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July 31st, 1981.

Potter Manor.

James and Lily potter were two adults who didn't associate with many, as a result there were only very few people at their child's first Birthday. The attendants -Severus Snape, Lucius Malfoy, Remus Lupin, and Sirius Black - made the atmosphere rather tense. James Potter, though furious, understood why and couldn't help but wish his wife hadn't been naive and invited both sets of groups here.

"Gentlemen," said James, everyone in the rooms eyes shifted to him, including Harry, who was sitting in his mothers lap. "My wife and I invited you here on the pretense that you all could act mature enough to put this childhood drama to the side, I was wrong."

Both sets of males instantly began shifting uncomfortably, they knew James Potter was a patient man and if he's mad at them, they're in for a shit storm.

"I'm sorry-" the males began, before being cut off by a knock on the door.

Lily Potter looked at the door, she knew she hadn't invited anyone, and by the looks of it neither did James.

James begins walking towards the door, his wand in hand, while gesturing for Lily to get herself and Harry to safety. All the other males are also in a battle position, ready to back James up whenever. James opens the door to reveal Albus Dumbledore.

"Mr. Dumbledore," James greets the man, himself and the other males putting their wands away. "I had no idea you were coming, I must apologize, but with the war I must take every and all precautions. I'm sure you understand." James tells the elderly man.

"No, no need for apologies my boy," Dumbledore smiled, but the smile dropped once he began again. "I've come here with unfortunate news, you see, a prophecy has been made-" Dumbledore couldn't even finish when Severus cut him off.

"A prophecy, Headmaster? Does he have something to do with it?" Severus questioned in disgust. To Dumbledore, it was no surprise that Severus hated the dark lord, the man had tried to get him to betray Lily, James, and Harry.

"Yes, my dear boy, it does." Dumbledore said, James motioned him inside and closed the doors behind him. "Well?" Lucius began, "We would like to know this prophecy Headmaster." He finished, rage silently filling him.

"How about i show you all the memory?" Dumbledore asked, when James noticed everyone nodding their heads, he led Dumbledore to the nearest pensive and allowed Dumbledore to do as he needed.

The memory began,

"The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches... born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies... and the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not... and either must die at the hand of the other, for neither can live while the other survives... the one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies..." and as soon as those last words were played, The memory faded just as soon as it come.

"I see," James Potter began, he looks Dumbledore in the eye, the pressure in the atmosphere seemed to change. "Mr. Dumbledore, if you knew what my family practiced you would know I would be the first to know if my son was involved in something pertaining to his future." The Potter told him, Dumbledore understood exactly what James was saying.

The Potter family has an unknown heritage, which if what James has told him is true, is powerful.

"My boy, even if this prophecy doesn't pertain to your son, I would assume a family man such as you would take proper precautions?" Dumbledore questioned, James nodded. "I previously had already arranged to leave Britain, Lily and I have no interest raising a child in war." James told the older man.

The silence was tense for awhile until Sirius broke it. "I guess this prophecy has just been canceled," he began, "due to unforeseen circumstances."

With those final words, everyone slowly began leaving, but not before wishing young Harry happy birthday. This news had ruined the mood of the night, and most wanted to just go onto the next day.

September 15th, 1981.

The Islands of Saint Martin.

Lily and James had decided it was best they left silently. Though James was a strong man, he couldn't bear to think of the emotional impact the goodbye would have on Lily so he suggested a quite leave in the night. They have been gone for two weeks now, and they know their friends would be upset with them.

But as James always says, all things happen for a reason.

July 31st, 1985.

The Islands of Saint Martin.

4 years later.

It is now Harry's fifth birthday, he's sitting in his room reading about , well more like looking at, different types of guns.

To anyone on the outside, this would be seen as strange, but to Harry it was perfectly normal.

Over the four years things had happened, things such as James Potter becoming a General in a french army, he currently governs most of the land and to opposing armies he's.. well..

A monster.

During the past four years James has carried out multiple Raids, infiltrations, and more. Many of the opposing armies know little to nothing about James except the fact that he showed up three years ago and began causing chaos, terror, and installing fear into peoples hearts.

However, no matter how others portray James, or how he portrays himself for that matter, he does it so no one can do it to his family.

But back to where we were, it's Harry's fifth birthday, and his sitting down in his room learning about guns. However, James walks in the house.

"Harry," James says in a smooth, deep, Caribbean accent. "Would you come out here for one second please?" He questioned his child.

Harry is a boy who loved his father, so before his father had even asked him to come out he was on his way out. "Hey Dad!" Harry greeted, he had a Caribbean accent himself, though it wasn't as smooth or deep as his fathers.

"Hello son," James greeted, he was proud of what he has raised, and what he will continue to raise no matter what. "I've heard it was your birthday.. guess who got you a present!" James told his son, though before he could show the present he was interrupted by his lovely wife, Lily Potter.

"When you say 'Guess who' i hope you're referring to more than one person, James." Lily joked, although she would never take away their father and son moment. "Of course, Dear." James told her as he smiled, "After the strings you pulled to help get this, you're just as responsible as I am." he finished.

Lily smile instantly turn to a jokingly scolding face. "You Potter men and Charming, it'll get you two hurt one day." She told them, as she told James to continue with the present.

"Ah, you're right. Harry, God makes some men poets. Some He makes kings, some beggars. He made you a king, a man who's both a warrior and a noble, I want you to remember that. Happy birthday, my son." He told Harry, as he pulled a white and gold desert eagle that was inscribed with "H.J.P - Mon trésor (my treasure)." Harry looked up at his parents, tears slowly forming into his eyes as he hugged them both.

"Thank you dad, mom!" He told them, they hugged him back.

That was a Birthday Harry Potter would treasure his entire life.