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The Gamers Guide to Freedom

Chapter 07: First Day on the Job

Sona Sitri

Watching the massive Minotaur easily send Tsubasa flying with a vicious backhand, she silently admitted that Rias's prediction was right.

She was rather jealous.

"Impressive, Lord Kuro does good work," Sona admitted as Rias chuckled. "But do you think it'll be enough to beat Riser?" she asked, raising an eyebrow as Rias's smile didn't even fade.

"No, Seona is just the first new member. Kuro had an idea of how to counter Riser and Ravel, my new Bishop to be exact. The original Gaap was said to have beaten the original Phenex, it came up in my research into the Phenex regeneration, so I have faith Kuro knows what he's doing," Rias replied easily, making Sona's eyes narrow. "Plus, apparently one of Kuro's Minotaur Lords was able to quite easily defeat one of Riser's Knights, and that was without the power boost from the Evil Piece."

"Very impressive, which leaves me with two questions. Why is Kuro helping you against Riser, and what has all this cost you?" Sona asked, finally seeing Rias wince slightly, her smile slipping for a moment.

"I don't know, Kuro is playing his own game. I'm not sure what he's aiming for, or why but he claims to be Riser's friend and seems to mean it. I can't read him, but I'm running out of time and I can't afford to be picky when someone offers me a helping hand," Rias said calmly, making Sona nod after a moment.

Rias would do anything to escape Riser, and she was worried that Kuro planned to find out just how far anything went.

"No matter the cost?" Sona asked, making Rias chuckle dryly.

"The cost wasn't anything I objected to paying, and for what he was offering, what I'm gaining out of this, it was downright generous," Rias reassured her, blushing slightly. "I'm going to be working the payment off over the next five years as a maid in Kuro's home with Koneko and Akeno."

Staring at her friend in disbelief, she pushed her glasses up and sighed.

"Rias, seriously?" Sona asked, watching Rias nod with a growing blush. "You realise what duties a maid might be expected to perform for her lord, don't you? What Kuro will likely expect you, Koneko and Akeno to do?"

"Koneko is off limits, he won't do anything to her unless she lets him. Akeno would have been the same but she made her own deal with him, and that's her decision to make. And yes, I am well aware of what Kuro will want from me, but five years is nothing if it gets me out of a lifelong marriage, it's a price I'll willingly pay," Rias replied, sighing slightly. "Plus, Kuro said that if I lose against Riser then I don't owe him anything, I can only benefit from this."

She could see the logic in it, divorcing didn't really happen in the Underworld, not when it was a political marriage, so Rias could very realistically spend the rest of her very long life married to Riser.

Five years was nothing compared to that, not when the alternative would be centuries.

But even if Rias was willing to spend the next five years sleeping with Kuro on a daily basis, that wasn't the biggest issue.

"Rias, you do realise how this will look, right?" Sona asked, making Rias blink. "The Gremory Heiress becoming a maid for the new Lord Dantalion? Your father-"

"Shouldn't have put me in this position in the first place. I know how it will look, it'll be an embarrassment to my family at the very least," Rias agreed, completely unrepentant.

"And if he decides he'd rather have Millicas as his heir?" Sona asked, making Rias laugh quietly.

"Don't worry, that won't happen. Grayfia doesn't want Millicas dragged into this, and Sirzechs agrees. My father might be the head of the house but he won't go against both of them, especially not when it comes to their son," Rias giggled, making her nod in understanding.

That was true enough, even Zeoticus wouldn't use Millicas in his games, not when it could anger two of the strongest devils in existence.

"And when Kuro orders you to warm his bed?" Sona asked calmly, pushing down an unpleasant feeling in her chest.

"I'll do it, maybe not happily, but willingly. If I lose against Riser, I owe Kuro nothing, I can only gain from this deal. Five years from now I'll be completely free, with a powerful Peerage no less," Rias said simply, head held high.

"Fair enough, I just hope you know what you're doing," Sona replied, hiding her scowl as she turned back to the fight.

"Me too," Rias admitted quietly, making her smile slightly.

She'd be lying if she said she didn't have a small crush on Kuro, the fact that he paid more attention to her than Rias was a nice change. She often got ignored by boys growing up in favour of her more developed friend. Male devils apparently rather liked large breasts.

Heading back to the school after the sparring session was over, she admitted that she was slightly jealous, both of Rias's new peerage member and the fact that she'd be able to get closer to Kuro.

Obviously she had no interest in becoming a maid, she had her pride and wasn't in such a desperate situation that she'd submit to him like that, but she couldn't deny she'd considered him a potential suitor.

He was powerful, seemed rather intelligent, and already had a considerable amount of political sway, plus his looks meant he'd make a fine husband. Her own ambitions would benefit from having someone like Kuro as her partner. Someone who wouldn't mind her opening her dream school and could protect her from the backlash from those who would object to her plans.

Biting her lip slightly, she grabbed her phone and typed in Kuro's number which she got from her sister. Serafall's knowing smirk had been annoying but it was probably worth dealing with her sister's teasing.

"Hello, Miss Sitri," Kuro answered after a moment, making her blink in confusion. She'd never called him before, nor should he be expecting her call. "Your sister gave me your number, along with several pictures of you and a demand to be nice to her precious Sona-tan."

"Of course she did," Sona sighed, hearing a deep chuckle come over the line.

…what pictures had Serafall given to Kuro?

"She speaks fondly of you, but you didn't call me to talk about Serafall. So, what can I do for you?" Kuro asked calmly.

"I'm calling to inquire about your prices, specifically how much a custom made Peerage would cost. Allow me to just say that I have no interest in working off the cost as a maid," Sona said seriously, making him chuckle again.

"Ahh, you've been speaking to Rias? Normally the cost wouldn't be so high, but Rias wanted a Bishop capable of countering Riser's regeneration and that means making one that can use the Gaap family magic, I shouldn't have to tell you why that's such a costly request," Kuro replied easily, making her eyes widen slightly. "Still, it's a shame. You'd look adorable in a maid uniform."

"I see, I already have two Bishops so that won't be an issue," Sona replied calmly, shaking off her blush as she realised just why Rias said the deal was generous.

"As for my price, well I suppose that depends on what exactly you want. You know your Peerage best after all, so why don't you draw up some ideas for what you want, then send them to me, and I can decide how much they'll cost," Kuro offered, making her smile slightly. "Or tell you if it's outside my current abilities."

"Very well, I'll contact you again when I have a better idea of what I want," Sona said, a small smile growing on her face.

She'd have to give some thought as to exactly what she wanted, devils didn't usually get to custom design their own Peerage members after all.

"Of course, will that be all?" Kuro asked calmly.

"For now, Kuro, for now," Sona replied as a smile slowly grew on her face.

"Then I'll look forward to your call, Sona," Kuro said before pausing. "Also, your birthmark is incredibly cute."

As he ended the call, she stared at her phone with a growing blush.

She did have a birthmark, and now she had a much better idea of what pictures Serafall had shown him, because it wasn't one that could be seen if she had her clothes on.

Damn it Serafall, what the hell was her idiot sister playing at?!

Kuro Dantalion

"My apologies for the disruption, Serafall," I reply easily, looking over the table at the giggling older sister.

"It's fine, I don't mind having to wait when it's for Sona-tan!" Serafall replies easily, before she tilts her head. "Whatever the price is, I'll pay half for Sona's order, though don't tell her that."

"You think she won't realise? She doesn't strike me as naive or foolish, it won't take her long to realise that she was charged far less than other people when I open this little business up to the Underworld," I point out as she nods in agreement.

"True, but I'm still paying half. If she works it out you can admit it, but I like spoiling her, even if she doesn't like being spoiled," Serafall states firmly, making me chuckle.

"She does strike me as someone who wants to earn her own way through life, which is admirable," I say lazily, seeing Serafall beam happily as I praise her sister. "But you didn't ask to meet with me to gossip about your sister, as fun as it may be. So, is this about my creations or my new home?"

"Yes, and more," Serafall replies simply, making me chuckle. "But firstly, you plan to sell your monsters to other devils?"

"I do, though I have no plans to spend all my days making monsters, so it'll probably be on a commission basis and only when I feel like it," I admit, making her nod.

"I imagine there'll be a rather high demand, my spies in Kuoh have already seen this Seona, she's very impressive, especially for a member of a younger devils Peerage. I imagine you'll get no end of requests from Lord's and Lady's who have children about to start their own Peerage," Serafall says, making me shrug idly.

Of course she and Sirzechs have spies in Kuoh, no surprises there.

"Then I hope they find me in a good mood, and with enough free time and motivation to accept their order," I reply simply, making her giggle slightly, even as she frowns.

"Most Lords don't like being told no, even by another Lord," Serafall warns.

"That's a shame, but I also plan to restart my family's business selling Wards, and possibly My Alchemical creations and Enchantments as well," I admit easily, watching her eyes widen. "So I'm going to be busy."

"Enchantment? Alchemy? I've never heard of any of your lineages practicing those." Serafall says inquisitively, her tone questioning as I smile.

"Surely you don't expect me to tell you all my secrets?" I reply easily. "I'm still learning to be honest, but I learn very quickly," I say, pulling out a small dagger and tossing it onto the table between us, watching her pick it up, her eyes narrowing slightly as the blade becomes engulfed in flame.

"And alchemy?" Serafall asks, making me smirk as I pull out a small vial of blue liquid, glowing with a dim light.

"The basics for now, that's a potion of mana restoration, I have stamina and health versions as well. Don't worry, I'm not planning on pissing off the Phenex family by muscling in on their monopoly." I say as her eyes widen. "Which is probably why I have a very polite letter from Rayna Phenex asking for a meeting, I am a popular man, aren't I?"

"Indeed." Sera replies simply, her mind clearly moving fast.

Serafall Leviathan

Kuro was making her life infinitely more difficult, and she couldn't even be upset.

If Kuro was just selling Wards, he'd be a valuable asset to the Devil race, both in case of war and for negotiations with the other races.

Then he started making monsters like his ancestor, and that made him even more valuable should the worst happen.

And now he had alchemy and enchanted items which just added to the benefit he offered to whatever group he was a part of.

And that scared her. The Old Satan faction was already trying to whisper in his ear, and she suddenly had a terrible image of the Old Satan faction hiding away in another dimension, protected by powerful wards, growing stronger as Kuro supplied them with monsters, potions and artefacts.

It might just give them the confidence they needed for a second civil war, and that was a major problem that she needed to put a stop to.

But she couldn't tell him not to listen to them, to tell him to stop talking to his last surviving family member, that'd just push him into Katarea's arms.

"You are certainly a man of many, many talents, Kuro." Serafall finally said, making him chuckle,

"I'm a man who is easily bored, so I move from subject to subject to keep myself entertained." Kuro admitted easily, making her chuckle.

"Have you considered starting your own official business? I could push the paperwork through easily enough and it'll give you a level of protection and security you won't have when doing business independently, it's what the Phenex's do to sell their Tears," Serafall suggested, making him pause in thought.

Anything that increased his ties to the current government would help immensely.

"I'll consider it, can you send the paperwork and relevant information to me, I'll do my own research as well of course." Kuro said calmly, making her nod even as she forced down a frown.

His father was far more trusting, but she supposed that was understandable given what Iaxes's trust led to.

"I will, now if I may… how in the Underworld did you manage to make an entire new dimension?" Serafall asked, making him chuckle.

"Again, you don't expect me to give up all my secrets do you? It's family magic, that's all I have to say." Kuro replied, making her back off reluctantly.

That just made her even more worried, because no one in his lineage that she knew about could use dimensional magic.

She only knew of two types of people who could do what Kuro did, the Gods and Lucifer himself.

And people were starting to talk.

That was the last thing they needed, not only because there was the chance Rizevim Lucifer would take offence, or just take interest in general. She was incredibly thankful that the old sociopath had no interest in ruling or joining the Old Satan faction in their endeavours.

"Fair enough, you certainly drew a lot of attention your way with this litre trick, but I suppose the additional security it gives you is worth it." Serafall said, making him chuckle.

"It was, though you were wrong by the way. The wards are damaged, but I'm sure I can repair them back to their full power soon enough." Kuro said idly, making her eyes widen once more.

Which would mean he wouldn't need any protection and she had one less thing to offer him.

"Ahh, curious that your father seemed certain he couldn't fix them." she replied, making Kuro shrug.

"Perhaps he couldn't, but that says more about him than it does me. Izan Dantalion left everything I need to repair them, I just need time and I've bought that with my 'little trick'." Kuro replied easily, making her nod in agreement.

That either meant that Kuro was a genius, or it meant that Iaxes was lying about not being able to fix them, and while she didn't know Kuro's father well, he didn't strike her as incompetent.

"Anyway, I have a question of my own." Kuro said, making her look up in curiosity. "You want me to continue the plans my parents had before their deaths, that much is clear, so… do you want to marry me?" Kuro asked, making her pause, deciding how to answer this.

Kuro was smarter than he acted and he was good at reading people, so after a moment she decided to go with blunt honesty.

"Honestly? No. You're not my type, don't take it personally but I prefer the fairer sex. I don't want to marry you, but I also know that the benefits of becoming Lady Leviathan legitimately would far outweigh my desires." Serafall admitted, making Kuro's lips twitch. "So no, I don't want to, but yes I hope to convince you to marry me regardless."

"Don't worry, I'm not that easily offended. After all, I prefer the fairer sex as well, and I can't fault good taste." Kuro quipped, making her giggle slightly. "Then why show me pictures of Sona?"

"Because I want you to make her your mistress." Serafall admitted, watching his eyebrow raise.

"Oh?" Kuro asked, making her sigh.

"Because Sona has her own ambitions, beyond just being Lady Sitri, and she could accomplish them more easily as your mistress, without father bothering her or trying to marry her off," Serafall admitted, deciding to remain truthful. "It could be centuries before either of my parents want to retire, so there's no rush in her becoming Lady Sitri, and if she remains your mistress you can just marry her and become Lord Sitri beside her. Or if she chooses to not become Lady Sitri, and my father wouldn't turn his nose up at a new Heir born between us, a Super-class Devil and the descendant of the original Leviathan."

It wasn't like there was a limit on how many times someone could marry, why would they care for the rules of the Church after all. There was one devil who'd married all fifteen members of his Peerage.

The only limit was that only one woman could become the Lady of each of Kuro's family houses.

"Oh? So I'm not your type, but you plan to have my child?" Kuro asked, a smirk on his face as she rolled her eyes.

"If I become your wife, I don't plan to shy away from my… marital duties, so unless you aren't attracted to me or doubt your fertility I imagine it'd only be a matter of time," Serafall said bluntly, watching as his eyes wandered her body for a moment.

"Fair enough, and what does Sona think of this little plan of yours?" Kuro asked.

"She doesn't know, and I don't plan on forcing her to do anything, I just want to give her a way out before she finds herself stuck in a similar position to Rias." Serafall replied calmly.

"Fair enough, and I can't say I'm not interested. Sona is a beautiful woman," Kuro agreed, making her smile slightly.

"But I do have more to discuss with you, so if I can get back on topic. I need to ask you bluntly, do you plan on joining either the Old Satan Faction or the current government any time soon?" Serafall asked seriously, making him straighten up.

"Perhaps eventually, but I'm in no rush to join either any time soon. I'm still going over my options, before I rush into anything," Kuro replied easily, making her sigh.

"Reasonable, but also a bit of an issue. To put it simply, you currently exist in something of a legal gray area, you're the lord of three separate devil houses and yet you aren't a part of the Pillars. This normally wouldn't be a problem, but several factions have expressed an interest in meeting with you, which puts me in an awkward position as the Satan of Foreign Affairs," Serafall admitted, making his eyebrow raise abruptly.

"Oh? And who exactly wants to meet with me? I haven't met with anyone outside of the Devils, and as far as I'm aware neither did my parents," Kuro replied in curiosity.

"So far Yasaka of the Youkai Faction, Azazel of the Grigori, Queen Carmilla of the Carmilla Vampires and perhaps most surprisingly, Griselda Quarta as a representative of the Church have all requested to meet with you. Ordinarily, I'd be thrilled to have four factions wanting to open negotiations, but I can't speak for you and that puts me in a very awkward position," Serafall said calmly, laying her cards out on the table. "Relations between the Three Great Factions are tense, to say the least, and we can't risk this being the spark that ignites the war. The Youkai have had cool relations with us due to some Devils kidnapping Youkai for their Peerages, and the Vampires have always kept to themselves. This is a massive opportunity for our people, and I can't take advantage of it without your help."

"Hm, I'm going to take a wild guess that the Church wants Excalibur Rapidly back? And Azazel probably wants to talk about how I stole the Boosted Gear, everything I've heard about him says he has a massive interest in them." Kuro guessed, making her nod.

"That's about what I've managed to work out as well. There are rumours that somebody has stolen several of the Excalibur's, the church is likely desperate to get their hands on one of the lost ones that they know where to find. Azazel is probably the one I'm worried about the least, he's done a lot to make his faction keep the peace so he probably just wants to examine Boosted Gear and discuss your methods," Serafall agreed. "I don't know what Yasaka wants, but there are rumours that Gaap himself was the original creator of the vampires, so I have theories on why Carmilla wants to meet with you. Rumours say that the Carmilla faction is losing to the Tepes faction, so she may be hoping to use you against the male vampires."

"Fun, fun, fun. I see the problem, you can't stonewall them without risking a diplomatic incident, but you can't arrange any meetings since you can't guarantee I'd go along with it," Kuro said, rubbing his chin. "Fine, you can arrange the meeting, and attend it with me, but you don't get to agree to anything involving me or my property without my permission. A war would be inconvenient for me as well."

Smiling at Kuro, she let out a sigh of relief. With every sentence Kuro was making her a little more hopeful. He didn't have the warhawk mindset of the Old Satan faction who seemed to think they should be fighting everyone, seeing the peace as a sign of their weakness.

"I won't, don't worry. I'll make sure you're free on the day the meetings are arranged as well, they want to meet with you so it gives us a lot of leeway to work with," Serafall promised, smiling happily.

She didn't expect this to lead to world peace, but it was a good start. Of course she also wasn't naive enough to think that Kuro wasn't going to make sure he got the most of this, from both her and the other factions.

"Well, if nothing else this should be… interesting?" Kuro deadpanned as she rose up to her feet, watching Kuro do the same.

"That's one way to put it," Serafall agreed with a giggle. "I have work to do, though I'm glad we came to an agreement so easily." she said as she offered him a hand, surprised when he took it and pulled her into a hug instead, her body pressed against his, reminding her that he was quite a bit taller than her.

Not that it was hard to be so when she was barely 5'3.

Looking up at him, she gave him a stern look as his hands slipped under her small pink skirt, gently caressing her backside

"You remember that I'm a Satan, right? That's the ass of a Satan you're playing with," Serafall scolded, making him chuckle.

"A Satan who hopes to marry me, who plans to have my baby," Kuro replied, slipping his fingers beneath her plain white panties and groping her bare buttocks as she pouted up at him.

She knew what he was doing, he was testing what she'd let him get away with, and unfortunately, the answer was 'a lot.'

And as she didn't stop his molestation, he smirked and leaned down, capturing her lips in a swift but fierce kiss, a quiet moan leaving her mouth as he played with her booty.

She was probably the only Satan in existence to get molested, but she needed Kuro enough that she didn't really have cause to stop him.

"Myuu~ That's mean, taking advantage of a poor defenceless woman like that," Serafall said, dropping into her Levia-tan voice as Kuro chuckled and let her go.

"Nothing so mean, I'm just seeing if I want to spend the rest of my life with you, it's not like either of us have time to date the old fashioned way," Kuro replied with a chuckle, stroking her chin as she pouted up at him.

"Fair enough, but you could have warned me before getting all grabby," Serafall said, smirking slightly as she glanced down at the slight tent in his pants. "So, did you enjoy groping the strongest female devil?"

"I did, and as much as I'd love to do it again, I think we both have things to do," Kuro said lazily, giving her a slight smirk as she rolled her eyes.

"That we do, it's been a pleasure, Kuro," Serafall said. She'd accept a bit of groping for all the information and potential benefits this meeting had gotten her.

Plus, it looked like Plan Sitri-Sister Wives was a go!

Kuro Dantalion

"Serafall is right, I did make the first vampire. Blood magic is one of the schools of magic our family practices, and creating that particular branch of undead was one of my plans to inconvenience the Church during the Great War. I made two powerful Vampires and set them loose on the mortal realm. I can't say I'm surprised Vlad and Carmilla ended up at war with each other, they never got along, both so competitive and eager for my approval. Though it's been a great many years, they may have changed," Nys confirmed as I nodded.

I've basically told her everything that happened, because I like having an advisor and I want to get to know her better.

Both as family, and so I can decide whether she can be trusted.

"So, if you had to guess, what does she want?" I ask, looking over at her. We've moved to the family living room, both lounging on the couch as she thinks.

"Carmilla is prideful and arrogant, but she also hates asking other people for anything. If I had to guess, I'd say Vlad is winning their war and she's getting desperate. One issue is that they were bound to me by blood, blood I no longer have. They would have been freed from the compulsion to serve me long ago," Nys admitted, making me nod seriously.

"I can't risk you being there during the first meeting, not with Serafall there, but perhaps at a later meeting we can reveal your presence to her. It depends on how she acts," I say with a tired sigh, making her nod with a small smile.

"Indeed, truly you are a busy and popular man, darling," Nys teases, placing a hand on my leg. "You should spend some time resting, you're overworking yourself."

"I have three families to rebuild from the ground up, stolen land to reclaim, a business to start, and a mystery to solve. I think I'm going to be busy for a good while yet," I say with a sigh.

"Well, I'm here to help you, with two of your problems to start with," Nys says, smiling at me. "I've given your mystery assassins some thought, and I have a bit of a theory."

"Oh?" I ask, looking over at her with curiosity.

"I don't believe the devils were enslaved, most people remember their time enthralled, even if they wish they could forget. But I do have an idea about why they can't remember attacking you," Nys says, sighing slightly. "It could be because they were possessed by summoned spirits, their own souls torn out of their bodies to make room. I think a surviving Gaap is responsible for the attack, perhaps they saw your parents negotiating with the new Satans as a betrayal, since I died fighting those same Satans. It's just a theory, but it'd explain why your killers were so incompetent, they didn't want to kill you as you had nothing to do with the negotiations."

"At the time," I deadpan, making her nod.

"Unfortunately yes, it does leave a good few unanswered questions, where they've been, why they never tried to claim the Lord or Ladyship themselves, but I did a small blood magic ritual, since you made this body have blood so I could use our family magic, and I managed to confirm that there are currently three Gaap's alive. Me, you, and a mysterious one who I believe is our culprit."

"Hm, I don't suppose you're able to track them down?" I ask, making her shake her head.

"Our culprit is skilled, they noticed my probing and have hidden themselves, there are ways to hide yourself from the blood rituals, which also means they're also talented with blood magic. Since you have the Grimoire, I can only assume they studied before the attack on the Gaap lands that made your mother flee and make a deal with your grandfather for protection," Nys explained, making me sigh.

And now that I'm making deals with the new Satans, I might find myself on their hit list.

"Thank you all the same, it's good to have a better idea of who probably wants me dead," I say, making her smile.

"Of course, darling. I want to see our family flourish, and that means I need you alive," Nys says, stroking my cheek with a fond smile. "Now, onto the second way I can help you, honey. As I said, you're getting stressed from all this work," she continues as she reaches down and gently undoes my belt, giving me a smile.

"Oh, and you have a plan to deal with that," I reply, giving her a look as she moves onto my trousers and gently grasping my rapidly hardening cock.

"Of course, I can't leave my Lord all pent up when I can help you so easily, darling," Nys says as she lowers her head to my lap, her lips parting as she starts to wrap them around my length, my hand immediately going to her head as I thread my fingers into her long white locks.

Well, if she wants to get into my good graces, she's caught on to the best way.

Groaning as I feel her rubbing her tongue along my length, her mouth a vacuum as she gently bobs her head, her hand skilfully fondling my balls.

She's good at this, very good. Leaning back with a groan I decide to just enjoy the moment, stroking her hair as she pleasures me.

After a few minutes she moves from the couch, kneeling between my legs, grabbing her dark green dress and pulling it down, revealing her large chocolate breasts as she smiles up at me, a bit of drool on her lips as she moves forwards, wrapping my length between them.

"Just sit back and enjoy yourself, dear. It won't do to have you all pent up, you'll make silly decisions when women try to guide you by your second head, Carmilla will definitely try, and so will many others," Nys warns as she bounces her chest, my dick trapped in her expansive cleavage.

She isn't wrong, even if I don't think I'm that easily controlled. I want Serafall to think I'm the kind of guy who thinks with his dick because the more people underestimate me, the better,

"So you'll take care of my needs yourself?" I ask, making her smile as she kisses the tip of my cock as it peeks out from her cleavage.

"As often as you wish, you're the Lord of the family after all, as small as it may be, and the members of this family are yours to command," Nys agreed calmly, drooling onto her cleavage to lubricate my passage. "Why, I had this adorable daughter who I kept around to see to my own needs, she could do this wonderful little thing with her tongue~"

Ahh, that's where this is going,

"And you don't mind being on the other end of it?" I ask, making her smirk up at me as she speeds up.

"I don't, the Lord of the family rules over all, I live again because of you darling, this body was made by you. Why would I take offence to you wanting me to use it for your pleasure?" Nys giggles, a groan leaving me as she pushes her breasts together, my shaft twitching as she slows down and moves back, grasping my length and stroking it as she brings me to completion.

As I cum, she takes it without even flinching as it strikes her face and breasts, the white seed contrasting beautifully with her darker skin, some landing on her lips, smearing her green lipstick as she licks it up.

"Delicious, I wonder did you fleshcraft yourself to make it taste so sweet or is it natural?" Nys asks curiosity.

"It's a little spell I made, part of a branch of magic I'm developing called Eromancy," I admit, a half truth but close enough as she giggles.

"Ahh, sex magic? I can't say I'm truly surprised," Nys says as she rises to her feet, her breasts jiggling as she does so. "Now, if there is nothing else my dear, I'm going to get back to trying to wake up the dumb slut in your basement. You know, if you ever want some variety, Lalatina wouldn't even mind you taking advantage of her unconscious body, honestly she'd probably be offended that you didn't."

"…Your friend seems like an interesting one." I reply after a moment, making her laugh.

"Oh, honey, you have no idea."

As she leaves, I smile to myself. I think I have an idea about what she's trying to do. We've talked about the Civil War in good detail, and she told me why she sided with the Original Satans.

The Rebels threatened her way of life, where Lords ruled over their territory with zero oversight from the Satans.

Lucifer didn't care what anyone was doing as long as it didn't affect him, Lords and Ladies could do whatever they wanted to whoever they wanted as long as it was on their territory.

In the past, Zeoticus could have forced Rias to marry and bed Riser before she even reached her teens, and nobody would have batted an eye, they had none of the 'humanity' that has sneaked into devil society over the past few centuries.

Nys fought to defend her right to rule her territory however she pleased, not for Lucifer. The Gaap territory had no peasants on it, because Nys herself turned them all into monsters and often kidnapped humans, fallen, angels and just about every other race to fuel her magical experiments, and the rebels would have stopped her for the sake of peace.

Lucifer would have let her continue because he didn't want peace, he wanted Devils to rule over every other race, and Nys agreed with him even though she didn't like Lucifer himself.

She wants me to indulge in the mindset that Lords can do what they want. Fortunately for her, I do like doing whatever I want.

But as I feel someone 'knocking' on the Wards, I stand up with a smile.

It's time to meet my new maids.

Koneko Toujou

Walking around the massive mansion, her nose twitched as she picked up the scent of something enticing.

She didn't know what to think about her King's deal, and she wasn't fond of the idea of spending five years cleaning up after Kuro, but she'd do it if it helped Rias.

Plus, Seona seemed fond of her creator, and her new fellow Rook seemed like a good judge of character.

She'd actually finished cleaning the room she'd been assigned to first, because Rias and Akeno might act like ladies but they weren't exactly neat.

Their own rooms were messy, so how they thought they'd be able to be maids, she didn't know.

So with the room Rias asked her to handle clean, she'd decided to explore the place and learn the layout, it was an easy place to get lost in after all.

Finding her way to the kitchen, she peeked in and spotted Kuro himself at the oven, clearly more alert than his lazy face suggested as he immediately turned around and gave her a grin.

Rias had repeatedly told her that while she was supposed to do what he told her to do, unless it was sexual then she could disobey and should tell Rias immediately.

"Hey, Koneko right?" Kuro asked as she walked into the room, glancing at the tray of cookies he was pulling out of the oven with a pang of growing hunger. "We didn't get a chance to speak before, have you settled in alright?"

Cleaning was hard work after all. School was harder though, she'd rather clean rooms than spend time at Kuoh, with people watching her and whispering about her when they didn't think she could hear.

"Yes," Koneko replied simply, she'd been given a new room here as well, it was big, fancy as well.

But it was just a room, she liked the big soft bed though.

"That's good to hear, I'm just making some snacks to keep me going while I study. I'm reading up on the Shinto pantheon before I summon Izanami," Kuro explained.

…did she ask?

"For Akeno?" Koneko asked after a moment, making him nod. "You're bringing her mother back."

"I am, hopefully. Gods can be fickle after all," Kuro said as he placed the tray down.

She could barely remember her own mother, maybe that's why she didn't have the same longing Akeno had. How could she miss what she couldn't remember?

"Good luck," Koneko said simply, it mattered to Akeno so it mattered to her as well.

As Kuro chuckled, he reached out and patted her head gently, making her perk up slightly before she scowled lightly at him.

"Heh, sorry. Couldn't help myself, you have a very pattable head," Kuro said, teasingly as she stared up at him blankly. "Here, this is why you came to the kitchen right?" Kuro said, grabbing one of the cookies and holding it out for her.

Blinking, she slowly reached out and took it, nibbling at the edge before her eyes widened slightly.

"Heh, surprised? We didn't have a chef so I learnt to cook and bake myself, it was either that or eat badly cooked food for years," Kuro explained as she nodded seriously, munching down on the cookie.

Food was important, especially well cooked food, especially cookies.

As he patted her head again, she gave a smaller scowl before he gave her another cookie.

A trade then?

Taking the cookie, she pouted slightly as he chuckled, her nekoshou ears popping out and betraying her enjoyment of his gentle ministrations.

As she finished her cookie, and he didn't stop stroking her hair, she grabbed another cookie and gave him a challenging look.

As he chuckled, she nodded.

They'd come to an agreement.

Rias Gremory

Kuro's home was truly impressive, it amused her to know that her father would be jealous of Kuro's mansion, but it also meant there was quite a lot of work to do.

Not that she was expected to clean the entire place with just Akeno and Koneko, most of the rooms were closed off and locked since they weren't being used and Kuro planned to get more maids in the near future to handle the bulk of the work.

She'd also met Nys, which had been a surprise since she didn't realise any of the Gaap family had survived, but she seemed nice enough.

But she'd asked Koneko to clean one of the meeting rooms, and that was hours ago.

So where was Koneko?

Maybe she was being paranoid, why would Kuro do anything to Koneko when she was the one of them he wasn't allowed to take advantage of? But as the hours passed she found herself panicking, and that meant searching the mansion for Koneko or Kuro.

Of course, it turned out she was searching the wrong place entirely, and as she finally resorted to searching the grounds (making sure not to annoy the Minotaur groundskeepers), she eventually tracked down her missing Rook.

Giggling to herself, she pulled her phone and snapped a picture of the pair, realising she was worried for nothing as she looked over them.

Napping against one of the trees in the large garden was Kuro, and with her head in his lap was Koneko herself, cat ears and tail on display as they rested.

She could spot an open book on the Shinto gods beside them and a small pile of different books on mythology next to them, and more importantly the large crumb-covered tray with a single half-eaten cookie resting on it.

Well, it was a nice day, Kuro apparently controlled the weather in his place and it was nice and sunny with a refreshing breeze. She could see the appeal in taking a nap.

But wait, did that mean Koneko had been eating cookies and napping while she had been searching the house and cleaning?

…she'd let her off with it this time, but only because she looked adorable and she'd feel guilty waking them up.

Bonus Scene - Yasaka

"I'm glad we could come to an agreement, Satan Leviathan," Yasaka said calmly, her tails swishing behind her as she smiled, saying her goodbyes and ending the call.

And not a moment too soon, as they'd had another attempted infiltration not two days ago.

She didn't know who these invaders were, but their ability to mask their presence from even her powers was incredibly concerning, and told her that she had a traitor in her midst as they couldn't have pulled off their repeated attempts to infiltrate her lands without inside help.

Raikou killed all but one of them, and that one had died when she attempted to interrogate them. Humans, Devils and even some Youkai she didn't recognise, a strange combination and she had no idea who they worked for.

But she knew what they wanted because one of the more recent groups had been carrying a picture of Kunou.

They were targeting her daughter, which meant they wanted her but knew she was too strong to be attacked directly.

Which made the existence of a traitor all the more worrying, she had no idea who she could trust.

So when she heard that the Dantalion's had returned, she decided to take a chance and reach out to Serafall and request a meeting.

But plans had changed, and while she still wanted the infamous Dantalion Wards around her territory, she had bigger desires now.

Kuro Dantalion took his entire estate and simply moved it to another dimension, and that was the greatest defence of all.

It would be complicated, especially with her connection to the Leylines that ran through Kyoto, but it could theoretically be done.

The Shinto Pantheon had managed it, connecting the Leylines around Japan to their own heavenly dimension, and she had a strong enough connection to do the same thing if Kuro could move the Youkai territory into its own dimension.

They'd be much safer, the Youkai would have a secure place away from the other factions where they could grow, live and thrive.

And she even had a plan for how to solidify relationships between their factions.

Political marriages were all the rage for devils. And while her position meant she couldn't marry, she had too many different Youkai factions to balance under her and if she married someone from any of them the others would be angered, they would certainly be outraged if she married an outsider.

But Kunou was a different story, and by marrying Kunou off to Kuro Dantalion she'd be securing an alliance between her faction and one of the strongest factions, giving her people a far more secure home, and placing her daughter out of the reach of her would-be kidnappers.

Yes, it was all coming together. Maybe if everything went well she'd even give Kunou a new sibling, surely a devil descended from a Leviathan who had Boosted Gear would have some powerful seed.

Elsewhere, a black-haired cat girl sneezed, then perked up with a scowl. Someone somewhere was stealing her thing.

New Skills

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