Author's Notes

Hello, everyone, if you've made it this far then I, once again, would like to thank you. So last time, the climactic battle between Jewel and Amber was about to start, and the truth had been laid out completely. Amber, had been not only abused by her father through strict training regiments but missed out on a good portion of her childhood through Eduardo's training. She was always meant to lead the Spix's Macaw race into the future safely... but Jewel leading the humans back to the nest robbed her of everything she had suffered for. Not only that, but Jewel hadn't heard Amber's cries for help that night, so Amber felt abandoned. Still, the irony on the stuff she's doing now, wasn't lost on Jewel. She straight-up declared that Amber had lost her way as a good creature. But thing's didn't stop there, Amber revealed that she has been under a death curse, either she gets her revenge or she'll crumble away into dust. Her shadow mark of vengeance is robbing her of her strength, a little more every day. Now the question is, who will come out the winner of this battle? Jewel or Amber? As Freddy vs Jason says, place your bets!


The battle raged on between the two combatants. Amber charged forward, and with all the force she could muster, swung her wing straight into Jewel's unprotected gut. Jewel winced on impact. She let out an audible gasp as her breath escaped from the open crevice of her beak. The full extent of the damage surged through her whole body, filling her muscles with the devastation of a thousand broken bones. Without warning, she flew back, landing on her back with a sickening thud. She groaned as she struggled to her talons, before collapsing once more; this time land face down on the ground.

Blu's eyes widened in horror at the sight. He couldn't stand seeing the love of his life being injured by such a wicked creature. His wings trembled as his anger surged and boiled just beneath the surface. Every fiber of his being filled with an unbridled hatred towards everything that Amber stood for, and an urgency to step in and assist Jewel. His eyes drew to Amber. The evil female did not even appear to be winded from her ferocious assault. Her mark glowed brightly as it continued to feed on her spirit. Its power coursed through her veins, illuminating every blood vessel within her body. It brought out a monstrous appearance upon her face, which intensified as her beak curled into a vicious smile.

Then it hit him! Amber was so preoccupied with Jewel that she had taken her eyes off of him. He could easily step in and take her by surprise. All it would take was one swift moment, and Jewel could gain the upper hand. No! He shook his head, cringing as he silently told himself off. He had promised Jewel that he would not interfere. He needed to trust that she would finish this. He turned to Jewel and called out to her.

"Are you okay? Get up!"

Jewel forced a confident smile, wiping the blood from her open beak. She panted as she once again struggled to lift herself off the ground. Her chest bobbed in and out as she gasped for any desperate breaths of air. Blu could tell immediately that she was seriously hurt and reaching her limit, but she kept it hidden behind her usual cocky and headstrong attitude.

"I'm fine," she gasped, speaking in between her struggled breaths. "It will take a lot more than that to keep me down."

"Amusing," Amber shrugged. "But you are quite foolish. You can hardly stand. Just give in and it will be less painful for you when you die. It's only a matter of time. I'm fighting for my life here, and I have waited years for this moment. I will not let this curse destroy my body and crumble it into dust. I will not let myself die because I cannot take you down. So just give in, will you? I am so done with playing around with you!"

Amber charged forward, slamming her wings straight into the unprotected body of her sister. Jewel flew back a few inches, landing on her back with a sickening crunch. Amber did not waste a second. As quickly as Jewel had landed, she slammed her talon down upon Jewel's throat and squeezed her talon tight. Jewel screamed, gurgling as she struggled to breathe. Amber stomped her spare talon down upon Jewel's wing, damaging the recently healed tendon. Jewel screamed as her body filled with an intense searing pain.

"How does it feel, eh?" Amber asked. "It would be a lot less painful if you gave in and simply died!"

Blu could not sit back any longer. He charged forward, and with a swing of his wing, landed a punch right in Amber's face. The female macaw stumbled back before falling to the ground. He spread his wings wide and placed his talons upon his sister-in-law's throat. He glared at Jewel, who looked up, too dumbstruck to realize what had just happened. She had never seen such intensity from the Spix's Macaw before. She had never seen this side of his serious nature. He fought like a demon straight from the pit of Hell. She remained speechless as she began gasping for air.

"Are you okay?" he asked, shifting his eyes back to her for a quick second before refocusing back upon his captive.

"Yeah," Jewel nodded, "I just got careless, thanks for the help."

Blu and Jewel stood together, their eyes hardening as they each pinned one piece of her robe down with one talon and a wing down with the other. Blu shifted his weight, making sure that the female macaw could not get away. His eyes focused upon Jewel as she spit with disgust and pointed an accusing wing at her sister.

"I have got news for you, Amber," she said. "Your petty revenge will not happen. You have lost. But there are many more important things than that. You haven't just lost this battle, you have lost your way as a good creature. You are not the bird who was once my sister. I am deeply sorry for your past, but mine was not easy either. I got used by men. I was beaten and sexually assaulted after being knocked unconscious and locked in a room. I never once thought of revenge. Instead, I bettered my life, and it brought me to Blu. I am proud of what my life has become. Meanwhile, what do you have? I'll tell you what you have. You have nothing except your little glowing mark and a desire for something that has corrupted and destroyed you. Your death curse would not be eating you from the inside out if you had never wanted revenge in the first place. Your fate is all your fault, don't blame anyone except yourself and your decisions!"

"No," Amber screeched, "You're the one who has lost this fight."

Amber threw all of her weight into the air, throwing both macaws away from her. Her white robe flew into the air like a missile only to just as quickly land back upon her talons. Her eyes glistened as she raised a wing and pointed it accusingly towards her sister.

"I have waited too long for this one moment." She spit with disgust. "I have waited too long to see that you suffer for what you did to our family."

Blu held out a wing. "Amber, what would your family say if they saw you acting this way? Your story was all about your father trying to get you to lead your tribe safely into the future. What would he say about you destroying what is one of the few members of your family left? What would your three new nieces or nephews say if they saw their aunt acting this way? This is their mother. They need her. You need to let go of your hate and your desire for revenge. It will only destroy you. Everything you have been through can be chopped up into a life lesson. Tragedy happens but you don't need to correct it, you need to learn from it and move on."

The shadow mark Amber possessed upon her wing flickered for a moment before the light died off. She stood freed of her curse, freed of the influence, and freed from the hatred. She could feel her heart lurch to life once more than the wonderful memories and the pleasant dreams of one day having a meaningful relationship with her sister came surging back. The blackness of her bloodshot eyes reverted to their original state.

"You're right," Amber lowered her head. "I'm so sorry for everything I have done, Jewel. I was fed lies and, upon accepting them, I ended up losing my way. I was tricked into obtaining a curse that would destroy me if I did not achieve my desire for revenge. In doing that, I brought a lot of hatred and cruelty into your life. My plans for revenge will never come true because…"

"Yes, it will," a voice called from the trees. Roger jumped down, landing upon his talons. He glared at Amber and shook his head. "You've failed."

Amber could feel her energy drain from her body as fear engulfed her. Roger's glare seemed so intimidating that it sent shivers down her spine. For the first time, Amber could see Roger for what he truly was, a demonic-looking scarlet macaw with a shadow mark of his very own. His face no longer resembled the kindhearted bird she had met during her childhood, but his pitch black and bloodshot eyes almost seemed to gaze into her soul.

"Poor, poor, Amber," Roger shook his head. "You were so close, but in the end, you just couldn't cut it. You have no further use for our cause, so you must be destroyed." He laughed as he pulled his robe from his body. He stared at the three Spix's Macaws with a wicked smile and an amused look in his eyes. "Finally, I have all three of the last living Spix's Macaws exactly where I want you, and all it took was for me to have affected every single one of your lives… all three of you… you three don't even know of your importance or you would be an enormous threat to our plans. It is best to get rid of you now, while I still have the chance."

"Affected?" Jewel echoed. She hung her head back in a confused stare. "I don't understand."

Roger cackled and pointed a wing to Jewel. A scheming smile blanketed his face as he spoke and recalled the moment of her family's destruction, back when he had corrupted Amber to the cause of the group of robed creatures.

"Who do you think lured the humans to your little home, Jewel?" he asked. "It was me. I was a part of that little logging expedition. I could smell a Spix's Macaw a mile away. You have such a disgusting odor."

Amber's eyes widened in horror as he turned his attention to her. A sinister smile appeared on his face.

"After the tree was cut down, I found that the two little girls were the only survivors. One hid in a tree out of sight, the other laid on the ground, injured. It was easy to fill your head with lies and misinformation about your sister. I told you she was living a good life. In reality, she was not lying about how she went from place to place, getting into fights and got herself assaulted once. They violated her in ways that would haunt anybody. She was living a living nightmare, at least until she met Blu. Then all I had to do was make you accept the cursed mark, which gradually ate away at you, corrupting your thoughts, and making you the perfect pawn and only disposable member of the Dark Robed Society, the truth would never be known until this very moment."

Roger cackled to himself as he watched both female macaws lower their heads. They shed painful tears as they were forced to deal with their lingering regrets. He finally turned to Blu. "Now, finally, there's a matter of you! The minor incident which led you to being captured as a newborn chick, do you remember that?"

Blu's eyes widened as he listened to the macaw's words. He nodded his head. "Yeah, I remember."

"I was the one who tracked you down. My master learned that there was a very rare Spix's Macaw nest in the jungle. We figured if we got you out of the way, it would benefit our plans. The first step, of course, was to deal with your parents. When they went to get breakfast, I picked them off one at a time. You should have seen how they begged and pleaded for their lives. Humans, however, did the rest of the work. They seemed very interested in acquiring you, with no one to protect you, you fell easily into their trap. What I wasn't expecting, however, was how long it would take for you to come back, or why the humans would bring you back. Once we found out that there would be an experiment to breed a pair of Spix's Macaws to pull the species out from the brink of extinction, we decided that now would be the right time to strike."

Blu's face darkened with rage, his eyes slit dangerously. "It was you? You were responsible? You took me from my nest?"

"Oh, come now," Roger chuckled. "If it hadn't been for that one minor incident, then you would never have met Jewel. Do you want to know why? It's because I would have killed you that day, just like how I murdered your parents. The Spix's Macaws would officially be extinct, and we would move onto the next phase of our plan."

Blu would have charged forward but found himself stopped by Amber. Her bloodshot eyes had reverted to being pure and almost friendly. "No," she shook her head. "I need to deal with him myself. You just worry about protecting everyone else."

Roger laughed and spread his wings. He eyed the female confidently. "You're so certain you can defeat me? Fine then, allow me to send you to the afterlife."