Just two stupid little girls.

Who know nothing.

Or who are hiding behind the facts.

That they are in love.

They never loose a word about it.



Maybe they don´t know it by themselves.

Oh, so stupid.

But why they didn´t even see it when they were kissing?

A sleepover.

Waking up late after midnight.

Two pairs of feet tiptoeing down the stairs.

In the dark.

Eating choclate sleepingly.

And then, suddenly, kissing.

The girl with the highlights presses the other against the fridge.

The kiss tastes like choclate.

Of course.

Whole five minuits.

When they pull apart, they are glad it´s too dark to see the face of the other.

The half Latina is still trapped between the pale and the fridge.

When the pale girl notices it she immediately takes a step back.

They stare at each other, at their dark silhouettes.

The next day, they do like nothing ever happend.

Yes, they are stupid.

But one day they will admit it.

Because they are meant to be.

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