Author's Note: Sorry, but I decided to give this "one-shot" story a second chapter.

"Absolutely not!" said Sir Nighteye with finality.

"But sir, I could help in future investigations, and we work really well together." said Hina, hoping to convince the stubborn hero.

"I thought after such an ordeal you would understand since you are smart. You will be putting yourself at risk again." he said, "Why are you so insistent on this? Have you forgotten how much danger you were in, it was only yesterday that you were rescued."

She dared not tell him that despite the fear she felt in captivity, she was exhilarated by the challenge and excitement throughout the investigation, and wanted nothing more than to help them with future cases. She practically solved the case for them last time.

"Look" he took a deep breath "What kind of lousy Pro Hero would I be if I put the safety of a civilian at risk for an investigation? We are all thankful for your help last time, but in light of what happened, we can't do this again."

She bit her lip and was about to retort, but deep down she new he was right, and she was being selfish and childish. This could ruin his career, and she wanted to play detective again despite of that. "I understand" she finally answered, but couldn't keep the bitterness out of her voice. She got up and walked out the door, closing it softly behind her. Her steps were heavy, and Mirio, despite how much he wanted to encourage her, understood as well, and couldn't look her in the eyes. She left the agency without saying another word, not trusting her own voice.

As she walked towards the train station, every step was heavy. 'It will pass in a few days' she said to herself. The train ride went by without her even noticing, and she walked off at her station on autopilot. When she was about to enter her apartment, she paused, examined the lock, and stormed inside in a rush, one hand holding the pepper spray in her bag. She quickly scanned the room, walking into the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom, and even the small closet to see if anyone was there. It was empty.

Pretending nothing was out of the ordinary, she washed some rice and placed it in the rice-cooker with an egg and some spices. She was too tired for anything more elaborate, she just needed to fill her stomach. As she was waiting for the rice to cook, she started thinking 'Why did I get so frustrated? Sir Nighteye was completely correct, it wouldn't make sense to allow a civilian to get involved with future investigations after all that happened.'

She started making tea, and got lost in nostalgia.

"She is constantly sick, we need to go to see a doctor."

"We are going to see a quirk specialist, the doctors suspect your vitamin D deficiency might be a result of your quirk."

"After some testing, we concluded that your quirk gives you immunity from radiation."

"But I thought we were going to become heroes together when we grow up."

She realised she got lost in thought, and poured the black tea into the cup. When she sipped, it was over-extracted and extremely bitter 'how fitting' she thought as she put the cup down. 'This is pathetic, it took me this long to figure out that I still have regrets of abandoning my childhood dream.' The rice was ready, and she forced herself to finished quickly before going to bed despite it being only 16:11. She really didn't have the energy right now.

As she slept, her mind wondered what her life could have been like had she made a different choice. She saw herself getting accepted to a hero school with her friend, graduating, and becoming pro heroes, forming an agency together. When she woke up, it was around midnight and while she was sad that it was just a dream, she was glad she had a nice dream and not a nightmare, as it would have been expected after getting kidnapped.

She looked at her bookshelf, staring at her complete collection of Sherlock Holmes, got to her computer and started researching.

A week later, she walked into Fat Gum's Agency to assist with the investigation of a drug trafficking case. Her life would never be the same, but that wasn't a bad thing.