A snort of laughter escaped Sam's lips and his life changed forever.

Because he laughed at one of the douchiest classmates to ever exist. Because he laughed at a prank. Because then someone Sam was pretty sure wasn't in the class turned around with the most 'who, me?' expression on his face that he had to have been the prankster. Because that innocent-looking man made a sarcastic comment and Sam laughed again and they made eye-contact.

The man's eyes were narrow and the lightest hazel Sam had ever seen; they almost looked golden. Already at the tender age of probably only 27 he had laughter lines. They were breath-catching. And the man's face was framed by a scruffy jaw and wavy, short, light-brown hair. It made something seize in Sam's chest and suddenly air was a bit hard to come by. The other man was only an inch or so shorter than Sam but broader. He looked like a wrestler and Sam suddenly had the idea of being tossed around by that stranger - it was appealing as it was shocking.

The other man looked away and Sam shakily exhaled wondering what the fuck?

Generally, Sam didn't have a lot of free time even in his freshman year because while he was at Stanford on a full-ride there were other things Sam needed, namely food. So he worked and kept away from the social events on campus.

However, there was the occasional exception. The night of that mind-altering day was one of them. After his afternoon shift at the campus bookstore, he headed towards a party that one of the school's frats was throwing. He figured he either needed to ignore the heated, twisted feeling in his stomach or figure it out. He was sure the party could help him do at least one of those things.

He'd been quiet in his classes so he was surprised when someone called out his name within 10 minutes of his arrival, but alcohol was offered so he didn't question it too much. He was pulled into the crowd bunched together in the living room and found himself dancing - if one could call it that - with nameless girls and guys. The air was heavy with the scent of alcohol and muted perfumes and cologne. It smelled like possibility; it got Sam's blood thrumming. It was a heady experience, being a body in a crowd like that, swaying and grinding against others.

A few girls, his usual type of short and intelligent-looking, caught his interest. One or two male figures caught that wandering interest that felt so much more real since that morning. They were broad-shouldered and around his height. Heart thumping in his throat, he shared a few dances with all of his options and some kisses with the women. It somehow didn't feel enough though. He had to be too gentle with them and while that usually inspired a sense of power, it didn't do anything for him in that moment. He couldn't help but think of a scruffy jaw and bright eyes. He extracted himself from the writhing group of people in the name of finding a drink and wiping the sweat from his forehead.

In the kitchen, he chugged a cool beer and wiped his face dry before mixing himself a drink to sip at. Outside he could see people lounging and smoking. From the smell wafting inside it was clear it wasn't just tobacco. He couldn't help but wrinkle his nose.

"I heard they had a pet skunk but damn , that's strong," he heard a mellow tenor say from behind him.

Sam turned, confused, and found himself faced with the light-eyed man from earlier. Something twisted in his gut and his heartbeat suddenly felt very heavy and loud. "What?" he asked, his words barely audible; the music was loud even in the kitchen.

"You've never heard of pot being compared to skunk before?" the man asked, a smirk on his face, a twinkle apparent in his eyes. Did he recognize Sam from earlier?

An exhilarated flush washed through Sam's body; he shook his head to regain his footing.

"Ahh, a freshman. To be young and innocent again," he spoke fondly like he was reminiscing.

Sam snorted in amusement. There was something just enthralling about the guy, he felt like he was being reeled in. He didn't mind it at all.

A grin quirked across the other guy's lips. "What, you don't think I've ever been innocent?" he teased.

"Not any time recently," Sam quipped back. He took a sip of his drink to give himself time to think, time to look the other man over. Again, the obvious strength of his arms and shoulders intrigued Sam, but there was a softness to his chest and stomach that appealed to him as well. He mentally shook himself out of his daze. "Nice prank by the way," he acknowledged, tipping his red solo cup towards him in a mock toast.

The other man raised his cup in return, a knowing smirk growing, his eyes scanned Sam from head to toe unabashedly.

Sam's skin felt tight and warm under the gaze, he knew a blush was forming on his face.

"Glad someone recognized my brilliance and enjoyed it," the brunet tossed back, his eyes intent on Sam's.

Sam broke eye contact and laughed, slightly nervous, into his drink. "What? Davidson didn't enjoy it?" he asked curiously.

The man's eyes narrowed, his eyes shifting as something unreadable quickly flitted across his face. "Definitely not the way that you do but I think my message was received loud and clear," he said drily.

Sam tilted his head in confused curiosity but he was waved off.

"So, do I get to know the name of my admirer?" the other man asked, cocking an eyebrow at Sam.

Sam felt himself flush anew. "Sam. Do I get to know the name of the mastermind?"

That grin was back. "You can call me Noah," he said as his eyes scanned Sam's face once more.

The phrasing was a little odd but Sam didn't think about it too hard; his mind was too focused on the weird flirting and fighting his tipsy state. He smiled. The heat of the room and the blurring hush of everything felt good. "Good to meet you."

"Likewise Sambo."

There was a beat of silence between them and then Sam was laughing, shoulders shaking. After a minute he finally pulled himself together and looked up to find an amused look on Noah's face. " Sambo ?" he finally gasped, incredulous and gleeful. Besides 'Sammy' he'd never had a nickname before.

"What's wrong with it? Rolls off the tongue so easily," Noah defended, crossing his arms in mock defense.

"No, nothing's wrong with it. I just wasn't expecting it." Sam grinned easily, he felt light with happiness. He noticed that Noah had stepped closer, they were just a few inches apart. Sam's breath hitched and his eyes dipped to Noah's lips. He'd never really given a thought to being with another man, hardly noticed anything beyond 'hey, he looks good' . He was definitely thinking it now, had been since he'd met those hazel eyes that morning. It was exciting - nerve wracking. His stomach was in an excited knot. It wasn't just a passing thought but a desire now. When he dragged his eyes back up to Noah's, those hazel eyes were heavy and dilated. He watched as they dropped down to Sam's lips.

"Sometimes the best things are the unexpected," Noah grinned.

"Sounds very wise," Sam rasped. His skin prickled and he could feel his heartbeat in his throat. Was he going to kiss Noah? Did he want to kiss him? The answer felt clear as day: fuck yes . He wanted that witty mouth on his. It was more obvious to him than any other possible hook-up he'd stumbled across while in college. He and Noah drifted closer and closer.

"Got it from a fortune cookie."

Sam faintly laughed again. He felt obvious and nervous and awkward. It was like he was fourteen again but this felt way better than it had with Amy. Noah's eyes burned into him. They weren't just golden now, they were flames, and oh God, it felt so good. Sam's chest felt tight with excitement and anticipation.

Noah tilted his face up towards Sam, a smile still curved his lips. "You gonna keep a guy waiting?"

Sam's breath hiccuped but he shook his head and steadied himself against Noah's chest. The air was tense between them as Sam slowly, hesitantly, dipped his head. Eyes already closed he only heard Noah gasp for air before they were kissing. Sam kept his mouth soft as they met, but his hands gripped tight onto Noah's shirt.

Their lips, parted for air, slotted together seamlessly, just like their conversation had been. They rested together a moment, relished in the softness of each other's mouths, still and holding their breath before they pulled back slightly. Their lips caught each other's and they lingered there for a moment. Noah had whisker-rough cheeks. The scratch of them was electric. For such an innocent kiss it seemed almost erotic, breathing shallowly against each other. He nervously licked his bottom lip and caught the inside of Noah's. A soft moan was pulled from Sam's chest. He quickly pressed in for another kiss, jaw hard. His teeth pressed against his bottom lip but he didn't care, it gave a physicality for his urgent eagerness.

Noah's hands tightened their grip in Sam's hair and Sam gave a warbled moan at the sensation it caused. They kissed again and again and again. Their hands grabbed at each other - hair, jawline, shoulders, waist. Lips parted further so they could graze teeth against supple flesh. Tongues swept out to taste flushed skin.

Against Sam's cheek Noah heartily sighed, "Fuck."

Sam couldn't help but huff a laugh against Noah's damp lips and skimmed his nose along the curve of Noah's cheek to feel the rasp of his whiskers against his lips again.

"I - we shouldn't be doing this," Noah mumbled like he was awakening from something as he pressed his body against Sam's.

Sam dug his fingertips into Noah's waist, reluctant to part. "Why not?" he whispered.

"Good point," Noah breathed before he captured Sam's mouth again.

There was a tease of tongue on Sam's bottom lip. He moaned. Like this, slow yet urgent and sensual, he felt like he was once more being introduced to kissing. He relaxed more against the other man, he knew that he could handle Sam's weight. It sent a shiver along Sam's spine as Noah's hands abandoned his hair to instead wrap around his shoulders.

Sam moaned the others' name into his mouth as a spine shiver extended throughout his entire body.

"Fuck," Noah murmured emphatically again. He didn't pull away though. "We really should stop. Which-" he was interrupted by Sam's mouth again- "is saying something," he gasped, fingers pulling at Sam's shirt. "I'm never the responsible one."

"So don't be," Sam pleaded as he trailed his mouth down to Noah's neck. He wanted more, more, more - like he was only allowed to have Noah for so long.

Noah groaned and finally pulled away slightly. His hands captured Sam's wrists, kept them from traveling to his ass and just grabbing. "Sambo, come on-" his voice cracked just slightly. Sam could see how disheveled he looked and it did nothing to curb his want. "Not here."

For a moment it looked like he was going to snap his fingers and a quick look of annoyance passed over his handsome face. Sam was about to ask when Noah turned on his heel and pulled Sam after him. The room wobbled back into existence around Sam. A werewolf could've been howling next to them and he wouldn't have known until that moment. They skirted around the still dancing group in the living room and started up the stairs.

Excitement bubbled in Sam's stomach and chest but nerves were introduced into his bloodstream as the reality of the situation crept in. Still, he didn't stop following Noah as they peered into various rooms, looking for some privacy. Sam wanted this, wanted Noah and his hands on his body. His self-reassurances didn't get rid of the jittery nerves though.

Finally, Noah dragged him into an empty room and quickly locked the door after him. And then Sam found himself pressed against the door, Noah's mouth once more on his. Sam sighed in relief and pulled Noah closer, hands smoothing down his back to land on his ass. Noah sighed in appreciation and rocked against Sam. They frantically made out, want climbing higher and higher. Eventually, Noah pulled away and sharply started plucking at Sam's shirt buttons.

"I generally like the grunge look, Sambo but honestly, it's too many layers." Noah's lips, kissed red, twisted into a wry smile as his point was proven by the flannel falling open to reveal a band t-shirt. Sam hastily slipped his button-down off his shoulders and then whipped his t-shirt off before he started reaching for Noah. Noah who pulled his t-shirt off as Sam had and was starting to undo the button and zip of his pants. Nerves climbed into Sam's throat but he pressed on, hands shyly touching Noah's hairy barrel chest and soft sides. He thumbed over the obvious hip bones.

The other man looked at him with a bit of curiosity. "Is this your first time with a guy?"

Sam nodded a bit hesitantly.

Noah licked his bottom lip and gave a soft moan. "That's kinda hot. And I had no clue till now, you're so into it." He pushed his pants down his legs and kicked his shoes off so he could step completely out of them.

Sam swallowed thickly as his eyes traced down Noah's wrestler frame. Desire hitched in his chest. "I… I kinda don't know what to do." He softly admitted.

Noah gently smiled. "That's okay. We'll do it together, just enjoy yourself." He stepped in close again and ran his hands up and down Sam's sides. "Okay?" When Sam nodded Noah brought their lips together in another kiss. It was sweet and Sam instantly relaxed into it. He wrapped his arms around Noah's broad shoulders and tangled one hand into his wavy hair.

They made out for a few long minutes, hands simply roving over bare skin, finding the sensitive areas that made each other tremble. Sam got drunk on the sounds Noah made, especially when his hair was tugged at. They were both thrumming with arousal by the time they finally pulled apart, gasping for air.

"Let's get you out of your pants and onto that bed, alright?" Noah suggested, voice raspy with desire and lips slick. Sam felt attention-drunk as he obeyed the suggestion and tumbled onto the bed after Noah. They couldn't stop from laughing as their knees and shins knocked together.

They ended up with Sam on his back and Noah sitting between his spread, bent knees. He ran his hands up and down Sam's hairy legs, fingers tracing the delicate lines of his ankles before his palms brushed up all the way to his covered hips. "What kinds of things do you like?"

Sam bit at his bottom lip as he slowly rolled his hips, pressing his hips up against Noah's light touch. "I … I don't know; the usual?"

Noah laughed softly and rocked forward to press a kiss to Sam's bare chest. "There's no such thing as normal sex," the older man informed the flushed skin, "so it looks like I get to experiment. Is that okay?" As he peered up at the pink face his scruff scratched against Sam's skin.

Sam moaned and shivered. "Fuck, yes."

Noah's grin became predatory. He dragged his cheek all the way up Sam's chest and revealed in the way his partner shuddered underneath him. He bracketed Sam's head with his elbows and kissed him slowly before he began. He methodically kissed, licked, and bit everywhere he could - down Sam's neck, across his chest, along the lines of his biceps and palms, the curve of his collarbones, the sharp lines of his ribs, down his stomach, the dip of his hip bones, the length of his legs. His lips were numb by the end of it all but he was flushed and victorious in finding the spots that made Sam absolutely tremble, gasp, curse, and tug at Noah's hair with desire.

Sam heaved for air, head tossed back against the pillow as Noah climbed back up his body, hands tracing over sensitive spots on his thighs. "I swear, if you don't actually touch me any time soon I'm leaving." But both of them knew it was an empty threat. Neither of them would leave that bed until they were both satisfied.

Noah poked a finger against Sam's stomach. "But I am touching you." His grin was as wild as his hair.

Sam huffed out a small laugh as he wrapped his hands around Noah's shoulders to bring them chest to chest. He sighed with satisfaction in feeling the weight of his partner press down on him and the rasp of chest hair on his skin. He rolled his hips up against Noah's and they both groaned.

"What do you like?" Sam asked breathlessly, hands rubbing against Noah's back.

"Well I definitely like that." Noah relaxed a bit more of his weight against Sam. "I like my hair played with and tugged at, as you've found out. I like having my nipples played with and blow jobs, giving and receiving. I like bringing food into the bedroom, shame we have nothing on hand," he shook his head in slight disappointment and laughed at Sam's look of uncertainty, "I'm not joking but seriously, you're safe." He thought for a moment. "I like being praised and marked and restrained and teased. I like dirty talk," he grinned and winked, "and, of course, I like anal. Both giving and receiving. Anything in particular you want to try?"

Sam floundered a little bit. "Everything?"

Noah raised his eyebrows in surprise. "Everything? You sure? That might take a while but I'm up for the task."

Sam's breath stuttered nervously. "Um… blowjobs and dirty talk? And … and anal." He wanted to cover his face in vague embarrassment.

Noah grinned and kissed Sam's cheek. "Very good, Sam."

Sam flushed slightly and looked away from his partner. "What for?"

"For telling me what you want." And he began to move down Sam's lithe body.

Sam stopped him with a hand on his thick bicep. "Wait, what- what are you doing?"

"Giving you a blowjob."

Sam flushed even more. "No, all I've done is just lay here. I want … I want to do it to you."

Noah's light eyes darkened as he took a slow breath in. "Yes," he drew the word out as a hiss, "I'm totally good with that." He shifted over Sam's legs to lay down.

Sam raised up onto his left elbow and looked at Noah's body all stretched out next to him. He slowly ran a hand from Noah's neck down his chest, fingers swirling through his blond-brown, wiry chest hair that covered his chest. Eyes on Noah's face he leaned down to kiss his pectorals. The hair didn't disturb Sam, in fact he found he kind of liked the sensation of it underneath his lips. His mouth slowly followed the path of his hand down Noah's chest and belly and then he was breathing over Noah's boxer-clad cock.

Noah moaned and cupped the back of Sam's head. "You're such a tease," he whispered.

"I thought you liked that," Sam rasped, fingers pressed against his partner's hips. "Plus you were just teasing me, consider this payback."

Noah laughed; it sounded giddy.

Sam looked up at him and grinned as he slowly lowered his mouth to the clothed erection. He breathed hotly against the swell of it, felt flushed and excited by the act.

Noah whimpered softly and carded his fingers through Sam's dark brown hair.

Sam licked him through his boxers before pulling back. The noise Noah made had the hair on the back of Sam's neck standing on end. He did it again and again, dampening Noah's boxers with his tongue. Noah pulled not too gently as Sam's hair. He finally moved on, curious about the taste and weight of Noah against his tongue. He pulled Noah's underwear down and off his legs. He stared hungrily at the flushed, uncut cock nestled in dark pubic hair before him for a moment before he wrapped his hand around it and carefully stroked.

"Fuck - Sam." Noah's hips stuttered, pushing his cock through the circle of Sam's fist.

Sam felt intoxicated with desire and heat. He carefully tasted the head of Noah's cock. Found himself going back for more and more, kissing and licking the soft foreskin. He then dragged his mouth down, licked a line from Noah's smoothly shaved balls to the head of his cock. Noah shuddered through it and encouraged Sam to do it again, slowly. Sam happily did so, eager to learn his partner's body. He trailed his tongue along the ridge of Noah's cock before he finally wrapped his lips around it. He relished the way it sunk inch by inch into his mouth until he coughed and drooled. The way it felt in his mouth, fitted against his hard palate made him feel desirable and powerful as Noah whimpered and moaned and gasped. He pressed his own trapped erection against the mattress, thoughtlessly and slowly rutting his hips.

Noah babbled the entire time. "Oh fuck, Sam, yes just like that," and, "Your mouth is so good," and, "Look at you, sucking my cock down." Praise and dirty talk mixed beautifully in Sam's ears, encouraging him on. And then eventually, "Oh-! Sam I'm going to cum, fuck I'm going to…" Noah heaved and pulled at Sam's hair.

Shivering, Sam allowed himself to be pulled off, the head of Noah's cock resting against his bottom lip. He gently licked at it and seconds later Noah was cumming, dripping onto Sam's mouth and cheeks. Sam groaned and licked his tingling lips. Tasted and revealed in the vague sweetness mixed with the saltiness of Noah's cum.

"Shit," Noah shivered and heaved. "Shit, come here." He tugged at Sam's hair again and Sam willingly went. Noah pulled him into a messy kiss and licked his own cum off of Sam's smooth cheeks. "Fuck," he gasped between kisses, "you were so good , so hot. Natural cock-sucker."

Sam trembled with arousal, flushed from the praise. Noah kissed him again, took his mouth slowly and lazily, mumbled more praise against his tacky lips. It was sensual enough to distract Sam from his partner's hands moving lower. His hips bucked at the unexpected touch and groaned. Loved how Noah's broad palm wrapped around him.

"Let me take care of you," Noah pleaded as he slowly stroked Sam's cock.

Sam agreed desperately.

They quickly, a little awkwardly, rearranged themselves so Noah was between Sam's thighs once more. "Bend your knees, sweetheart." And then he descended on Sam, mouth wet and welcoming.

It was once Sam was completely distracted by pleasure, hips hitching forward slightly into Noah's mouth, that Noah slicked a finger with spit and gently rubbed against Sam's asshole. He jolted at the unexpected touch, thighs tightening around Noah's head and toes curling into the cotton sheets.

The finger didn't move, just rested there as Noah continued to lave Sam's dick with attention.

With a few deep breaths Sam relaxed and let his legs splay out as he shivered with anticipation.

Noah rubbed circles around the tight furl of skin. He pulled away, mouth slick and red and messy, and leaned over the edge of the bed.

"What are you-"

"Lube, gonna need it if we want to do more." And then a click of fingers followed by a triumphant sound. "I thank that all frat boys are alike and keep lube under their mattresses." He faced Sam again with a wide, 'cat got the canary' grin.

Sam's breath hitched. He licked his lips, grinned vaguely nervously back and spread his legs further apart.

Noah gave a breathy moan and bit his bottom lip. He quickly squeezed some lube onto two fingers and pressed them against Sam's asshole again. Stroked the skin to relax Sam before pressing his index finger in.

Sam shivered and gasped at the intrusion. Felt his muscles tighten and flex around Noah's finger which shouldn't feel so good . His hips ground down, back, onto Noah's finger.

"Damn, you can just take it, can't you? You're practically begging for it." Noah remarked with awe. He kissed Sam's knee as he slowly shifted his finger in and out of Sam's ass. His other hand lazily stroked Sam's cock.

Sam whined at that, nerve endings tingling. He panted for air. His hands restlessly moved against the sheets; found purchase in his own hair. He pulled and groaned. Long moments passed like that.

"Let's see…" Noah pulled his finger out and then gently pressed forward again with two. Sam's body resisted a bit but he shivered and pressed hips back, once more riding Noah's fingers. "Fuck yes," Noah laughed slightly, breathlessly. "You should see yourself, laid out like this and riding my fingers while I jack you off." He twisted his fingers and pushed in so he could stroke Sam's prostate. He just barely reached it but still, Sam shivered like his breath was being punched out of him. Noah pulled his fingers out and applied more lube, eased them back inside Sam. Wiggled them around and rotated his wrist, slowly worked Sam open.

Sam just tried to not forget to breathe as his breath was constantly punched and pulled from him with the gentle movements. He didn't know if he should push back onto those careful fingers or grind forward into Noah's loose fist. His skin pebbled and ached. He abandoned his hair to stroke his chest. His body tensed and convulsed with shivers whenever Noah stroked his prostate with his fingertips. "Please," Sam finally groaned, unable to live much longer on the not-quite-enough touches. He peered at Noah with heavy-lidded eyes.

"Please what?" Noah's chest rose quickly for air even as he needled Sam. His hazel eyes were bright and wild, as was his hair, and his lips were bitten red from his own teeth. He pressed his fingers into Sam again and curled his fingertips so he brushed against Sam's prostate again. Sam's legs quivered wildly.

"Please," Sam's voice broke on the word and Noah was sure he'd never been so turned on in his long life. "Fuck me." And Sam, the glorious, arousal-delirious bastard, spread his legs apart even more.

Noah carefully pulled his slick fingers from Sam with a kiss to a freckled knee. He added lube to his fingers once more and then pushed three fingers in. Sam squirmed , pleasured noises absolutely wretched from his thin chest. Noah abandoned Sam's weeping dick for a moment to stroke himself, relieving some of the built up pleasure from his gut. He curled over Sam's body and pressed a messy kiss to his lips. They panted together as Noah's hands worked, muscles working in his forearms. Sam practically whined as he clutched Noah closer, fingers digging into his shoulder muscles.

Noah shushed him. "It's alright, I've got you. Gonna make you feel so good ."

"Oh god, oh fuck," Sam shivered and pleaded, knees drawing closer to his chest. " Please. No- ah !" Sam keened as his partner slowly pulled his fingers from his body, feeling suddenly empty.

Careful of his lube messy fingers, Noah cupped Sam's sharp jaw in his hands and kissed him. He slowly pulled back, meeting Sam's hazel-green eyes before he turned and reached back for his discarded jeans. His fingers snapped together as he searched his pockets for a condom. He turned back to Sam with a victorious smile, foil packet between his slick fingers.

Sam begged again.

"Shh," Noah soothed as he tore open the packet and rolled the condom down his cock. "I know, just give me a moment and then you'll have me. If you're honestly sure you want me?" Noah peeked at Sam as he lubed up his dick, wanting to make sure.

Sam threw his head back with a slightly annoyed sigh. "Oh my god , yes Noah, yes I want you inside of me."

A brief look of exasperation passed unseen across Noah's face. He moved closer to Sam, thighs underneath Sam's splayed thighs. He rubbed Sam's hips as his cock nudged against Sam's balls. "We can stop at any time."

"I won't want to stop , I want to start ," Sam shook his head. "Now will you please -"

Noah grinned and laughed slightly as he took himself in hand and pressed against Sam's entrance. "Yes, Mr. Impatient, I'll fuck you now." He slowly pushed inside of Sam as he watched the younger man's face. It was beautiful to watch; the surprise, the flicker of pain, the tremble of pleasure, the shaky breath as Noah seemed to be endlessly pushing in, the small grunt and expression of relief as he bottomed out.

Sam whined, nerve-endings alive and the feeling of being full, and gasped for air. He bit his bottom lip as he pulled his legs infinitesimally closer to his chest. A small noise of surprised pleasure escaped from his mouth as Noah shakily tried to keep himself still. "Fuuuck, Noah ."

"I know, I know," he reassured even as he panted as well. "You're doin' so good. Just breathe and let me know when I can-"

" Move ," Sam demanded with a gasp. His skin felt tight and he was overly full. "Please. I wanna feel you."

Noah cursed before he rolled his hips back before he carefully pressed forward again.

Sam shook and moaned continuously beneath him, hands flying from Noah's shoulders to grasp at the comforter beneath him. He tilted his head back and showed off the line of his neck.

Noah braced himself, a hand on either side of Sam's shoulders, and carefully leaned forward to nibble at Sam's Adam's apple, hips still slow.

Sam choked on a breath. "I'm not gonna break , come on …" He then grasped at Noah's soft waist, pulling him even closer.

Noah became more forceful with his thrusts. He gulped for air against Sam's neck when he wasn't licking and nibbling at the skin.

The sound of their fucking filled the room, skin slick noises and flesh hitting flesh as well as the echos of their gasps and moaning of each other's names.

Sam happily accepted each of Noah's thrusts. He abandoned his hold on Noah to lift his arms and brace against the wall behind him. Loving the stretch in his hips, he wrapped his long legs around Noah's thighs. Sam grunted in surprised pleasure when Noah once more wrapped a hand around his cock. It started to almost become unbearable for Sam, nerves overstimulated and stomach tightening and trembling in pleasure. He pressed his head back into the mattress. "Noah, please, I - I want to come," it left him as a whine.

Noah hummed darkly against Sam's collarbone. "Fuck yes , I wanna see you." He sat back on his heels slowly, trying every angle between the two positions. The head of his cock grazed against Sam's prostate and the younger man keened with surprised pleasure. Noah hitched his hips forward relentlessly, pushing and sliding against that pleasure point.

Sam shook underneath the onslaught of sensation. His orgasm was silently pulled from him and left him dazed and dry mouthed as Noah pushed into him a few more times before cumming as well, eyes slamming shut as a startled shout left his lips.

They shivered in the sudden quiet as their sweaty bodies started to slowly cool. Noah placed a gentle hand on Sam's abdomen as he pulled out. Sam winced at the feeling and watched as the other man fumbled with the used condom, tying it off and tossing it in the direction of the trashcan.

Noah settled on his side next to Sam, head propped up by his hand like it was too heavy. "So," he was still a bit breathless as he gave a small smile and asked, "what did you think?"

Sam gave a small giggle and flexed his hands, bringing them away from the wall to play with the cum on his stomach. "That was intense," He looked at Noah from the corner of his eyes and twisted his lips into a pleased grin. "Definitely a fan."

A smile spread across Noah's own mouth - Sam longed to kiss it as if they hadn't been kissing the entire time. "I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. I know I certainly enjoyed you , you felt so good wrapped around me."

Sam flushed.

Noah gave a pleased rumble of a laugh and leaned close. "We just fucked but you're blushing because I'm telling you how good it felt?"

"Shut up," Sam grumbled, embarrassed.

"Make me," Noah taunted breathily. His face - sex-flushed and satisfied, joyful and teasing - was just inches away.

Sam twisted, stomach quivering as his shoulders raised off the bed, and captured Noah's lips in a hasty, uncoordinated kiss. Noah made a pleased noise and reached with his free hand to cradle Sam's jaw, realigning their mouths to fit together better. Sam's body shook, trying to keep itself up. He wiggled an arm beneath himself for support and reached with his other for Noah. They held each other gently, lips clinging and tongues explorative. Eventually they parted for air, noses brushing against each other.

"Damn," Noah murmured warmly against his lips.

Sam rolled so they faced each other properly, felt the faint desire for another round.

Noah slid his hand from Sam's jaw to his hip, pulling him closer. His name was a wreck on Sam's lips as he bent his head to kiss Sam's shoulder.

The door handle rattled slightly, likely another couple looking for a room to hook up in.

Sam startled slightly away from the other man.

Noah huffed and pursed his lips. "Let's see if there's anything we can use to clean up a bit." And he rolled away from Sam, leaving the younger man feeling bereft.

Noah ended up just grabbing his own boxers to wipe, a bit ineffectually, at the remnants of lube from himself and Sam's inner thighs and ass, at the cum on Sam's stomach. He folded his underwear carefully as to not spread the mess it contained. He turned away to find his clothes. "We should get moving."

Sam frowned with the feeling that something was wrong. "Noah…?"

The other man threw a smirk over his shoulder. "As much as I'd love a round two right now, this really isn't the place for it." He tossed Sam his t-shirt and flannel.

Sam silently agreed and got up on slightly shaky legs to pull his clothes on as well. They left the room just the tiniest bit rumpled, both of them smoothing their hands through their hair. They shared a quick look as they descended the stairs and laughed slightly.

"Please tell me I can see you again." Sam had to yell over the music that was still pounding away in the living room.

A complicated look passed over Noah's face. "Not sure that's a good idea, Sambo."

He felt his face fall. "Why not?"

Noah shook his head. "It … it's just not." He stuffed his hands into his pockets and wavered slightly on his feet before he stepped into Sam's space to murmur warmly against his ear. "Stay here, you'll have a good life." He pressed something into Sam's hands and then turned and walked into the dancing crowd.

Sam was left standing at the base of the stairs with a sucker in his hands, confused and like something important just slipped through his fingers.