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We're going to get to the Quasimodo dream sequence here. That section will be similar, but not exactly the same since it will now be from Frollo's perspective.

Aid Came in a Dream

Ch. 2

Claude's angle companion abruptly stopped what she was doing and became very alert; like she was listening to something he couldn't hear.

"It's time," she said.


"Don't worry. You'll be fine. Now. Quasimodo has just fallen asleep and is rapidly approaching the dream stage of sleep, which is even sooner for him since he hasn't been sleeping as much as he should. I don't know what sort of scenario you will find yourself in. You will have to use your judgement in how you should act. It may be the case where you will have to play a long like you are actually just a part of his dream for a while. You'll know when the right time to reveal yourself is."

Claude just nodded in understanding. He was getting too nervous to respond normally.

"I'm told this will briefly be a bit jarring for you, so be prepared for that. Alright, when I count to three, He'll send you in his dream. Okay? 1, 2, 3…

Claude Frollo felt like he had been sucked into something and spit out the other end. He felt himself land standing on solid ground, but was wobbly on his feet and had blurry vision for a moment. It didn't take long for him to recover, though, and when he did, he found himself in Notre Dame Cathedral. The sudden realization came to him that he was holding something. He looked down to see a basket hooked around his arm; a basket just like the ones he'd take to Quasimodo.

He then realized that he was directly downstairs from Quasimodo's living quarters. Strangely, though, his surroundings had this white, tint to them. He suddenly had the information that this area was a bit faded because this was the edge of Quasimodo's dream and the edge of his currently aware mind. He also somehow knew to go up the stairs into the light where Quasimodo's current dream was. Hm. Maybe God didn't completely leave him on his own for this task after all. He seemed to be providing some basic information on how this all works for him.

Claude then took a deep breath and ascended the stairs, as he had done so many times in life. The former judge prepared himself before entering the light in the entrance way at the top of the stairs and felt a bolt of energy as he entered the active dream.

"Good afternoon, Quasimodo. I trust you are well" Frollo was a bit surprised by how naturally he fell back into this roll. It was almost as if this were real.

"Oh yes. Very well, Master. Thank You," replied Quasimodo in an eager to please fashion. Frollo silently sat down and put the basket of food on the table while he watched his former ward frantically get everything together. Was he always this eager to please him? This scenario had happened in real life so many times, but it felt different now. Quasimodo's mild fear and overly large desire to please bothered him. Frollo was a part of this scene, but he was also an observer now at the same time, and this entire scene looks a bit different to an observer.

All the food was soon spread out on the table. So what was he supposed to do now? Was he just supposed to eat? It seemed that right now he was just supposed to go with the flow of the dream, and that's what Quasimodo was doing, so that's what he'd do too I guess. The food tasted…. real he guessed. Like it would if he were dreaming about eating.

Frollo's worry of this accomplished nothing because everything seemingd too normal was short lived because Quasimodo suddenly started looking at one of this figures he would always make, though he didn't recognize that person. Wait. Was that his wife? She looked relatively normal. He mentally slapped himself for the thought because he wasn't supposed to be thinking like that anymore. This line of thinking was interrupted by Quasimodo starting to ramble.

"Oh wait. This isn't enough food. You should see how much food Madellaine eats now. That just comes with the territory of eating for two I guess. You should have seen how much Esmerelda was taking in during her pregnancy. Phoebus said she was eating more than Achilles!"

Madellaine. So that is her name. This is his wife. Frollo picked up the replica of the woman, who he guessed he could say was technically his daughter-in-law, and studied her. His mind couldn't help but contemplate how this woman who looked so normal met and accepted Quasimodo to the point of being intimate with him, being his wife, and having his child. Wait who was Achilles? The name was somewhere in the recesses of his mind, but he could quite place it. Oh well, he'd ask about it later. Frollo's inner musings were interrupted when Quasimodo's mood stared to darken. He began to pace in stress, and Frollo had no idea what to do as his emotional state began to worsen.

"Wait, Madellaine. She should have been back by now. She was just going to Esmerelda and Phoebus' place for a bit which is extremely close. She said I can't keep an eye on her constantly, but what if something's happened. I should have gone with her."

"What if she's gone into labor? The baby. The baby's coming so soon. I'm not ready. Oh God. There's going to be something wrong with the baby because of me. I just know it."

Quasimodo then sat down in what was very clearly a position of stress. He was sitting sideways in the char with his elbows on his knees. His fingers were laced together in deep thought and his head was very low.

"I can't do this. I can't be a father. I don't know how to be a father. How can I be a father when my main example is who it is? How can I give my child the childhood he or she deserves when I can't quite make sense of my own? I'm going to mess this up. I'm going to turn into him as a father, letting down my wife and child. Also how can I be so selfish? Madellaine has had a hard life too, and she's not bothering me about every legitimate and illogical worry she has about being a mother."

Claude Frollo didn't know what to do about Quasimodo's problems; his very adult problems that he in a million years didn't think he would ever have. The reality that he was the cause of many of his son's worries stung. He was so deep in thought that the fact that his inner monologue though of Quasimodo as his son didn't even register in his mind. He was trying to think of what to do, but then he knew he couldn't think that much. This wasn't as much of a thinking mission as a going on instinct mission. Some inner parental instinct he didn't know he even had, came out in that moment.

Frollo got up and knelt in front of his ward. He put his hand underneath his chin to lift it so he would look at him. He had done this before many times, but it seemed a lot gentler this time. His other hand rested on his ward's lap.

"Look at me Quasimodo." Frollo felt himself genuinely speak in a gentle manner. It was strange to him. He second hand now rested on Quasimodo's lap too. This interaction seemed to get Quasimodo out of his isolated state of worry, and he was now completely aware of Frollo's presence.

"That's right. You can't be here. You're dead. That's why you're like this now. My mind wants not only to see you but to see you in a better way." Frollo realized that Quasimodo was now at least partially aware that he was dreaming. The problem was that since his current self is now a bit different than the one he remembers from when he was actually alive, he thinks this is just a Frollo his mind created to help him feel better. How was he going to convince him otherwise? Frollo then thought that Quasimodo's lucid dreaming state could work to their advantage. Hopefully, this would work.

"Quasimodo, it's me."

"Of course I know it's you," Quasimodo responded with a confused expression on his face. Frollo inwardly moaned how this was going to be more difficult than he thought.

"No. I mean it's really me. I'm really here right now." Frollo was becoming relieved that it looked like it was actually sinking in.

"I don't understand," Quasimodo finally managed to squeak out.

"Truthfully I don't completely understand it either, and I don't even know how much of this you are going to remember in the morning. We probably don't have much time left either."

"What?" exclaimed Quasimodo with an expression of a child being abandoned, or at least it looked that way to Frollo.

"Just please listen to me. You're going to be fine. I can't tell you everything is going to be perfect because that's not how the world works, but it's not all horrible either. You showed me that. It should also be noted that you are not me. You have a completely different temperament and personality, and you truthfully have qualities that will make you a wonderful father. You turning into some new version of me with your child really doesn't sound all that realistic, now does it? I'm not saying you are going to be a perfect parent because you're not. No one is. You are going to make mistakes, but unlike me you have a better capacity to admit when you make mistakes and learn from them. You are also the least selfish person I know."

Frollo didn't know he had all this fatherly advice in his, but it all seemed so right. He wasn't overthinking it. He was just giving the advice that seemed natural. He continued with feeling a small smile and said, ," You're going to be fine, Quasimodo. I know you can handle any challenges that come your way. I believe in you." And he really did. With the while fiasco he created that led to his death and how Quasimodod tackled that challenge head on, Frollo knew he could handle anything that came his way.

Frollo felt relief that his words seemed to give Quasimodo some relief. Even a soft "Thank You Master" with a gentle smile was given. This gave Claude such a warm feeling. He had missed this, especially in Hell, and he couldn't believe that Quasimodo was being so friendly with him after everything. He figured he probably wasn't completely aware of what was happening. He would understand if Quasimodo hated him, but at that moment, they just stayed in silence; a father and son enjoying each other's company.

The calmness was however soon broken by an, "Um. Master?" Quasimodo started with an unsteady voice. "Um. Where did you end up?" Frollo's eyes widened briefly in shock from the blunt question before quickly regaining his composure. No. He was definitely aware of what was going on. He was just that nice of a person.

Getting his meaning perfectly, his right index figure shot up to cover Quasimodo's mouth.

"Shush. That's for me to worry about and not you." His right hand then went back to Quasimodo's lap.

"Well that does make it a bit obvious then," Quasimodo continued with tears starting to well up in his eyes. "I'm not a child. You did go to Hell."

"No, you're not," Frollo responded softly with a sad yet gentle smile; almost to himself. That little baby he "found" and raised was now an adult. Even when he was physically grown, he didn't exactly think of him as an adult. He clearly grew a lot without his own influence, and he couldn't lie and say it didn't make him a bit sad that he couldn't be a part of this more mature Quasimodo's life.

Quasimodo's brows suddenly furrowing in confusion drew Frollo's attention away from his own sad thoughts. "How is this possible then?"

"Well that's a long story we don't quite have time for," he replied with a smile. He then got up and brushed himself off. Did he even have dirt on him? Well whatever, it looked normal. He also had gotten up because he had a feeling that his time with his ward was coming to an end. He also mused that this entire endeavor was mostly going on feelings.

"I think I'm going to have to go soon," he decided to announce.

"What? Wait. Already? But. But. Master, will you be okay? You're going back to. You're always going to be in…." Frollo was surprised and touched by how upset Quasimodo was getting.

Frollo smiled warmly at his son; so taken with his level of compassion and how he was so worried about his wellbeing even after everything he did.

He then thought maybe he could give his ward a little hint to make him feel better. "I'll be alright eventually. You've probably noticed I seem to be a bit different already."

"Huh? Well yes. I did notice. That's why I thought my mind was just conjuring you. Wait. What exactly do you mean by 'eventually?' Are you implying that our concepts of the afterlife aren't exactly accurate?"

"Shhh," he quickly replied putting his figure to his mouth in the traditional way that goes along with telling someone to be quiet. For the first time since he appeared in his dream, he made that familiar arrogant, noble expression. "That might be a bit of a secret. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to have let you know that those sent to Hell do not in fact stay there forever." His expression then softened. "Our Lord does in fact have infinite compassion."

Their moment was abruptly stopped by a bunch of stomping coming up the stairs.

"Madellaine!" Quasimodo exclaimed. He immediately got up from the chair to greet her with a kiss. Taking her hands into his, he then said, "I want you to meet someone!" seemingly starting to once again become unaware he was dreaming. Frollo thought to himself how he would actually love to meet her but obviously can't. That thought was interrupted by Esmerelda, Zephyr, and Phoebus coming up the stairs.

"Quasimodo!" Zephyr shouted as he ran up to him for a hug, which Quasimodo gladly returned. Ahh. He thought he would be really wonderful with children.

"We brought lunch," Phoebus explained as he and Esmerelda put baskets on the new, larger table that had been added to Quasimodo and Madellaine's home. Frollo looked around to see that the room slightly changed since his wife and friends came in and that there were in fact many changes since he was last in here; changes that showed this was the home of a family.

"We thought it was the perfect time for us to all eat together, and the spring air you get up here is beautiful," Esmerelda added. The dream focused on her for a moment, and so did he. It felt so strange seeing her again. He couldn't properly even process all the emotions that came with seeing her right now, and he couldn't focus on that now anyway. Right now was about Quasimodo. Besides it wasn't really her anyway. She would have to be an amends for another day.

"Master, come sit and eat with us." Quasimodo said that as if it made perfect sense, which showed that he was no longer aware he was dreaming. Frollo watched the scene from where he was; no one else noticing he was there. He watched the five of them set the table; looking like a happy family. Quasimodo seemed to forget his presence as well when they all sat down to eat together. At that point, Claude Frollo knew Quadimodo, his son, would be fine. He had a family that was soon to be bigger. This family loved him unconditionally; more than he ever gave him. As terrible as that made him feel, he was strangely happy. He felt so happy that Quasimodo seemed to be at peace. He then knew his work was done. Frollo then made the gentlest, most peaceful smile, he thought he ever had, slowly backed up, then faded away. Unknown to Frollo, the basket he brought was the last part of the dream to fade.

Frollo once again felt that pulling sensation, then was right back in the office of his guardian angel. It took a moment for him to get his bearings, then he felt once again completely stable.

"Congratulations! You did wonderful!" she cheerfully said. She rushed to him and gave him a hug. "Um" was the only response he gave. The angels in charge of aiding humans through the afterlife tended to be a bit huggy, and Claude was quite frankly not quite used to that. He started to lift up his hands, then they just fell back to his sides. She released him from her grasp but kept her hands on his sides for a moment and smiled before she completely let him go.

"From what I hear and from how I see you are, the mission was a success."

"How I am?"

"Yes. You look considerably more at peace than when you walked in my office a few hours ago."

Frollo smiled and said, "Yes well I do actually feel better."

"Well unfortunately I'm going to have to send you back now," the angel said with a dreary expression on. His mood deflated a bit from this news, but he knew that was how it was going to be. Besides, this positive feeling was still there and will stay with him even in the depths of Hell. It'll also help him get all the way up to Heaven.

She hugged him again in a motherly fashion even more tightly and Frollo awkwardly returned the gesture.

"Goodbye," she said as she waved to him. "I'm always there with you whether you realize it or not, and you can always pray to me. I'm eagerly waiting the day when you can join me up here. Do you best."

Frollo nodded and said,"Thank You. Oh wait. Who is Achilles?"

"Phoebus' horse."

"Oh now I remember!" His heart than ached for a moment thinking on how he missed Snowball. He hoped someone took good care of him after he passed.

"Your escort is waiting outside the door," she replied with a laugh.

With that Claude Frollo left the office of the angel in charge of him and an angel, a different one than the one that bought him here greeted with a nod and a "Follow me", and they were off. On their way to the elevator, he saw another human with an angel as well; the first one he had seen since he had been in this seemingly administrative area of the afterlife. They nodded at each other in acknowledgement; a respect for another human; a brown skinned human in some sort of revealing getup who he would never have shown any respect to in life ,and maybe the same could be said for that man as well. He wondered if he was on a similar mission to what he was on.

He and his angel escort made it to the elevator. As they went lower and lower into the layers of the afterlife, he could feel the heat increasing. He knew what horrors awaited him, but despite that, he still felt some sense of peace and a sense that he knew that eventually, no matter how many years it took, he would make it to Heaven, and there he would be able to be the father to Quasimodo that he always deserved.

Author's Notes:

Snowball is the actual name Disney gave his very black horse. That's pretty amusing.

I was able to edit the second chapter right after the first after all. I do have an idea for a long fic revolving around his full redemptive journey starting form when he dies, but I've never done a long one like that before, so we'll see. Also you literally do need divine intervention for people like that, so redeeming him is going to be a bit of a challenge. It may show up at some point.