With tears in his eyes, he manages to swallow the drink and immediately guzzle down the glass of water his mother conjured. "It's yucky!" He said and shook his head in disgust.

Sofia nods, "I know, but you did go. Now rest." She gently eases him back down to his bed and kisses his forehead, "I'll be back later to read you a story okay?"

"Okay, Mama." Charlie slowly drifts off to sleep. Sofia smiles lovingly at him and soon stands up. Cedric was watching her with deep contentment and love in his eyes, "They are so lucky to have you as their mother, my love." He said, and it made Sofia blush at how sincere he was being.

"They're lucky to have you as a father, my dear sorcerer," she giggles rising up to peck his lips. They went to Serena next, the poor princess' fever wasn't going down. Like Charlie, she didn't like the taste of the potion, but after some coaxing; this time from Cedric, she drank and went back to sleep.

"I'm sorry, I wasn't here to help before," Sofia said while pouring a cup of tea for herself and Cedric. Her husband smiled from his spot at the kitchen table, "Not to worry, my love. I'm just surprised that Mordicai needed your help so suddenly. It's not every day that he summons you."

It's true, she hasn't finished a story for a few years. It wasn't that she didn't love being a story-keeper, Sofia just had her hands full at the moment. Of course, Mordicai understood and new story-keepers were chosen later on, but she still felt a little guilty for passing on her duties so suddenly.

Speaking of the story, she would need to break the news to Cedric about Wesley.

"So, hypothetically," she starts, drawling it out as much as she could, seizing Cedric's full attention, "If I were to tell you that a certain someone's cousin was in need of help, would you be against me helping him?"

Cedric blinked, cocking his head, "Sofia, I don't quite understand what you mean. Wait, are we playing that hypothetical game again. The last time we played this game, you were dealing with that crystal maker. Oh, what was her name... Prisma!" His eyes widen in horror remembering the day Sofia got trapped in her amulet. "Sofia, please tell me that this isn't about her is it!?"

Sofia sighed, of course, he would remember that. Her being so young and having to deal with Prisma, was a lot for a young girl. Of course, Cedric knew her amulet was real and powerful, and of course, he was aware she was in more danger than she was willing to admit. She could easily be in danger again if she wasn't careful. Sofia knew that Cedric wouldn't want her to help Wesley. He would probably try to convince her to let this story go. However, she would rather tell him what's going on and assume the worse, than go behind his back and risk her life. Cedric was her partner first, before her husband. He deserved to know the truth.

"No, we're not playing that game, because this is no longer hypothetical. Cedric, I need to tell you something that I think you're going to be upset with, so please bear with me for a little bit, okay."

He nodded, setting his drink down to be safe, "What is it, my love?"

"Simon has a cousin," Sofia starts, earning a startled look from Cedric, "His name is Wesley the Whimsical, and it's his story that I need to complete. He wants to find Simon again, which shouldn't be so easy, and it probably isn't, but I think Wesley needs us."

Cedric blinked, needing a minute to process this, "I had no idea that Simon had a cousin." He finally said, his voice a little quiet as he slowly started putting the pieces together. Honestly, he shouldn't be surprised as there wasn't much they knew about Simon's side of the family. He had a grandfather, a horrid old man who attempted to steal Simon's body and had placed a terrifying dark mark on the man's chest.

But besides that, there wasn't much else. Simon had to have parents, where were they? Did they pass away when Simon was young? Could they have been just as sadistic as Simon once was, or worst could they be more like Sylvester?

"I didn't either until today" Sofia admitted, "Mordicai told me that Wesley has been looking for him for a while, I think eighteen months or so." She sits down and places her hand overtop Cedric's, "I know you probably don't want me to accept this, especially after everything that's happened..." She didn't dare speak another word, not wanting to even utter that monster's name.

Cedric nodded sadly, and pressed a kiss to Sofia's cheek, "My love if you ever need to talk..." He pauses to gently wipe a tear that leaked from her eye. Days, months, years, they didn't matter. The mention of that terror woman who dared to take something so precious and leave Sofia to die would forever be a scar on their souls.

Sofia smiled sadly at him. It was a pained smile, one that made his heartache and his soul cry. He still felt responsible for what had happened. Sofia had been sleeping right beside him, so close. He should have held her that night, help her and act as a shield for them. They should have taken Sofia's dreams more seriously and placed protection spells all over the castle. There was so much he wish they could have done. They had been so naive and careless. Cedric curses himself for being so blinded by his own happiness, but at least they were okay. Despite the horrors they had faced, Sofia came through and their beautiful daughter was safe and healthy. Not only that, but they were blessed enough to have a second child, little Charlie. There was nothing he wouldn't give to keep his family safe and happy.

"I'm okay, Cedric," Sofia said, pressing a quick kiss to his cheek, "I'm okay now." Her husband nods, but it was clear that the damage had been done to them both. Even after so many years they very rarely spoke about that night. It was an unspoken rule that the woman's name shall never be spoken. And after thirteen years it never was.

"I just wish I had stopped her." He whimpered, feeling pathetic. What kind of man was he? He should have been awake when Sofia was taken. He should have woken up and stopped that demon witch in her tracks.

"We did stop her; together," Sofia whispered, kissing his cheek again and brushing her lips across his own. Cedric tilts his head, wrapping his arms around her tightly as Sofia returns his embrace with just as much love and affection. He smiled at her, a broken smile, and kissed away a tear that slid from her precious eyes. "I love you so much, Sofia. I-" he paused when she shushed him gently, cupping his cheek in her warm hand. "I'm okay." She said and that was all he needed to hear to feel lighter than a feather. She is safe, here in his arms. Their children are safe and prospering. All is fine.

Still, there was an air of uncertainty between them in regards to the newcomer, Wesley the Whimsical. "My love, what does Wesley want?"

"He wants to find his cousin," Sofia explained, "That's all. Wesley just wants to find Simon and have his family back." She didn't miss the uncertainty in his eyes and Sofia would be lying if she said she wasn't suspicious either. There was still so much they didn't know about Simon's life before Sylvester. They didn't even know Sylvester had a grandson until Simon's debut at Royal Prep all those years ago.

"He doesn't look bad," She added carefully, sensing her husband's growing concern, "He seems like a decent person."

"At the moment," Cedric sighed, pushing his hand through his white bangs, "My love, are you sure you must help him. I'm fine with you helping others, but we don't know anything about this man. What if he's like Sylvester?"

"I thought he would be too, but from what Mordicai showed me, he's nothing like Sylvester or Simon for that matter. He's different."

Cedric listened as Sofia explained more about Wesley, from what he looked like to how he acts as well. It was true, he didn't seem at all like Simon or Sylvester, but Cedric wasn't the type to believe what he's been told without proper proof, and the thought of his beloved going off on her own without him left him skittish.

"I'm going with you," he said confidently, leaving no room for arguing. Sofia smiled, already knowing this, "I figured you would, which is why I already asked Mom and Dad to watch the kids for us while we take care of this."

Cedric smiled and kissed his wife again, all the while their children rested.

Wesley bid the lily goodbye before heading off on his journey. He was exhausted, sleeping on a cave floor was far from comfy, but at least he had been dry and warm. It wasn't so bad being a nomad of sorts. He could go anywhere he desired, live anywhere he wanted, and be free. That was what most people say at least. Granted, all those things were true and Wesley enjoyed his freedom, but he also enjoyed being a part of a family. He liked sleeping in a nice warm bed, eating at a dinner table with the people he loved. He also liked having a home.

As he wandered through the forest, Wesley heard a strange sound. It sounded like some kind of animal, and it was close. He looked to the trees, "Hey do you hear that?" He listens for their answer and his eyes widen, "A bear cub! Oh no." Bear cubs were tiny and cute, but also fiercely protected by their mama. Knowing this, Wesley wisely decided to steer clear of the area where the noise was coming from.

He continued onward until he heard the bear cub's desperate cry for help. Wincing he could feel his heartstrings being pulled in the animal's direction. "Oh no..." Why did he have to have a soft spot for little ones? Be it animal cubs, or human children, Wesley always found himself helpless against their adorable nature. The cub sounded like it was hurt, maybe its mother abandoned it, or perhaps died recently. The thought of an innocent creature dying all alone made Wesley turn heel and hurry to the source of the sound. Sure enough, the bear cub was in trouble, it had gotten stuck inside a tree hole with its fluffy rear end sticking out and little legs scratching at the tree. The tree itself was not very happy about having its bark stripped away and Wesley could tell that if he didn't get the cub out of there, another bear might come along and kill it.

"Don't worry," he said, more to the bear than to the tree, "I'll take care of this." He firmly grasped the bear's rear legs and pulled as gently, but firmly as possible. The cub cried louder as it was pulled free. The force of his strength as well as the added weight of the cub sent Wesley falling on the seat of his pants. He looked down at the small bear and cooed at its adorable face. "Awe, look at you, you're so adorable!" The cub shook itself free of bits of wood that stuck to its fur. Wesley smiled and patted its head, "You're so cute. Where's your mamma, baby bear?"

A large, ominous shadow fell upon him like a midnight cloak, causing Wesley to comically turn his head, only to come face to face with a large grizzly. More importantly, a large, angry, momma grizzly standing on her hind legs with her front claws out ready to tear him to pieces. The grizzly roared, showing off its mouth full of large teeth.

Wesley screamed, pushing the baby bear off of him and racing for a tree, his panicked mind forgetting some very crucial information regarding bears and trees. He jumped up and grabbed a low-hanging branch that started to snap under his weight. Quickly, he pushed himself upward to getaway. Having grown up in a forest, he was very good at climbing. Unfortunately so are bears...

Wesley shrieked when he saw the bear was tailing him. She lashed at Wesley with a large paw, nearly cutting his leg before he pulled it out of her reach. He continued to climb and threw himself on a larger branch. Momma bear was not far behind. Thinking fast, Wesley closed his eyes and shouted aloud, "Transmutatio vite!" In a flash of green and blue, Wesley disappeared, and in its place was a thick vine rope, wrapped securely around the branch with lovely white and yellow flowers growing from it.

The momma bear growled and sniffed the vine before snorting and climbing back down to her cub. After scratching the tree to leave behind her scent, she and her cub took off to a more secure area.

A few minutes passed in silence as the whole forest seemed to have been shushed by the bear cub and its mother. Very slowly the forest became alive again, birds chirping and animals slowly peeking out from their hiding spots. The vines that had been wrapped securely around the branch exploded in a cloud of green smoke, revealing Wesley. He tugged his large sleeves, shaking out some of the flowers that had stuck to his clothes. "Phew, that was close." He laughed, pressing his hand to his chest, "Look, I'm shaking! Wow! That was a close call. Hey, thanks for letting me hang up here." He smiled at the tree and nodded his head, "Yeah, I can talk to plants. It's weird, but I live with it. Say, you wouldn't happen to know where I can find my cousin, would you? His name is Simon, I think he might be Simon the Silent and I've been looking for him for a while. Now, I know that you probably don't like names so I'll-" He doesn't finish because the tree begins to speak again. Wesley's eyes nearly bug out of his skull, "Really, you've heard of him? Do you know where he is?"

The tree sadly doesn't. It only knows that Simon the Silent has done terrible things and nearly took the lives of Princess Sofia and her husband Cedric the Sensational. Wesley cringes and rubs the goosebumps growing on his arms. It never fails to scare him, knowing his cousin has done terrible deeds such as taking a life. There was still the possibility that Simon the Silent wasn't Wesley's cousin. Yet he was sure it was him. As much as he wished to deny it, Wesley knew it couldn't be a coincidence that his cousin who passed striking red hair and eyes, also matched the description of another Simon who also possessed the very same features. Not to mention the title. His cousin had always been shy and hardly spoke a word to any strangers. Being titled "the Silent" was very fitting for Simon. Wesley was titled because of his over-hyper personality which always annoyed his professors. Wesley had been known through school as the very hyper kid who couldn't be bothered to sit and listen for long stretches of time. Much less, to hear a lecture. Needless to say, it was a miracle he managed to graduate at all.

"So I guess this means I'm still on my own," Wesley said to himself. He looked to the tree again, "Do you know where the nearest village is by chance?"

The tree doesn't and apologizes. Wesley nods his understanding, "That's fine. Would you let me climb up a little higher so I can see where I'm at?" He grins when the tree agrees. "Thanks a bunch, pal!" Spitting in his hands, Wesley rubs his palms together and starts to climb higher.

Getting to the top of the tree wasn't hard for Wesley, if anything he practically lived in trees. As a child, he would climb them all the time and occasionally fall. The neighborhood kids nicknamed him, "Wild Monkey" due to this nature. As Wesley took in the clear afternoon sky, he spotted a dark figure heading his way. Squinting he could faintly make out a flying purple horse with two people on its back. A tall man and a shorter woman with long auburn hair.

Wesley screamed in fright upon seeing the famous duo. He immediately started to make his way down to the forest floor. While he's never met Cedric the Sensation or Princess Sofia, there were plenty of illustrations he's seen of the two. They were famous all throughout the Ever Realm.

Hopping down to the forest floor, Wesley takes off. He could hear the sound of flapping wings and the princess' voice calling his name. "Wesley!" How on earth does she know him? Did she predict he was in the area and came to kill him herself? No! He was too pretty to die!

Wesley shouted a spell and in an explosion of smoke transformed into a small lily plant, just like the one he met in the cave. He ran on his roots, before ducking into some weeds and freezing in place. He hoped they didn't see him transform.

With Cedric and Sofia, b0oth had spotted the young man and were surprised by his immediate departure.

"I guess we scared him," Sofia said first and urged Minimus to land near an open area so his wings wouldn't get stabbed by any sharp branches. It was a difficult landing, with Minimus not liking large, dark forests. The purple pegasus winced as soon as his hooves touched the soft, mossy grounds, making him shiver in disgust, "I don't know about this, Sofia, maybe your friend has a point in running off. This place is pretty spooky."

Sofia smiled at her dear friend. Minimus hadn't changed all that much, personality-wise, though he was older now but still as reliable as ever. Sofia petted Minimus' head, "We'll be okay. Just hang tight for a few minutes, okay."

Minimus sighed and nodded his head, "Alright. I know you got this."

Sofia smile in appreciation before turning to Cedric. Her husband was squinting his eyes, staring ahead of them. "Cedric, do you see something?"

He hummed in thought before answering, "I'm just thinking, my love. That Wesley fellow just disappeared almost without a trace. He glanced down noting a few shoe prints, laying fresh in the soft mud. He followed them to a beautiful lily plant, swaying gently in the breeze.

Cedric stared at it for a moment before producing his wand. He pointed it at the plant, the tip glowing. "Humana Transform!" In an instant, the lily was transformed into Wesley. The young man yelped and proceeded to race off.

"Hey wait!" Sofia called out to him and began running after Wesley. Cedric gawked for a moment before chasing after his wife, "Sofia, wait for me!"

Sofia was catching up to Wesley, despite her short size, she was a fast runner. "Wesley! Stop, we just want to talk!" Sofia ordered, reaching out to grab him. Wesley dodged her attempt to seize him and took refuge behind a large tree.

"No way!" He yelled in response, darting around when Sofia attempted to circle the trunk, "I know you're here because I'm related to Simon the Silent. I know you guys are going to hang me by my toenails for what he did!"

Sofia paused for a moment, a little disturbed by his accusation. Did he think she and Cedric were barbarians?

Wesley began to run off again, but was stopped by Cedric, "Wesley, we only wish to talk to you." The sorcerer tried to reason. Keyword: try. Because he was exhausted and just tired of running in general, Cedric's voice was very heavy and intense sounding. As if he were threatening the young man.

Wesley yelped in fright before calling out another spell. This time he transformed into a potted plant, one with roots poking out of the bottom. He used his leaves to pick up the pot, similar to a lady lifting her skirts and dashed away, disappearing into the thicket. Leaving Sofia, Cedric, and Minimus (who hurried to see what the commotion was about) dumbfounded.

Minimus spoke what they were all thinking, "That guy is weird."

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