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Betad by morde24, OoalGown and Hermes

The Gamers Guide to Freedom

Chapter 05: Dungeon Delving

Serafall Leviathan

She'd underestimated Kuro, and it might just cost her dearly.

She'd put too much emphasis on how his wards were falling and he wouldn't be able to hide forever, without actually being sure since she knew nothing about Warding herself. Her intention was just to convince him that he needed allies, but he might have taken it differently.

He was certainly safer now, given that he'd pulled his entire mansion into another realm, assuming Ajuka was correct about what that pulse of magic was. Because if he truly had moved his home into another realm, he'd be damn-near impossible to find.

The magical fog covering his entire lands certainly didn't help, stopping people from looking in, but at least she was sure Kuro was alive and well.

If Kuro died now, after returning Katarea to the Leviathan family, it'd be an unmitigated disaster. Katarea would become Lady Leviathan, and probably use her new influence to become Lady Dantalion as well since she was the granddaughter of Izan Dantalion, which would massively increase the influence of the Old Satan faction.

A part of her wondered if Kuro had done it deliberately to force her to protect him even if he didn't join her faction, which would make Kuro a far more political beast than she had realised.

He'd definitely made sure she and Katarea had seen each other. A message to both that he had other options, setting them up to compete for his support. It was a simple tactic, but an effective one.

She'd expected him to be inexperienced and naive, but Nyra had mentioned that her son was incredibly 'd seen it as a proud mother boasting about her son, but maybe she should have listened more closely.

Iaxes wasn't particularly ambitious, he just wanted his family to survive. It'd been a cause for argument between him and Nyra since Nyra thought he was giving up too much.

Kuro seemed quite a bit more ambitious, more like his mother than his father, and that could be a real problem for her.

Especially now that he had Boosted Gear of all fucking things, somehow realising that it was in Kuoh of all places and stealing it form under Sona and Rias.

Hadn't that been a slap to the face, a Longinus in devil territory and nobody realised except a Devil who'd never even been to Kuoh before.

Rias talked too much, and now half the Underworld knew what Kuro had, and more importantly they knew that not only had Rias and Sona missed the immensely powerful Sacred Gear, she and Sirzechs had as well.

Getting Boosted Gear would have been a massive boost in power for their faction, but Kuro beat them to it and just made himself all the more valuable.

All while making her, Sirzechs, Sona and Rias seem incompetent, deliberately or not.

The Old Satan faction had wasted no time calling them out for missing it, too busy spoiling their sisters to notice the incredible treasure that was in the very same school as the aforementioned sisters.

Saying that this 'Issei' has been so weak magically that they hadn't noticed the power within him wasn't a defence, since they quickly pointed out that a child had noticed it, even if nobody knew how.

Some theorised that he used the Gaap's skills with souls to do it, but that was just a guesstimation.

The fact that Kuro could remove and transfer Sacred Gears without killing the user was certainly interesting, and Azazel himself had sent a request to meet with Kuro and discuss his methods.

But, tenuous ceasefire aside, the three great factions were still at war, and if she arranged a meeting, the more war-hungry devils would lambast her for helping make the Grigori stronger, and they'd be right damn it.

As long as the Fallen had the likes of Kokabiel and his ilk, and there was no official peace, she couldn't risk helping the other factions, which made her job as the Satan of foreign affairs an incredibly difficult one.

Queen Carmilla of the Carmilla faction of vampires had requested a meeting with Kuro, and Lady Yasaka had hinted that she'd like a meeting, and while she could guess what Carmilla wanted she had no idea what the old kitsune wanted with him.

Having so many people want something from her would usually be a great benefit, but she had no control over Kuro which made it problematic.

If she admitted that, she looked weak, which made her faction look weak. If she lied she'd be placing her fate in Kuro's hands, if she kept delaying and stonewalling them she'd annoy potential allies.

Of course there was a chance they'd just go around her and approach him directly, but that was one advantage to Kuro's disappearance since only Riser Phenex seemed to be able to get in contact with him.

But if he'd truly managed to make himself even more secure, her negotiating position had been massively weakened and he definitely knew it.

She'd definitely underestimated Kuro, there was a keen political mind behind those lazy eyes, and she'd need to readjust her negotiation strategy.

It was a sad day when a devil as hot and powerful as her was struggling to convince some child a fraction of her age to marry her.

Kuro Dantalion

I might enjoy lazing around, but I've honestly found a new hobby with my experiments with my dungeon, crafting and magic.

Let's be honest, no matter how lazy they are, would any nerd hesitate to spend their time studying if they gained access to real magic?

I've found a way to make my skeletons stronger than they are normally, though an alchemical formula.

My first custom potion to be specific.

The dungeon has a rather mana-intensive option for an upgrade that allows for flora to grow inside it, based on the dungeon layout and inhabitants of course.

While my labyrinth floor isn't exactly a blooming garden, it does grow some rather unique plants which I had my skeletons and minotaurs harvest and bring to my labs, where I studied them with my Green Thumbed trait to learn how to grow in a more controlled environment which lead to the creation of an underground farming area for the mushrooms and vines.

My strategy is starting to come together, each skill feeding another which in turn empowers another.

The appropriately named Deathcap has necrotic properties, thanks to growing in places where my skeletons patrol, and another mushroom found in the labyrinth has fortifying properties and by combining them, I managed to make a potion that enhances the powers of the undead, it's very specific, but by pouring a lot of it into a stone coffin and having my skeletons soak in it for a few hours, the magic that animates them was enhanced giving them better durability and a necrotic aura that gives their attacks a deadly necrotic edge.

The difference isn't massive, but it's a start and it's proof of concept, that my strategy can work because as I get better at my various skills they'll all boost each other more.

I've also looted my family's armoury and grabbed as many basic weapons as I can, enchanting them with simple fire, ice or lightning enchantments so my monsters have another advantage against their enemies.

I need a dedicated blacksmith to make weapons and armour for my monsters, but I have no idea where to even start. One of the room options was a smithy, but with no idea how to use it, it's just gathering dust until I get someone or something able to use it.

I want to raise more skeletons, but while I was researching exactly how you do that I got a bit distracted when I found another spell instead.

Necromancy is the art of taking things that have no right to be alive and bringing them to life anyway, and while that usually means corpses, Fleshcrafting is more about imbuing necrotic life force into basically anything the caster feels like.

Imbue Life

Harnessing the necrotic energies and the life force found almost everywhere, this spell allows you to imbue life into an object, bringing it to a facsimile of life.

I've played around with this a little, mostly to make new monsters for my labyrinth since variety is the spice of death.

Mimics weren't that hard to make, nor were oozes once I found the right ingredient combination to make a thick acidic alchemical slime.

I'm getting the hang of alchemy, there's a pattern to it and I was always good at the sciences. I've only blown up a couple of mixtures so far, which is a sign of good progress.


Not that my distraction stopped me from actually finding the spell I was looking for.

Create Undead

This spell allows you to raise the dead back to life under your command, no longer alive but still moving; they will serve their creator with utter obedience.

So far I've worked out skeletons and zombies, nothing special but it's basically tradition for a Necromancer to raise them.

My dungeon isn't ready, not by a long shot, but it's getting there and now I just need to test out what I've already made.

Thankfully, I've already arranged that as well.

Riser Phenex

To say Kuro's home was a bit out of the way was an understatement, but he couldn't say he didn't see the advantages of having your own personal pocket dimension to keep your mansion in.

Still, it felt like he'd seen Kuro just a couple of days ago, and yet… glancing to his left, he forced down a shiver at the feeling of power rolling off the other devil.

Aside from having far more magic than he had before, there was a distinctively draconic feel to him, and the ring that gleamed on his finger told him that Kuro had wasted no time making sure he wouldn't be so easily attacked next time.

He'd never met a dragon, but he had seen one shapeshifted into a humanoid form during a gala, and their aura was unmistakable. How Kuro had that aura now, he didn't know yet and he wasn't sure how to even broach the subject.

"So, how does this work?" Riser asked, distracting himself, they were seated in a room that almost resembled a cinema with one large screen and several smaller screens around it.

The seats were definitely comfortable, and as he lounged in the loveseat, Yubelluna sat beside him, he looked at the screen as it changed to a view of the members of his peerage he'd chosen to partake in whatever the hell this was.

They'd gone over the rules of this little game, and set the limitations on what could happen to his peerage, with Kuro admitting that some of the traps and 'monsters' were rather lewd but he knew his peerage well enough to know they wouldn't mind so they'd come up with an easy compromise.

The girls had a safe word, which would eject them from the dungeon without whatever loot they had managed to gather, while letting them keep the power they gained from their victories.

He hadn't brought his entire Peerage along, apparently the dungeon wasn't suited for a full sized Peerage yet so he'd just picked a small few.

Ravel was busy with some family business, so he'd picked Karlamine, Xuelan, Ile and Nel, Shuriya and Mira.

Karlamine had been picked because she'd make a good leader, Xuelan played rock, paper scissors with Isabela and won, and he'd picked the four pawns because they were the newest and least experienced.

Isabela, Mihae, Siris, Ni, Li, Marion and Burent had been disappointed to not be picked, but Kuro said they could try later on so they'd accepted his decision.

Marion and Burent had gone with Ravel, Isabela, Mihae and Siris had taken the day off and as for Ni and Li…

Well, the cat girl twins had found a way to entertain themselves.

"You smell good, nya~" Ni, the blue haired sister said as she pressed her body against Kuro's right side, Li on his left. He wanted to do something nice for Kuro, and the horny cat girls had volunteered. His peerage was almost entirely filled with hedonists, because he sought out people like him. Ravel was the only real exception.

"Thank you, as for how this works. All they have to do is make it to the exit of the labyrinth to 'win', the key is hidden in another room and the boss of this floor is a wandering boss," Kuro explained easily, his arms around the waists of the two girls, slipping under their mini-skirts to grope their asses.

"Do you think they can do it?" Yube asked curiously, making Kuro shrug after a moment.

"That's what I'm hoping to work out, I've watched recordings of your rating games enough to get an idea of how strong each member of your peerage is, so I want to get an idea of how my dungeons compare. Of course, as the Dungeon Master I can alter the encounters as I go, increasing the number of monsters in each fight, activating the more dangerous traps and the like. As for their chances? I think they'll be fine if they manage to stay together. That screen shows the map, the blue icons are your peerage, the red ones the monsters."

"…that is one big labyrinth," Riser commented lightly, looking at the seemingly endless (and shifting) corridors. "But my girls know what they're doing, as long as they don't get split up they should do just fine."

"They split up," Yubelluna pointed out in amusement, making him blink as he turned back to the map, seeing two sets of blue icons heading down separate corridors.


"Like I said, the labyrinth has its ways," Kuro chucked, the screens changing to follow each party.


That was just mean.

Picking herself off the floor, she dusted off her Cheongsam dress and looked around, spotting Ile and Nel picking themselves up as well, slower than her but clearly unharmed from their sudden fall.

Ile had run ahead, seeing a light, and accidentally set off a pressure plate that made the floor retract, dropping the three of them into a chute, dumping them in a new location.

To make things worse, the opening had immediately closed behind them leaving them separated from the others. It wasn't like the fall had hurt, she was a Rook and even if she hadn't spent years practicing martial arts, she knew how to fall.

"Are you two okay?" Xuelan asked as she watched Nel help her sister up.

"Yup… sorry, Xue," Ile said embarrassedly, making her smile slightly as she ruffled the younger girl's hair.

"It's fine, but it looks like we're on our own for now," Xue said easily, this wasn't a serious situation and it'd do them good to learn to pay more attention to their surroundings in the future.

The chute remained closed, meaning the others had either chosen not to follow them, or simply couldn't get the chute to open a second time.

As her ears picked up the rattling of bones, she dropped into a stance in preparation, watching as a group of skeletons came running around the corner, lured by the sound they'd made.

As she dodged the surprising fast axe swing from the lead skeleton, she lashed out with a magic-enhanced punch and smiled as it cracked the skull of her opponent.

Of course, she also assumed a chunk of its skull being broken meant it was no longer a threat, and as it lashed out with its axe a second time, she barely managed to move out of the way in time, the blade grazing her exposed arm as she hissed in pain, immediately retaliating with a kick to its side, cracking its ribs and knocking it into the wall.

Of course it could survive a blow to the head, it was already dead.

Even as she rushed it, bringing her foot down on its head before it could rise, she could hear the sound of Ile and Nel's chainsaws revving and carving through bone, but as she finished her fight, she glanced at her flesh wound, her eyes widening slightly as she saw that the skin around it and turned slightly black.

She didn't want to find out what an actual hit would do to her, so as she attacked the next skeleton, she made sure to pay far more attention and keep her guard up.

She knew the result didn't really matter, but she didn't want to embarrass her King with a bad showing and she had her own pride to consider.

Riser Phenex

"So… chainsaws?" Kuro asked idly, making Riser chuckle awkwardly.

"Long story short? I told the twins they could use whatever weapon they wanted, gave them some money and sent them shopping. They came back with chainsaws and I was too confused to ask where they'd managed to find a pair of matching magical chainsaws," Riser admitted, taking a sip from the drinks Kuro had offered, his eyes widening slightly at the incredibly rich taste of what he thought was whiskey.

Yubelluna's wine was apparently just as good from her widening eyes and flushed cheeks. He'd have to try and get Kuro to help supply the drinks for his upcoming party, or at least spill the secret of where he was getting such good quality alcohol.

"Well, they seem to be having fun with them. And the tight gym outfits?" Kuro asked, making him laugh.

"Oh, that was my idea. They're pretty flat, but all the running around has given them both amazing asses, so I wanted them in outfits that show off their best features," Riser admitted easily, watching Nel slide between the legs of one of the skeletons, slicing through one of the legs as she did so, sending it toppling to the ground.

It was one of the things Rias used as proof of his evilness, she had an amazing amount of tunnel vision when it came to him.

Sure, the twins were barely in their teens, and active members of his harem but they were happy enough and more importantly they were fucking devils.

She liked to ignore that her own father had a harem, or that one of Lord Zeoticus's lovers was a teenage girl, barely his daughter's age.

Harems were the norm in the underworld, and age really didn't matter to devils, she just liked having something to validate her grudge against him, as if he wanted to be stuck with some spoilt princess and her 'family' of fuck ups.

Besides, it was the duty of powerful male devils to take harems, and spend as much time as possible fucking them. Their fertility issues meant it was practically a necessity.

If anything, Sirzechs was a freak and failing his duties to their race by not having a harem, not that anyone would be brave enough to call him out on that.

Everyone knew that Ajuka Beelzebub was basically asexual, and rumours said that Falbium was so lazy that he saw sex as too much effort. Serafall was a different story, but she wasn't expected to have a harem since a female devil with a harem could produce far fewer potential children than a male devil with one.

"Heh," Kuro said in lieu of a reply, even as Li licked his neck, rubbing herself against his side, her tiny sailor uniform shirt pulled up exposing her breasts. Ni has already moved between his legs, undoing his belt.

Huh, those two were horny today. Maybe they were in heat? Or this was the legendary draconic aura, but he also knew they were both pretty slutty anyway so he wasn't that surprised.

He knew some devils were very possessive with their harems, but he wasn't like that. Maybe if he had a wife (that wasn't a certain red headed bitch), he'd want her to stay just his, but his Peerage were free to do what they wanted, and they didn't mind being used as bartering chips and party favours because they were as hedonistic as he was.

Of course Rias saw that as another thing to hate him for, claiming that he'd pimp her, Akeno and Koneko out if she was forced to marry him.

Like he'd invite a swift and painful death from the Siscon Satan Sirzechs like that, though if the rumours were right maybe he'd be able to get away with it if he offered Rias to her brother for a few nights. Not that he was judging, with his parents being first cousins.

Did he want to fuck Rias? Obviously, hate-fucking the little Gremory princess would almost make up for all the damage to his reputation she had done over the years. Plus, if they were married they'd be expected to have children, so it would be his duty to creampie her on a regular basis, and he couldn't deny he was getting a bit hard at the mental image of Rias laid in his bed, sweaty and naked, glaring up at him with those judgemental eyes as his seed leaked from her freshly fucked cunt.

Did he want to fuck the two girls in her Peerage? Also yes. Koneko pissed him off with her general attitude towards him, she never really said anything but she looked at him like he was a cockroach she'd found under a rock, instead of her King's fiancée, plus she made a face like she could smell something disgusting whenever he was nearby. Plus Akeno loved insulting him with veiled barbs, and he'd love to have her on her knees using that snarky little mouth for a better use.

Would he do it if he married Rias? Absolutely, but it would be his right and if Rias and her Peerage hadn't been such a pain in the ass then he'd have respected her wishes and never touched her 'family'. But any attempt at extending an olive branch had been either ignored or treated as an attack, so he'd given up caring what Rias wanted.

If she wanted to make him out to be some degenerate scum, he might as well at least enjoy it. If she'd just accepted this marriage, or at least not treated him like he was scum, they could have had a cordial and distant relationship where they both got what they wanted.

She could have played human in the mortal realm while he partied and spent his time with his harem, and all she'd have to do would be occasionally grit her teeth, spread her legs and bare it so when their families inevitably asked they could say they were trying for a child, fulfilling their familial obligations.

He wouldn't have cared if she took a lover to have an actual relationship with, hell she could spend her nights getting railed by every man in Kuoh for all he cared, but no she couldn't be reasonable and treated him like he was the source of all her problems, as if the contract wasn't as old as she was.

He was a literal child when it was arranged, more interested in toys than scheming to ruin her life.

So, since it had become clear that she'd treat him like the villain no matter what, when they got married he'd act the part she'd cast him in.

He wouldn't go too far, having no wish to invoke the wrath of a Satan, but there was a lot he could do to those three within those limits.

The reason why he'd have so much power over her was simple, the Underworld's laws were written with a lot of emphasis on the man of the house having power over the woman or women, and the reason couldn't be more simple, and had nothing to do with the sexism of Lucifer himself.

After the war, Devil numbers were lower than ever and they wanted to repopulate as fast as possible. Devils are all inherently sinful creatures and when given power a devil will almost always abuse that power.

By giving men power over the women around them, birthrates rose. It was a harsh necessity that had ingrained itself in their society, it was the same reason casual sex was so normalised, every time a pair of devils fucked, there was a chance for their population to increase. It was also why abortion was so frowned upon, and the murder of children was puinshed harsher than any other crime.

So, if he married Rias he would be entirely within his right to spend every night pumping his seed into her, Akeno and Koneko's wombs. No matter how they saw it, if he knocked them up the Underworld would celebrate the arrival of three new Phenex's.

Shaking his head, he turned back to the screens and focused on the present.

Huh, Karlamine and the others had moved quite the distance, but the fact that the room they were in was labeled as a 'trap room' told him that he should be paying attention again.


"They aren't chasing us," Mira pointed out as the entered a new room, the zombie horde coming to a stop just outside as they groaned and growled before they headed back the way they came.

They died easily, but she'd quickly realised that they just kept coming, and while Mira and Shuriya had done a good job fighting the horde with Mira using fire magic to ward them off and Shuriya using her strength, the fact was that these two were the weakest of Riser's pawns, from sheer inexperience, and Shuriya had overextended getting a nasty bite on her shoulder, which was already oozing a greenish slime, Shuriya's face pale.

She liked fighting, but she liked her friends more and even if they couldn't die down here she'd decided to make a tactical retreat, Mira using up a lot of her energy to make a wall of flames to buy them time to get away.

"A safe room? We can only hope," Karlamine said, looking around the room they'd found themselves in.

White marble walls and floors made it clear this was different from the rest of the labyrinth, and a small fountain in the middle, filled with incredibly clear water and emitting a thin silver mist that gave the entire room an almost ethereal aesthetic.

Checking on Shuriya, she scowled seeing her even paler than before, but knowing that Mira was better at this kind of thing than her she decided to make sure the room was secure as she checked for any more traps or monsters hiding in the corners, blinking as she spotted a simple chest sat on a table.

Walking up to it cautiously, she opened it up and her eyes widened as she pulled out a two-handed bastard sword, larger than her own, with glowing runes carved into the blade itself.

As she held it, she saw a light blue mist coat the blade, ice forming on the edge as she smiled. Lord Kuro had mentioned that they could keep any treasure they found, and as she gave it a test swing, she sheathed her own blade and claimed the very cold sword as her own.

Even through her gauntlets she could feel the chill, but as she swung it a few more times she quickly decided that it was worth that minor inconvenience.

Also in the chest were two small glass bottles filled with a strange red liquid, each labeled 'Lesser Potion of Healing' in neat, rather fancy, handwriting.

Kuro had mentioned that potions existed, though she'd never heard of any healing liquids aside from the Phenex tears, but she didn't want to doubt his words because as she looked back at Shuriya, she could see her skin had become even paler, sickly as she laid against the wall.

She didn't see any other option, so she walked back and uncapped the bottle, placing it against Shuriya's lips, pushing the barely conscious girl to drink the syrupy liquid.

As Shuriya swallowed, the wound glowed briefly and the colour returned to her skin, the nasty bite wound closing up.

"W-what, what was that?" Shuriya said, rising to her feet as she looked around in confusion.

"A healing potion, apparently. How are you feeling?" Karlamine asked, making Shuriya smile.

"Good, it wasn't as strong as the Phenex tears but whatever was in that thing did its job." Shuriya reassured her, rounding the unblemished skin where she had been bitten.

"That's good to hear, because we need to move." Karlamine said, her throat dry as turned, her eyes widening as she spotted Mira leaning over the fountain, hands cupped as she sipped some of the water.

She didn't know how she realised the trap, but as Mira raised it to her lips she went to stop her, a second too late as Mira almost immediately dropped to the ground, eyes shut.

Almost mockingly, a message in a bottle appeared in the fountain, and as she opened it and read the directions on the map inside, she scowled.

"Shuriya, stay with Mira. She's been poisoned, this is directions to a room that has the antidote. We can't take her with us, and I won't leave her here alone. I'm faster than you, I'll go straight there, get the antidote and return." Karlamine ordered, grabbing her new sword.

"I- Got it, I'll keep her safe." Shuriya reluctantly agreed, making her smile.

Riser Phenex

"Ouch, they're probably gonna lose if they do that." Kuro said idly, making Riser turn to him, ignoring Yubelluna as she lovingly bobbed her head, his cock between her lips.

"Oh? It's a decent plan." Riser said, making Kuro laugh.

"You'd think so, but that isn't a Sanctuary. It's a False Sanctuary room, and the mists will disperse soon, letting the monsters in. Plus, Karlamine has been pretty unlucky… look at the golden icon between her and the antidote." Kuro pointed out, his eyes widening.

"The golden icon is the boss, right?" Riser asked, making Kuro nod.

"And from what I've seen, they might have a chance against him… if all six of them were there. Karlamine alone probably won't stand a chance," Kuro said calmly, even as he played with Ni and Li's cat ears, as they both knelt between his legs, Ni sucked his cock, Li worshipping his balls.

Well, they'd always made a good team.

"Plus, the other three aren't exactly doing well either…"

"Still, it's a good lesson on how the dungeons work, they've all gotten a bit stronger, and they'll be more prepared for next time," Kuro said idly, making Riser shrug.


She'd made a mistake, and as she tried to pull her hand free, she knew she was starting to panic.

The sentient ooze her hand was currently stuck inside simply continued crawling up her arm, it's acidic slime stinging her skin as it started to reach her chest, her dress almost immediately dissolving as the massive green ooze started to engulf her.

She should have kept her distance, but after smashing so many skeletons she'd grown confident and had quickly been put back into her place by her new enemies.

The floating skull opened its jaw once more, letting out a ear-piercing screech as she winced, feeling her body freeze up, allowing the slime to finish dissolving her clothes knocking her to the ground as it shot sticky balls of slime at her, pinning her arms to the ground.

The twins were in no better position, both stuck to the walls after the skull caught them by surprise, it's screech paralysing them both long enough for the slime to capture them.

They were struggling against the sticky globs, but they lacked the strength to free themselves, as she watched the slime tower over her, she realised that she was stuck in the same situation.

Preparing herself to be 'killed' and knocked out of the game, her eyes widened as the slime instead hovered over her before it reached out with a long tendril, this one not hurting as it touched her.

Which was good, because of where it was touching her, the more solid tendril experimentally pressing itself against her now exposed pussy, her eyes widening as the globs holding her legs down moved and forced her legs wider apart.

She had a safeword, one that would take her out of the game immediately, but she had her pride, and even as it started to push in and part her lower lips, she couldn't bring herself to just give up.

As a second, smaller tendril found her rosebud, she reconsidered but too late as it pushed into her with less hesitation, a lewd moan leaving her mouth as several tendrils started to toy with her body, her breasts especially.

Out of the corner of her eyes, she could see the Ile and Nel hadn't gotten off any lighter, stuck together in the familiar sixty-nine position, each sister had a thick tendril pumping into their tight cunts as they moaned, muffled as the slime forced their faces into the others pubic mound, not that they were new to this particular position.

As a third thick tendril approached her face, she knew it was her last chance to back out, but remaining silent she felt it press against her lips, pushing between them and quickly starting to thrust into her gullet.

Well, she'd never been one to shy away from new experiences.

Riser Phenex

"Huh, you know you could make some good money making porn with these things. Hell, give me a cut and you can post the recordings of this," Riser said appreciatively, chuckling at Xuelan's complete lack of resistance as the slime had its way with her, she always was a kinky one.

Nel and Ile weren't any better, willingly pleasuring each other and preparing them for the slime's thick tendrils.

"Heh, maybe I should look into it. I'm not wanting for money, but can you ever have too much?" Kuro agreed lazily.

"Never, we're devils. Moderation is for angels." Riser answered immediately, it was nice to have someone he could relate to so easily, and the show was certainly enjoyable.

His girls could get out of this whenever they wanted, if they didn't then it was because it was what they wanted and in which case he'd just enjoy the show.


As she was slammed into the wall, she groaned in pain, looking up at the massive monster that had blocked her path.

Clutching a greataxe coated in flame in one hand, the humanoid bull towered over her, blood on its horns from where it'd headbutted her before a hoofed foot had kicked her backwards.

Around its neck, a golden key that she recognised as the key to unlock the final door of the labyrinth, the door to freedom.

This was the floor boss then, and as she tried to rise, swinging her blade at its skin, it didn't even bother blocking it, her blade cutting deep across its chest, leaving icicles as the magic of her new sword did its work, but the Minotaur didn't care as it grabbed her arm, twisting it as it calmly dropped its axe and pulled her sword from her grasp with far greater strength than she could muster.

She was beaten, and as it spun her around and pushed her up against the wall, she waited for the 'killing' blow, looking back at the beast with respect. She was a more skilled fighter, it was just a hell of a lot stronger than her.

She knew when she was outmatched, but as it moved forwards, she furrowed her brows in confusion for just a moment, before a tearing sound filled the corridor, her eyes widening as her white dress was torn away from her body, leaving her in the various pieces of armour she had on, which provided very little protection from this kind of attack as it dropped its own leather loincloth, the feeling of something big and heavy slapping against her exposed backside.

As she went to struggle, it gripped her hips with one hand, the other reaching around and slipping under her chest plate, held on by some straps, as its heavy breath hit her neck, making her go still as she considered her options.

"What happens, when you're done?" Karlamine asked hesitantly, the thick throbbing cock resting on her ass, she was too short to get fucked like this, or to be more precise he was too tall.

A huff of amusement made her stare up into the surprisingly intelligent red gleaming eyes.

"You'll let me go?" she asked, watching him stare at her for a moment before he nodded, and with a deep breath she spread her legs wider and got onto her tiptoes.

Sex was nothing new to her, and being claimed as a prize after being beaten was hitting a few of her fetishes, but it was the monstrous size of the shaft that made her hesitant, and as she felt him line himself, she braced herself and gasped as he started to push forwards, inch after thick inch of hard Minotaur cock sliding into her shamefully wet cunt.

Oh Satans, Riser was probably watching this.

He could end this as easily as she could, so as she was utterly filled she only assumed he was enjoying her defeat.

As he thrust forwards and a lewd moan left her, she was filled like never before, she admitted to herself that she was kinda enjoying it too.

The noble knight losing to a powerful monster and being defiled was a cliche for a reason, and as his massive body pressed against her, pinning her between a rock and a hard cock, she could only moan in defeat and submission.


You know, using Eromancy to make a link between me and my minions was a good idea, because Riser's girls are pretty freaky.

"I legitimately didn't think that'd fit," Riser admitted, Yubelluna riding him as he watched over her shoulder.

"It probably shouldn't, there's magic involved to make sure nothing breaks," I admit, Eromancy is a dumb branch of magic, but that doesn't make it a useless one.

It's probably why my slimes are so horny, since I kinda used Eromancy for a lot of my monsters, since it's my highest rated branch of magic.

"Ahh, that makes sense," Riser said lazily, nodding sagely.

It's also probably a good thing that Riser is so laid back about his girls and other men, or monsters as the case may be.

I certainly wouldn't be, but if it works for them what do I care.

"H-harder, Nya~" Li, or Ni I don't fucking know, moans as I thrust into her, bent over the table as her sister presses her naked body against me.

Yup, good for Riser, and better for me.

"So, is that a zombie hoard about to reach Shuriya and Mira?" Riser asked, pointing to the map.

"Yup," I say easily, it's gonna suck for them when the Sanctuary trap activates and locks all the exits except for the one the monsters are coming from.

…then floods with hallucinogenic gas.

Okay fine, I got carried away.

Bonus Scene - Nyra (Flashback, just over 2 years before her death)

It seemed more and more likely that they'd be leaving the safety of the Dantalion mansion, and while the negotiations were still ongoing, it was only a matter of time before they rejoined the devil society at large.

Which left her with a bit of a problem on her hands, Kuro.

Her son was a genius, even if she'd never admit it to his face because it's just give him more reason to slack off, but he learnt at a rate that scared her, and with the amount of magic he had thanks to his Leviathan lineage, he was bound to be important in the future.

He'd be in high demand, being the heir of three major houses, and that meant Lords would be offering their daughters to be his bride, or brides as the case may be.

But Kuro had literally zero experience with women, she was the only woman he'd ever even seen and she'd seen the way he looked at her when he thought she wasn't watching.

She didn't blame him, he was a teenage devil and she was the only woman around, plus she'd made things worse by taking advantage of his skilled hands for her massages.

She'd started them when he was barely in the double digits, but she should have realised that letting a teenage boy touch her mostly naked body was a bad idea, but she'd never been able to bring herself to stop them, both for her enjoyment and Kuro's.

So she kept them going, and never said anything even if his hands wandered sometimes, she kept her underwear on and had told him not to touch her breasts or ass when she was first teaching him to massage a woman, but after he hit puberty he started occasionally copping a feel of her breasts 'accidentally' or playing with her buttocks.

And if she noticed a tent in his trousers afterwards, or found it strange how he'd excuse himself immediately afterwards, she never said anything about it and neither did he.

Devils had their needs, Kuro was no exception and with her being the only woman around she didn't judge him for lusting for her body.

But while she understood and accepted his perversions, if they could even be called that, she didn't want her son to get a strange reputation once they rejoined civilization.

And perhaps more importantly, she didn't want him to be some inexperienced brat who'd cum at the first touch of a woman, that kind of reputation could really hurt a devil.

Which was how she found herself sitting on the edge of his bed, in nothing but a white see-through nightie and a matching thong.

She'd discussed this with Iaxes, and while he hadn't exactly agreed, she'd made it clear her mind was set, so they'd come to an agreement.

She wouldn't oppose his possible marriage to Serafall Leviathan, he wouldn't get involved in her 'training' of their son.

He wasn't happy, but neither was she since she had no desire to be sister-wives with a Satan.

As Kuro entered the room, returning from his walk around the grounds, he froze mid step as he spotted her, his eyes flickering to her breasts, her pink areola clearly visible through the thin silk.

"Mother, is there something I can do for you?" Kuro asked, tearing his gaze away from her chest as she sighed. "Another massage?'

"No, not this time. Sit down," Nyra said, patting the bed next to her, watching as he calmly approached her, sitting beside her.

"Then what is it?" Kuro asked, unconcerned by her presence even as she took a deep breath.

The things she did for her family.

Reaching down, she grabbed her nightie and lifted it up and over her head, his eyes widening slightly as her breasts were fully revealed.

He didn't gawp, his expression quickly falling back to his usual bored face, she liked that about him, it'd serve him well since he was very hard to read most of the time, even for her

"Mother?" Kuro asked, making her sigh.

"Call me Nyra, for tonight at least. I know we barely bother celebrating these things, but it's your eighteenth birthday today, which means by human standards you're an adult," Nyra started, watching his expression carefully.

"It is? I'll be honest, I barely know what month it is half the time," Kuro admitted easily, his gaze running over her body.

"It is, and since you've never left the Dantalion lands, you've never even kissed a woman, barely touched one aside from the stolen gropes I've let you get away with," Nyra continued, making him chuckle sheepishly.

"You've never complained, if I didn't know anything better I'd say you even enjoyed them," Kuro retorted, making her narrow her eyes at him slightly.

"Because I didn't see any harm in it, but I won't have my son be a kissless virgin at eighteen, so for tonight I have a birthday present for you, me," Nyra said, running a hand through her long white hair as Kuro stared at her almost challengingly. "Tonight, and only tonight, you can do more than sneak a quick grope of my ass, or accidentally push my bra up, I won't say no and there'll be no consequences of treating me however you wish, however you've fantasised while you touched yourself thinking about me," Nyra teased, turning to him with a light smirk which was quickly changed into a gasp of surprise as he immediately kissed her, his hand moving to her breast.

He wasn't wasting any time, and she quickly found herself pushed into her back, Kuro over her as he explored her mouth, his hand groping her breast.

Pausing for a moment, he pulled his shirt off and tossed it aside, a surprisingly well defined body beneath. Kuro was lazy, but he kept in shape purely as a means to pass the time.

"Slow down, there's no need to rush," Nyra giggled as he moved to mount her, his enthusiasm charming.

"You're right, I have fantasised about this," Kuro admitted easily as she smirked up at him. She knew she was sexy, after all.

"Then slow down, take your time, and enjoy yourself," Nyra replied, her tone flirtatious as Kuro grabbed her and moved her into his lap as he sat on the edge of the bed, before he gently pushed her down between his knees. Taking the hint, she rolled her eyes and gently reached up and undid his trousers, her eyes widening slightly as she pulled out his cock.

He wasn't massive per say, but he was already a match for his father in length, and perhaps a bit thicker, despite being barely an adult.

A good size, he'd make his future wife happy.

"I want you to know that I don't normally do this, I'm usually the one in control in the bedroom," Nyra admitted as she pulled his trousers and boxers down and off.

"But tonight, you'll do whatever I want?" Kuro asked challengingly, making her sigh as she leaned in, kissing the side of his cock before she moved up and parted her lips, taking his tip into her warm wet mouth.


Bobbing her head, she gave him an unamused stare as he placed a hand on her head to guide her, she might not do this very often but she didn't need some inexperienced brats help, her mouth becoming a vacuum as she rubbed her tongue against the underside of his shaft.

Honestly she spoiled her genius child, but could anyone blame her? He has an understanding of the Gaap family magic that equalled her own, despite how much longer she'd spent studying it, and he had more innate magic power than her and Iaxes combined, the Leviathan blood was certainly strong within him.

Iaxes feared him, whether he'd admit it or not, Kuro's power and intelligence meant it was only a matter of time before he caught up and surpassed them, even if they still had a good few years yet thanks to his natural laziness.

Power had one hell of an effect on devils, it was in their nature to view those stronger than them with fear and arousal, being naturally submissive to stronger devils and while Kuro wasn't stronger than her, he would be.

Perhaps that was why she didn't really mind her position between his legs, lovingly bobbing her head as she pleasured her own son, her tongue swirling around the tip as she gently fondled his balls.

As he pulled her head back, she went to speak before yelping in surprise as he stood up and grabbed her, tossing her onto her bed, manhandling her as she laid on her back with her head hanging off the edge of the bed looking up at him.

Pushing his shaft against her lips, she scowled at him even as he grabbed her chin and pulled her mouth open, immediately sliding his cock into her mouth, and then her throat as she glared up, not able to see anything other than his balls as he started to fuck her face, his hand groping her breasts as she did.

A large part of her was tempted to bite down as he fucked her face, making her gag as he thrust his cock down her gullet, but as it was his birthday she'd let him get away with this. Getting on her knees of her own violation was quite different from having him just decide to abuse her mouth like this.

The room was filled with the sounds of her gagging around his shaft as his balls slapped against her face, making her scowl harder at the degradation.

This wasn't how she thought this would go, she was supposed to carefully teach him how to pleasure a woman, not get abused like a cheap whore.

Where the hell did Kuro even learn this? He didn't even have access to the Devilnet yet.

If she'd looked around, she'd have spotted the 'journals' of Izan Dantalion on a shelf and cursed her father in law for the hundredth time, but she was a little busy and missed the small black books.

As she felt his shaft start to twitch, she frowned around the dick that was fucking her throat, she rarely orally pleasures Iaxes, and she never swallowed but she didn't exactly have much of a choice in her current position and as Kuro grunted she could just lay there and take it, the thick salty seed pumped down her throat and into her stomach as Kuro slowly pulled out, leaving her panting for breath as she stared up at her entirely too smug son.

"W-when I said you could treat me as you wished, I didn't exactly think-" Nyra started, gasping as Kuro grabbed her and with a show of devilish strength, manhandled her again as he spun her around and simply bent her over the bed.

"Well, that's your mistake, isn't it?" Kuro laughed, his hand between her legs as she moaned slightly, blushing as his hand found her soaked cunt. "But I don't think you mind, do you?" Kuro asked teasingly as she looked over her shoulder at him, giving him a dirty look even as she remained silent, feeling his still hard shaft press against her dripping slit.

"You're in so much trouble tomorrow," Nyra muttered, making him chuckle even as he started to push forwards, the tip of his thick cock spreading her lower lips as she bit down a moan.

"Well, that's future Kuro's problem," Kuro replied lazily, thrusting forwards as she failed to suppress her moan as she felt him sheath his dick inside her.

And as he started to pump into her, she gave up and decided that disciplining him was future Nyra's problem.

Next Day

"I said that was just for last night," Nyra said warningly, giving her mischievous son a glare as he smirked back at her.

If last night had taught her anything, it was that Kuro was a natural in bed and certainly didn't need any training, her fears were unfounded.

Pushed up against the wall of one of the mansions corridors, she tried to ignore the throbbing cock she could feel pressed against her backside, her son pinning her in place as he kissed her neck, one hand on her breast as the other pulled her dress up.

"Then push me away," Kuro replied, his hand slipping under her dress and pushing her panties down, laughing as they stuck to her slightly thanks to the dampness. "Tell me you don't want this, make me believe it, and I'll let you go and never touch you again," Kuro whispered, her dress bunched up around her waist as she heard a zipper being undone, his rock-hard shaft slapping against her exposed ass.

"I d-don't want this, you horny little brat. Last night was a favour, a gift, now unhand me and- Mhmm."

As he pushed a finger into her dripping slit, she couldn't stop the moan that slipped out of her mouth, making him chuckle as he pushed his knee between her legs, spreading them.

"I said make me believe it, and even if your words are saying one thing, your body is telling a different story," Kuro teased, pulling his finger back and pushing it in front of her face, her juices dripping from it.

As he did so, she felt his cock pushed between her legs, her thighs pressing down on it as he gently started to thrust between her thighs, her undercarriage rubbing along the upper side of his cock.

She'd awoken a monster.

"F-fine, I will let you satiate your lusts, but I have two demands, unless you'd rather force yourself on your own mother." Nyra said, her voice breathy as he chuckled.

"Oh?" Kuro asked, stopping as she took a deep breath.

"We need to move to your bedroom, I'm not some maid you can grope in the corridors and your father doesn't need to see this," Nyra demanded, yelping as Kuro picked her up in a bridal carry, smirking at her as he carried her to his room, kicking the door open and then closing it behind him as he walked towards the bed, tossing her onto it.

"And the second demand?" Kuro asked, climbing into the bed as he hovered over her.

"I am the Lady of this house, not some wench for you to have your way with. I told you last night that I'm usually in control in the bedroom. Lay down on your back, I'll let you fuck me but I want to be the one on top," Nyra ordered, staring up at him as his lips twitched.

"Oh really?" Kuro asked, gripping her hips. Before she could respond, she was flipped over onto her front, making her yelp as her dress was pulled back up over her ass. "Don't worry, you can be on top next time," Kuro whispered as she felt his bulbous tip pressing against her dripping slit.

"Tch, you're lucky I love you, you horny little bastard," Nyra grumbled, unable to stop her anticipation as she spread her legs.

"Nothing little about me." Kuro boasted idly, her response cut off as he thrusted forward.

He wasn't wrong about that, not that she'd give him the satisfaction of admitting it.


"Kuro…" Nyra warned as she flipped the page in her book, his hands on her shoulders as he gently rubbed them.

"What? I was just going to offer you a massage," Kuro said idly as he stood behind her chair, even as his hands slipped down and moved to her breasts.

"Oh, I'm sure you were," Nyra said with a roll of her eyes, even as she bit her lip. "But yes, I'd like a massage. Go to your room, I'll be there when I finish this chapter," Nyra agreed, sighing.

She'd awoken this beast, it was her duty to keep it tame.

"I thought so, see you soon," Kuro said, making her moan lightly as he squeezed her breast before backing away and walking away.

"And Kuro, I am on top this time," Nyra said warningly, making him laugh as he walked away.

Gaap's were naturally dominant, and Kuro had clearly inherited that from her.

She wouldn't let him dominate her a third time.

Ten minutes later, on her knees with her face down against the bed sheets as Kuro pounded her tight little ass, she swore she wouldn't let him dominate her a fourth time.

New Skills


Imbue Elasticity

When Eromancy is involved, sizes can become a bit weird, people shrunk down to a fraction of their size, dicks with length and girth that would look big on a horse, so it should come as no surprise that this spell exists.

Necromancy (Fleshcrafting)

Imbue Life

Harnessing the necrotic energies and the life force found almost everywhere, this spell allows you to imbue life into an object, bringing it to a facsimile of life.

Necromancy (Traditional)

Create Undead

This spell allows you to raise the dead back to life under your command, no longer alive but still moving; they will serve their creator with utter obedience.


The Necromancer's Brew - Ingested, Bathed

Ingredients - Death, Fortifying

A potion created by Kuro Dantalion to grant his undead an edge against his enemies, enhancing their powers and bodies, with differing effects based on which kind of undead drinks to bathes in this deathly brew.



Mindlessly loyal walking corpses, these zombies have greater strength than they had in their past life, but only slightly. Unfeeling and utterly loyal, they'll follow any order they're given. Their bite carries a necrotic disease, weakening their prey.

Flying Skull

Skulls imbued with necrotic energies, these undead don't let their lack of a body prevent them from serving their master. Serving as makeshift security systems, they will unleash a ear-piercing screech that can temporarily paralyse the living, and alert the stronger guardians to intruders.

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