Dear readers,

I present to you the final book of my fanfiction series. 'Stars of Evermore' is the culmination of the adventures of Callum and Rayla as I envisioned them. I hope you will enjoy this final part of their adventures!

It took me a while to write this. At first I was determined to write the entire thing and only post it once it had been completed; a test of discipline and determination, if you will. However, things have not been so simple, and while I had the time, I did not have the drive to go through with it in one go. At the time of writing, the entire project is maybe 50% complete. It's enough to give me a head start, but this is probably something I need to work on when I really start developing my own fiction stories.

Regardless, four books in two years is still an achievement, even if it is 'only' a work of fanfiction. I'm proud of it, and I am very glad to have so many readers reading and commenting on my work. Thanks for that! I do really appreciate it!

Ever since I completed 'Heart of a Dragon', I wanted to print it and put it in my bookcase. So, I got in touch with WytArtsy who is a good friend of mine and commissioned her to do sketches to accompany the story. She did her job wonderfully, and when they are all completed I will post the final result as a PDF somewhere so you can also enjoy those.

As usual, my guidelines for this project are as follows:

- I will post one chapter each week (I will really try this time!)

- I will post a total of ten chapters, including 'a word from the author'

- I will give myself ten weeks to finish this project

Now, I suggest you get started! I present to you 'Stars of Evermore'. Enjoy!

Jaco "Ocaj" Koster