It was night time in Elysia and Blake was currently sitting down on top of one of the many trees here in the forest like village in the elves. After they met with Dryad,Patoli and the rest of the elves had showed Blake and Neo the rest of Elysia and the more Blake saw more of Elysia she becomes more amazed and awestruck of the village.

It was quite, peaceful and beautiful something that Blake can love and appreciate. It was many of those traits that Blake wouldn't mind living in a place like Elysia. She could just quietly live her life without a care of the world plus it reminded her of her home island of Menagire.

Blake sighed, as much as she loves Elysia she knows she can't stay here. She needs to find the rest of her friends and find a way back home. Dryad said that Ruby and the others are at the clover kingdom, so at the very least they should be safe.

But Blake wants to see for her own eyes if they are safe. Not to mention that Salem most likely has two relics now due to Cinder taking them. Which means Salem is one step closer in achieving her goals in summoning the gods and Remnant being doomed in the process.

Blake can't just be here while her other friends and her parents are still on Remnant fighting and could very well die due to Salem plans and she couldn't do anything to stop her. Blake regret it for the rest of her life if she didn't try and find a way back, to try to save her world.

Dryad had said that in order for them to beat Salem, Blake and the others needs to learn and train their magic. If they can do that then they will have a better shot in defeating Salem and saving their world in the process. Dryad also said that they also need to learn ultimate magic which was the secret technique of the elves.

As much as Blake wanted to leave, find the others and get back home. Blake knew that they don't have a chance against Cinder or Salem especially since Salem can apparently turn people into Grimm. Just seeing a fellow faunus being turned into a monster made her sick to her stomach.

Salem also can use powerful magic and so can Cinder and the only way to counter them is to get stronger and master their magic power.

Before Blake could continue her thoughts she heard a voice called out to her.


Blake looked down and she saw that Patoli was looking up at her.

"Oh, hey Patoli is something the matter?" Blake asked the former leader of the eye of the midnight sun.

"Nothing the matter, I just wanted to come get you since it is time for dinner" Patoli said.

"Oh I see" Blake said.

"Your still thinking about your friends and family back in your world?" Patoli asked.

"I am and I'm still worried about Ruby and the others, I want to find them so bad so that we can get back home to stop Salem but I know that training with you and the other elves is the right choice" Blake said.

"Your a good person, Blake the love and compassion you have for your friends it really is beautiful to see and makes us want to help you out even more" Patoli said as he smiled at Blake couldn't help but smile back at Patoli.

"You know we're not so different you and I we both care about our friends and want what best for our people" Patoli said as he sighed a bit and he looked down.

"But I almost lost myself to my own hatred and anger I guess I'm no different from that Adam fellow you mentioned in your story" Patoli said.

Blake nodded her head "no Patoli your different from Adam unlike him you was able to be reasoned with and you realized your mistakes and want to atone for your crimes" she replied.

"Adam didn't he was so hung up over the past that he couldn't be reasoned with, his hatred and revenge costed him his life" Blake said.

Patoli nodded "now we both know that anger and hatred won't solve anything if we want to save both of our worlds then we have to work together no matter what who we are and what we look like" Patoli said.

"Yeah your right" Blake said as she got up and jumped down from the tree and landed next to Patoli.

"Thank you Patoli I had a lot to think about today and honestly I felt pretty hopeless and yet I think I'm more motivated and hopeful then ever" Blake said.

"Think nothing of it, Blake we will do whatever we can to help you and your friends out. You have the same vision that Licht does and I want to see that vision come true for you" Patoli said as he placed his hand on Blake shoulder.

Blake blushed a bit and looked down "oh thanks Patoli I'll do my best now then you said something about dinner" Blake said changing the subject.

"Oh yes dinner should be ready we should get going" Patoli said as he started to walk towards one of the houses and Blake followed him.

As Blake followed Patoli she can't help but give her thoughts the elf. He was very kind and understanding and thoughtful...and handsome even Blake will admit that Patoli was attractive.

Those qualities were the reason why Blake fell in love with Adam. But unlike Adam Patoli was able to realize his wrong doings and his now atoning for what he has done when he found out the truth that it was a devil that was behind the elf massacre.

Blake shook her head she can't have these thoughts about Patoli she only knows him for about a day not to mention she feels like she would betray Yang if she thought of someone else like that.

"But Yang and I aren't really a couple...with so much going on I guess we didn't have the time to talk about what we are going forward" Blake thought and sighed a bit.

Her conflicted love life is the last thing she needs to think about. For now she needs to focus on the task at hand first and right now that is getting stronger.

Patoli had lead Blake to one of the huts and once they went inside they saw Fana, Vetto, Rhya Neo and the kids already sitting down at the table with a their plates of stew and their were two extra plates that was for Blake and Patoli.

"Oh they're you two are come on in the food is hot and ready and I just made some stew for you guys" Fana said.

"Thank you Fana the food actually smells really good" Patoli said.

"Yeah, you didn't really have to fix my food Fana" Blake said as she and Patoli sat across from one another with Blake sitting with the rest of the girls and Patoli sat with the boys.

Fana waved Blake off "it's fine,Blake you and Neo are our guest here it's only right that we make you guys as comfortable as possible" Fana said.

"Although we can't be too comfortable or else little miss Trivia here might try to kill us again" Rhya said causing Neo to glare at him.

"Rhya will you stop teasing Neo, it's apparent that she hates being called by her former name besides she said she wouldn't try to attack us so let's just take her word for it" Patoli said.

"Your no fun Patoli fine I'll leave the shorty alone for now" Rhya said making Neo glare at him even more with her thinking the sooner she learns magic the better she can use it to kill Rhya.

Blake looked at Neo she still didn't fully trust her especially since she the one that send Yang to the void and helped Cinder in making both Beacon and Atlas fall. But after what dryad said it seems like Neo had a troubled life as well and she couldn't help but feel bad for her a little bit.

"Maybe...I should at least get to know her a bit if we are going to work together we should at least try to understand one another a bit and see where the other is coming from, I can't let my negative feelings of Neo get in the way of the task in hand" Blake thought.

"Ok with that out of the way let's eat" Fana said as she and everybody else began eating their food and Blake couldn't help but admit that the food tasted really good. Even Neo thought that the food was good ether that or she was hungry.

"Now I think it's about time we discuss your training" Patoli said.

That gotten everybody attention "ok then tell us about our training" Blake said.

Patoli looked at Blake "first in order for us to train you two both of you guys will need to get your grimoire" Patoli said.

Blake and Neo looked at each other and Neo got her scroll out and she typed and showed her message to Patoli.

"What the hell is a grimoire?" Neo asked.

"A grimoire is a book that allows mages to cast and use more powerful spells then what mages are usually are capable of and spells are usually in the multiple pages of your grimoire" Patoli explained to Blake and Neo.

"I see so grimoire basically helps you guys use more powerful spells, so those books you guys have those are grimoires" Blake said.

Vetto nodded "yes they are you can get your grimoire from a grimoire tower" Vetto said.

"Normally you have to go to a grimoire inheritance ceremony to receive a grimiore once you turn 15 but if you miss the ceremony you can still go to the tower and get one at any time" Patoli said as he remembered William telling him about this when they shared the same body.

"Which brings to what we have to do next even though they might not trust us" Patoli said.

"Ok then what do we have to do Patoli?" Blake asked the leader of the remaining elves.

"We need to go to the Heart Kingdom" Patoli said.

"The heart kingdom why would we go their and not the clover kingdom?" Blake asked.

"Because the heart kingdom is closest kingdom to Elysia at the moment and it would be easier to go their instead of traveling through the grand magic zone and head straight for the clover kingdom in order for you to receive a grimoire" Patoli said.

"Also I've heard that the heart kingdom uses unique magic that they specialize in that could be something that could help you guys learn ultimate magic" Patoli said.

"Think this is something we need to ask Dryad about?" Rhya asked.

"Yes we can ask her about it tomorrow for now though we should probably get some sleep especially for you Blake and Neo" Patoli said as he looked at the two remnant natives.

"You guys can sleep with me, besides us girls got to stick together right" Fana said as she winked at Neo and Blake.

Blake couldn't help but chuckle "fair enough lead the way Fana" Blake said as she looked at the male elves.

"Goodnight guys" Blake said to the male elves.

"Good night Blake I hope you sleep well tonight and you as well Neo" Vetto said.

"See you tomorrow kitty cat and you too shorty" Rhya said as Neo typed on her scroll and showed it to Rhya.

"You might not get to go to sleep tonight :)" Neo said.

"Well that's no good I really do like to sleep can't have you try to kill me in my sleep unless your suggesting we snuggle together" Rhya said causing Neo to widen her eye and then make a gagging sound.

"Goodnight Blake, Neo it's like I told you two before we will do whatever we can to help you two get stronger and help you and your friends get back home" Patoli said.

Blake smile and Neo didn't say anything and after that it wasn't long until the boys left the hut and the girls did expect Neo she was the last one to leave.

"Neo" Patoli called out to the criminal causing Neo to turn her head and look at the light mage.

"I sincerely hope that our story would help you change your ways, having nothing but revenge and hatred in your heart it does you no good, it will lead you into to a downward spiral and eventually it will lead you to a tragic end" Patoli said.

"I can tell you have experienced a great lost and you still haven't came to terms with that lost, let us help you get closure with that lost so that way you can start over and become a better person" Patoli said.

A chance to start over, Neo wanted to laugh at Patoli face at that not after what she done besides she actually enjoyed the crime life when it was just her and Roman together. At the same time can she really start over can she even accept the warmth and kindness of the elves.

Rhya is an idiot but Neo knows the elves are good people can she really accept the love and kindness she ever gotten since she met Roman.

She doesn't know and instead of giving Patoli a straight answer she just turned her head and kept walking.

A few minutes later with wasn't long until Blake, Neo, Fana and the young elf girl found themselves in Fana'a hut. They looked and saw multiple grass like beds on the floor for each of them.

"Sorry about this but all of us elves likes to sleep on the ground" Fana said.

"It's fine Fana I actually slept in worse places when I was in the white fang" Blake said.

Neo simply shrugged she had slept in worse places while she was struggling to survive after Roman death in the past two years so sleeping in a grass bed would be a one of the best places to sleep in to her.

"Great well then good night everyone" Fana said as she went ahead and laid down in the grass bad and Blake looked at Neo and sighed.

"Try to pull anything and I'm taking you down got it" Blake said to the former right hand woman of Roman Torchwick.

Neo smiled at Blake and raised her hand up as if she vowing she wouldn't attack Blake in her sleep.

Blake then also sat on the grass bed and she placed grambol shroud next to her and she closed her legs and slept to the side and she slowly closed her eyes and went to sleep.

Neo was about to head towards her grass bed until she felt something tug her pants.

Neo looked down and she saw the little elf girl "can I sleep with you?" she asked the criminal.

Neo blinked for a little bit not sure how to respond that a little girl wanted to stay close and sleep with her.

But Neo gave the girl a small smile and rubbed her head and she nodded her head causing the little elf girl and smile.

So Neo and the little elf girl then got into the grass bed together and after that they slowly closed their eyes and drifted off to sleep knowing that everyone has a big day tomorrow.

The next morning after everybody got up and they had a nice breakfast it wasn't long until Blake, Neo and the elves and they discussed about going to the heart kingdom and having Blake and Neo get their grimoires there.

"Why I think that's an excellent idea in fact learning mana method is actually the only way for you and Neo to learn ultimate magic" Dryad said.

"What's mana method and why is it important that we have to learn so that we are capable to use ultimate magic?" Blake asked.

"Ultimate Magic allows the user to be physically closer to mana and since the elves are all loved by mana only they can use ultimate magic and not to mention ultimate magic consumes a lot of mana" Dryad said before she continued.

"However by learning mana method which allows you to draw the natural mana in the area, you guys can use that mana to artificially obtain ultimate magic" Dryad said.

"Ok that sounds easy enough but will the heart kingdom trust us and allow us to go through their kingdom?" Blake asked.

"Don't worry after you guys explain the situation and how you are needed in the battles that lie ahead I'm sure the queen will trust you guys" Dryad said.

"I see then we should probably get going then" Blake said.

"Indeed Dryad will you look after the little ones" Patoli said.

"Why of course Patoli you should know I will always protect Elysia as it guardian" Dryad said as she smiled at Patoli.

"Flying over their should take no time at all some of us will have to carry Blake and Neo during the trip" Patoli said.

"Oh I don't mind if you carry me Patoli, if you want to that is" Blake quickly said the last part and blushing a bit

"Sure I don't mind carrying you at all, Blake" Patoli said to the former member of the white fang.

"If you expect me to carry you, then your out of luck I don't like to carry heavy-" Rhya started to say but managed to duck under a slash attack from Neo with her weapon hush.

Vetto sighed a bit at Rhya antics "I'll carry you Neo if you want me to" Vetto said to the short woman.

Neo retracted Hush blade and looked at Vetto and nodded she then looked at Rhya and stuck her tongue out as she strapped Hush to her side and went up to Vetto and the tall elf went ahead and carried Neo bridal style and he started to glow.

Patoli then went ahead and carried Blake bridal style and he Rhya and Fana started to glow as well and soon the elves started to float in the air.

Once they were high enough it wasn't long until Blake Neo and the elves left Elysia and they sped their way to the heart kingdom.

After about twenty minutes later it wasn't long until the elves Blake and Neo had made their way into the heart kingdom.

"So this is the heart kingdom it's beautiful" Blake said.

"Can you feel it though Blake, on how pure and natural the mana is" Patoli said.

"Now that you mention it I do is this what their mages use to fight, is this what they use for true magic" Blake said.

Before anyone could answer her Fana said something.

"That's strange surely someone should have noticed us of our arrival" Fana said.

"That's true let's-" before Patoli could continue they noticed that another person was flying up to them and stopped which caused the elves to stop as well.

What the elves, Blake and Neo saw was a man he looked to be in his mid 20s. He had black spiky hair but at the front a part of his hair was wearing white pants and he also wearing a sleeveless purple robe showing off his muscular built.

Blake also noticed that the man has a large scar on the left side of his face.

"Who are you and what business do you have in the heart kingdom?" the man asked.

"Greetings sir, we do not wish any harm to you nor the residents of the heart kingdom my name is Patoli here with me are Rhya, Fana, Blake and Neo expect for Blake and Neo we are last remaining elves" Patoli said.

"Yes our queen here knows about the elf incident and she has sense some odd presence that arrived in our continent are these two the presence that our queen sense" the man asked.

"Yes Blake and Neo comes from a world that's not our own, we ask the heart kingdom queen if she has any knowledge on how to bring these two and rest of their friends home and also we also wish for them to train under you so that they can become stronger in order to defeat the threat they face back home" Patoli said.

"Hmmm very well I will lead you to our queen my name is Gadjah and I am one of the spirit guardians here in the heart kingdom" Gadjah said.

"Very well we will follow your lead Gadjah" Patoli said.

Gadjah nodded as he turned around and flew away and everyone followed him.

"That was too easy" Blake quietly said.

"I agree everyone stay on guard just in case" Patoli said earning a nod from everyone.

It wasn't long until Gadjah lead Blake Neo and the rest of the elves to the top of the mountain and they saw a large building and Blake assumes that must be the royal palace where the heart kingdom queen resides.

Once everyone landed at the front of the palace Patoli had set Blake down and Vetto set Neo down as well and Gadjah turned his head to look at lthe visitors of the heart kingdom.

"Come the queen is expecting us" Gadjah said.

After that everybody went inside the palace room and Blake saw what looked like a throne chair. Blake Neo and the elves were shocked as a large body of water came down and poured on the chair and after that the body of water formed into a blue skin woman who dress and hair was made out of water and has fish like fins instead of ears.

"What the word is that, is she like dryad?" Blake said as she had a look of disbelief on her face.

"No that's actually one of the four great sprits,Udine" Patoli said.

"Great sprits" Blake said before she could say anything else she heard a voice.

"Udine do I really have to wear these clothes"

Everyone saw that sitting on the throne was a young woman and she was wearing a white dress with a red robe over it and she was carrying a staff with her.

"I told you many times Lolopechika that as the queen you must always dress the part when you are around important guest which they are here by the way" the woman now know as Udine said.

Lolopechika turned to look at Blake Neo and the elves and she smiled at them.

"Hello it's very nice to meet you guys especially the last remaining elves and our other mysterious guest" Lolopechika said.

Gadjah coughed a bit "may I present you all the current ruler of the heart kingdom princess Lolopechika" Gadjah said.

It wasn't long until the the elves Blake and Neo (Rhya had to force her to bow) bowed at Lolopechika.

"Your highness thank you so much for giving us a moment of your time I am Patoli and the rest of the elves are Fana Vetto and Rhya" Patoli said.

"Oh no it's fine and you don't have to bow at all please stand back up and you can call me Lolopechika" Lolopechika said as she waved her hands in a frantic matter.

The elves and Blake and Neo stood back up.

"Queen Lolopechika we came here because we would like a request?" Patoli said.

"A request what kind of request?" Lolopechika said.

"Would you allow these two to go to a grimiore tower and stay here in your kingdom so that they may train and grow stronger?" Patoli said as Blake and Neo walked forward.

"You want to train with you two were part of the people that I sensed last night tell me what are your names?" Lolopechika asked.

"My name is Blake queen Lolopechika and this one right here is Neo, now you might not believe us but Neo and I aren't actually from this world" Blake said.

"Wow that's so cool you two are from another world what are the people like?" Lolopechika asked.

"Lolopechika" Udine said.

"Right sorry I kind of gotten off track" Lolopechika said as she chuckled a bit.

Neo sighed while Blake chuckle with Neo thinking she look like she was dealing with another kind hearted goody, goofball.

"Yes we come from a different world and it's actually a long story but the reason we asked for some training here is because we need it in order to fight and defeat a powerful foe that threatens to destroy our world" Blake said causing Lolopechika and Udine to gasp in shock.

"Oh my that's horrible" Udine said.

"Could you tell us more about this foe your fightining and the details of your mission" Lolopechika asked.

So Blake did she told Lolopechika everything thing about Ozpin and Salem and their past together and about the history of remnant and also about the huntsman academia's and about how she a huntress. She also told them about her experiences in the white fang and how she ran away. She also told them about her adventures in Vale, Mistral and even what happened during their time in Atlas and how they ended up here.

Blake looked and saw that Lolopechika had tears flowing down from her face and Gadjah went up to the princess and gave her a handkerchief.

"Blake, Neo I am so sorry that you have to go through all of that and I feel so sorry for Ozma as well I do wish their was something I can do to help pyou and your friends" Lolopechika said.

"If you can train us and help us get stronger and maybe find a way to get back home I really appreciate it" Blake said as she smiled at Lolopechika.

"Of course I'll see if I have the knowledge of someway to get you guys back home it may take some time though since traveling through words might be unheard of here" Lolopechika said.

"If you have the knowledge what did you mean by that exactly?" Blake asked.

"Due to being the current ruler of the heart kingdom and the pact made with Udine, queen Lolopechika has all of the knowledge and experience of the previous rulers that dates back to over 1200 years ago" Gadjah explained.

"Really that's incredible!" Blake said.

"It really is I can actually feel and sense your magic power it's so overwhelming no dobut she could easily put Cinder in her place" Blake thought.

"Oh no it's nothing really everything I know and learn comes from the previous rulers that's all" Lolopechika said.

"I disagree not everybody can handle the power you have and show the amount of love and care you have for your country and it's people. You really are a strong and great leader Lolopechika" Blake said.

Lolopechika blush and smiled "thank you Blake I appreciate that you saying that really made me happy" she said before continuing.

"Now then as for your request you all can stay here for as long as you like until you believe you gotten stronger" Lolopechika said as she stood up as she was about to take a step she tripped and rolled over down to the ground.

"Ugh ahhhh!" Lolopechika yelled as she fell.

"Lolopechika!" Blake said as she Fana Patoli and Udine went to check on her while Neo and Rhya tried their best not to laugh at the queen while Gadjah sighed and Vetto raised his eyebrows in confusion.

"Are you ok, Lolopechika?" Blake asked as she helped the heart kingdom queen up.

"I'm fine this always happens due to how clumsy I am" Lolopechika said as she started to bleed from her nose but Pataoli used his healing magic and shine some light on Lolopechika's nose and her nose was healed.

"Thank you Patoli" Lolopechika said.

"Your very welcome your highness" Patoli.

"Gadjah would you take then to one of the grimoire towers and after that get them started on their training" Lolopechika requested.

"As you wish Queen Lolopechika" Gadjah said.

"Also Patoli once Blake and Neo get their grimiore and start on their training I want to speak to you guys about something" Lolopechika said.

"Of course we'll try to be back as soon as possible" Patoli said.

"Great now then if you excuse me I want to get out of these robes come on Udine" Lolopechika said as she turned around and was about to run but slip and fail earning some looks of disbeliefs from everyone expect from Neo and Rhya who were cracking up at Lolopechika antics.

"Oh dear come now Lolopechika let's change you back into your regular clothes" Udine said as she took Lolopechika away.

At the same time Gadjah Blake Neo and the elves left the royal palace and about a couple of minutes later Gadjah took them to one of the grimoire towers of the heart kingdom.

"Wow their are so many books in here how do we pick a grimoire?" Blake asked.

"You don't the grimoire chooses you" Gadjah simply said.

Blake then saw something she saw a grimoire glowed purple at one of the book shelves at the top and the grimoire went to her.

It was black in color and the front cover had the same designs as Gadjah's grimoire with the heart in the middle as the symbol while the back contained her personal emblem of the belladonna flower.

"So this is my grimoire" Blake said as she saw her grimoire open up.

"Shadow Magic, so that means I can control shadows or maybe hide and blend in the shadows" Blake said she wasn't surprised at all with what her magic type was since shadow magic actually fits her the most either that or they had a dark magic.

"So Blake is a arcane stage mage interesting she could be of a great help for us if we fight Vanica and Megicula again" Gadjah thought.

As for Neo a floating pink book also glowed and started to fly down towards her. The front cover was the same as Blake's grimoire while the back contain her personal emblem and when the grimoire open Neo saw that she can use mist magic.

Neo smirked a bit this magic fits her perfectly especially with her skillset and the training she had as a assassin. She kind of almost wanted to chuckle that her magic power reminded her of her past and how she and Roman teamed up together for the first time those were simpler days.

But right now isn't the time first things first she needs to master her magic power and then learn this true magic crap they talked about and then ultimate magic and after that find a way home and take revenge on Cinder and get some answers about Roman death from Ruby.

For Blake it was about getting stronger, reuniting with her friends and getting back home so they could stop Salem for her their no time to waste.

Blake and Neo looked at each other and the two girls nodded and they then looked at Gadjah with a focused yet determined look.

"Gadjah we're ready to begin" Blake said to the sprit guardian.

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