Chapter 1: First Entry

Date: 12th October 20XX

Time: 10pm, roughly

Dear diary,

Its been roughly 3 months since the cycle was broken. Momo recommended I keep a diary to convey more of my deep inner feeling. I thought I would give it a try however I don't know what it is I'm meant to convey without a subject matter.

During the 3 months not much has changed, we're still living together and we celebrated the cycle breaking along with the return of the founder to our gang. It means theres more people to enjoy a nice meal with. Company always makes the meal pleasant and with 10 people to feed, the atmosphere to dinner is always merry.

Momo, Ene, Shintaro, Hibiya and Konoha all moved into the den with us and all agreed that everyone who live there would take responsibility to a set chore. Example, today I was responsible for cooking dinner for everyone which I enjoyed. I went a little out there by cooking a pasta bake with pieces of seasoned chicken pieces. Though it was not the day, Momo volunteered to wash up with me. It was surprising but it gave us time to talk some more. She told how being an idol and how stressful it was like to be bombarded by people grabbing at the attention, her feeling of isolation, though was for a different reason, was something I could relate too given our situations.

With all of our friends living under a roof, I'm glad to say that the good times will keep coming the more time we spend together