Dear readers,

As promised; the Heart of a Dragon series in book form! These PDF versions are an upgrade to the origional stories:

- The story is now in bookformat, complete with coverart and the works

- A lot of spelling, grammar and continuity errors have been fixed

- Every chapter contains a piece of art, created by the lovely WytArtsy

- The first book, Heart of a Dragon, has an additional chapter not found online, which is meant as an introduction to the story for those who aren't familiar with The Dragon Prince.

Unfortunately, FF doesn't allow for links to be posted. I'll do my best to post the link here, without it being blocked.








(yeah, it's an ugly link like this, but if you replace the dots and place it all in your url, it SHOULD get you to the shared folder where the PDF's are located.)

Special thanks go to WytArtsy for creating the wonderous pieces of art in the books!

Another special thanks for Gagaball88, who helped me edit out any mistakes found in the works. Their help was invaluable to me to get the books to the level of quality that I wanted them to be!

I hope you will enjoy these. If you do, please let me know in the comments. I always love to hear from you guys!

Cheers mates!