Nine years before the first battle of geonosis one night it was raining on Coruscant at the jedi

A person ran up the stairs of the temple and "I'm sorry my son." then left him there.

A little bit later some temple guards found the child with a note "this boy is from the planet Dantooine he is a force sensitive just like his father take care of him please." sigh his mother

The guards brought the sleeping baby inside and raised him like any other youngling, his name is Jackson Drago the council ran a blood test on the boy.

A green lady named rig nema "Master yoda, we ran a blood test on the child the guards found this morning."

"Found something you did ." master yoda asked

"Yes master, we found a match here have a look." Dr. Nema said handing a data pad to master yoda

"Hmm interesting this is." yoda said

Five years later the clone wars started nine years and I became master Obi wan padawan during the battle of christophsis.

Three weeks had past on the republic ship the negotiator

Master obi wan just walked into the bridge "general kenobi over here for a moment something strange has just happened ." commander coby said

"What is it coby?" Master kenobi asked walking over to commander cody

"It's nothing dangerous but for the past three weeks at every outpost and stations the same thing happened, yesterday and the day before massages have been sent out to Dantooine from this ship." coby said

"Hmm, have you located it's source?" master kenobi replied "have you read any of the messages."

"It's from Jack's quarters." Coby replied "and the messages are about his family."

"Hmm Let's go see him." master obi wan said

Jack pov in my quarters.

"Today's been going well mom, we haven't been in a fight today but tomorrow is a different story. I serve with some of the greatest people I ever met, they may be clones but they're still people and my master he's very cool." I write "I wish you would tell me about dad, you haven't told me anything about him."

"That's nice for you to mention me, jack." a new voice said I turned around and my master and commander coby was standing there.

I was surprised "Umm hi master kenobi, commander Cody I can explain."
"I've been sending messages to your mom trying to find out more dad that's reasonable."

Master obi wan, face was a little hard to read "when we get to Coruscant more will be explained but for now send your letter off." I sent my letter

"I'm sorry master for keeping this a secret but I have to know the truth." I said

"Every person has a right to know who their parents are but it's what they do with that information." Master obi wan said

"Whoever it is, it won't matter, I'm me, not my dad. I was raised better than that." I said

"Very well but I promise you will be shocked by what you learn." Master obi wan said

A few days later

We arrived at Coruscant master Obi Wan informed the council of what happened with me sending letters to my mom, in a word they were interested to find out why.

"Padwan Drago would you care to explain, why you've been sending letters to Dantooine." master windu said

"I've been sending letters to my mom to find out more about me." i replied with a straight face "believe I have a right to know masters"

"What would you do with such information?" Master ki-adi-mundi asked

"I'll say the same thing I told to master obi wan "Whoever it is, it won't matter, I'm me, not my dad" I can't be like him" i said

"The young padawan is correct" master yoda said

The master looked at each and then came to an agreement "young padawan your father is sith lord count dooku leader of the separatist army." master windu said

I looked down for a minute thinking something over then over to my master "you were right master this is a shock, does Master skywalker know?"

Master windu thought it over for a minute before replying "no, he does not."

I looked down before replying "let me tell him."

All the masters were surprised but master obi wan spoke up first "are you sure you want to tell him something like that?"

"I do not like secrets and something like this in't something I would keep from a friend." I replied

Later I found Master skywalker

"Master Skywalker can talk to you for a second" I called out.

"Sure jack." he replied

"As you know i'm an orphan i just found out who my dad was today." I said I told him who it was "I give you my word, when the day comes I'll fight alongside you against him, family goes more than blood relative anyday."

"Thank you jack for telling me jack most people wouldn't have told me the truth." he replied

"Well I'm not most people thank you for your time." I told him giving him a bow , then I walked away.

The end

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