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The Potters of The Caribbean

Chapter 4

Harry Potter's POV

Monday September 2nd, 1991. (The Dorms – Morning)

When Harry woke, there was knocking on the door. It wasn't small knocking, but it wasn't unnecessarily loud either. Harry looked around, searching for something. These glasses make me sick he thought to himself, when he finally got out of bed, he found what he had been looking for.

Right there on the floor, sitting roughly around three feet away from him, was his glasses. Now how did you get here? I swore I put you on the nightstand last night, he picked the glasses up and adjusted them onto his face. He looked at his nightstand and began pondering. I am a rough sleeper, I probably knocked it down. He was still in a position of thinking when he remembered there was knocking on the door. Who knocks on a child's door at this time in the morning?

Harry went over to the door, opening it. It was there he saw a girl, not just any girl, it was the same girl who had blatantly ignored him last night. Huh, he thought to himself as he and the girl analyzed each other. Her again? Sigh, she ignored me yesterday, what does she want now- "Ahem," a clearly rather fake cough interjected his thoughts. "Prepare yourself, I have many places and things to show you, and it's quite rude that you were unprepared." Right, school. Harry nodded at the girl before closing the door once more, he hoped it didn't seem rude that he closed the door on her, but in his defense, she told him to get ready.

Fifteen minutes later.

Harry had went to take himself a shower, which afterwards he came out to find his uniform laid out for him. Huh? He thought to himself before looking around. I didn't lay these out… is someone else in the room? He laid his thoughts to rest and began putting on his school uniform. When Harry finally put his uniform on, he felt comfortable. He went over to the nearest mirror and looked himself over. There, Harry stood in a fitted light blue button up classic collared shirt under a light blue blazer with a white trimming on the edges, a dark blue necktie, light blue pants and dark blue and grey shoes. This uniform is really nice, and though it looks uncomfortable, it isn't.

The girl, he remembered, he hadn't planned on keeping her waiting. So, he left his dorm room. She wasn't outside the door like she had been previously, so he went down to the common room. He looked around, searching. There she is, he thought as he finally found her, he walked over to her and tapped her shoulder. When his hand touched her, however, she jumped. She turned around and her face began to shape into annoyance and disgust. "Don't touch me without my permission." She told him, he looked apologetic and nodded. "Sorry," he began. "You never told me your name, and I figured calling you girl would be kind of rude." Though the anger on her face cleared up the annoyance had remained, she didn't say anything but walked past him. Harry, remembering that she was supposed to show him around, quickly turned heel and began following her.

As they began exiting the common room, Harry couldn't help but think. Although he ended the night in a bit of a sour mood yesterday, he should socialize a bit today, I mean if he was going to have to follow blondie all day, he should at least take the time to make friends. His thoughts then shifted to the girl that he's following, Why do all the boys here look at her like she's a piece of meat? Don't they understand that girls and women in general don't like being looked at like that? As he began to get lost in his thoughts, he was drawn out of them just as quickly, he had bumped into someone. Without looking at who he bumped into, he apologized. "Ah, sorry," he said as he helped the person pick up their fallen items, considering it was just a notebook, he easily picked it up and handed it to the person. "I honestly wasn't looking at where I was going." He said, as he began looking up, he heard a familiar giggle. "It's fine, Harry." Amelie said, Harry looked at her before letting out a small chuckle himself. "How are you, Harry? Are you with your Big Brother or Sister?" she asked, though Harry was confused. "What do you mean Big Brother or sister? I'm an only child." Amelie began to giggle again, though Harry knew he wasn't listening last night, but there was no way he was this much out of the loop compared to the other first years.

"No, Harry, the Big Brother and Big Sister is a program we run here at Beauxbaton. It's to help the first years on their first three years of school, see I've got one myself." She pointed at a brown haired boy, he had dimples, which was the first thing that Harry really saw before looking the boy over. "Henri, meet Harry Potter. Harry, meet Henri Leroy." Amelie introduced them, Harry extended his hand to Henri, hoping he wouldn't turn it down. Henri extended his hand as well and shook Harry's. SCORE! A friend in my age group Harry thought in excitement, though he only showed it with a small smile on his face. "Henri, huh? Well, I hope we have classes together." Harry told the boy, Henri let out a big smile. "I hope we have classes together too, Harry." The boys began to talk about small things, then Harry's big sister came along.

"Ahem," she interrupted, Henri and Harry looked up at her, though Henri seemed entranced by her beauty, Harry looked up as if she was about to tell him off. "I'm sorry-" Harry began, before being cut off by Amelie. "Hey, Fleur," Amelie smiled as Fleur looked at her. "I see you're doing well." She told the blonde girl, Fleur just nodded and looked at Harry, then back at Amelie. "Sorry Amelie, but me and Harry were heading to breakfast." Fleur told the girl, Harry just sheepishly nodded. "I was about to show Henri here some of the classes, so it's fine," Amelie told the girl. Both groups exchanged goodbyes, and Harry once again began following Fleur.

So, her names Fleur? Harry thought. Shortly after those thoughts were given, Harry and Fleur arrived in the great hall, they both sat at their respective tables and began helping themselves to breakfast. As Harry began eating, he again noticed many of the boys in the room staring at Fleur. Why does everyone keep looking at her as if she's a veela or something? Harry slowly began getting annoyed, but he tried to ignore the annoyance and focus on his food. When Harry had finally finished, he noticed Fleur also seemed a bit annoyed, he wasn't good with emotions, but he remembered times where Marie felt annoyed, she just needed someone to talk to, he wondered if that would work with Fleur.

He leaned over towards her, "Are you alright?" he whispered to her, he didn't want anyone to hear their conversation. Though he got no response, he began to think on what he can do to make her less annoyed. Well, for one you can leave her alone, He thought to himself, though he shook that thought out his head when he remembered how little Fleur interacted with others. He decided he wouldn't push the conversation here, God forbid he cross a line and she decided to flip out, he would do it when there weren't others around.

Five Minutes Later

Harry and Fleur had been sitting at the table, although they were done eating Fleur told him to remain seated and just wait. I wonder what we're waiting for, maybe I should ask? He thought about it for a second, then he cleared that thought. No, from the small time I've spent with her, it seems she has a short temper with me, or maybe she just acts like that with everyone. He then remembered how Fleur spoke to Amelie. From the little interaction I've seen, she gets along with female students, but not male students? He then thought about how the male population always looked at her like a piece of meat. Maybe she IS a Veela, but that doesn't make sense, wouldn't her allure work on me as well? Harry sighed, he had many questioned, but got zero answers. When he had finally got back to paying attention to the real world, he noticed in front of him was what looked like a timetable. He picked it up and looked at it. He began listing off classes he remembered that his father told him he might end up taking.

Potions with Monsieur Capucine, Flying with Madame Ross, Defense Against Dark arts with Madame Auclair, Proper wizard and witch etiquette with Madam and Monsieur Hanmel, Transfiguration with Monsieur Wilson. Harry looked the schedule over multiple times, he wondered if the school had no policy against teachers being married, overall, it wasn't his business, but it was something he'd like to know.

"May I see your timetable, Harry?" Fleur asked, he took note that this was the first time her voice was nonhostile towards him, so he kept quiet and handed her the schedule. After she finished looking it over, she handed it back to Harry. "I shall show you where these classes are, the Headmistress gives all students a week to learn the layout of the school, after I show you around today, you'll have the rest of week to explore on your own." Fleur told the boy, her tone wasn't hostile, but it wasn't inviting either. Harry nodded, and Fleur began showing Harry the way to his classes, places to avoid, and how to get back to their common room.

Amelie Dubois' POV

Monday September 2nd, 1991. (Secret room on the first floor – Afternoon)

Amelie Dubois sat in a secluded room, watching a certain black haired green-eyed boy through an Orb. Though her family was well known to have practiced something classified as dark, she knows no one would suspect her of wanting to harm the school. When her grandmother first introduced her to voodoo, she promised her grandmother that she'd use it for good intentions only, but that all changed when the dark lord approached her parents a few months ago.


Thursday June 20th, 1991. (The Dubois Farm – Midnight)

Amelie Dubois went with her mother and father on a short trip to their farm, though they mentioned what they were about to show her would be life changing, she didn't take their words serious enough. They've told me my life would be changing plenty of times, just to introduce me to a "perfect suitor" in their eyes. She thought to herself.

As they arrived at a small barn where a small horse stayed, they stood outside, waiting. "Is this what's so life changing?" she questioned, they could hear the attitude behind the question, she knew it and regretted it instantly. "I won't hesitate to strike you, girl." Monsieur Dubois told her, she could tell he was serious, he never jokes with her to begin with. She looked towards her mother, and all she received was a glare. Of course, she agrees with him, when it comes to Father, mother doesn't care. Amelie understood her disrespect wouldn't be tolerated right now, even if she was angry and annoyed, they took her out of bed, she would watch her tone. "My apologies, Father, I spoke out of character." She said, she didn't mean it of course. "It will be forgiven for now, but if our guest is displeased with your attitude, you will regret even lifting your tongue tonight. Amelie simply nodded.

Five minutes, it took five minutes for their "guest" to arrive, and this seemed to piss Amelie off greatly. When she was about to let her tongue slip and tell the man off, she stopped, and it wasn't because her father was glaring at her. A man wearing a turban was what Amelie saw, but the shock didn't come from that, it came from him taking off the turban and having an ugly and unforgettable face coming out of the back of his head. Amelie was disgusted, repulsed even, but she said nothing, the fear of this thing just wouldn't leave. Amelie seen her mother and father began to get on their knees, so she did the same, she didn't want to displease her father at the moment, or worse, anger this creature in front of her.

"My lord," Monsieur Dubois began. "My mother, she never taught me the arts of voodoo, said I would do no good with it. But she taught my daughter." He told the man, the man's face slowly turned to Amelie. Amelie eyes widened in horror, her dad was bringing her here as a gift to this man who would only use her for what her grandmother taught her?! "Stand up, girl," said the face on the back of the mans head, Amelie stood up and began shivering. When she first came out to the barn, she thought nothing bad would go wrong, but at the moment, she's just hoping death doesn't reach her at the hands of this thing. "You go to Beauxbaton academy do you not?" The face questioned. "Yes, she does my lord-" Monsieur Dubois was cut off. "Silence! When I have questions for you, you will know." The face told him, Monsieur Dubois knelt quietly after that, not wanting to anger his Lord even more.

"Yes," Amelie answered, she tried to sound strong, but her voice betrayed her. "I do go to Beauxbaton academy…" The face made a sick and twisted smile, one that would have made the girl hurl had she not been occupied by fear. "Nicholas Flamel was rumored to have went to your academy centuries ago, do you know who he is?" The Face questioned the girl, the girl nodded. "Nicholas Flamel is the creator of the Philosopher stone," the girl began. "The stone was rumored to do tons of things, ranging from giving you immortal life to turning metal into gold." The man nodded, the girl knows a lot about the stone. "What if I told you that you can have all that, and more," The face told the girl, Amelie looked up at the man and wondered, And more? Like running my own kingdom? The girl had a dream since a young child, she always wanted her own kingdom.

"Exactly," the face said, it again twisted into and evil smirk. "Like having your own kingdom."

-Flashback end-

A/N: Oh no! another ending that ended with a flashback. Trust me, I know I'm a dickhead. I don't really have anything CRAZY planned for the first three books, it'll be something around relationship/character building, but from the fourth book up is when the story takes a turn, so just bear with me.

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The Big Brother Big Sister program is an actual thing that I took part of when younger, I had an older brother who mentored me, and I now am an actual older brother who mentors his little sisters.