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The Angel of Hogwarts

Last year, Eleanor Warton woke up, her portable radio blaring with a simple message - 'Lightning has struck.' Without a thought, she jumped up and changed, throwing a simple blue jumper over her pyjamas and shoving her sock-less feet into a pair of trainers. Before the door swung shut behind her, she had her wand in hand and was apparating to Hogsmeade.

What happened next is a blur. Not just for Eleanor, but for everyone involved in the infamous battle. We all know how it ended, with the good vanquishing the bad. But for Eleanor, that night, and many others, simply never happened.

We now know Eleanor as The Angel of Hogwarts. Her actions that night saved tens of lives, affected hundreds, and touched us all.

However, due to the actions of Corolius Motganter, who has been sentenced to life in Azkaban for his activities at the battle, and during He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named's reign, Eleanor can never truly understand her own role in the battle, and in the war.

Today, we found out why.

At his sentencing hearing, Motganter finally gave us the answer that we've all been waiting for. The court log has been sealed, but we were able to speak to eyewitnesses who corroborated accounts from that night - Motganter attempted a memory charm which went awry, and in the process managed to remove Eleanor from her own timeline, replacing her memories with falsehoods which Healers have spent the last year removing. And so, a woman who saved and helped to heal, has been left with no memories of her own time at Hogwarts, no memories of spending time with her own family, no memories of getting her first job... boyfriend... broomstick...

No, Eleanor Warton wakes up everyday in our Wizarding World-

"Still reading those?" Kingsley asked, stepping into the near empty lift. "Level Two please," he said, addressing the Witch at the control panel.

Eleanor (or Nora as she liked to be called now), sighed and folded the paper, tucking it safely into the bag at her side. She readjusted the strap over her shoulder and looked up at the taller Wizard who was now standing next to her.

"Hard not to," she said, nodding her head slightly when the lift began to move sideways. "They talk about me as if I can't remember anything and it makes me so mad... but I can't stop reading. I just... it's not true, is it? I remember things, I do. And... and I'm definitely twenty-one, not child-like, like the last Prophet said... I just... I just... My memories are all weird, you know? That's the most annoying part. It's like I'm watching a film or reading a book if I can remember something big. Like, I can see Harry Potter being sorted into Gryffindor, I just can't remember being there... I know it's complicated, but they keep trying to make out that I'm a shadow of my former self, but I don't really remember who I was before, so I can't be a- sorry, I'm ranting again..." she trailed off and shook her head, staring down at her pink chunky soled shoes. "Sorry," she said quietly as the lift changed course and began to fly down towards its destination. "I know you know all of this."

"You apologise too much. Like I said before, I'm always happy to talk about it," Kingsley said, sending Nora a kind smile.

"Thanks," she replied, her eyes still trained on her shoes.

She didn't know what else to say, so she didn't say anything. The silence could only have lasted for a moment, but to Nora it felt like it went on for hours. Her heart raced in her chest and the pressure began to build in her throat, clogging it up, and behind her eyes, like little pin pricks.

Kingsley had been so kind to her in the past year since she'd woken up in St. Mungo's with various injuries, and believing that she was a Muggle. (Not a Muggle-born which, it turned out, she was...) When she'd told him she thought she was in the wrong hospital, he'd pushed until she'd explained, and then he'd helped to find her a Healer who she could talk to about her 'remembered experiences'.

They'd identified that Motganter had messed with her brain, creating new memories. It turned out that she'd been hit with an experimental spell which was created to try and convince Muggleborns (or undesirables) that they were Muggles, and so of no threat to Voldemort's Death Eaters anymore. It had taken the Healers six months to strip back her memories enough to remove the false ones, but still, all she could remember from her magical education were flickers - the smell of the Ravenclaw Common Room, the twinkle of the stars and the cool air hitting her face as she stood in the Astronomy tower, the clicking and clacking of cutlery against hundreds of plates. She'd been left with these broken memories, unable to remember her best friends or her family's faces.

But still, Kingsley had helped her. He'd kept her updated on her case... he'd taken her under his wing and pointed out which books and spells she should learn first as she began to re-learn Magic. He'd arranged for the Ministry to pay for her accommodation while she was recovering, and then until the trial was over...

And even now he'd arranged for her to begin a part-time position as an administrative assistant in a smaller department within the Ministry, so that she could have enough money to live whilst continuing her studies - she was attempting to retake her OWLs and NEWTs so that she could remain a part of the magical community and hopefully one day either become an Auror and help to protect people, a teacher, to make sure no one forgot what happened to her and countless others, or a Healer. Her eleven OWLs, which had been all Os or EEs (and one D in Care for Magical Creatures which her family told her that she didn't talk about), and her five NEWTs which were, again, all Os and EEs, meant nothing now that she was starting from scratch.

At first she'd been confused as to why he'd been so kind to her, until she'd begun to read the articles in the Daily Prophet and realised that without her, some of Kingsley Shacklebolt's friends and colleagues would have died. And, just last month, she'd found out that the spell that hit her had been meant for the now Minister for Magic who was standing beside her - Motganter had wanted to wipe Kingsley Shacklebolt from the face of the magical world.

And in any case, as she reminded herself over and over again, beggars couldn't be choosers when it came to a helping hand, and she needed the biggest helping hand she could get.

"You ready?" Kingsley's deep voice cut through her thoughts and Nora looked up as the lift came to a stop.

There was a ding, and then the operator Witch said, "Level Two, Department of-"

"Thanks Carol," Kingsley said, sending the witch a smile which stopped her from speaking more, a soft blush rising to her cheeks.

Nora tried to hide her smile as she dodged around the flustered woman and exited the lift. Kingsley exited with her, and a moment later the doors were shutting and the witch was gone.

"Who's she?" Nora asked, raising an eyebrow.

"A friend," Kingsley replied coyly. "And anyway, I'm the Minister for Magic, I don't have to explain myself to twenty year olds..."

"I'm twenty-one, thank you very much!" Nora said, unable to stop the laughter in her voice.

"Yeah, yeah," Kingsley replied. "Come on, don't want to be late on your first day do you?"

Nora sobered immediately, the smile sliding from her face. "No, no I don't," she said, shaking her head and speeding up to walk alongside the Wizard who was striding along the hallway as if it were his own.

"I used to work just over there," he said, pointing through a set of doors which remained closed. Through the windows, Nora could see Witches and Wizards ducking in and out of cubicles, and large wanted posters on the walls.

She'd, luckily, never had to step foot within the Auror Department before. Kingsley had protected her from that in the crazy few months which followed the Battle of Hogwarts as they called it, and by the time she'd been mentally able to handle being in a crowd, her visitors had become accustomed to holding their confidential chats on a nice sofa with a cup of coffee and a piece of freshly baked cake.

"Here we are," Kingsley said, coming to a sudden stop in front of Nora. She just about managed to stop herself from smashing into him, and stepped backwards, giving him some room. "You remember your new name?" he asked, looking over his shoulder at her.

Nora grimaced but nodded. She'd kept Eleanor, but her surname while she was working at the Ministry was now Islington.

He rapped on the door once, twice, three times, and then stepped back to stand beside her.

The door swung open to reveal a slightly balding older Wizard with a kind smile and tired eyes.

"Ah, Kingsley, how are you?" he asked, smiling up at the Minister.

"Good, good, thought I'd save Eleanor getting lost and bring her over myself," Kingsley said, nodding to Nora who stood beside him.

She had never felt the need to ask him to call her Nora - she liked that it was her little way of keeping something for herself. That Death Eater had taken her world from her. The Daily Prophet had taken her name and made it infamous. But she could call herself Nora in her head, and have her family call her Nora, and she could, for those moments, be anyone, go anywhere... do anything. For those moments she was in control.

The Wizard who'd opened the door turned his attention to Nora for the first time, and he grinned at her. "Eleanor Islington, as I live and breathe... Welcome, welcome. I've got a desk all set up for you in the back corner. Kingsley said you would want to be able to see the door?"

Nora nodded and tried to stop tears from springing to her eyes at his kindness. "Thank you," she said, "I don't want to be much trouble, but-"

"No trouble at all! I have seven children. Seven!" he emphasised, and Nora couldn't help but let out a breathy laugh. "Two of whom are the biggest troublemakers in Britain I'd wager, so don't you worry about me moving a desk or two around so that you're comfortable!"

"Thank you Mr Weasley," Nora said, beaming now. "And thank you for the job. I know it's one hundred per cent nepotism, but I promise you, I'm a hard worker."

"No trouble at all, really. It was my absolute pleasure to answer Kingsley's call, and he vouched for you himself. In any case, you're doing me a favour. We're still rushed off our feet trying to deal with the aftermath of the war, and we need all the administrative help we can get! So even if you were the worst worker in the world you'd be better than nothing."

Nora laughed again and bit her lip. It had been too long since she'd been able to talk about herself with other people without their words being accompanied with a sad look, a pitying stare, or worse, a thank you for her efforts at the battle. It was nice to go incognito.

She thought for a moment that maybe Arthur didn't know that her surname was fake, but when she looked up, she saw a silent conversation end between Kingsley and Arthur, and knew in that moment that Kingsley had prepared Arthur personally, and that Arthur knew exactly who she was.

If Kingsley trusts him, she thought to herself, then I'm in safe hands. Just breathe.

"Thanks," she whispered to the Minister as he took his leave.

"Don't mention it," he replied. "No really," he said, smiling. "I'm trying to get this place up to code. Won't look good if I'm handing out jobs to war heroes left right and centre..."

"Didn't you say that anyone who was at the Battle of Hogwarts could become an Auror?" she asked, sending him a cheeky grin.

Kingsley rolled his eyes and walked off. Nora noted that the smile hadn't left his face.

"Right," Arthur cried, clapping his hands together and stealing Nora's attention completely. "Shall we?"


Nora had barely been able to sit down at her desk after her tour of the large office and nearby facilities, when a Wizard burst in with a talking handbag and practically ran over to Arthur, taking his attention away.

By the time the issue had been sorted, Nora had made herself a cup of coffee and had managed to take out: her new notebook and pen; her little photo frame which contained a photo of herself and new (old) little sister; and a little stack of post-it notes.

That had been her downfall. The instant she popped the small orange and yellow squares onto the table, she was inundated by the six other staff members who all asked for a demonstration of how the post-its worked, took it in turns to use her pen (Arthur, with permission, even dismantled it and assembled it again for a rapt audience) and then she was asked to explain why she was using a pen and not a quill. It was simply down to preference, but that began a discussion on the differences of Muggle schools and Wizarding ones, and suddenly someone announced that it was now twelve-thirty...

"Right," Arthur said, grinning down at Nora, who was only just in the process of writing the date on the corner of her notebook. "Quills down, or should I say pens down, I call that lunch."

At his words, five of the workers in the room stood and began to move towards the door. Nora watched them go and frowned at the remaining person.

"Someone has to remain in the office to make sure everything's ticking over," Arthur said, following her gaze. "We're on a rota of sorts. It should have been my turn today, but I thought I'd accompany you to lunch for your first day to help you settle in. I'm on days for the next few weeks to train you up but then I'm back on night raids for a bit, so we might miss each other then," he explained. "Now, a few options for lunch. There's the café, or if you brought your own lunch we can go to the meadow upstairs... What do you fancy?"

"Oh," Nora said quickly. "I wasn't really expecting a choice... I... uh... well I didn't bring lunch, but I'm not so sure about eating in the café... I was just planning on getting something and eating here... If that's okay?"

"Well how about this then," Arthur said, kindly. "I need to nip in to see my sons at some point today to drop something off with them. They work in Diagon Alley. Have you been to Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes yet?"

Nora shook her head. She'd avoided the joke shop on purpose. Something about actually meeting people her age who she'd fought alongside made her incredibly nervous. That was the main reason why she didn't really want to go to the Ministry café. She didn't know if she might bump into someone who knew who she was. Or, who she'd saved. So far, she'd managed to avoid seeing pictures of anyone who she'd saved thanks to a rather handy spell that Kingsley had taught her which created curtains in every picture frame in the paper, hiding the inhabitants from her view. She was worried that if she saw them, she'd remember something bad from that night. Or if she met them it would hit her just how many people she hadn't managed to help, and she just couldn't face that yet.

She knew it wouldn't always be that simple to avoid, but it all felt too... much.

Arthur didn't miss a beat. "Yes, don't worry, I can understand why not, all a bit overwhelming. Well, there's a delightful shop on the high street now which makes the most delicious sandwiches. Took over from Florean Fortescue, bless his soul, and they're doing rather well. Molly won't let me eat from there normally, says it's all too fattening and I've got better food at home, but what do you say? Fancy a trip into town? I'll pop to see the boys and you can buy your boss a well deserved lunch?"

Nora grinned and nodded, standing and shouldering her bag. "That sounds great. Thank you."

"Don't know why you're thanking me, I didn't tell you how much the sandwiches cost," Arthur said with a wink.


In the end, as Nora had suspected, Arthur had simply been pulling her leg. He waited with her to order and then, while they waited for the Wizard to begin making theirs (there was a rather long queue of hungry customers ahead of them), Arthur headed off in the direction of the joke shop to see his sons.

It hadn't been raining when they'd arrived, but by the time Nora had managed to find a place to stand towards the entrance to the shop, it had begun to hammer it down.

She stared out the window for a moment at the rain-soaked or rain-repelling people walking and running outside, until her eyes refocussed and she looked at her own reflection in the glass. Her brown eyes stared back at her, and she traced her face lightly, taking in the brown skin, the light tinge of pink on her cheeks, the flickers of eyeliner at the corner of her eyes...

She knew she was dressed in Muggle attire, but she hadn't really realised just how out of place she looked until that moment - her beige-pink chunky trainers, blue denim jacket, light pink t-shirt tucked into her high waisted black 'mom' jeans... Her 'safe' outfit which made her happy, she'd been glad when Kingsley had said that she could wear whatever she wanted to the office.

She continued to stare at herself - her mass of curly brown hair spilling over her shoulders and down her back... her small nose piercing and multiple ear piercings which were shown off when she tucked her hair behind her right ear... her green satchel bag...

She reached up to touch her cheek. She knew she wasn't ugly, but she was too humble and self conscious to call herself beautiful, even though she supposed that if she met herself in the street, she might think she was incredibly pretty.

Her eyes refocussed and she noticed someone across the street staring at her. An older witch who was probably wondering why Nora was staring at her so intently. Nora felt her cheeks warm and she turned, staring up at the specials board. She began to trace the words with her eyes while she got lost in her own thoughts.

It was times like these, when no one in the shop approached her or stared at her, that Nora was overwhelmed with happiness that the Ministry had banned her photo from being printed while she was recovering, and that therefore, no one really knew who she was by sight. She could have so easily been mobbed and harassed by questions, but instead she was simply a woman waiting for a sandwich, thinking about the meatballs she'd ordered and wondering if the sauce would be tasty.

The door swung open suddenly, and Nora found herself hit with a waft of cool air, followed then by droplets of rain on her back. She then let out a soft oof as someone bumped into her, the bell over the door ringing out to belatedly signal their entrance.

"Sorry," a man said, stepping around her to let the door close behind him, sealing the blistering rain outside of the shop.

The bell rang out again as the door shut with a click, but the man made no move to walk to the ordering line. Instead, he stared around the shop and then he ducked his head, and looked at Nora. Water ran from his soaked hair down onto his face while his wet robes created a small puddle on the floor.

If she'd been angry at being pushed, the feeling left her almost instantly when she locked eyes with the man. He was slightly taller than her five foot ten, and she guessed he stood at around six foot one. He had a handsome, kind, and reassuring face, and shocking red hair to rival Mr Weasley's, which fell over his ears and flopped onto his forehead.

For a moment, she thought he might have been one of Mr. Weasley's sons, but then she realised that that was rather presumptive of her and, after a look at his robes which had no identifiable logos on them and were a rather muted shade of blue, she threw all ideas of who he was out of her mind.

"That's alright," she replied kindly, "no harm no foul. But you know there are spells to make sure you don't get wet in the rain, don't you?" she asked, nodding to the puddle which was growing steadily at his feet.

The man let out a nervous chuckle and eyed up the floor. He waved his wand and the puddle disappeared, his clothes and hair drying instantly.

"Well, there's nothing like a walk or a fly in the rain to help you think," he said. "Look, I just wanted to say thank you."

"For being okay with you bumping into me? It's really not a problem," she replied, eyeing him up.

"Of course..." He muttered to himself, looking upwards. He sighed. "Uh... you know, hey, I wouldn't just brush off someone hitting into you like that," he said, smiling at her now. "I should've seen you there. I reckon the least I can do is pay for your sandwich as a sorry?"

Nora grinned. She might not have had much life experience in the last year, but she thought he was being bashful and potentially flirting with her, and decided that even if he wasn't, he was worth a shot for the way that his face made her smile.

"Order ninety-one," called a voice from the front.

Nora raised her hand, gesturing to the Witch who was holding up two foil packages.

"I'm afraid you're about ten minutes too late for that one," she said as the two sandwiches flew over from the front and landed in her outstretched palms.

"How about a drink to go along with them then?" the stranger asked, still smiling. "They make an incredible raspberry smoothie and it would make me feel better if I could say sorry properly."

"I have one already," she said, trying not to laugh as she nodded to the bag at her side. He was adorable, she thought. "But I'm open to other offers..."

She'd been eyeing up a rather large piece of rocky road and was wondering if she could hint enough to get the man to buy it for her...

He frowned and then a light blush rose to his cheeks. The door opened behind them and he moved to the side to let some people in. He looked rather nervous for a second, but then his cheeky smile returned and he said, "Well how about some company then? There's a lovely Muggle park not far from here... If I can remember that rain-repelling spell, I could take you there?"

Nora tilted her head to the side and looked up at him. "Aren't you getting something to eat as well?" she asked, glancing at his empty hands.

He coughed slightly and nodded, looking over at the special's board. "You'd have to wait for me to order and get mine, I guess?"

His smile faltered for a moment, but then she said, "I'd love that," and his smile turned into a grin, the little patches of red on his cheeks increasing in colour.

Her smile broadened.

But then she saw Arthur waving through the window behind the stranger, and remembered just where she was. She didn't think that abandoning her boss and her job for a quick walk and chat with a stranger would be waved off, as much as he had said he'd be giving her a free pass.

She nodded to Arthur through the window, and he nodded back and pointed slightly further down the street, indicating a little pocket of traffic-less and rain-less pavement. He mouthed, "I'll wait there," and set off once Nora had nodded in reply.

All of this happened within a moment or two, and so when the stranger moved back into the eyeline of the window to see what Nora was looking at, Arthur had walked out of view.

"Boyfriend?" the stranger asked her, his blush increasing even more.

Nora felt butterflies in her stomach but, still grinning, replied, "Worse. My boss."

The stranger sucked in a breath between his teeth and clicked his tongue. "Authority figures are just terrible, aren't they?"

"The absolute worst,..." she said, trailing off. "I should say that my boss seems quite nice though... Even though that's not cool to say."

She was silent for a moment, staring up at him. She bit her lip slightly and watched his eyes flicker to her lips. His gaze stayed there for a beat, and then he shook his head and looked up to look into her eyes again.

"Unfortunately I have to go..." she said, shrugging and raising her sandwich-holding-hands up as she grimaced.

"Hey," the stranger said, reaching out a hand which came to rest on Nora's upper arm. He seemed overly worried that she'd leave.

Nora was surprised by her reaction. Instead of shying away as she normally did when someone touched her, she actively leant into his warmth.

Her breath hitched in her throat at his next words. "What if I wanted to accidentally bump into you but on purpose? How would I find you?"

Nora didn't know what came over her, but the idea of seeing the handsome stranger again and him not only realising who she was, but also that she wasn't worth his time, was too much for her to bear in that moment.

So instead of giving him a timetable of where she'd be at every moment of the day for the next two weeks (which she definitely wanted to do), she said, "Use your imagination," and then exited she shop, quickly ducking into the alcove where Arthur was waiting.

"Can we go back to the office?" she asked Arthur immediately, worried that the stranger would follow her and she'd lose all of her air of mystery.

Arthur answered her call by turning on the spot and Disapparating them both into the main atrium at the Ministry for Magic.

"Everything alright?" he asked, worriedly.

"Yes, yes, sorry, just you know, wet... think it might be best to eat in the office or something?"

"Of course. Let's go," he replied, guiding her over to the lifts and taking his sandwich from her outstretched hand.

A/N: To anyone reading my other story, this is going to be written alongside it, don't worry! I just had this pop into my head and I had to write it down, and then I realised I wanted to make it into a nice little story. It'll be not as long as the Changing the Game I don't think, also much more romantic and not as much action as CTG.