(Pride Ring Arena)

Naruto looked down at the ashes that were once Sasuke Uchiha. Grinning as the many viewers in the stadium started to funnel out of the arena, having enjoyed their fill of watching a deathmatch.

Naruto turned and saw his friends along with his girls and Alastor, who he wouldn't call a friend, but he wouldn't say enemy either

"Now that was quite a show dog boy" Alstor chuckled with his sinister smile.

"Yeah I would have preferred more of a showing but can't expect much from a punk ass like him " Blitzo said with a smirk

"Guess we can't mount his head though" Vaggie said with a sigh

"Actually my dear. Naruto asked me for a favor just in case this happened" Stolas said as he took out his Grimoire

"... what does he owe you?" Octavia asked her father concerned

"Nothing Via. Can't a father help his daughter's boyfriend?" Stolas asked as he cast a spell to turn the scattered ashes back into the corpse of Sasuke Uchiha

"Sweet I'll get the car! We're burying him out the back of the hotel!" Charlie cheered as she skipped off bring the car around

"Weren't you gonna have him mounted above the fireplace?" Millie asked as she recalled Charlie going on a rant about her plans for Sasuke's body

"We are. We're just gonna bury his bottom half. His mother requested it" Vaggie said Pointing to Mikoto as she walked over to stand next to Verosika

"Surprised you really want the waste of sperm buried mom" Verosika said with a smirk

"Oh I don't. You and I made a deal with your boyfriend and his grave though" Mikoto said with a lustful grin

"Ooo a mother daughter activity" Verosika grinned as she liked the idea of this

"Oh it's gonna be fun to knock you two up on his grave" Naruto grinned savagely. After all the shit Sasuke put him through in life and in death, he was gonna enjoy every single second of what he'd do to Verosika and Mikoto.

"Ooh you talk a big game boy. Let's see if your bark matches your bite" Mikoto grinned at Naruto

"Oh please, Alpha will destroy you two" Loona said flatly as she looked at her phone

"Oh I know he will. I'm looking forward to it" Verosika said, licking her lips.

"Ok let's take this sack of shit to the hotel" Millie said as she and Vaggie lifted the body to haul it away. The large group started to March the body away until they stopped seeing Stella in the large doorway blocking their path and glaring at them.

"Oh great here we go" Blitzo groaned

"FYI I don't have a manager bitch so you can't talk to them" Naruto said with a smirk

This got laughs from the group even Stolas was covering his mouth as he tried not to laugh

"I only came to give the pathetic imp fucking my ex his money" Stella said hotly as she pulled out a sack of money

"Oh goodie the bitch keeps her word. There's a shock" Blitzo snickered

Stella threw the sack of money at Blitz and turned around and started to leave

"Huh not a bad ass. Too bad her mouth is a deal breaker" Naruto said with a smirk

Octavia froze at this before she glared at Naruto

"Naruto" Octavia growled lowly as an aura of murder enveloped her

"Oh come on I can't look?" Naruto asked his girlfriend

"I believe my daughter is just jealous that I have better looks than her" Stella said simply as she walked away. Swaying her hips

Stolas blinked at this in surprise "oh dear she seems to be interested in you now." Stolas told him with his eyes wide

"How the heaven do you know that?" Blitzo asked genuinely confused

"She's never been lustful….ever." Stolas said gravely

"Huh no wonder she's a bitch" Verosika said with a shudder

"No way!" Octavia screeched in a rage

"So you don't want your boy toy here to fuck and break her into a slave for you to order around?" Blitzo asked with a raised eyebrow

"… we can discuss this later but if I catch you making a move on her without my say so I'll do things to you that would make my dad scared!" Octavia screeched at Naruto as her eyes glowed red for emphasis as she pulled out a bottle of Lucifer's brand hot sauce

"... Noted" Naruto said as he held up his hands in a peaceful manner. Trying to hide his fear. Besides Stella had ordered a hit on him and Octavia according to Sasuke. He wasn't exactly rushing to get with her due to that.

"Your tail is shaking in fear" Blitzo said with a snicker

"And your knees are shaking" Naruto bit back at his boss

"Bah whatever I'm gonna go get shit faced. Thanks for winning me a fortune man whore." Blitzo said with a laugh as he ran off "yo Stolas, Dusty, and winged cat! Drinks are on me!" Blitzo yelled to the group

"Fuck it I'm in!" Angel dust yelled running after him

"This better be some tasty booze" Husker grumbled walking after them

"Ooh wonderful. A night on the town!" Stolas said following after them all.

"... should we be concerned?" Naruto asked

"50 bucks says they get arrested and have to have us bail them out" Vaggie said as she looked at the other girls

"Bet" Loona said as she held up some money

"I'm in too" Mayberry said nodding

"I'm in now help me move this punk ass!" Millie yelled out as Vaggie had stopped Pulling to make the bets

"Here I'll help you Millie" Naruto said as he helped her move Sasuke's corpse into the trunk of the limousine they used to get here

"Don't damage him. I want him in good condition when I have him mounted" Charlie said as she smiled after poking her head back into the arena after bringing the car around.

"you do that while I mount these two bitches" Naruto said as he pulled Verosika and Mikoto close and groped three asses

"Guess you're gonna start working though the ninja sluts and Cherri after this huh?" Verosika moaned out from his touch

"Mix of them and my current bitches. I don't want to neglect my girls needs after all" Naruto told her

"Ooh sweet and receptive to your girl's feelings. If only you were around when i was alive" Mikoto purred out

"Then I wouldn't have V" Naruto said firmly

"Or she'd have been your daughter" Loona smirked

"And my libido is dead. Thanks Loona" Naruto groaned out

"Damn it bitch! I was gonna get wrecked!" Mikoto yelled in fury

"Oh relax I know what gets daddy going" Loona said as she approached Naruto and pulled him close and licked his cheek before she leaned forward towards his ear "you can have my ass later after you finish with them" she whispered into his ear.

Naruto growled at this and his erection returned. Straining against his pants. "Wait in my room and pick a playmate to wait with you" he growled back before he smacked her ass hard making her tail wag wildly

"Yes alpha!" Loona moaned out in lust as she had the perfect playmate to join her in mind before the large group left the arena. Alastor left after deciding he'd rather be anywhere else but there.

(Hazbin Hotel)

"Ok grave's dug whiskers!" Cherri bomb yelled as Charlie hired her to help make the grave. By blowing up a hole into the dirt.

Naruto threw the bottom half of Sasuke's body into the hole "ok anyone have something to say?" Naruto asked

"He was the cumshot I should have swallowed" Mikoto said simply

"Beautiful ok Cherri bury this bitch!" Naruto yelled

"Wait!" Sakura yelled walking over to the open grave

"Oh goody she's gonna go on her. I love Sasuke spiel isn't she?" Anko groaned to Kurenai as all the shinobi and kunoichi Naruto had working for him were gathered for the funeral

Sakura however surprised everyone by spitting in Sasuke's open grave "that's for trying to fucking kill me you Duck ass haired piece of shit!" Sakura yelled

'…..she gets my approval" Charlie said with a smirk at the oni woman

"You wanna play with her later Tonight?" Vaggie asked with her own smirk

"Works for me. Mind if Ino joins in?" Sakura asked with a smirk on her face.

"Woohoo lesbian foursome!" Ino yelled

"Ok the bitch is buried now where's my payment?!" Cherri demanded

"Follow me" Loona said as she led her inside the hotel

"Wait there's one thing missing!" Charlie yelled before she grabbed a tombstone nearby and placed it in front of Sasuke's grave.

The grave marker read "Here lies Sasuke Uchiha. A bitch in life as he was in death".

"Beautiful" Anko said wiping away a fake tear

"Ok everyone, clear out! Me and my mommy have unfinished business here!" Verosika yelled

"Fine I'll just go watch the show from the window with Nai Chan!" Anko yelled

When everyone went inside Naruto turned to look at Verosika and Mikoto who were already on their knees. Naruto smirked as the two went into a bow of submission before him.

"As the closest family to the deceased we have a debt to you to settle for him" Mikoto spoke

"Use our bodies for as long as needed till our debt is paid off for his idiocy" Verosika said

"Verosika assume the position over your dear brother's grave" Naruto said as he undid his pants

"Yes Daddy!" Verosika yelled as she crawled over to Sasuke's grave as she stripped her clothes off. Tossing them aside until she was nude and on the grave in a doggy style position. Her arms wrapping around the large tombstone

"Let's show your mommy a good show ok?" Naruto asked as he approached her and rubbed his cock on her pussy

"Mmmmm. Knock me up in front of my mommy foxy!" Verosika begged

"That's the plan" Naruto growled as he hilted his dick inside of her cunt in one thrust

"Ahhhh!" Verosika moaned and smiled as she closed one of her eyes, enjoying the feel of his cock inside her twat once more.

Naruto started to thrust wildly into Verosika's pussy. Not holding back from the start as he went wild from the get go. Using his strength and speed to pound into her like a beast while she held onto the tombstone of Sasuke.

"Ah! So fucking good!" Verosika moaned out with her tongue hanging out. Mikoto looked on at the two lovers rutting like beasts while her left hand went under her dress and started to play with herself. Masturbating to the sight of Naruto fucking her daughter.

"Fucking ruin me foxy! Wreck me!" Verosika yelled out in lust as she felt Naruto pound her.

"Fuck your just as tight as you were when you corrupted me!" Naruto groaned out before he smacked her ass hard making her cry out and her tail to go crazy

"Don't blame me foxy! You were gonna wreck women in hell anyways! I just wanted to be the first!" Verosika told him with a grin as she let her tongue hang out

"Please you so corrupted him. He was probably innocent and just wanted to be your friend" Mikoto said with a knowing smirk as she watched Naruto fuck her daughter

"You can't prove that! Plus my foxy loves his life now" Verosika yelled with a teasing grin at her mother

"True I have it pretty good now. Power, women, respect, and soon I'll be having a child!" Naruto yelled out as he thrusted harder and pulled Verosika's hair back with his right hand as he felt his climax coming.

"Ah! You gonna knock me up big daddy?!" Verosika moaned out with hearts literally in her eyes.

"That's the plan! Gah fuck!" Naruto yelled before he fired his fertile seed into Verosika's womb. Flooding it as Verosika literally felt as each individual sperm penetrated her womb. Ensuring her impregnation

"Yahtzee!" Verosika moaned as she climaxed on his cock her juices hitting the dirt of Sasuke's grave in a spray

Naruto panted a few times before he peaked forward and kissed Verosika on the back of her neck a few times

"Mmmm. Finally. The press will have a field day when I announce my pregnancy" Verosika moaned

well have fun with that cause I'm not playing with you while your knocked up Naruto said as he pulled out

"….say what?" Verosika asked with harrowed look

"You heard me I'm not traumatizing my kid while they are in your womb" Naruto said as he shook his head

"That's a myth and doesn't matter to succubi" Mikoto said simply

"Ok how about it's a turn off?" Naruto said as he turned to Mikoto

"Aww poor foxy so you don't want to play with me then?" Mikoto asked as she struck a sexy pose while Verosika started to mutter and her eye twitched wildly.

Naruto smirked at this as he pulled Mikoto to him and threw her on Sasuke's grave "cheer up Verosika at least you only have to deal with it for a month. 2 tops" Mikoto grinned at her daughter as she got on her hands and knees and shook her ass

"... say what?" Naruto asked curiously as he approached and hiked up mikatos skirt to show her pussy to him

"Succubi have accelerated pregnancy and aging now show me a good time stud!" Mikoto said as she smacked her ass with her tail

Naruto grinned as he grabbed her swinging tail and held it up before he slammed his cock inside her pussy

"Oh fuck yes! You're a big stud aren't you?!" Mikoto asked with a crazed grin dancing on her lips as he eyes widened in a wild look.

"Damn right! Biggest you've ever had right mommy?" Verosika asked with a smirk as she looked on at them fucking after she calmed down

"Hush baby I'm playing with your new daddy!" Mikoto yelled with lustful craze as Naruto fucked her hard making her ass slap against his abs

"Hey! I had him first! You're just a side piece!" Verosika glared

"Aww don't be mad daughter. I'll use my body to please him for all the time you won't be able to" Mikoto smirked at her before Naruto slapped her ass "ooh harder daddy!" Mikoto moaned out

"Fuck I love a mouthy slut" Naruto growled out as he slapped her ass again even harder

"Odoo do you like my ass my young stud? Maybe after you tear my cunt up you'll want a ride on this tight milf ass?" Mikoto asked saucily

"Grrrr your moving in with us" Naruto growled as his fangs became more prominent and he reached forward

"Mmmmm you gotta earn that stu- oh fuck yes! Mikoto screamed as Naruto bit into her shoulder as he fucked her harder

"Ooh giving her your mark via a bite? Kinky stud. How about it mom? Wann move in and get a daily dose of dickings from him?" Verosika asked her with a smirk

Mikoto panted as she just let Naruto use her as he was reaching deep into her and making her feel fantastic

'I've never had a cock this good before! I can't let him break me! Verosika would never let me live it down!' Mikoto thought to herself as she bit her lip trying not to cum

Verosika smirked evilly as she crawled toward her moaning mom before she pulled her into a kiss and grabbed her bouncing breasts. As the mother and daughter swapped spit and tongue, Naruto growled as he felt himself getting closer and closer. Their lustful kiss making him nearly cum in an instant from the sight of it.

"Ah! I'm getting close stud!" Mikoto panted out as she pulled away from her smirking daughter her sharingan active

"You'll get his cum when you submit mom. Go ahead. Agree to be his cumdump on you pathetic son's grave and get your reward" Verosika smirked

"Oh fuck it fine! I'm yours, you magnificent stud! I'll be your cundump! I'll move in! Now give me that seed!" Mikoto yelled as her eyes went into the back of her head

Naruto grunted deeply as he fired his seed into the succubus milf.

"Ahh! So hot! So good!" Mikoto moaned out as her body shuddered. Her own climax happening as her pussy juices sprayed into the grave dirt.

Naruto removed his teeth out of Mikoto's shoulder and panted as he pulled away licking his lips to get any blood off.

"What do you say to your new owner mom?" Verosika asked teasingly

"Did you enjoy yourself Husband?" Mikoto asked with a sexy smirk

"Hey! I'm marrying him first!" Charlie bellowed from an upstairs window in the hotel behind them

"... were all of you watching?" Mikoto asked as she chucked and got up after fixing her skirt

"Everyone but Loona and Cherri bomb" Tsunade said from a window drinking a bottle Sake

"Looks like I know who she chose to play with tonight" Naruto said with a chuckle as he zipped up his pants

"Wait, she chose Cherri Bomb? We could've been chosen instead? Dammit!" Kurenai yelled next to Anko

"Your all gonna get it eventually so long as you know I'm his head bitch!" Charlie yelled out

"Oh Hell No! I'm the head bitch!" Verosika yelled

"You wanna throw down you bitch?!" Charlie bellowed in a demonic voice

"You're damn Right I- Wait I'm probably Pregnant….. fuck!" Verosika yelled as she couldn't fight since her baby would mature quickly

"Your all equal period don't make me cut you off Charlie" Naruto said firmly as he looked at her window

"... yes dear" Charlie said sheepishly

"Now if you'll excuse me I have a pet and her new toy to play with. But before I forget Octavia! When we get back to the penthouse get rid of any booze V has hidden!" Naruto said as he went onto the hotel

"On it!" Octavia yelled out from a window

"... if i can't have booze you can't have ramen mister!" Verosika yelled

"Yeah good luck with that" Naruto said with a laugh as he went inside

(with Stella)

The former wife of the ars goetia prince sat in a lavish room as she drank some wine

She was looking over footage of Naruto's fight with Sasuke and his fight with Valentino's men when they attacked the hazbin hotel trying to find a weakness her assassin could exploit

Before she could continue however the phone next to her rang so she picked it up

"What?" she answered with an annoyed tone as she was actually enjoying the footage she was looking at

"Hey there boss. Saw the little show you put on for the overlord earlier. Wanted to make sure you want me to still kill him and your little girl" the voice of Striker said

"Hmmmm" Stella mused as she thought about this "leave them alone for now and deal with that cheating bastard first. We'll decide on them later" Stella said imperiously

"Heh very well. Just so you know that overlord was lusting for you and not just talking big." Striker said

Stella hung up the phone and scoffed at this before she looked at the footage of Naruto killing more of Valentino's men before she smirked.

'Maybe I can use this to my advantage' she thought to herself as she continued to watch footage.

(Cherri's room)

Naruto walked to Cherri's door and knocked. The second his fist made contact the door swung open and he was grabbed by his extended arm and pulled inside.

"Finally!" The voice of Cherri bomb yelled as she pulled him into the room and swung him onto her bed.

"Took you long enough alpha" Loona said as she laid next to him on the bed looking at her phone while nude

"Sorry. I had two succubi to satisfy. By the way we have a new roommate" Naruto told Loona with a grin

"I saw that coming,you just can't resist a girl with a big ass can you?" Loona asked with a raised eyebrow

"Now now you know I can't quit your ass" Naruto said with a smirk as he pulled Loona into his lap till his cock was standing up and against her stomach

Loona smirked a little at this "would alpha like his girls to please him before we start this party?" she asked coyly as she tossed her hair a little

Before Naruto could say anything he groaned as he felt a mouth latch onto the head of his cock and start sucking before looking down to see a nude Cherri Bomb immediately kneeling at the bed side and sucking him off.

"... just couldn't help yourself huh?" Loona deadpanned at Cherri Bomb

"Hey you said I get first crack! I don't need any foreplay or talking. Just pick a hole and shove it in whiskers!" Cherri exclaimed before she went back to sucking him off

Naruto growled at this while Loona sighed and turned to Naruto

"You go break her in alpha. We can Play later when your done with her. After all she needs to learn her place" she said before she licked his cheek in a sensual way

Naruto grunted as Loona got off his lap before he looked down at Cherri Bomb, her single eye staring up at him as she smirked despite his cock in her mouth.

Naruto grabbed Cherri bomb by her hair and held her before he started to thrust his hips into her awaiting mouth. A rough facefuck for the woman who clewrly needed to be dominated.

"Gluk! Gluk!" The sounds of Cherri Bomb's moans and slobbers echoed in the small room as Naruto fucked her face. Loona meanwhile watched this from a nearby chair as her fingers inserted her pussy as she played with herself. Watching the site of her Alpha show a new woman her place.

Naruto continued to thrust into Cherri's mouth and panted as he felt his climax coming. Soon though he released inside of Cherri's mouth. His thick sperm surprising her ss she tried to swallow as much as she could but felt some escape her mouth after he pulled his cock free of her lips. His cum dripping onto the floor as she had never taken a load like that before.

"You good?" Naruto asked, wanting to make sure she was ok.

"That was awesome! I thought I was gonna choke! That would've been so hot!" Cherri cackled crazily before she bent down and licked up the spilled cum without any hesitation or provocation.

'Why do I always attract the crazy ones?' Naruto thought to himself before Cherri pushed him onto his back on the bed

"Now it's time for the main Course! I'm done with my appetizer!" Cherri yelled before she jumped directly onto his still hard cock. Impaling her pussy onto his hard rod with no hesitation.

"Oh fuck yeah! It's so huge! I feel it in my stomach!" Cherri cackled in lunacy

"Then get that ass to work!" Naruto growled as he smacked her ass

"oooo the big bad overlord wants his new bitch to please him huh?" Cherri asked with a defiant smirk as she ground her hips slowly on his cock inside her

Naruto reached up and grabbed her tits "get to work or I'll use you like a fleshlight" Naruro growled into her ear

"And what if I like that?" Cherri asked with a mad grin as she leaned forward and got in Naruto's face

"Then I guess I'll just do this" Naruto said before he kissed her on the lips. Not a savage kiss but a gentle and tender kiss. Thinking giving her a soft kiss would tease her.

Cherri paused after they separated before she chuckled "you're a sap….but I kinda like that- woah!" Cherri yelled as Naruto flipped them so he had her pinned to the bed

"I may be a sap but by the end of this you'll be calling me master!" Naruto told her as she started to thrust into her hard yet slow. Each thrust making her large breasts bounce for his enjoyment.

"Ah! Loona was right you are a fucking god!" Cherri yelled

"I'm an overlord and if you're a good little bitch I'll do you a favor!' Naruto growled as he started to hammer at her rapidly

"You kill Valentino and ruin his business then I'll be your bitch forever! Him and his two overlord buddies have it coming!" Cherri yelled

"That's a big order….how do I know you're worth it?" Naruto asked with a smirk as he challenged her

"I can ah! Help you get his Overlord friend Velvet as your bitch!" Cherri yelled

"Is she hot?" Naruto asked curiously as he paused his thrusting making Cherri whine at his pausing

Loona Pulled up a pic on her phone and showed Naruto a picture of a tall woman with dark skin and red and black hair wearing a red and white dress, and an absolutely crazy grin on her face. She had DD cup breasts, a toned body, and a heart shaped ass

Naruto growled as he started to thrust harder into cherri making her scream out in lust

"yea alpha loves redheads" loona said with a smirk

"She and I have crossed paths before and I know her hideouts! Last I saw the crazy bitch she was fingering herself to that stream you and Verosika were in!" Cherri moaned out with her tongue hanging out "and since she's friends with Vox and Valentino you get her and you fuck over them! It's a win-win for the baddest overlord in hell!" Cherri yelled out as she scratched at his back

Naruto panted at this before he roared and bit down on Cherri's neck as he climaxed hard inside her.

"Ah! It's like a fucking bomb going off inside me!" Cherri screamed to the very heavens from her orgasm hitting. Annoying several cherubs in the process.

After a few moments of them coming down off their high Naruto pulled away and pulled Cherri into a savage kiss "you're mine" he growled onto her ear

"Yes master" Cherri moaned out in obedience with a dazed and fucked expression on her face. Naruto smirked and let go of her, letting her body crumple to the bed to rest before he stood up and walked over to Loona who was standing up bent over her chair and holding it so she could shake her ass

"I have such a well trained pet" Naruto said with a smirk as he grabbed her hips and their tails intertwined.

Loona only barked in response to this as she looked over her shoulder at Naruto with a sexy smirk as she twerked her ass at him

"Fuck I love when you do that" Naruto groaned out as her ass twerked against his meaty cock.

Loona again only barked in response with her smirk still on her face. Naruto however finally had enough waiting and slammed his cock into her pussy while she was still twerking.

"Fuck your such a prime piece of ass" Naruto growled as he started to thrust into his hellhound lover

Loona again only barked in response playing up the role of his pet.

"Such a horny little pet I own" Naruto smirked before he slapped her ass making it jiggle for his enjoyment. Loona barked again as her tail wagged in excitement from his spanking

"Come on my pet you know what I want" Naruto growled as he smacked her ass making it bounce

Loona panted at this and barked again as she started to twerk her ass like a pro while he fucked her cunt.

"That's more like it! I'll get you a new collar after this for being such a good girl!" Naruto yelled as he moved a hand to her breasts and started to tweak her nipple with his fingers.

Loona panted and barked at this as she felt her orgasm drawing nearer and nearer with every single thing her alpha did to her body. Each thing making a mark of pleasure for her body and mind to enjoy.

"I'm Cumming my pet. Would you like that?" Naruto whispered into her ear before he nibbled on it

Loona barked as she nodded her head rapidly in excitement. Wanting to feel his seed flood her depths.

Naruto panted a little before he bit into Loona's shoulder hard

"Awwwoooooo!" Loona howled as she arched her back and climaxed hard on her alphas cock and the chair beneath her as he filled her with his seed.

"Fuck yes!" Naruto roared as he came inside her. Filling her cunt with his thick sperm that leaked onto the chair beneath them.

Naruto pulled out of Loona as she fell to her knees panting for breath

"Wow you two go animalistic when you fuck huh?" Cherri asked with a chuckle as she laid on the bed before she stood up and walked over to the chair. "Kind of a waste to leave his cum there though" Cherri said as she kneeled next to Loona and started to lick the cum mixed with Loona's juices with no hesitation "tasty!" She cheered out

Naruto chuckled at this "ok girls on the bed I need you both bad" he said ifd

"Are you gonna make clones alpha?" Loona asked her tail wagging in excitement

"if that's what my pet wants I will" Naruto said with a smile as he pet loona on the head

"You can make clones?" Cherri asked as She didn't know that tidbit

"Alpha can make physical clones that can fuck us. Not sure what the limit is" Loona affirmed

"Woohoo! I'll take two hundred! Fuxk me till I can't move for a year!" Cherri yelled with a crazed grin

"I need you walking if we're gonna go kill Valentino" Naruto said as he chuckled at Cherri's eagerness

"Fine give me 6 now let's party master!" Cherri yelled out

"If she gets 6 I want 6 too! I can put on a show for them!" Loona said as she twerked her ass a bit for him

"Oh what the hell. 6 for each of you!" Naruto said as he created 11 clones total. All hard and ready to go.

"Come on boys I'm not a fragile girl! Show Me what you got!" Cherri yelled as her clones approached

"mmmm so many masters to entertain" Loona moaned as she tossed her hair before she shook her ass at her clones

"The time is now men! For pussy!" A clone yelled before they pounced on Loona followed by 5 other Naruto's. The other 6 piled on Cherri.

Everyone in the hotel heard the sounds of a bed shaking, grunts, groans, moans, howls, the odd crazed cackle, and at one point an explosion coming from the room.

(Next morning. Random hotel)

Blitzo groaned as the light his eyes as he git up from the bed.

"Ugh my head" he groaned as he stumbled to his feet and looked around the hotel room….or what was probably a hotel room

It was completely trashed to say the least bottles of booze everywhere. Broken lamps. The tv was broken with a golf club in it. There were holes in the walls and even the ceiling. Blitzo tried to stand up and get out of bed but couldn't. "The fuck?" He asked before looking down to see he was handcuffed to Stolas… wearing a pink tutu.

"Ok what the hell happened last night?" Blitzo asked as he held his head and looked at a nearby broken mirror…..and saw he had a face tattoo of a angel on the left side of his face "Oh satan why?!" Blitzo yelled

"Will you bitches shut up?! I'm trying to sleep!" Angel's voice yelled out ….next to Stolas….. with a tattoo of Blitzo and Stolas names on his ass…

"What the fuck did we do last night?" Blitzo asked as he started to freak the hell out. It was fine if he was doing crazy shit within his knowledge but he had no idea what the hell happened last night period

"I don't know damn it…..wait where's Husker?" Angel asked as he looked around for the cat demon

"... oh shit" Blitzo groaned out as now they were probably gonna have to look for the cat demon

"Mmm harder Blitzy!" Stolas moaned in his sleep

"Stolas wake the fuck up!" Blitzo yelled shaking him awake

"Huh what? Where are we?" Stolas asked as his eyes opened up

"Some hotel and we don't remember what happened. Also husker is missing" Blitzo said as he tried to get himself loose from the cuff he was linked to

"Not to worry Blitzy I'll just use my grimoire and find….. where's my grimoire?" Stolas asked as he used it to bring back Sasuke's corpse

"... oh fucking dammit!" Blitzo groaned as he realized wherever Husker probably was where the book would be. "... I need to make a call" Blitzo sighed as he pulled out his phone