Welcome readers of the Arrowverse, to my perspective on the events of Supergirl 6X13. Spoilers if you haven't seen the episode.

"Vita, hey Vita," Supergirl pressed as Vita (or Vita in Brainiac's body) turned around, "How do we reverse it?"

"By gaining control of your half of the totem," Vita replied holding up the Kryptonian crystal that she had been encased in, "You understand? This will attract the other half. You follow? Unite them and quell the magic."

"And to gain control I have to pass that gauntlet," Supergirl repeated slowly trying to understand.

"Mhm someone's been paying attention to what I've been saying," Vita said, "Yeah man. If you are successful, you'll gain full command of the totem."

"So I have to pass my gauntlet before Nxyly passes hers."

"It will not be easy. You will pay a terrible emotional price, and if you fail, the totem's erratic magic will surge in everyone who was near the totem when it broke."

"Hey," Nia comforted putting a hand on Supergirl's shoulder, "We're going to help you."

"Hah. Yeah right, rubbish," Vita laughed, "She who broke the totem must run the gauntlet alone."

Supergirl stared down Vita, who broke into laughter before Lena interrupted everyone and ran up to Vita with some modifications that sent Vita out of Brainy and back into the Kryptonian crystal.

As Brainy got resituated into being back in his body, Supergirl garnered the courage to face the gauntlet. Making her way to an empty room, Supergirl prepared herself the best she could and uttered the magic words, "Cyrsyx."

Suddenly the totem shone bright and tried to escape her grasp. She held it tight and heard a voice from the totem saying, "Face your past. Face yourself. Face the moment you lacked true courage."

"What does that mean," Supergirl muttered before she was thrust back into her memory.

"Hey turn it up," a female cried. Supergirl turned, realizing where she was.

"National City Airlines Flight 237 bound for Geneva is experiencing some loss of altitude," the newscaster began, "The pilot seems to be circling the city after apparent engine failure."

"This is the night I became Supergirl," Kara realized, searching her brain for when she lacked courage, "Alex was on that plane."

'This is it. This must be the moment. The moment I lacked courage. But in what? I saved the plane. I saved Alex. I saved everyone. Why am I back here? Running away from the spotlight? Not facing Alex when she saw me? What do I do? I just can't do nothing. That's it. That's the key. Doing nothing. That is the emotional cost I must suffer.'

So, Supergirl watched as Flight 237 crashed in the middle of the city and she cried, releasing all the loss she felt and the fact that she did nothing to save Alex, instead of relying on her sister's ability to be alright in the toughest of situations.

Supergirl found herself out of the memory and on the ground, crying her eyes out, still feeling the loss of her sister.

"Congratulations, you passed," the voice from the totem announced.

Let me know your thoughts on this piece. While I believe that doing nothing would have gotten her the courage she needed to pass the gauntlet, I want to read others' interpretations and hear their thoughts on this perspective of courage. How do you think Supergirl would have passed her gauntlet?