As Hina was returning to her apartment at 19:22 after another day helping Sir Nighteye's investigation, she failed to notice the scratch marks on the lock, and as soon as she stepped inside, a hand with a warm piece of wet cloth covered her mouth and nose. The smell was sweet and caused an irritation in her airways, she realised that it was most likely sevoflurane and the concentration is high enough and that she probably has about 60 seconds at most before she is out.

She kicked and elbowed her attacker, but she could not shake off his grasp. She tried to push both of them backwards to make him lose his balance, but she was too light in comparison. After a few seconds of struggle, she felt more light-headed and knew she was losing time. With a final effort she tried to twist herself to a limited success; not enough to get free, but enough to get full access to his groin. She grabbed and pulled as hard as she could, eliciting a pained "fuck" from her attacker and she twisted herself again, but before she could free her mouth and scream for help, he smacked her head on the floor and the world spun. By some miracle, she was still conscious, but the cloth was still covering her airways and her muscles refused to obey her. She quickly blacked out.

When she came to, she found herself on a mattress. She checked herself and noticed she was still dressed. She didn't have her phone, but they didn't bother to remove her watch. At that moment she wished she had a cool hidden feature in her regular looking watch, like James Bond. She looked at the time and saw it was 19:49.

If she got home in 19:22, and the struggle lasted about a minute, and transporting her downstairs from the 8th floor would take 3 minutes or so. It must have taken another minute at least to transport her from the vehicle to this place. Assuming they were fast, that means they had 22 minutes of driving. She memorised that number, because this could indicate the rough radius of where she is, assuming they didn't have a teleporter with them, which was a pretty safe bet, otherwise they wouldn't need the anaesthesia...

She looked around the room. It was empty save for the cheap mattress she was on. No windows, and she could hear the bass more than the other noises she expected from the city, which meant that she was either underground, or the place was surrounded by concrete. She got up and approached the door, putting her ear against it to find out any info. Not hearing any noise for a few minutes, she decided to check if it is locked. Unsurprisingly, it was. She took her hairpins and inserted them into the lock, cursing herself for not learning lock-picking, as it would have been a useful skill at that moment. After a few unsuccessful attempts she gave up.

At 20:38 she heard an ambulance passing. Remembering that a Japanese ambulance siren makes noise at 960Hz and 770Hz, she thanked her father's genes for her near perfect pitch hearing as she mentally calculated the speed of the ambulance using the Doppler effect, concluding that the ambulance was passing at roughly 70Km/h.

At 20:41 she heard a train pass, she couldn't do an exact Doppler calculation like before because the sound wasn't as clear, but she estimated the train was moving slowly, which suggests she is close to a train station.

At 20:59 she heard another train passing, but this one was moving at the opposite direction and way faster, suggesting it was a different route that doesn't stop in that station. She made sure to repeat all the times and observations mentally to remember as much detail as possible.

At 21:03 she heard a knock. She averted her eyes as the door opened. Not wanting to give them any more reason to kill her, she convinced her captor to wear face coverings so she could not identify him. He agreed and he politely explained his predicament.

"Ms. Morgan, it has come to my attention that you have been assisting Sir Nighteye with his investigation, and have made considerable strides." He said calmly with a fake high pitched voice. She nodded, mentally memorising as many identifying details about him discreetly. Underneath the cloth mask, she could see he was wearing a large pair of glasses. He wore an off-white suit that seemed expensive, he had a large gold Rolex on his wrist, and his shoes also looked bespoke. "I can guarantee your safety if you help me throw Nighteye off my trail for long enough for us to move the merchandise out of the country and get rid of any incriminating evidence." He said, leaning forward, his hands holding her's gently. "Of course, if you try something, you will be disposed of." he said with no hint of emotion.

She gulped in nervousness and he leaned back in his chair, and before she could reply he said "You know, I was really impressed with how you managed to uncover my operation, how you were able to plant a virus into Mr. Ikeda's phone, and later Firecracker's phone and laptop." and she detected a genuine praise. "I would like full detail on how you managed it so we could avoid repeating the same mistakes." he said.

She tried to sound confident when she answered, but couldn't keep her voice calm "I will accept, but remember that no harm will come to me, and I will be able to go to my regular life without any future interaction with you or your business" she said.

He smiled "Of course!" he said "You will find that in this sort of business, keeping promises is vital for long term success." He brought her laptop and said "I will need you to send false information to Nighteye's agency, but you will have to write it in your own words so he won't get suspicious." He passed the laptop to her and said "Do not leave this tab, and do not do anything".

He moved his chair to sit next to her and watched the screen as she started typing. "Why are you writing the Email in English?" he asked calmly.

She looked at him and said "All of my previous messages to his agency were in English as I am not fully fluent in Japanese, Kanji is still confusing to me." He seemed to be satisfied by her answer. Before she started writing, she considered writing in Japanese, that would get Nighteye's attention, since she has always wrote to them in English up to that point, but she couldn't bet on them figuring out she was kidnapped just by that alone.

The reason she really wanted to write it in English, is because of the hidden message she was writing in the spaces between the words. Sometimes she would do a double space, others, she did only one space. She was typing fast enough that it didn't seem to bother her captor, and she counted on his eyesight being compromised, by the thick glasses and the cloth partially obscuring his vision. The secret was sent in Morse code.

-.- .. -.. -. .- .-. .-. . -.. ..- ..- - .. -. ..- - . ... -.. .-. .. ...- .. -. -. ..-. .-. - - ... - - . .- - -... ..- .-.. .- -. -.-. . .-. .- ... ... . -.. .- - ..- - ...- -.. .- - -... - -.- - ... - .-. .- .. -. .-. .- ... ... . -.. ... .-.. - .- .-.. -.- .- - ..- - ...- .- .-. .-. - -... .- -... .-.. -.- -. . .- .-. ... - .- - .. - -. .- -. - - ... . .-. - .-. .- .. -. .-. .- ... ... . -.. ..-. .- ... - - .-. .-. - ... .. - . -.. .. .-. . -.-. - .. - -. .- - ..- - ... -. -.-. .- .-. - - .-. .. ... .-. .-. - -... .- -... .-.. -.- - ... . -... .. -. -... - ... ... - ..-. - .-. .- ..-. ..-. .. -.-. -.- .. -. -. .-. .. -. -. - .- .-.. .-.. - .- -. .- . .- .-. .. -. -. . -..- .-. . -. ... .. ...- . - ..-. ..-. .- ... .. - . ... ..- .. - .- -. -.. .- .-.. .- .-. -. . -. - .-.. -.. .-. - .-.. . -..-

which meant


The message was sent and the well dressed villain chatted with Hina for a while, writing down notes on how she managed to compromise his network of operation with every detail. He thanked her for the cooperation and promised that once they managed to finish securing his assets and ridding of evidence, he would release her, and even give her a ride home.

About a minute after he escorted her into her room and locked the door, she heard Mirio's signature voice as he yelled his catchphrase:


And then silence as more people entered the building "I am here!" she yelled "I am locked in this room" and she was greeted with Mirio's smiling face fazing through the door. She laughed in relief, knowing she was saved, and Mirio smiled brighter than ever, knowing it was his first successful leading rescue since he started his work-studies with Sir Nighteye's guidance.