Darkness is all my vision sees, the warm fluid around me is starting to feel thinner. The walls of my black home are much tighter now, too. Did it shrink? Or did I grow? I've been here for a while now. I'm not sure how long, I can't see anything other than darkness. Did I just hear something? ... No, probably not. Wait, no, there it is again! It sounds like... clicking? Cracking? Was there food? When did it get so bright outside? Wait, light? I suddenly feel very cramped and I want out. I want out! Let me out!

I stretched my body as the dark prison I was just in fell apart around me. I was free! And it's very bright. I instinctively pull my arm up and over my head. Looking at my arm I can see a long, white appendage, which when held up to the light is slightly translucent. As I was studying my newfound arm, I was startled by a sudden noise next to me, and as I looked around myself, I could see various round shapes around me, all the same color as my previous shell. I found the noise to be coming from one of those, and as I walked over to investigate, I saw the shell start cracking, just like mine did! I didn't want to be hit by a shell, so I backed up, but as I did I was surprised once more when I heard a louder noise come from the other side of the place where I was. Looking over, I could see a very tall creature walk inside, making weird noises that I couldn't understand. They were loud and covered in a lot of white and then they picked me up. I wanted to see my fellow shell-friend! I flailed but my carrier didn't seem to care since they were about four times as big. They also couldn't seem to understand what I was saying either. I kept squirming anyway.

I live in a white room now. Luckily I have a nest to sleep in. It almost smells like me now. I prefer the smell of my egg. This place smells so sharp and most of the time like nothing. At least the egg smelled like something. The tall creature keeps making this one noise all of the time. 'Scyther.' Is that that I am? Is that what my shell-friends are? I want to see my shell-friends. I think I might be starting to understand more of the creature's sounds. I pick up things like 'Hello,' 'Yes,' or 'No'. I have small little wings, but I can't fly yet. Every time I try to, I just fall over. I like my blades, they make fun sounds when I swing them fast. Speaking of sounds, I think I might've heard some noises that I could understand outside my room. I hear noises like the ones I make. They sound like they're scared. Why are they scared? The tall creature is nice and likes to give me food. Maybe they're lonely like me but don't know that the tall creature might let us see each other. Will the tall creature let us see each other? I don't know. I'm tired so I'm gonna sleep. I think something good will happen soon!

The tall creature - or 'human,' as I found out - turned out to be just as nice as I thought! I still wish I could see my shell-friends, but he let me see someone very close to that! It was actually something that I could understand! Apparently I am a Scyther - called it! - and so were they. She was pretty big, almost as tall as the 'human' and they sat down and talked to me for a while. They wouldn't answer anything I asked when it came to my shell-friends but I didn't mind that much since she said that we'd see each other sometime. She didn't say when though... Anyway! She said that we were in the basement of some place out in the wild - wherever that is - and that we were hatchlings that needed taking care of and training. When I asked what training was she just smiled at me and said that I would enjoy it. I'm very excited to find out what this training is! She said that I needed rest for now and that we could talk later so I said goodbye to her and then I couldn't fall asleep easily that night - oh and apparently there are more humans, who turn off the lights when the sun goes down, and although I don't know what that is it sounds important - where was I? Oh yeah I couldn't sleep so I hopped around and tried to fly until the human came back and told me that I needed to sleep.

It's been a few months now, and I'm nearly as tall as Mom now. I decided to name the tall Scyther Mom since she's the closest being I've had. I named the human Dad since he is kind and saw me hatch. Also apparently I have a name! Something along the lines of H-457. I also have a tag on me that says the same thing, supposedly. Mom said that she'd take me training today, so I'm very excited! I think I started getting better at using my wings, but I also found out that my blades are very durable, unlike their outward appearance. I've started falling onto them when I mess up flying and it hurts significantly less than anywhere else that I've fallen onto. I heard the sound of my door opening, which startled me out of the light hover that I had maintained for about three seconds, and I fell down. Mom walked in and before I could hit the ground she caught me using the flat sides of her blades.

"Thank you," I muttered, slightly embarrassed.

"I see your flying skill has improved," she said, with a hint of a smile, "Good. You'll want some practice for training." Training! Oh I'm so excited!

"Oh right! So what do we do when training?" I exclaimed.

"Well first, let's move out of your room, you won't want to damage it." She answered, taking steps towards the door as it opened. I've never been outside! Oh this is so exciting!

Why Mother, why?! Why did they make me do that?! I internally yelled, running and flying to get as far away from that place as possible. How could she tell me to do that?! And why did I listen... Why did I do that?! I broke out of the treeline, entering a clearing of the forest. I took a moment to catch my breath, and as I looked up that breath was quickly caught in my throat.

Is that... the Sun? It was absolutely the most stunning thing I've ever seen. The brilliant sky, occasionally dotted with tiny white specks, is filled with a wondrous purple as the Sun sets behind the horizon. Even at this time, I could feel the warmth radiating off of it. It was amazing. My breath returned to me with a gasp as I lost my balance due to a lack of breath. I sunk my slightly darker-than-usual blades shallowly into the dirt as I took a deep breath of the outside world, definitely colder than the stale air of the laboratory, but oh so much better in every other regard. I could smell the slight beginning of dew on the leaves, the scent of trees and plants, and most importantly, I could smell life. The life of prey, the life of predators, and the life of living things. Living things that won't force you to do anything like what those filthy humans made you do.

Surely it wasn't Mom's fault. It was all those filthy humans. The people who kept me locked inside that white prison, no different from the shell that I hatched from. I thought, feeling a new sense of freedom, and a call to power. A call to test myself. Now I'm free from them. Free from that wretched sterile cell. And now nothing can stop me! That was, until the moment that I heard a human voice yell the words 'Fire Punch!' followed by an immense pain from my side did I realize that, maybe, I was sorely unprepared...

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