It's been almost an hour since the code gray has been announced to every hospital staff, but still nobody had any news about Meredith. The group of doctors all gathered in Meredith's room, all anxious for the woman who disappeared without anyone noticing. Everybody was doing whatever they could, but some reluctantly left as they were pulled for emergency surgeries.

Richard was on the phone with security, asking for any updates. Cristina was staring blankly at the hospital bed, its sheets were messed up, a sign that her person fought only to lose in the end. The other interns tried to call Meredith only to find out that her phone was left inside one of the drawers.

Addison was worried for the blonde, especially after Meredith told her how animalistic Derek was during that night. She fears that if indeed Derek did get to her, he would do something worse, something Addison doesn't even want to think about, something that would make her—them lose Meredith.

She was also furious, because how could people not notice Meredith, leaving the room! She obviously was taken against her will! The redhead would have gone all Satan on the nurses had Richard not intervened, "Addie, calm down, shouting at them will lead us to nothing" he said. So, instead she tried calling Derek, hoping for him to answer, but as always it ended up in voicemail.

Izzie however was not as level headed as Addison, she was the type of person that lets their emotions cloud their thoughts.

"This wouldn't have happened if somebody was with her" the blonde intern harshly whispered. Her eyes were glaring at Addison, who stopped her pacing after hearing the intern's words. She closed her eyes shut, breathing in deeply before facing the still glaring woman.

"Are you saying this was my fault?" she asked, staring intently at Izzie. Everybody was silent and on edge. George held Izzie's arm, as if to stop her from anything that she was planning only for the blonde to shrug him off. As if that could hold her back from speaking to her what has been on her mind since she heard that the attending left Meredith alone, Meredith who is nowhere to be found.

The chief went in between the two women, trying to defuse the situation before it could get any bigger. His plate was already full from Meredith's disappearance, he doesn't need a fight to add to it. "Now ladies, let's not play the blaming game—"

Before he could finish, Izzie scoffed, "Oh I'm not blaming anyone, but if the shoe fits, wear it Cinderelly." She then walked towards Addison, not minding the stern look the chief was throwing at her. Addison on the other hand, stood her ground. She knows that she shouldn't have left Meredith alone, but she knows as well that it wasn't her fault because she did check if there were people around before leaving for a few minutes, and it's not as if she has control over Derek.

"It's just that, we all know it was not a good idea to leave Meredith alone, am I right Dr. Montgomery?" the blonde snarled. It was no secret that she still hates Addison's guts after the quadruplet case, but there was something else in her eyes that they couldn't quite place.

Addison squared her shoulders and spoke "I only left for a few minutes to get her lunch, there were nurses nearby so I was confident that she would be safe—"

"IT DOESN'T CHANGE THE FACT THAT YOU STILL LEFT! NOW LOOK WHAT HAPPENED!" screamed the intern, no longer thinking about the fact that she was screaming at an attending with the chief of surgery in the room. "Why are you here anyways? You're not even her friend, so why are you so worried?" she scoffed, "we all know that you hate her, and you wouldn't mind that she's gone!"

The intern's words felt like a hard slap to the redhead, because she was right, who was she to Meredith anyways… she's just the adulterous wife that stole her McLife—no. Meredith wanted her there, she was her friend, so she had the right to be worried about the blonde.

"We are friends, but I don't see how my relationship with Meredith is any of your business" replied the redhead, voice sharp and unwavering. "It's not like you're any better. What kind of friend doesn't realize that she was hurting? To think you live with her" scoffed Addison, she knew she was getting unprofessional but Izzie was getting on her nerves.

"Are you saying you're a better friend? Ever since you came you always wanted Meredith all to yourself, from requesting her to your service and asking her to accompany you for lunch in your office!" said Izzie.

Everybody was now confused, it was like Izzie was talking about something else now. Addison furrowed her eyebrows, before she asked "Dr. Stevens what are you talking about?"


Everyone had their eyes wide open, not expecting Izzie to explode that way. She was always protective of her friends, and was a jealous one too. If she were to be honest she even was envious about the bond Cristina has with Meredith, the dark and twisty bond that only the two of them have. She's been trying to be close to her since the first day she met the blonde, she even offered to do most of the cleaning just to be on her good side but Addison… Satan… Ruler of all that is Evil… the prodigal wife was able to snake her way into Meredith's heart without even doing much!

Realizing what she just said, Izzie quickly cleared her throat before speaking "All I'm saying is you shouldn't have left Meredith alone—"

"Dr. Stevens, that's enough!" interrupted Bailey, who just walked in after quickly checking in on her patient. "Dr. Montgomery wasn't at fault, to think about it she doesn't owe you or anyone anything."

The room went quiet, the tension still thick between the two women. Suddenly Cristina went towards Addison who was standing next to the bed and stared into the redhead's eyes. "It's not your fault, nobody could have known that Derek would do any of this" she said, causing Izzie to let out a scoff. Cristina sent a glare to Izzie's way before whispering to Addison "I know you care, I can see the way you look at her… It's the same way she looks at you", a hidden meaning behind her words, and then she stepped back and sat next to George.

Addison was frozen in shock, not expecting anyone to notice the glances she's been throwing at the blonde. Hell she didn't even know she was looking at Meredith that way until Callie mentioned it in passing. She opened her mouth to speak when suddenly Alex came rushing through the door.

"Chief! A nurse at the lobby said she saw Dr. Shepherd leaving the building while pushing a hooded patient on a wheel chair earlier, but they're not sure if it was Dr. Grey" and then all hell broke loose.

Meredith was awoken when the car door was slammed shut and her head hit the window. Slowly she opened her eyes only to see that she was in a car, taking a peak outside and she saw they were somewhere near Elliot Bay by the ferry boat port.

She was confused at first, so she looked around the car, and noticed how familiar it was. Meredith next noticed that she was wearing different clothing, she was wearing a Bowdoin hoodie, with the hood up. She could feel that something was covering her lips so a still a little confused and a little foggy. She lifted her hand to her lips when she saw that both her hands were taped together by duct tape. Slowly memories of what happened a few moments ago came back to her. Realizing what was happening she ripped the tape off her lips, which hurt like shit, and reached for the door handle only to find out that it was locked from the outside.

Desperate to escape, she tried to scream only for her throat to burn. It was only then did she feel the pain all over her body, from her head down to her feet. She was in so much pain, she could feel herself bleeding again, but she needs to escape so with all the strength that she could muster she banged on the tinted window, hoping that someone could hear her cries, because dammit she wants to go home to her friends, to the redhead who held her as she cried.

She was getting ready to scream, despite her throat's protest, when suddenly the door from the driver's side opened and in came one Derek Shepherd. "Now, now darling, we don't want anyone thinking that I'm kidnapping you" said the man, a playful smile on his lips.

Meredith glared at him and said "You technically are, asshole!"

Derek let out a fake gasp and acted as if he was hurt "Me? Kidnapping you? I could never!" He then reached out to tuck a piece of hair behind her ear, only for Meredith to flinch away. "I'm simply taking you to a very long vacation, you could call it a romantic getaway, a honeymoon if you want" he whispered before he smiled his Mcdreamy smile.

Meredith pulled her head away from his touch and glared at him. She couldn't believe the words this delusional man was saying. "You're crazy!" she snarled.

To her surprise the man only chuckled and said "Crazy for you, yes I am!" He then shook his head before he stared at her again and suddenly seriously said "You're the love of my life Mer, my soulmate." This man has some serious issues, she thought.

It was Meredith's turn to let out a very painful laugh. Derek furrowed his eyebrows, his eyes burning in rage "Are you mocking me?" he whispered harshly as he roughly grabbed her chin. Meredith was amused at the man's stupidity "This isn't love Derek, this is obsession!"

Though it was painful, Meredith continued to talk, "How could you say I'm the love of your life, when you hurt me, you raped me you jerk!" before she could process what was happening, she felt her cheeks sting as Derek slapped her, twice.

"You don't get to question my love for you" he snarled, as he pulled her blonde locks. "I'm the only one that gets to love you, no one else, not that vet and certainly not Addison" he added before letting her go. Meredith could only reply with a raspy "Fuck you!"

"Oh but I think I was the one that fucked you" he replied with a sick smile on his face. "I'm going to get us food as we wait for the ferry, you stay here don't even think about doing anything."

As Derek opened the door again and went out, his phone slipped out of his pocket landing on his seat. Meredith saw this, and she felt her heart swell with hope. She waited until Derek was far away before she picked it up, switching it on only to see it had a passcode.

"Shit" she muttered. What the hell could his passcode be?

She thought about his wedding date, no not it.

Addison's birthday, nope.

His birthday, still not it.

She was getting frustrated, and as her last resort she tried her birthday… still nope.

What other date could be so significant for him, then it hit her, the day they met at the bar, he always talked about how that was such a perfect moment. Ding, she got it!

If she knew this before any of this happened, that would have filled her stomach with butterflies, but now the only thing she was feeling was disgust, and fear.

Quickly she opened his contacts to call someone she knows, because she knows that Derek doesn't have Cristina or any of her friends' numbers and she can't seem to remember their numbers at all. Until finally she saw someone she knows.

It kept ringing and ringing and ringing, it felt like forever but in reality it was just a few seconds when finally someone answered the phone.


"We have to find her!" said Addison after hearing what Alex found out. "Richard we need to call the police!"

Richard could only nod as he called the Seattle PD. Everybody was now panicking a thousand times worse. They don't know where Meredith was, and what Derek could be doing to her. Just as Richard ended the call his phone rang again, he read the name before sighing.

"What? What is it?" Addison asked.

Richard shook his head before answering "It's Roseridge, Ellis Grey's nursing home, they must be calling about Ellis." He then answered the phone, nobody dared to ask why they were calling him. A few seconds later Richard released another sigh before ending the call.

"Well?" asked Cristina, she was curious what was happening to the Ellis Grey.

"Ellis coded earlier, they were able to revive her… and she was lucid for a short while yesterday, when Meredith visited her…" came his reply.

The interns shared a look, because lucid Ellis Grey was a force to be reckoned with, it meant something bad might have happened during the visit. Something that could have triggered Meredith. The look didn't go unnoticed by Addison, and just as she opened her mouth to ask, her phone rang.

She picked it up, planning to end it thinking it was Mark, who was still calling her from time to time, but when she saw the name on the screen she almost dropped her phone.

Incoming call from Derek Shepherd…

Noticing how the attending stiffened, Cristina furrowed her eyebrows before she asked "Addison? What is it?"

"It's Derek" came her hushed reply.

At the mention of the man's name, everybody stilled and stared at the phone in the neonatal attending's hand. Cristina was the one to speak first "Answer it and put it on speaker."

Addison nodded her head, taking a deep breath before she answered her phone on speaker "H-hello?"

It was quiet on the other line, but they could hear someone breathing, everybody was waiting for a response, and when they did they were all on their feet.

"A-addie, it's me" came the raspy voice of Meredith Grey. It was obvious that talking was hurting her.

"Meredith! Where are you? Are you safe?" came the redhead's immediate reply. She was silently thanking whoever was up there for keeping Meredith safe, that is until the blonde spoke again.

"I'm in Elliot bay, in his car, he's taking me somewhere, help me please…" said Meredith, her breathing was shallow, a sign that she was in so much pain. Richard quickly took his phone and sent a message to the police, informing them about Meredith's situation. "It hurts so much" they heard the blonde's whimper.

Hearing this, it was Cristina that spoke next "Mer! What hurts? Where's Derek?" She was not used to hearing Meredith whimper like that, she was always the strong one… she was always fine, but now she's obviously not.

"Cristina?" whispered the other woman, to which the dark haired intern replied with a soft hum. "He went out to buy food… he slapped me and my whole body hurts, argh… I think I'm b-bleeding again" stuttered Meredith. Hearing this, everyone in the room let out a chorus of gasps, because nobody expected Derek to actually lay a hand on Meredith… but he did assault her, so really what could he NOT do? That's a question nobody wants an answer to.

"Meredith can you try to get out?" Addison asked, she could feel her hands tremble and she doesn't tremble even during a very hard procedure, but she is now. "M-my hands are tied together… it's locked from the outside" said Meredith, then they heard what sounded like clothes rustling on the other side.

"Try to break the window, look inside the glove compartment for something to break it" said Alex, he couldn't just remain quiet right now. If he could, he would have ran towards Meredith right then to help her escape and to beat the shit out of the man who violated the closest person he has to a sister.

It was quiet on the other side for a while, they could only hear rustling. "Check the backseat, there might be tools lying around" spoke Alex, only to receive a small and silent "Okay." Suddenly they heard what sounded like metal hitting glass, and glass finally breaking.

"Shit" she muttered, there were broken pieces of glass embedded on her arm and face. It stings as the glass cuts through her skin when she reaches out to grab the door handle. "Meredith be careful" came the voice of a worried Addison.

She needs to be quick, Derek could come back at any minute. It was so hard to open the door, if only her hands weren't bound together. Struggling, Meredith decided to cut the tape using the broken window, and with her luck she did break free but she also ended up with a very deep gash on her wrist.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck" she whispered to herself as dark red blood started to drip down her arms. It's not like this was new for her though, but now was not the time, not when she's trying to escape her psycho ex-boyfriend.

Hearing her whispered curses, the people on the other side got worried "Mer? What's wrong?" asked Cristina. "I uh, I accidentally cut my wrist and i-it's bleeding, but I think it's okay" came her reply, oh but it wasn't okay, that cut was deep and she was already losing a lot of blood from Derek's earlier assault and from her self-inflicted cuts that were opened when she was fighting the man back at the hospital.

After a few seconds, Meredith was finally able to open the door. Just as she stepped outside she felt the pain between her thighs get ten times worse. It was painful to even stand, but she has to push through, this is her chance to leave. "I'm out" she said through clenched teeth, the pain was too much and her vision was starting to get blurry.

Everybody on the other side let out a sigh of relief, at least now she was not trapped in Derek's car. She had a better chance at escaping. "Good, great" stuttered Cristina, who was trying her hardest to not rip the phone from Addison's grip, Addison who let out a choked sigh after hearing Meredith saying she was finally out. "Find people Mer, the police are coming with paramedics" said Richard who just finished talking to the Seattle PD.

"Okay" replied the blonde, as she limped slowly towards a few people a few feet away from her. They were near the edge of the port, looking down on the water. "H-help, please, help" she called out, but with her throat burning in pain she could only manage to let out something that was barely above a whisper.

"I see people" she said to her friends on the other side, earning her even more sighs of relief, but their relief was short lived because just a few seconds after, they heard the voice of the man behind all their agony and anger.

Standing a few meters away from the woman, right across the road was the man that held her captive. "Meredith! Get back here!" screamed Derek, his face red and eyes showing how enraged he was. "You are not leaving me again!" he shouted as he walked faster towards Meredith.

Everyone on the other line stilled as they heard the angry shouts of the man they all thought couldn't hurt a fly. Fear crept into their minds, thoughts of what could possibly happen next if he were to catch up with Meredith.

Meredith on the other hand was scared to the bones, she could fear the tears forming in her eyes as she picked up her speed. She took a look back at the man, only to see that he was stuck at the other side of the road since the light turned green. Seeing this, Meredith felt adrenaline pump through her veins and she began to limp as fast as she could towards the group near the water, never minding the pain that she felt all over her whole body.

Addison and the other doctors in the room were on edge. They could hear Meredith's ragged breathing, how almost every step was accompanied by a moan or groan. Callie was saying silent prayers, asking God to keep Meredith safe, Izzie was biting down on her lips as George was gripping her hands. Alex and Cristina were silent hands balled into fists. Bailey and Richard were leaning against the wall, wondering how things got so out of hand. Addison stared at her phone, as if willing Meredith to tell her that she was okay, because God, is she terrified of what was happening.

Meredith was getting closer to the group of people, so close, just a few more feet and she could be safe. Her head was pulsing as it ached, her arms were numb from blood loss, her breathing was shallow as she felt her body getting exhausted.

A few more steps when suddenly a hand gripped her arm tightly, pulling her back and another hand covering her mouth.

Oh no, please no.

She looked back and came face to face with Derek's blazing eyes. She felt as if a lead ball fell on her stomach. Derek was feral, eyes were wide in anger, it was terrifying that it sent a chill down Meredith's spine.

The man saw his phone on the blonde's grip and snarled "You bitch, who did you call?" He snatched the phone from her hands harshly which made Meredith whimper. Taking a look at the caller ID, once he saw that it was Addison, Derek saw red.

"How dare you call that bitch!" He screamed as he threw the phone with brute force toward the ground, breaking it into pieces.

"Meredith? Mer? Meredith!" Addison called out as a loud crash came from the other side before the line went dead. She couldn't help her trembling hands as her phone slipped from her hands, ending up on the floor. As the phone broke, the people on the other line lost contact. The last thing they heard was Derek's angry shouts.

"We have to save Grey!" exclaimed Bailey, her intern has already gone through so much, and she doesn't deserve this.

"If something happens to Meredith I'm blaming you!" snarled Izzie, glaring at Addison who fell back on the bed. Instead of Addison getting angry, it was Cristina who replied "Oh stop it Barbie! She has no fault in this, so stop blaming her and focus on what we can do to save Meredith!"

Izzie could only scoff, turning to sit back down.

"Get the cops down there fast" was all Addison muttered, not giving a fuck about whatever Isobel Stevens was thinking because all she could think about right now was Meredith. It would break her if something would happen to the woman she's been silently dreaming of.

"Derek let me go!" said Meredith as she tugged on her arm. The man instead held her tighter making Meredith wince in pain since his gripping on the deep cut she got from the glass. "No, we are leaving!" snarled Derek, trying to drag her back to the car but Meredith held her ground.

Without any other choice Meredith bit his arm hard making Derek scream and flinch. What Meredith didn't expect though was that Derek's arm winding her down. One second she was biting the man, the next she was falling towards the sound.

Her back met the harsh water hard, knocking the air out of her. Suddenly her body was engulfed by the dark cold water, dragging her down to the bottom.

She tried to fight it, tried to swim back to the top, but the water was too cold. The pain between her thighs was too much that she couldn't move her legs. Her arms were numb from the cold, and as she looked around she couldn't see which way was up but she could see crimson red blood mixing with the dark water. The chilling waters were piercing through her limbs, and freezing her insides as she swallowed more water the longer she was down there.

Then she thought, what was the point? There's nothing left of her, Derek broke her in more ways than one. Her mother told her that she was a disappointment, nothing but ordinary despite all the things she went through. Her friends would be okay. She thought about how everybody saw her as a whore that broke Derek and Addison's marriage.

But then she thought of her, Addison.

Addison who held her as she cried despite her betrayal. Addison who remained kind even if she didn't deserve it. Addison who listened without judgement. Addison who laughed at her corny jokes during their working lunch. Addison who defended her from a patient. Addison who stole her heart.

So she fought again, but despite all her efforts, she was too late.

The silence and darkness consumed her.

Everything turned black, and there was nothing there but silence and peace.

"But then again, maybe it's for the best that I disappear" were her last thoughts.

"Jane Doe, drowning at Elliot bay, multiple lacerations to the torso, arms and legs, and hypothermic." Said the paramedic as they opened the rig's doors. What shocked the paramedic though was the amount of doctors over seeing this patient.

"That's not a Jane Doe, that's Meredith Grey" muttered Bailey as she snapped out of her trance, still not absorbing the fact that the person lying on the gurney was no other than the woman they have been looking for.

Addison couldn't even look at her ghostly pale body, she felt her stomach tighten as bile rose up her throat, and she couldn't help but throw up. She stayed behind as they transferred the unconscious woman inside

They pushed the gurney towards trauma room two, doing all their best to make sure that Meredith would live. Left and right they all worked around the young intern, except of course for the other four interns who were anxiously waiting in the hallway.

When Addison was finally able to get herself together, with the help of Callie, she walked towards the trauma room.

Just as she opened the door and stepped inside, she heard the flat line of the heart monitor go off "Woah, V-fib" said Richard.

She felt her composure break, as she let her tears fall and she let out a choked sob.

"Meredith, don't do this" she cried, "Meredith, please fight! Stay!"