Important announcement!

Hello dear readers,
It is with a heavy heart to inform all of you that I will be deleting this story, Virago.

Here's the gist.
I'm not happy with this "sequel" at all. My first story, Without You, there is No Point in Surviving means the world to me. I started it in 2019 when the world had yet to become bombarded to the disasters of Covid 19 or any other tragedies. I love that story and although Virago is a sequel to that, Virago wasn't my original plan.

Originally, I didn't want Without You to be so long. I did want it to have a sequel, but it would be in the form of an epilogue. And I wanted it written as a collection of short stories, or one-shots.
I kept getting ideas for WY and feared it'd be passed 40 chapters, which isn't a bad thing, but my brain is stupid sometimes and thought it was a bad thing, and thus, Virago was born.

I don't really know what happened. I just know that writing Virago became a heavy chore that I struggled to get done. As sad as this news is, I think and hope we can come to an agreement that this is for the best.

I'm going to return to WY and add more chapters.

And basically, the new plan, will be the old plan!

I've written down some of these one-shots already, they're all rough drafts mind you, but they are written. And they are so much fun. For me! Hopefully they'll be fun for you as well.
They're about the babies! It's exciting stuff!

I'd like to thank all of you for reading Virago in its short lifespan. That Johanna chapter is my pride and joy and yes that'll be in WY now! Along with more.

Thank you all so much, truly for reading Virago, reviewing, and putting up with my long update times.

While being on this Sweenett fanfiction writing journey starting from WY, I've met the most incredible people in my life, and I hold them so dear to my heart.
To Kournikova author of Metanoia and Aeipathy and Moonlightshadow author of Caught Somewhere in Time, I love you girls more than anything! You've helped me and pulled through numerous amounts of writing slumps and have supported me more than I could hope for. You two are just as beautiful as your stories, (every one go read their works because they're flawless)!
Beneath The Skin author of Thorns and Roses and Rattydarling author of several things on are two more friends that have meant a lot to me on this writing journey.

And I treasured meeting all of you, my readers, as well.

Thank you again for reading Virago and I'm terribly sorry that it is dying but I believe something better will come out of this.