Well, hello guys, gals and non-binary Pals.

Psycho Lemon here. :)

And I'm creating a story that I want to do. Sorry, but is not Ninjago. It's about a fandom that I have been in since I was younger and I have gone and shipped characters together.

and my darlings, this fandom is is called..

TMNT... or more are known as Teenagers Mutant Ninja Turtles

and I have to say I fucking love the cartoons I love the movies I love everything about it... okay probably not a lot of the fan art and like you know those people... of the fandom .okay anyways... you're not here for this like you know me talkin about how much I love the cartoons or movies you're here so I can get you some information, about what this story is about and what is going to have in it and what ships that I will have in it.

I will put the warnings and what ships will be in this story right here...


dark things.

real life situations.

horse language.

horror descriptions.

good or bad humor.


the stupid warnings or serious warnings:

bad grammar.

spelling mistakes.

cheesy parts or cringe parts.

strange situations.

I don't know why I'm making this story but I am... and I don't know if I will regret it or not.

ssoooo yeah... o_o

also singled out to my friend Emma for helping me with the grammar and the spelling mistakes and this so yeah...

I'm not sure if she has like a account on here but it's okay.I don't know if I will set up a date for these like updates for something that will see. they probably will just come out and random time to random times of the day or whatever but yeah.


goodbye everyonepsycho lemon out