Chapter 1: New Beginning

It's been a few days since Asta's trial regarding the incident with the elves and the huge battle with the devil who was the true master mind behind the elf's massacre five hundred years ago. Now for the black bulls they have a new mission and that is to do research on devils in general and to prove Asta's innocents', and also to get stronger for the battles that lie ahead. However unknown to Asta and the other magic knight squads something other worldly will appear before them and they will be involved in a conflict that is beyond even their own world.

We go to the black bulls hide out and we see Asta and Noelle training together, Noelle who had her wand began firing water like bullets at Asta but Asta kept swinging and cutting them in half one by one.

"Come on Noelle lets try to get serious a bit we need to get stronger so that we can be ready for whatever happens next weather be the devils or otherwise so give me your best shot!" Asta yelled at his friend and squadmate.

"Geez your as lively as ever dorksta" Noelle said but to be honest after what happened after the trial she was happy to see that Asta was back to his normal self after the trial.

"Alright then Asta you asked for it here I go" Water Creation Magic Sea Dragons Roar! Noelle aimed her wand at Asta and she fired a giant water like dragon attack at the anti magic user.

"Alright here I go ahhhhh!" Asta yelled as he swung his sword and he began cutting through the sea dragon's roar and once he did that he swung his sword to the side.

"Man that was intense thanks for training with me Noelle your an awesome training partner" Asta said to the silva royal.

"W-well of course I am, I am royalty after all" Noelle said as she blushed a bit she then looked in the air and she spotted something.

"Hey Asta do you see something in the sky" Noelle said causing Asta to look up at the sky.

"Yeah now that you mention it I do and it looks like it's heading towards me..." Asta said.

"Asta don't just stand there get out of the way!" Noelle yelled to the short teen.

Asta knowing that he couldn't get out of the way in time swung his large sword and deflected the large object away from him and after that Asta and Noelle looked and saw what almost hit Asta.

What Asta and Noelle saw was a giant scythe with the handle and the top of the blade was red and black in color.

"Is that a giant scythe?" Noelle said confused on why this weapon just suddenly appeared out of nowhere

"Yeah but where did-" Asta started to say until he looked at the direction of the forest.

"Asta what's wrong?" Noelle asked the anti magic boy.

"I can sense someone's ki in the forest, that scythe could belong to that person in the forest, come on Noelle lets go!" Asta said as he was running towards the forest.

"Hey, Asta don't just go off by yourself like that!" Noelle said as she ran after her friend and squadmate.

Asta and Noelle were currently running through the forest the two had run for a couple of minutes and they were about a mile or so from their hideout and as they were running Asta noticed something up ahead.

"Hey Noelle I see something up ahead let's go" Asta said as he and Noelle ran towards to whatever Asta saw.

However the duo saw something they didn't really expect "what in the world?" Noelle said.

"Woah is that a girl?" Asta asked.

"Yeah it is I wonder if that scythe belonged to her" Noelle said.

"It seems like it, the color of her clothes matches the colors of the scythe but I wonder what happened to her" Asta said.

Asta and Noelle were currently staring at the girl who was currently unconscious right now she had red and blackish spiky hair and she was wearing a black corset over a mesh sleeveless top over a white low-cut long-sleeved blouse as well as a black choker around her neck. She wearing a opened ended red skirt with a brown belted strap over the skirt and she was wearing brown straps around her wrist as well as black fingerless gloves, she was also wearing a torn red cape. From the looks of it if Asta and Noelle had to guess this girl was around their age at sixteen or maybe about a year older.

"I wonder is she even alive?" Noelle asked and after she said that she heard some grunted noises from the girl.

"Thank goodness she alive" Asta said he then bent down and looked at Noelle.

"Lets take her back to the base we could treat her in case she has any injuries and maybe once she wakes up she can explain how she ended up in the forest in the first place , and captain Yami could decide what we should do from there" Asta said.

"Yeah that's a good idea besides they probably already saw the weapon outside already" Noelle said.

Asta then picked the girl up and carried her on his back and for a moment Noelle even if she didn't admit it felt a bit jealous at the mysterious girl that she got be carried on Asta's back.

"Alright Noelle lets head back to our hideout" Asta said.

"Right" the royal said after that Noelle and Asta began to walk back to their hideout.

Next we go back to a time that happened late last night at the Ultime-Volcano Mountain Trail we have Mereoleona Vermillion the one time captain of the crimson lion kings was currently in the hot spring and drinking some liquor after some intense training.

After the battle with the elves and with what happened at the underworld palace once Fuegoleon was back and be captain of the crimson lion king Mereoleona went right back into training. After learning that her magic wasn't effective against magic from the underworld, she began training in order to find a way for her magic to be effective against forbidden magic, no luck so far but as long as her training goes well she believes that her magic will be effective against forbidden magic.

"Ah nothing like a soak in the hot springs after training after this its off to sleep and then it's back to some more training tomorrow" Mereoleona said as she looked up at the sky she saw something that was falling like a missile and it was heading near the hot springs.

"What the hell?" Mereoleona said as she saw something crash landing into the ground a few feet away from the hot springs causing a bunch of dust and dirt to rise into the air. The former captain rose to her feet and started to walk towards to whatever had crashed near the hot springs while she was naked.

Mereoleona once she was out of the hot springs and looked at what had crashed into the mountains and to her supurise it was something she wasn't expecting. Lying unconscious underneath a small crater was a girl. She was wearing light brown jumpsuit and she was wearing a dark brown jacket over it. She was also wearing a orange scarf around her neck. Mereoleona then looked and saw that the girl has some sort of metal arm and the lioness knew from the start that this girl must have lost her arm somehow. If Mereoleona has to guess she looked to be about a few years older then her younger brother Leo, Noelle and that anti magic brat maybe about eighteen or nineteen years old.

"Well it seems things have gotten a bit more interesting" Mereoleona said with a smirk on her face first things first she needed to get dress and take this girl away from the mountains and whenever her mysterious guest wakes up she going to have a lot of questions for her after all its not everyday you see a girl crashing down into one of the most dangerous magical regions such as the Ultime-Volcano Mountain Trail.

Back at the silver eagles hideout around the same time Asta and Noelle found the red and black haired girl, Nozel Silva was currently finishing up some paperwork he had to complete. From what the reports he had so far it seems like the repairs of the damage the clover kingdom have gotten during the elf invasion is coming along smoothly. Now all that is left is to train and prepare for the threats that lies ahead and that includes fighting against Megicula.

"Soon I will have my vengeance" Nozel thought he then heard a knock on his office door.

"Enter" Nozel simply said.

Nozel looked up and he saw that his younger sister Nebra came into his office and Nozel saw that his younger sister had a somewhat worried look on her face.

"What is it Nebra?" Nozel calmly asked his younger sister.

"My apologies for disturbing you while you were working big brother Nozel, but there is something that you requires your attention, something that crash landed in front of our base" Nebra said to causing Nozel to raise his eyebrow.

"Something crash into our base, are we under attack?" Nozel said as he got up from behind his desk.

"I don't think so but...I believe it's something that you have to see for yourself brother" Nebra said.

Nozel nodded he has no idea why his younger sister was worried so much but if this is something he has to see for himself then so be it, the first son of the silva family started to walk.

"Very well if this is something you say that I can't ignore then I will go, lets go Nebra" Nozel said to his younger sister.

"Yes brother" Nebra said as Nozel and Nebra left Nozel's office and the siblings were making their way towards the front of their base.

After a couple of minutes the pair of siblings were at the front of the base and Nozel and Nebra saw a couple of silver eagles squad members in a circle and one of the members looked and saw Nozel and Nebra heading their way.

"Look its captain Nozel everybody move and give the captain some space!" a silver eagle squad member said causing everybody to move just so Nozel could see what exactly was going on at the moment. As Nozel looked he widen his eyes in surprise because he really didn't expect this.

On the ground was a young girl she was wearing a blue and white dress and she was holding on to a rapier and the handle had multiplier colors on it. The girl also had long white hair that was braided into a single ponytail if it wasn't for the fact that he knew everybody in his family Nozel could have mistaken this girl for a Silva. Also from the looks of it she looks like she a couple of years older then Noelle if he had to guess she looked about nineteen.

"So this is what you wanted to me to see Nebra?" Nozel said to his younger sister.

"Yes brother this girl just appeared from the sky out of nowhere and crashed into our base and from what I could tell she is just unconscious at the moment" Nebra said.

"I see Nebra get one of the doctors we have and take her into our medical room to see if she has any injuries that way they can treat any injury she has, I want you to keep an eye on her and when she wakes up report to me immediately, I have a few questions for her as for the rest of you return to whatever it is you were doing" Nozel said.

"Yes sir" the squad members said as they left the area.

"As you wish brother" Nebra said as she left leaving just Nozel and the ground that was currently laying down on the ground.

Nozel had multiple thoughts running through his head like for example who was this girl and why did she just appeared basically from out of nowhere, he has a bad feeling about this and hopefully once he get some answers from this girl they then try to plan on what their next course of action.

At the same time Yuno was currently up in the air right now he was staring at the huge demon skull which was near the village he was raised at hage village. The young member of the golden dawn was thinking about what transpired between the elf incident and the battle with the devil. Yuno realized that if it wasn't for the first wizard king, Luimere and the leader of the elves they all would have died during that battle against the devil. Yuno realized if they were going to face enemies like that in the future then everybody especially himself would need to get stronger. That was why he was here in the first place he was planning to get some training done.

"Bell" Yuno said.

"Yes Yuno!" Sylph who Yuno nicknamed Bell said.

"Let's go it's time to start training" Yuno simply said.

"Of course-" Bell stopped as she turned to her left and looked up as she saw a flash and then a figure who was screaming.

"Yuno somebody is falling through the air and is screaming" Bell said to her master.

Yuno turned to look at his left and he also saw that a person was falling so without thinking he flew towards the figure and once Yuno flew he opened his grimiore and started casting his spell.

"Wind Creation Magic: Heavenly Wind Ark" Yuno said as he created a huge tornado under the figure and the figure landed safely on top of the tornado.

"AHH...wait I'm alive oh thank goodness" the boy said as he looked and saw Yuno.

"Are you the one who saved me?" the boy asked as Yuno continued to look at him.

Yuno looked at him and saw that the boy had blonde haired that was cut short and blue eyes he looked pretty tall as well, he was wearing blue jeans and brown boots along with a brown belt and red slash. Yuno looked and saw that boy was wearing some sort of white armor and underneath was a brown shirt. The last thing Yuno noticed was that the boy had a broken blade and it was covered in blood.

"His sword it's covered in blood was he in some sort of battle?" Yuno thought.

If Yuno had to guess the guy looked to be a few years older then himself maybe about Klaus age eighteen or nineteen.

"Yeah I was the one who saved you, are you alright?" Yuno asked the boy.

"Yeah I'm fine thanks for saving me I..." the boy then looked down at his sword and Yuno noticed the look the pained look on his face.

"What's his deal?" Bell asked.

"Bell" Yuno glared at his sprit before turning back to look at the boy.

"Are you alright?" Yuno calmly asked the boy.

"I...I don't know for starters I don't even know where I am and my friends...I don't even know if they are alive and I don't even know where I am" the boy said.

"I see...if you want I can take you back to my squad and captain we can help you look for your friends and explain how you just appeared from the sky all of the sudden, were you using wind magic?" Yuno asked.

"Wind Magic? ahhh...I don't really know how to explain its a long story you said you have a squad and a captain right, well maybe once we meet them I can try to explain things as best as I can" the boy said.

"That's fair can you tell me your name?" Yuno calmly said.

"I'm Jaune, Jaune Arc" the boy now known as Jaune said.

"Yuno" Yuno simply said his name.

"Well it's nice to meet you Yuno by the way is that like a fairy with you and is that a giant skull!" Jaune said as he yelled.

"Really your just now noticing me, is this guy that dense or what" Bell said.

Yuno just looked at Jaune did he not know about the legend of the first wizard king maybe he was from a different country either way he could tell something must have just happened with the blonde and he needs to alert his captain because he senses that something big was about to happen regarding with Jaune.

At the same time located in the grand magic zone just west from the heart kingdom was a place called Elysia it was the new home of the elves that were reincarnated and were force to stay in the living world. As of right now Patolli and Rhya were currently walking through the forest outside of Elysia.

"Are you sure about this Patolli what if what she says is not true" Rhya said to the light mage elf.

"You know that dryad can predict the future Rhya she says two beings from another world will appear outside of the village so you know we have to try to find these two individuals" Patolli said.

"Yeah I know but after what just recently happened I think we deserve a break and settle in to our new home" Rhya said.

Patolli chuckled at his friend "I know how you feel but we can't just ignore this problem when its right in front of us besides I believe Licht would want us to help these strangers" Patolli replied.

"Yeah you have a point...hey Patolli I think I see something just up ahead" Rhya said.

"That must be the individuals come on Rhya" Patolli said to the older elf after that Patolli and Rhya ran and after about a minute or so the two elves were greeted to a sight of two girls

"Hey Patolli does that girl have cat ears?" Rhyra asked, who Rhya was looking at was a girl who had short black hair and like Rhyra said before she had cat ears on top of her head, she was wearing what Patolli had to guess was some sort black jump suit and over it was a long white coat and in her hand is if he had to guess was a weapon it looked like some sort of a small scythe and he also saw a black ribbon attached to it but it looked broke, Patolli wondered if the girl was in some sort of battle.

The other girl who was also unconscious had a strange appearance she had long hair which was pink on one side and brown on the other she was wearing long white pants, she was also wearing a long brown coat and a white vest that showed off her midriff and she was wearing a top hat on her head and a grey scarf on her neck and she was pretty short as well if Rhya and Patolli had to guess she looks like she could be in her early twenties.

"Well I guess these are our little guest so what are we going to do with them, Patolli?" Rhya asked the elf.

"We're going to bring them to Elysia and have them explain what brought them to our world in the first place we need to see if they could be a threat to our world or maybe another threat could come and try to destroy our world" Patolli said as he went and picked up the girl with cat ears and carried her on his back.

"Do you think you can get the other girl?" Patolli asked his friend.

Rhya shrugged "eh its not a problem at all" Rhya said as he picked the much shorter girl up "wow she pretty light welll I guess its no surprise considering her size" Rhya said.

"Alright lets get going" Patolli said as he and Rhya started to make their way back to Elysia while carrying the two girls with Patolli thinking that it probably won't be long until he and the remaining elves could be involved in other battle sooner then expected.

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