(Hazbin Hotel)

Naruto walked down the staircase after his night pounding Loona and Cherri bomb.

"Morning sweetie," Charlie said from the breakfast table where her Vaggie, Nifty, and Alastor were sitting.

"Morning. Where's everyone Else?" Naruto asked curiously

"Miss Mayday and your imp lover went back to your home. Something about burning your ramen stash to ashes" Alastor said with his signature smile

"What?!" Naruto yelled as he stood up to rush out the door

"Don't worry sweetie. You can have ramen here" Charlie said with a grin

"You're limited to 3 bowls though" Vaggie told him firmly

"... better than none" Naruto sighed as he sat back down. He just knew this was payback for making Verosika go to rehab.

"Hey, has anyone seen Angel?" Charlie asked curiously

"Pretty sure he's drunk again. Or out in hell blowing a guy again" Vaggie deadpanned

"Well let's have breakfast where are the others?" Naruto asked wondering where his konoha friends were

"I'm on it sweetie. OI! YOU BASTARDS BETTER GET DOWN HERE FOR BREAKFAST WITHIN THIRTY SECONDS OR YOU GO WITHOUT IT TODAY!" Charlie bellowed out as her face went demonic making the hotel shake from her yelling before she returned back to her usual happy self. "There that should get them down here" She said making Naruto and Vaggie sweatdrop

They all heard scrambling from upstairs before everyone else came downstairs and ran to the table.

Well everyone except Cherri Bomb and Loona. They were currently crawling towards the table. Unable to move their legs

"Ha! The brat tore you two up eh?" Tsunade asked as she sat down at the table

"Yup! I can't feel my fucking legs!" Cherri Bomb yelled out unashamedly or uncaring as she giggled insanely

"Yup alpha is an animal" Loona said as she forced herself into her chair

"Lucky bitch" Ino muttered with a scowl at Loona

Before anyone could say anything however Naruto's phone started to ring. Which was a man screaming in terror He took a look and saw it was Blitzo calling.

"What is it Blitz? I have Loona bent over calling me daddy" Naruto said with a smirk

"I'M GONNA KILL YOU MAN WHORE!" Blitz yelled over the phone for all to here

This got laughs from everyone at the table even Alastor who chuckled and shook his head

"Alpha, you shouldn't lie to him. Let me bend over for you first" Loona said with a smirk

"I SWEAR TO SATAN I'M GONNA-" Blitz was saying before the sound of struggling was heard. "NO GET AWAY FROM MY PHONE! I HAVE MORE THREATS TO GIVE HIM!" Blitz yelled

"Blitzy let me talk to him!" Stolas was heard saying over the phone

"OCTAVIA IS WITH HIM TOO RIGHT NOW!" Blitz yelled trying to keep a hold of his phone.

This resulted in a screeching sound being heard

"Will you both shut the fuck up! We need help damn it!" Angel's voice was heard screaming

"... ok if this is a call to bring you all lube and or gimp suits I'm hanging up" Naruto said deadpan

"No you idiot! We lost Husker and bird boy's magic book!" Angel yelled

"... satan damn it" Naruto sighed "alright where did you last have the book?" Naruto asked

"No idea we got so shit faced. We don't remember anything from last night." Angel said

"Wow must have been a good night" Anko said with a grin

"Well I have an idea why don't we just have Alastor summon Husker here?" Charlie offered

"Hmmm I could do that I suppose… or I can let you all run around trying to find him for my amusement" Alastor said with a smile before he stood up from the table "yes I think I shall do that. Come along Nifty! We have a show to watch"

"Remind me to spike his tea with laxatives" Naruto grumbled to Vaggie making her snort in laughter

"Alright where are you guys now?" Kurenai asked

"Some hotel in the lust ring" Angel said

"Oh yeah cause that narrows it down" Naruto said sarcastically

"No that's the actual name of it" Angel said

"….hell is weird" Ino said with a sigh at this

"No shit" Sakura said as she shook her head

"Alright look just bring you and that hellhound bitch of yours to help us find Husker and the book" Angel said

"Angel first of all only I can call her that and second Loona is unable to help cause she's tired" Naruto said

"And I don't give a fuck" Loona said bordley

"There is also that" Naruto said with a smirk

"Well bring some help damn it! And some pants! I'll take the butch looking pink head at this point!" Angel yelled before he hung up

Sakura growled at this before she punched the table breaking it into small pieces

"... you didn't break it enough" Tsunade said looking at the large chunks. They should've been far smaller

"Ok, who wants to volunteer for a mission to help the three stooges?" Naruto asked everyone

"I'd go with you but now I have to set up a new table" Charlie sighed out

"Sakura you should go since you broke the table" Vaggie suggested

"That's fine with me. I want to prove I'm worth being one of Naruto's enforcers" Sakura said as she punched her palm

"And you want to strangle Angel" Vaggie deadpanned

"Also that" Sakura admitted without hesitation

"Right. Ok who else?" Naruto asked

"I'm in!" Ino said as she held up her hand

"I'll join as well" Kurenai said

"Fuck it I'm in. Plus you need a tracker" Anko said with a vicious smirk

"Ok ladies let's go gear up and we will go" Naruto said before he saw Hinata stand up

"None of you are going anywhere without me" the bunny demon said with a fierce glare at them

"Yes ma'am!" Sakura, Ino, Anko, and Kurenai yelled together

"Relax Hinata, I was gonna ask you to come with us anyway. After all you can see through walls" Naruto pointed out since she was perfect for helping find Husker and the book.

"Good" Hinata said before she walked upstairs to gear up.

"Alright let's gear up and move out" Naruto ordered before the 5 ladies ran upstairs

"Any ideas for how to help?" Charlie asked Naruto curiously wondering if he had a plan

"... I've got nothing" Naruto admitted with complete honesty

This got groans from everyone but Charlie who sighed

"Well I'm sure you'll figure something out" Charlie said

"And if not we'll at least see what happens on the news" Tsunade smirked

Naruto made a mocking face at Tsunade at this before he ducked as she threw her club at him

(Hours later. Some Hotel)

Naruto, Sakura, Hinata, Ino, Anko, and Kurenai exited Naruto's monster truck in front of the hotel

"You should let me drive next time!" Anko yelled with a grin as they all approached the hotel.

"Nope. I hate washing blood out of the seats and rims" Naruto deadpanned before they walked into the hotel towards the receptionist. A medusa like demon

"Ah Hell's latest overlord. Are you here for an orgy? Shall I prepare the orgy suite? We just finished cleaning all the goat blood out of it" The receptionist said

"Afraid not. I'm here to see some acquaintances of mine. Stolas has a room here righ-" Naruto was saying before he was cut off

"Oh Satan, those 3?! You better be here to pay for the room and stuff they trashed!" The receptionist yelled at him

"... what did they do?" Naruto sighed out

"Well for starters you see that blood fountain over there?" She asked, looking at a blood fountain in the middle of the hotel reception area.

"Yeah what's wrong with it?" Kurenai asked seeing nothing wrong with it

"IT USED TO BE WATER!" The receptionist yelled

"Ok ok I'm sure Stolas will pay for everything so can you just point us to their room?" Naruto asked

"Fine but he better pay for what they did to Carl. We lost our only janitor in this place now" The receptionist exclaimed as she handed over a key to Naruto "they're in room 337"

"Thank you. Ok ladies follow me and Anko, no drinking on the job!" Naruto yelled as he spotted Anko grabbing a bottle of booze from a table nearby

"Aw C'mon! What if I let you fuck my ass for a

this drink?!" She asked holding the bottle up

"You haven't earned that now move woman!" Naruto yelled as he pointed at the elevator nearby

"Damn it!" Anko sighed as she tossed the bottle over her shoulder and nailed the receptionist in the back of her head. Knocking her out as she stepped onto the elevator.

(Minutes later Room 337)

"... what the crap?" Naruto deadpanned at the sight before them when he and the ladies opened the door.

A nude Angel dust with Blitzo and Stolas's names tattooed on his ass

Blitzo with an angel tattooed on his face and handcuffed to Stolas

And Stolas cuffed to Blitzo while wearing a pink tutu.

"And I'm now asexual" Naruto said as his face turned green

"No, we can't lose out on his dick. Quick Kurenai flash him!" Anko yelled in a panic

"Will one of you bitches just give me some pants?!" Angel yelled at the assembled people

Before Sakura grabbed him and started to choke him

"... she has the pants doesn't she?" Ino deadpanned

"Yes" Hinata said with a sigh

"Did you guys find The book? And husker I guess but mostly the book." Blitzo asked ignoring Angel's choking

"We just got here you moron" Kurenai told him with a deadpan tone

"Hey I don't know, maybe you saw it in the lobby or some shit. We were told by hotel security that we couldn't leave the for what we did to the blood fountain" Blitzo told em

"Well they gave us a bill and here's a spoiler I'm not paying it" Naruto said with a pointed look at Stolas

"That's fine let me have a look" Stolas said holding his non cuffed hand out for the bill to take a look

"Should we stop Sakura yet?" Ino asked seeing Sakura was still strangling Angel Dust

"Why?" Hinata asked with a grin at Angel's face was turning blue

"Ok Sakura enough. The longer you strangle him the longer we have to loom at him being naked"

"Why? Not like he can die, where is he gonna go? Detroit?" Sakura asked before she threw Angel into a wall

"Walk it off Angel you have had worse I know the shit you're into." Ino said as Sakura threw him some clothes

"... how do you even know what that is?" Naruto questioned seeing as they were from another dimension

"Every time I tell someone who crosses me I'll kill them they say that shit and laugh. I figured I could use it" Sakura told him

"... we'll circle back to this conversation later. Can someone just please give Angel his pants already?" Naruto asked with a defeated sigh

"Working on it you fucking prude!" Angel yelled as he pulled on some pants

"Not a prude. I just don't need to see your freaky spider dick" Naruto deadpanned

Angel made a mocking face at this before Sakura punched her palm making him back up

"Now that I'm here do you morons have any idea where we should start looking for Husker and your grimoire? Naruto asked

"We did find a card for some tattoo Parlor. Perhaps we should start there" Stolas suggested as he finished going over the bill and was doing his finances to make sure he could pay for it

"Perfect, what's the name?" Kurenai asked glad they had a lead

"Some Tattoo Parlor" Stolas said helpfully

"…..hell is weird" Ino said once more after a moment of silence

"Let's just go before I feel the urge to bash my head into a wall" Naruto sighed as he led the girls to the door

"Hey! We still need to be uncuffed!" Blitz yelled after them

"Good point Sakura my dear, get them loose" Naruto told her. Sakura grinned before she grabbed the cuffs by the chain and crushed it into dust with her grip

"Jeez remind me to never ask you for a hand job pinky" Blitz told her

"I can be gentle with the right person impy" Sakura said with a growl

"Good to know" Naruto said with a chuckle before he smacked Sakura's ass making her yelp in surprise before she blushed a little

"Look are we searching for the drunken cat or are you two gonna fuck? Cause either way I'm down I just want to know if I can sit and watch" Anko asked with a grin

"My priority is finding Stolas grimoire, if he gets in trouble that will hurt Octavia" Naruto told them

"And because if it's in the wrong hands who knows what sort of horrors it could cause" Stolas said firmly. Mentally thankful that Naruto's priorities were straight

"Yeah that too I guess" Naruto said with a shrug

"And also cause it's our ticket to getting paid for our jobs" Blitz said

"I have it made with Charlie, Verosika, and Octavia spoiling me Blitz" Naruto said with a smirk

"...you and Millie own some of the company, remember. You guys would take the hit" Blitzo pointed out

"…. Shit. I hate it when he's right about things. Cause usually he never is" Naruto groaned "you win this round now let's go fix your fuck up" Naruto said as he led the way out of the hotel

"Wait, they complained about the blood fountain? It looks fine to me. What exactly did we do to it?" Angel pointed out as they were leaving once Stolas paid for the bill

"It used to be water" Naruto deadpanned

"Oh… ok then" Angel shrugged uncaringly

(later at some tattoo Parlor)

"Hey welcome to some tattoo parlor what ink do you all w- You! I told you 3 to get the fuck out my damn store and never come back!" A male bull demon yelled angrily pointing at Blitzo, Stolas, and Angel

"Oh that's a good sign" Hinata said with a flat tone

"Alright what did they do yesterday?" Naruto asked feeling like this was gonna be a long day

"Well first these idiots came barging in drunk with this one" he pointed at Angel "being fucking naked. Next thing i know these two want tattoos while the tutu fucker here he starts using one of my tattoo guns to draw on my damn walls" the bull demon said with a growl

"Did they mention where they have been or were going?" Naruto asked

"No idea but I think some minions of an overlord were recording them when they barged in. You're welcome to ask them if you can track em down"

any idea who they were minions of? anko asked curiously hoping to have a lead

"Well they didn't show up in flashes of fire like the radio demon and I hear the newest overlords minions are mostly big titted bitches." The bull man with a dismissive wave of his hand

"Watch it asshole or I'm cooking steak" Naruto growled

"What the hell do you care? It Ain't like your him" the bull demon said before looking at Naruto closely now

"Not that bright are you?" Kurenai deadpanned

"Give him a minute" Blitz said with a grin

The bull man looked at Naruto as he glared at him and finally it clicked in his brain "... ah shit" the bull demon sighed

"There it is" Biltz said with a laugh

"Now I'm gonna ask again who's minions were they?" Naruto growled as he channeled some killer intent

"Shit! Alright alright it was most likely one of the Vs. I think it was Velvette" the man told em

"This got groans from" Blitz and angel while Stolas sighed

"Great the crazy bitch" Angel said with a scowl

"At least it isn't Valentino or Vox" Stolas sighed out unhappily

"Yeah but they are more stable than her….. sort of" Blitzo said

"Who the heaven is Velvette?" Sakura asked curiously as they all left the tattoo parlor

"She's one of the Vs. A group of 3 overlords who own certain aspects of hell. Valentino runs almost anything regarding sex and porn, Vox is known as the tv demon whom your acquaintance Alastor despises." Stolas was saying

"Good I'lI send him a tv. That'll piss him off" Naruto said with a grin as he was wanting a idea for a prank to piss off Alastor

"And finally you have Velvette, she is one of the most influential overlords in hell having a massive following on Hell's social media platforms. She's however unstable even by Hell's standards" Stolas finished his explanation

"Hell has standards?" Anko asked with a smirk before Naruto poked her in the forehead

"How crazy are we talking?" Kurenai asked curiously

"She makes Cherri look tame" Angel said flatly

Naruto winced at this "are you serious?" he asked hoping Angel was exaggerating

"You know The shit I get up to? Turn that to 11, Add in pounds of caffeine, 3 pounds of crack, and a truckload of pixie sticks" Blitzo told them

"Don't forget chocolate" Angel said with a snicker

"Oh yeah throw in about 6 pounds of chocolate too" Blitzo amended

"Well if we're gonna figured out where you morons went during your night of debauchery we need to ask her for help" Naruto said as they approached his monster truck

"Pass! I'm not dealing with her!" Angel yelled as he shook his head

"Either you get your ass in the truck or I'll tie you to the back of it and drag you" Naruto told him

"Fine but if you want to be taken seriously by a fellow overlord you need to confront her on your own" Angel said

"Indeed overlords respect power and a overlord that needs an escort is laughable to most denizens of hell" Stolas told him

Naruto nodded at this alright "I'll do that then" Naruto said as he got out his keys

"Please I give you 5 minutes especially since she's a redhead" Blitzo said with a snicker as Naruto started his truck

"I'm aware. I'll be fine" Naruto said confidently as he drove off

"Oh please you may have skills but this isn't a regular woman whiskers" Blitzo told him with a scoff

"Yeah she will eat you alive and not in the fun way" Angel said with a laugh along with Blitz

"Guys I'll be fine. And worst case I'll just offer her you two as sacrifices" Naruto said simply as if talking about the weather

"Before you do that I would at least offer her a chocolate bar first" Stolas said not wanting to offer up Blitz

"What is she 5?" Ino asked with a raised eyebrow

"Mentally yes" Angel said blankly

"Most social media users are" Blitz said with a snicker

"Alright let's get her a box of chocolates then" Naruto shrugged


Naruto pulled up in front of a large studio building known with a large sign saying the Velvette Room

"... is anyone in hell even remotely creative with naming shit?" Ino asked blandly

"I find it kinda cute" Naruto said with a shrug

"That's a point in your favor" Stolas said as Naruto jumped down out of the monster truck while they all waited

"Alright This'll be easy-" Naruto wqs saying before seeing an imp be thrown from a 5 story window to the ground in front of him

"WHICH OF YOU FUCKING IMPS ATE MY CHOCOLATE?!" A demonic female voice bellowed making the building shake and the windows to crack

"It was Larry! Kill him not me!" A scared male voice shouted in terror

"Bullshit! It was Steve!" Another yelled before another crash and screams of terror and pain were heard

Naruto sweatdropped at this as he approached the door

"Good luck whiskers!" Blitz yelled as he gave Naruto a thumbs up before Naruto entered after knocking. "... he's gonna die again" the imp deadpanned to the others in the monster truck

(With Naruto)

Naruto walked into the studio building to see a front desk with an imp woman looking at a book while shivering as loud sounds were heard upstairs.

"Y-yes how can I help you?" The woman asked Naruto recognizing him hoping he wouldn't make things worse

"I'm here to see miss Velvette" Naruto said wanting to cut to the chase

"Miss Velvette is…. Busy at the moment. Would you be able to come back in say a week?" She asked

"Sorry I know your doing your job but I really need to see her so can you tell her I'm here?" Naruto asked

"O-ok" the woman said before she grabbed a phone and gingerly started to press buttons before holding up the phone shakily

"What?! Did you find who took my chocolate you stupid imp tramp?! Speak up or I'll drink your blood like wine!" The woman yelled

Naruto scowled at this before he took the phone "I asked her to get your attention and If this is how an overlord acts then they give out the title too easily!" Naruto yelled into the phone

"Oh you little shit! I don't know who you are but I'm gonna plant my foot so far up your ass you'll be coughing up odor eaters!" The female voice yelled

There then was a crash and a dial tone making the imp woman flinch

"Here take the day off miss" Naruto said as he gave the woman a roll of bills

"Good luck!" The woman yelled grabbing the bills before she ran the fuck out the building

Right as she left through the door the elevator dinged and the door to it was kicked down. Which admittedly impressed Naruto as it was a sliding, automatic door.

"Ok who's the little shit who thinks he can talk trash to-" Velvette was yelling as she came into the room before she spotted Naruto

"So you're Velvette huh?" Naruto hmmed looking at the deranged overlord

"Well well if it isn't the new overlord on the block and the fiance of the princess and the exclusive man of Verosika Mayday. My my you have been making quite a fuss Mr Uzumaki" Velvette said looking him over as well. Both overlords gazing at each other. Sizing the other up in case things went violent

"Let's get to the point miss Velvette. I'm here cause one of your minions has information I need to help some friends of mine" Naruto said

Friends? Ha! I heard you were a Sap! Friends in hell are for the weak. Velvette said with a laugh

"And yet here I am a overlord and you're friends with Valentino and Vox" Naruto said with a firm tone as he glared

They are more allies than friends. You don't see me doing them favors just to he nice fox boy" Velvette said with a grin besides if i wont do them solids just cause why should I help you?" She asked

"Well I heard your a fan of chocolate but if you don't want-" Naruto was saying as he took out the expensive box of chocolates

Before Velvette quickly took them and tore them open

"Fucking finally! I need my fix!" She yelled before opening her mouth and dumping the entire box of chocolates into her maw. Eating them in one go "huh you got the good stuff too" she said as she chewed

"Well I figured a lady of your status wouldn't expect any less" Naruto said with a shrug

Velvette swallowed and smirked at this "well look at you the sweet talker. Just like Valentino. Only without the herpes" Velvette said

"Heh knew it angel owes me money" Naruto said with a smirk

"Oh so you know Valentino's favorite pet?" Velvette asked

"Watch it he's a resident of my Charlie's hotel" Naruto growled out

"Right right I remember what you did to those angels and Valentino's thugs. So hot how you easily killed them all" Velvette said with a mad grin on her lips at Naruto

"...thank you… so about the minion i need to see?" Naruto asked

"Hmmmm we can talk in my penthouse on the top floor" Velvette offered

"Very well lead the way miss Velvette" Naruto said as he nodded

"Heh so you are an ass man like the rumors say" Velvette said with a smirk as she led the way while swaying her hips for Naruto

"Why do I feel like I'm heading into the belly of the beast?" Naruto thought as he followed the manic overlord

(Velvette's penthouse)

Velvette led Naruto into a penthouse that looked very modern and had several cameras. Also it was just red. Everything was red. Red furniture, red walls, red pillows, even the cameras and computers were red.

"I see the title of social media overlord is not a exaggeration" Naruto said as he looked around

"of course not. Is Alastor's title of radio demon one? Is your title of manwhore overlord an exaggeration?" Velvette asked with a grin as she led Naruto to a couch nearby

"Oi I'm more than just that! I can do a lot more then just keep my girls happy" Naruto said

"Mmmm I bet. Miss Mayday went exclusive with you after all. That says a lot. Oh where are my manners? Would you like something to drink? Wine? Beer? Cobra venom?" Velvette asked As she walked over to a large red fridge and opened the door

"Beer is fine thanks" Naruto said as Velvette nodded before closing the fridge door. And revealing her dress was on the floor and she was now in red panties and a bra that barley contained her breasts

"... why are your pants still on? I thought we were doing this thing?" Velvette asked surprised Naruto hadn't just jumped her already

"Miss velvette if you want to be seductive you really need lessons" Naruto deadpanned

"Seduction? In hell? Why? You just ask someone to fuck! It's hell! Why go through the extra steps! Just grab a guy or gal and get freaky" Velvette pointed out

"The extra steps can be fun if it's worth the right partner" Naruto said firmly as Velvette sat next to him

"Oh really? You think you can turn me? I'm not as easy as the fuck buddies you have had so far. I mean we all know how easy Verosika was before she met you" Velvette smirked

Naruto said nothing to this as Velvette leaned forward and crawled to him a little

"Tell you what foxy. Let's have some fun. You make me submit and I'll give you whatever info you want free of charge. I beat you and you become my little fuck toy for a bit. Say 3 months?" Velvette asked with a manic grin as she rubbed her barely clothed body against him

"You're on. I don't back down from a challenge after all" Naruto told her firmly

"Goodie! I haven't had a partner that lasted long in a long time. Apparently Valentino couldn't afford the hip replacements on the ones he sent me after number 26" Velvette giggled as she unzipped Naruto's pants and fished out his cock "ooooo you are packing a big one! Even the minotaur demons aren't usually this big!" Velvette exclaimed with her mouth watering at the sight of his thick dick.

"Let's see if that mouth of yours can suck cock as good as it runs" Naruto said with a challenging grin

"mmmm you will be begging me to make you my pet by the time I'm done. I think I'll let you call me mama if you're a good boy" Velvette said with a mad grin before she started to lick at his cock very slowly. Teasingly. Her tongue's methodical licking sending shivers up and down Naruto's spine from her slow actions.

Velvette smirked at this thinking this would be too easy before she unhooked her bra and let it drop. Showing off her naked breasts

"I expected more from the manwhore overlord. Oh well, I'll end it quickly so you can get to training as my pet" Velvette giggled before she reached for his cock

Before Naruto grabbed her hands stopping her

"Huh?" Velvette yelped out surprised at the sudden turn of events before finding herself suddenly on the floor on her back with Naruto's cock in between her tits as he straddled her stomach while holding down her arms.

"Did you really expect me to just lay there and take what you dished out cause you're an overlord too?" Naruto asked growling animalistically at Velvette

This made Velvette's eyes widened in surprise as Naruto started to thrust his cock in between her soft, jiggly breasts. Hammering away at her massive mammaries with powerful thrusts

"Fuck you're so soft" Naruto growled as he loved how she felt. It was so soft he moved one of his hands to her tits for a grip on the soft flesh. Firmly groping it

Velvette broke free of his now lessened grip and moved to grab his hand before naruto's tails grabbed her hands and pinned them above her head

"Did you think these tails were just for show? You should realize something now Velvette. We're not playing one of your games." Naruto growled out before he leaned down to her ear "You're playing one of mine" he whispered into her ear before he pulled away and started to thrust again into her breasts

Velvette looked down at his cock as it started to twitch violently signaling it was getting close to unleashing its first load

"A good host would lick it and help me cum" Naruto growled out. Velvette without even thinking suddenly started to lick at it. Forgetting that she was trying to keep control. Something about Naruto had already made her submit.

Even if she didn't realize it yet. Her body had given in but her mind hadn't caught up yet.

"Mmm good girl here's your reward" Naruto growled as he thrusted a few more times before he climaxed spraying his seed on the overlords breasts face and even a little got on her hair. All Velvette could do was lay down and take the load to her body as he used her body for his pleasure

Naruto soon backed off and sat down on the couch as he caught his breath. His tails letting Velvette loose

Velvette stood up and glared at Naruto before she tasted the semen on her lips. Her eyes widened before she started to lick off the cum on her tits like a ravenous animsl

"Heh you like tasting me?" Naruto asked as he watched her clean herself quickly as if she was desperate

Velvette finished cleaning herself and glared at Naruto before next thing Naruto knew she had straddled him on the couch.

"Hey! Who said you could- Oh Satan!" Naruto groaned as Velvette rubbed her covered pussy on his cock making it get hard again as she dry humped him

"Heh you may have the first round but let's see how you do when I'm in the driver's seat" Velvette purred into Naruto's ear as she used one hand to grab his cock and the other to move her panties aside revealing her wet pussy.

Before Naruro could say anything in regards to her exclamation, Velvette suddenly impaled her moist cunt on his now hardened cock. Laughing crazily as she did so before she started to bounce and bounce like an unhinged madwoman.

For a few moments, Velvette seemed to be in control of the situation. After all she had Naruto under her. She was on top! Both figuratively and literally

"You like this pussy foxy? I must say you're reaching pretty deep. Maybe you're worth the hype a bit" she cackled before looking at his face.

And seeing it was completely stoic as she bounced on him.

"W-what the satan? Oi!" Velvette yelled out as she paused before Naruto grabbed her and turned the tables and pinned her to the couch so he was on top of her

"Ha! I didn't expect you to fall for that! You are too easy!" Naruto laughed as he started to thrust away at Velvette.

"What?! No! I am your better! I am in control!" Velvette yelled before she moaned after a hard thrust hit her most sensitive spot

"Heh you sure about that? I'm the one on top and you're the moaning piece of ass. Face it Velvette In a battle against me" he leaned down to whisper into her ear once more "you never had a chance" he told her as her eyes widened.

"You- you- oh Satan damn it you big cocked bastard!" Velvette growled as she tried to save face as Naruto fucked her hard into her couch. The furniture shaking and shuddering beneath them at his powerful thrusts.

"Do you want to submit yet? Or should I kick it up a notch?" Naruto asked

"Fuck you! There's no way you're that good!" Velvette yelled out in defiance

"Don't say I didn't warn you" Naruto told her with a feral grin before the speed of his thrusts suddenly doubled. Hammering away at her insides as he grabbed at her bouncing tits once more with one hand to hold her down into the creaking couch.

Twice the speed but the same strength being applied? It was only a matter of time before she broke.


Just like the couch beneath them.

(hours later back in the truck outside)

Everyone was asleep in the monster truck as they waited for Naruto to return

Suddenly Naruto entered the trucks drivers seat and slammed the door waking everyone up

"It's about fucking time!" Anko yelled irritated at having to sit in a damn car the whole time as she woke up with Kurenai's head in her chest, using Anko's funbags as a pillow

"you better have gotten the info after that long a wait whiskers" Blitzo said as he cracked his neck

"You were gone 3 hours" Stolas groaned out

"And why do you smell like sweat and shame?" Angel asked

"And why do you have bite marks on your neck?" Hinata asked suspiciously with a glare

Naruto said nothing to this as he started the truck

Blitz said nothing to this before his eyes widened and he smirked smugly at Naruto

"…..shut up Blitz" Naruto grumbled out as he drove

"No….fucking ….way" Sakura growled out as she slowly figured out what happened

"Her?! Her before me?!" Kurenai growled irritated

"She challenged me! What was I supposed to do?!" Naruto yelled out

"Um while I do not care much about the details of your love life seeing as my daughter is apart of it, did you by chance speak with any of your paramours before engaging in said challenge?" Stolas asked

"... oh they're gonna fucking kill me" Naruto paled

"Yup especially when they see the video which just went live" Blitz said with a snicker as he held up his phone

"…..what video?" Naruto asked as he started to sweat a bit

Suddenly his phone started ringing and Naruto took it out and winced seeing Charlie's happy face on the caller ID

"Someone's in trouble" Blitz sang before he laughed madly

"..." Naruto was silent

"You gonna answer?" Angel asked

if you don't it will be worse even Charlie has a limit" ino said

"...I'm weighing my options" Naruto admitted

"Fuck that I want tk hear the princess cuss you out!" Blitz yelled as he took Naruto's phone and answered it

"You mother- hi sweetie what's up?" Naruto was yelling at Blitz before he switched tones to answer the phone

"WHAT THE FUCKING HELL NARUTO?!" Charlie was heard yelling in a demonic voice over the phone. Making Naruto nearly drop the phone in fright.

"Dude can fight off Alastor but cowers to his women" Angel scoffed under his breath

"I swear it was for a good cause!" Naruto yelled

"Helping Blitz get information is not a good cause!" Vaggie yelled out over the phone as Charlie's yelled were heard over the phone

"hey mi amor" Naruto said with a nervous chuckle

"Don't you mi amor me! What the hell were you thinking?!" Vaggie yelled out over the phone

"It was deep faked?" Naruto asked rather than said just trying to come up with a defense at this point. Not wanting to lie but just very afraid that it was on instinct

"How the fuck can you deep fake using your 9 tails to hold her down?" Blitz asked holding up his phone

"Thank…you…Blitz" Naruto growled out " you see um…ok I got nothing here." Naruto admitted

"That bitch is not in the harem!" Charlie screamed over the phone

"Yes sweetie" Naruto said as he nodded

"And me and Charlie want a double date to make up for this shit!" Vaggie yelled

"Done!" Naruto said instantly

"Okk love you sweetie!" Charlie yelled switching to her sweet self before she hung up

"... so on a scale of 1 to 10 how did that go?" Angel asked smugly

Before Naruto could respond Naruto's phone buzzed and even he looked he groaned seeing it was a message from Velvette

"See you soon stud~" it read with a pic of Velvette taking a selfie as Naruto took her from behind. Ramming into her cunt as her face contorted in ecstasy

Blitz looked over Naruto's shoulder and suddenly fell over laughing

"This day cannot get any worse" Naruto groaned before his phone rang again

With Octavia calling him this time

"Oh goodie. I wish we had popcorn for this show" Blitzo snickered

Naruto scowled at this before he answered the phone

"Velvette?! Are you fucking kidding me?!" Octavia screeched out over the phone

"I really gotta stop answering this on speaker" Naruto muttered before he spoke up to her "I swear Eve I did it to help find Husker." Naruto ssid

"And why should I give a fuck about that cat?!" Octavia screeched

"And find your dad's grimoire" Naruto quickly added

"grrrrrrrr fine! But you're on notice, Mister! Now if you'll excuse me I'm helping Verosika and Millie burn your ramen stash!" Octavia yelled

"Oh come on!" Naruto yelled out

"Fucking Velvette comes with a cost sweetie!" Millie yelled over the phone

"Also we were already burning your stash. Now we're burning your hidden candyland stash of ramen though!" Verosika's voice yelled over the phone

"What?! Why?! You encourage me to do this kind of stuff half the time!" Naruto said

"Hormones!" Verosika yelled angrily before the phone clicked and a dial tone was heard

"Should probably wait to tell her about the interview I promised Velvette to seal the deal with getting this info" Naruto said as he sighed

"Speaking of what was the info you whored yourself out for?" Angel asked with a smirk

"So good news I found out where Husker is." Naruto said

"Great. Where is he?" Blitzo asked

"You morons left him in the back dumpster of that tattoo parlor!" Naruto yelled at them

This made sakura and Ino laugh

"And where is the feathered moron's book?" Hinata asked

"I should be getting that soon from Velvette" Naruto said as his phone chimed and he looked at the video footage he was just sent

Blitz looked at the footage and after a few moments "Oh Satan damn it!" he yelled

"What? Where is my grimoire Blitzy?" Stolas asked

"So good news. Someone we know has it" Naruto said "bad news… it's your ex wife" Naruto deadpanned as he looked at the footage on his phone showing Stella chasing Blitz, Stolas, Husker, and Angel away from her TPed mansion before Blitz threw the grimoire at her nailing her in the head.

"... so we're gonna need to whore out whiskers again then right?" Angel asked

"No way in hell! Octavia would gut me like a fish!" Naruto yelled as he drove the truck