-10 Days Later-

It was time to leave. Jack had learned what he needed to know and was ready to start his life as a Pokémon trainer.

The last ten days were very productive for Jack. He spent most of his time researching all he needed to know about this new world he was in.

He also started training with Charmander. The Fire-Type, as Jack thought, was going to be a monster in the future.

Pokémon: Charmander (Shiny)

Type: Fire

Level: 13

Gender: Male

Ability: Solar Power (Hidden Ability)

Potential: Deep Gold

Moves: Scratch, Growl, Ember, Smokescreen, Flame Charge, Dragon Breath

(Innate Talent)Flamethrower, (Innate Talent)Sunny Day, (Innate Talent)Dragon Dance

Charmander leveled five times and learned Dragon Breath.

The most important thing that happened, however, occurred just over a week ago.


Two days after meeting Charmander, Jack was in his temporary room at night learning more about the world he was in when he heard a cracking sound.

Looking up, he sees his egg is starting to hatch. Going and standing in front of it, Jack watches as a small blue canine-like Pokémon emerges from it.

The little Pokémon looks around the room for a second, then hones in on Jack and looks at him curiously.

Jack smiled then said, "Hey, little buddy. It's nice to finally meet you."

It barked cutely back at him.

Jack picks it up and sits down with it on his lap.

He then pulls a bottle of Moomoo milk out of his inventory, thankful he stocked up on it yesterday and starts feeding the baby Pokémon.

After it was done, it quickly fell asleep on his lap.

Jack smiled down at the sleeping Pokémon and looked at its info.

Pokémon: Riolu

Type: Fighting

Level: 1

Gender: Male

Ability: Inner Focus

Potential: Gold

Moves: Quick Attack[Not Usable], Endure[Not Usable], Detect[Not Usable]

(Innate Talent)Aura Sphere[Not Usable], (Innate Talent)Work Up[Not Usable], (Innate Talent)Heal Pulse[Not Usable]

"Welcome to the team Riolu."

-End of Flashback-

Riolu was a little ball of energy, loving to run around and play. Jack started training him in the last few days with Charmander, and he knew that the little guy was going to be a force to reckon with.

He has incredible potential and great Innate Talents.

Aura Sphere is a Fighting-type move that never misses its target unless they use a move like Dig. Aura Sphere is the move Lucario is known for.

Work Up raises the user's Atk and Sp Atk.

Heal Pulse is a healing move that restores up to 50% of the target's maximum HP.

Jack lucked out with Heal Pulse. It could be a real-life saver in the future.

Altogether, Jack didn't think he could start his life as a trainer any better.

Riolu is now level 4.

On the research front, Jack learned many things. He even wrote a list in a notebook that he keeps in his inventory so he'll remember all the details.

Some of them were:

- Ash Ketchem is real, BUT he's very young right now, so Jack doesn't need to worry about him for a while.

- There's no official age to become a Pokémon trainer but most wait until about 16, as the death rates for younger trainers are much higher. Those who have the money usually start earlier since they can afford the expenses that come with life as a trainer.

- Most people buy starters, but those who can't afford them can go to the nearest Gym to receive one for free. The Pokémon from Gyms are usually the type that the Gym is known for. Like Oak, they give out Pokémon once a year.

Example: Geodude, Rhyhorn from Pewter

Example: Poliwag, Horsea, Goldeen from Cerulean

Professor Oak is a special case. He has a test for prospective trainers, and the best to pass has the opportunity to receive Squirtle, Bulbasaur, and Charmander.

(Jack didn't know how Ash would pass it in the future, as he wasn't the brightest bulb in the box.)

- trainers set a prize number before they battle, though it's usually 1000PD (Pokédollar) per Pokémon that fought.

- While Pokémon native to a region are more common, you will occasionally find Pokémon from other regions there as well.

- Gym Leaders are no joke. The Main 8 Gym Leaders are some of the strongest trainers in Kanto, on par or just below the Elite Four. They are responsible for the protection of their city and the surrounding areas.

- Buying and selling Pokémon is a legitimate business. All major cities have places where you can buy and sell Pokémon. The Pokémon League has strict policies to enforce that no stolen or abused Pokémon are bought or sold.

- What Jack sees as potential, the rest of the world uses a different scale to rate Pokémon. Pokémon are rated by the Talent they have. The higher the Talent, the stronger the Pokémon can get.

C Talent = Normal Pokémon

B Talent = Bronze Pokémon

A Talent = Silver Pokémon

S Talent = Gold Pokémon

SS Talent = Diamond Pokémon

Most rookie trainers have Normal and Bronze Pokémon, higher if they bought one.

Silver is rarer, usually had by veteran trainers that have been around for years.

Gold is reserved for the most elite trainers, people who are head and shoulders above the rest. The Main Team of Gym Leaders is full of Gold Pokémon.

Then finally, there's Diamond. Diamond Pokémon are, barring the Legendaries, at the top of the Pokémon world. When trained, they are the most powerful a Pokémon can be, Champion level Pokémon.

Through raising and training a Pokémon well, there's a small chance that their potential increases. When a Pokémon evolves it has the best chance to increase its potential.

There are also items one can buy to increase that chance, but they are usually rare and expensive.

Jack discovered that the ability of some Pokémon that reach Diamond evolve and become stronger.

Oak's Dragonite has the Hidden Ability Multiscale. A rare ability that it shares only with Lugia. Multiscale reduces the damage taken by the Pokémon when at full HP. But as a Perfect Ability, it always reduces some damage taken.

This fact reinforced to Jack how much of a monster papa Dragonite is.

Jack learned about Perfect Abilities from his discussions with Professor Oak over his stay, as it's a fact most know nothing about.

- Move Mastery. Pokémon moves have 3 levels.

Beginner: Performs the move normally.

Expert: Stronger, faster, and more flexible than beginners. After reaching expert rank Pokémon can also move while using the move.

Master: Stronger, faster, and more flexible than Expert. the Pokemon can use another move while using that move. He can also modify the move as he likes.

The higher potential a Pokémon has, the faster they master their moves.

Innate Talents are moves Pokémon can master quicker than normal moves. Perfect Talents, even more so.

Another thing Jack researched was Team Rocket. While out there, they were relatively small and not much of a threat. The League comes down hard on any organized crime, so it's difficult for any group to form.

When Jack finished his research, he got another System Quest completed.

System Quest - {Learn about the Pokémon World} Completed

Reward - [5 Antidote] [5 Quality Pokémon food] [Learn more about Pokémon Potential]

Normal Pokémon max level - 40

Bronze Pokémon max level - 50

Silver Pokémon max level - 65

Gold Pokémon max level - 80

Diamond Pokémon max level - 100

One thing Jack found little about was Aura. He mostly found myths and legends with little substance to them. But it was what Jack expected. He didn't think he'd find much on the Pokénet about it. Jack knew the best way to learn would be from Riolu when he's more experienced with it.

For now, Jack settled with meditating before bed to try and focus on his Aura. It somewhat worked as Jack could, when focused, sense a small area around him.

Breaking out of his thoughts, Jack finishes packing the new purchases he bought with his Pokédex.

He decided to keep most things in his Inventory instead of his backpack, though he still uses it to keep up appearances. It wouldn't do for people to question where he keeps all his things after all.

Things he bought :

Tent for when it rains

10 Energy Powder for training

Food for both him and his Pokémon

6 Poké Ball

5 Super Potion

overall inventory :

Food and Water

Sleeping bag


Small knife

15 Poké Ball

20,000PD (Pokédollars)

10 Super Potion

Quality Pokémon food

5 Antidote


10 Energy Powder


TM Case

Jack takes one last look around his temporary room to make sure he didn't leave anything and then heads out.

After saying goodbye to Professor Oak, Jack, Riolu, and Charmander start walking north on Route 1 to Viridian City.