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This is the companion piece to A Dream of Closure. They can be read in either order, but they do each contain unique content from different perspectives.

This will mostly be based on the Disney version with a bit of inspiration from other ones. I will also be using some of the characters from the Disney sequel.

Aid Came in a Dream

Ch. 1

Claude Frollo was doing the same thing he was always doing nowadays; dealing with being chained up in one of the lowest parts of Hell. Fortunately for him, he had actually recently managed to work himself up a bit from the lowest level in which he was originally placed in after his afterlife trial to where he is now. He didn't like to think about that lowest level too much; or even the previously mentioned trial. He also didn't like to dwell on exactly how much work he had ahead of him in order to make it to Heaven. It definitely felt a bit like pushing a rock up a hill. The former judge then wondered if anyone was actually stuck doing that. He didn't exactly get into friendly conversations with the neighborhood demons or the other human Hell residents.

Try as he might, he couldn't help but dwell on his overall situation. In fact, he knew it was necessary to do if he was ever going to get out of here. It had to be done in the right way, though; seriously thinking over your life choices but not feeling sorry for yourself which was a bit difficult to do.

Suddenly the ground outside his little cave area where he was chained up completely by himself began to shake from heavy footsteps. He wasn't originally that alarmed as demonic residents do travel about, but unfortunately, the steps got very close until a large demon stepped inside his dwelling. Claude jolted back against the back of the cave as soon as he saw it. Aside from being chained up, nothing had actually physically been done to him since he made it to this level. He was thinking that may be changing, though. The demon was essentially a humanoid giant with red eyes, grayish skin that seemed a cross between rock-like and leathery in nature, and huge kind of primate-like hands and feet.

Frollo was back as far as he could possibly go, which would do nothing to help him, but instinct was what it was. He then saw the demon take out what seemed to be what he heard called here a clipboard, check it, then turned to speak to the one behind him.

"He's in here. You should be right on schedule," said the demon in its very horse sounding speech. With the demon being so huge, he could not see who he was talking to until he stepped farther inside the cave moved to the side. Frollo's eyes widened in shock despite the light emanating from the being behind the demon. There was an angel standing behind the demon.

"I can take care of it from here. You can get back to what you need to do. Thank you for your help. He should be back by the time listed on the notice there," said the angel in its majestic yet slightly harsh on the ears voice. There was always some kind of tone that was there every time they spoke. Probably because they were doing something to alter their frequency for humans but couldn't do it all the way.

The demon and angel nodded to each other. The angel shifted his wings to ruffle the elegant white feathers a bit, then made him way over to him. Frollo still protectively stayed as far against the rock wall as he possibly could.

"Hello Claude Frollo. I am the angel Talgraph. There is a certain task we need your assistance with. You'll be gone from here for a bit then return likely after several hours have passed."

A soft, raspy, "Uhhhhhhhh," was the only response Claude could make at the moment. The angel and demon undid his chains together, then Claude had to deal with the feeling of being even more unstable than when being chained up as the large demon thumped out of the room. The angel didn't really seemed fazed at all by the vibrations. He helped Claude up once they stopped, and then said," Come along. Follow me. Everything will be explained when you reach the appropriate area." The angel turned and left, and Frollo followed closely behind him. When they exited the cave, Claude saw to his left the large demon having a conversation with a small group of demons, most of whom resembled him. He noted that none of the demons were exactly as large as that one. Was that one just unusually big?

The former judge then had the difficult task of keeping up with the fast pace of the angel, while also taking in what was essentially a sightseeing tour of Hell. They passed humans and demons working alike, crossed rickety bridges over pits of fire, and saw a large variety of demons. There really were a lot of differences with how they looked. Maybe there were different species? Some looked like they lived on land. Some looked like they lived in water. Some looked like traditional concepts of demons with either being hideous or seductive looking while others just looked like regular natural born creatures. He then saw a group of large demons that appeared to be the same species as the one who came into his cave. They seemed to be a particularly large and muscular species. You wouldn't want to get on the bad side on one of them. Maybe that one wasn't as overly sized for his kind as he thought. Claude then got a better look at them as they passed them. Nope. Still larger.

They then made it to what the angel called an elevator. He punched in a certain code in the protruding nobs, buttons I think he said they were called, then the gates opened for us to enter. Once inside, there were more buttons for the angel to push. The gates closed, and they slowly started ascending. Frollo thought to himself how this would be the part where he would start demanding to know what was going on. That was Earth resident Frollo. Hell resident Frollo just shuts up and does what he's told because that's the only way you survive; in the psychological sense because obviously in the literal sense: he's dead.

As the elevator went up, Frollo took note of the increase in light as they went and the changes in the landscape that he could see through the gate. The afterlife sure was diverse, wasn't it?

A white glow started to come through the gates, and that's where they stopped. When they got out, everything was in that white haze he remembered from when he first passed on. This was a transitional section of the afterlife or the bureaucratic section of Heaven or something like that.

"Your attending angel will fill you in on the details," said his angel guide as Frollo had to pick up the pace to keep up with his brisk walking. His attending angel. He hadn't seen her since right after his trial. He felt her presence sometimes, even in the depths of Hell, but he hadn't seen her. After death everyone is assigned an angel to help them with their transition. Special angels are required in cases such as his where the person in question has done Hell worthy deeds. He had heard the term "mass casualty incident" thrown in his direction a few times. He was also pretty sure there was a particular reason for his being a female angel and him having to answer to a woman (kind of), but he tried not to dwell on that too much.

In this better light, Frollo noticed the angel's white wings had a rainbow light inside of them if you look very carefully. He noticed this about angels when he first passed away but had since forgotten about the detail. He'd been a little busy worrying about his hopefully not so eternal torment. They stopped outside a door that must have been her office. Frollo recognized the Enochian symbols outside her door, even if he couldn't pronounce her actual name. Humans tended to have trouble with some angel names, so the ones we called them tended to be translated or simplified, but not always. She told him her name meant something along the lines of justice and mercy maybe with something to do with compassion in there. Therefore she told humans to call her Jumeco. He wondered whose idea it was to make her name parts of the English words that made up her real name. At least it made it sound like a name; kind of like an Asian name to be specific. She seemed to like it because he during his brief time with her he head some other angels calling her that as well.

"Thank you," Frollo finally responded to the angel softly. He nodded, then walked away to attend to other divine business. Frollo then took a deep breath, or what have must just felt like doing so to his being since he did not need to breathe, and opened the door. He saw Jumico with massive stacks of paperwork covering his desk, chewing on her writing implement in concentration. She looked up after a moment because of clearly having a delayed reaction to the noise of his entrance due to being so engrossed in her work and smiled gently at him.

'Claude! It's so good to see you!" She then got up and gave him a loose hug knowing he was a bit uncomfortable with it and still was as his arms kept to his side with only being raised slightly. He didn't dislike it per say. It did actually comfort him, but it was still a bit odd to him, and from what he know all attending angels seemed to be naturally affectionate with their charges. She came out of the hug and moved her position so her hands were resting in the middle of his arms.

"I've been so proud of how you moved into a higher level already." Her smile was competition for the sun.

'Thank you," he replied awkwardly, unaccustomed to the parental-type praise he was getting, though he really didn't understand why. He could literally only go up from where he was. I guess when you are thrown in the bottom layers of Hell like her charges are, you take any victory you can get.

She walked away humming a bit to herself. He thought she might have been a bit odd, even for an angel.

"Alright. Now I know you are wondering why you were sent here as this situation is quite unusual as you are obviously not at the level where you can work to atone here, though what is happening to you does occasionally happen." She walked around with her finger in the air as she stated this like some dull instructor. He really wanted her to get to the point because even though this was obviously much better than where he was currently living, the stress of not knowing what in the world was going on was starting to get to him.

"Now prayers are a complicated thing to answer," she continued, "but our Father does do this as much as he can.

"Where is she going with this," was all he could think of at that time.

"Your son, Quasimodo, has just made a prayer, and the Lord has thought it right to answer it." The words, "Your son, Quasimodo," made such an intense mix of emotions inside of him. He didn't dare say that he wasn't his son because that made Jumico and God himself at his trial absolutely furious. Besides, he did think differently now. He didn't transition to a little bit higher section of Hell without having improved somewhat. It didn't change the fact that he still had very complicated feelings towards Quasimodo. When his mind left that specific issue, he then furrowed his brows in confusion and said, "But what…"

"But what does that have to do with me?" she responded. He nodded in response.

"Well you see Quasimodo and his wife are expecting their first child, and he has a lot on his mind." At the words, "Quasimodo", "wife", and "first child", his eyes widened, and it took him a few moments for this all to sink in. Noticing he was processing this information, the angel paused in what she was saying. Quasimodo has a wife? Was she someone like him or a regular person? His face scrunched up at this thought. In the past, he would have thought nothing of that line of thinking, but now was a bit different. Now thinking such a thing bothered him. It would also not help him get into Heaven, and it's going to be a long time before that happens as it is. Also how long has he even been dead anyway? He honestly had no idea. It had to be at least several years. He made a mental note to ask at some point, though he was a bit afraid of the answer.

Claude then made eye contact with her and nodded for her to continue.

"Quasimodo has been so worried lately, he's had much trouble sleeping, which is essential for lifeforms such as yours when you are alive. Although he is ecstatic and so incredibly grateful for this gift, his personal struggles and his past are plaguing his mind."

His insides twisted or he felt a twist in where his insides would be at the mention of "his past." At that point, he thought he knew where this was going.

"He's going to be a father, Claude, and not only does he worry about his child having to deal with any physical issues like he does in that cruel, judgmental world, but he is also worried about being a father. You were his main example of a father, Claude." At saying this, gone was the bubbly attitude, and there was a stern glare. He nodded to show he understood her.

"He's worried about being a good parent, as most new parents are, but to put it bluntly, he's worried about falling into all the many negatives that were in your parenting when all he wants to take are the positives." He shockingly noticed she made a point in saying he didn't do everything completely wrong, but the comment hit him hard just the same. He could actually feel the heat rising in his cheeks. Spirits seemed to show many of the same affects they can in life including blushing.

After he recovered a moment later, he was about to ask once again what this has to do with him, but sensing his question, Jumica said, "Now I bet you're wondering where you come into all this." She always seemed to be so in sync with what he was thinking and feeling.

"You see just a short while ago, Quasimodo made a prayer for not only a good night's sleep, but for closure from his childhood. That is where you come in. We are going to make sure he is finally able to get into a deep enough sleep, and we are going to send you to comfort him in his dreams. After tonight, he will have a sense of closure and be able to function as a father better."

Frollo paused for a moment blinking as it all sunk in.

"Whaaaaaat?" he shouted. "I can't do that!" He pause for a moment waiting for a response. He hadn't had an outburst for quite a while, and he learned pretty quickly that angels and demons alike don't take to disrespect well, though his commentary wasn't exactly rude or anything. She just looked at him letting him continue.

"I am not exactly the comforting type. I am also a big part of the reason he is having these issues. He is not going to want to see me, and even if he does, how in the world am I supposed to help him? What am I supposed to say? I can't do this." Frollo paced around the room as he ranted.

"But he does want to see you, and you can do this." There was no sign of insincerity in her voice, though he wasn't sure if she were capable of that to begin with.

"We wouldn't be giving this task to you if we felt you couldn't do it; if God didn't think you could do it. We feel that your mindset has improved enough that you can handle this."

"What am I supposed to even say to him?"

"Just listen first, then go from there. Listen to what you parental instincts tell you, and Quasimodo really needs to hear advice from his actual parent now for comfort."

"I don't know about this."

"We have faith in you."

"I still think I am going to mess this up."

Jumeco giggled a bit and said," Well it is nice to see some humility from you as it will aid you in your mission. Everyone is nervous when they do any sort of task such as this, but just try to relax and not over think it. Alright?"

He nodded. "So how does this work?"

"The prayer has been made a half an hour ago by Earth time. We need to wait until Quasimodo falls asleep, which could take a while, then when appropriate, God will implant you into his dream."

At the mention of God, his eyes widened in panic. As ridiculous as it might sound to some, he really did not want to come face to face with God again, or at least not anytime soon. The events of his afterlife trial were engrained very deeply into his memory. To say he was furious with him was an understatement. When God himself is yelling at you, you feel like a very small, scared child.

"Relax," she said putting up a hand and reading him perfectly. "He is going to do it where you are. Besides you really have nothing to worry about. He loves you, and I am sure He is pleased with the progress you are making. Though I can understand your fear," she said with a laugh.

Frollo just stared at her with a bit of a juvenile, pouty expression on.

"Oh now on to the nature of dreams. Sometimes you are aware you are dreaming, and sometimes you aren't, and this can happen to varying degrees and change thoughout a dream cycle. You have had or at least hard of those who have these experiences I presume?" He nodded in understanding. "Now you are going to be placed in a scenario where Quasimodo might not know he is dreaming or at least not at first. You will need to go along with whatever scenario is going on in the dream until it is an appropriate time to make your independence from his mind known."

"Now another aspect of dreams," she continued on once again remained Frollo of school teacher, "is that you don't always remember them and you remember them to different degrees. Even if you don't remember the actual specifics, you can still remember the feel, especially in a case of divine intervention such as this one."

Frollo blinked taking all this in. He started to open his mouth, but she bet him to his question and said, "I know you are wondering why God doesn't just make the person remember the dream, especially after all this work and commotion to get the divine task done." He nodded.

"Well doing any tampering with the mind is a very delicate and tricky thing to do, and God likes to be very careful when doing so and just do the minimum. The brain can get messed up very easily. No one wants something bad to happen to someone He was trying to help. Yes He could fix it if something goes awry, but life is a delicate machine, and he lets a lot of things go a work on their own. You don't want to mess up a good thing."

It was a lot for Claude Frollo to take all in. It was an interesting perspective into God's thought process. That was for sure.

"So what do I do now?"

"You just stay here and wait. You can sit down and make yourself comfortable. Oh I know. You can help me with this filing. I know you don't read Enochian, but I know you are a polyglot and that you already seem to be familiar with some of the symbols of the angel language. "

In the manner of the new Claude Frollo, he just obediently walked over to her. Jumeco set up a char adjacent to where hers was and said,"Here you can sit here. The file cabinets are right behind you. It's alphabetizing, so just match this first symbol here with the one on the front of the cabinet. As for alphabetizing inside of the appetized cabinets, you can look at the order of the lettered cabinets to determine the sequence of our letters. I have so many new charges, I'm overwhelmed." She put her hands on either side of her face while saying this. It was a bit adorable.

So for the next few hours Claude Frollo, once the top and most feared judge in all of Paris, helped his angel boss/guardian/whatever she was supposed to be to him file paperwork. He could have been looking at his own record, and he wouldn't have known.

Author's Notes:

Claude being a polyglot is book cannon.

Enochian is the language of the angels. Jumeco is just something I made up that sounds like a name that is supposed to be a nick name of a combination of the words justice, mercy, and compassion in English, which describes what she does. The name Talgraph is directly based on Enochian. I found a translator online that in theory is accurate. I put in the word messenger, since he has a messenger-type job, and the first two letter transliterated in English were Talgraph. There were a bunch more letters after that, but I figured that was enough to sound like a name.

I talked once again a bit about the nature of dreams with Jumeco explains it to Claude. I touched on this more in my notes on the companion piece to this story: A Dream of closure.

This is a two chapter fic. The next one will come soon. It only needs to be edited, but when I actually get things up is a bit unpredictable.