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Two gorgeous women could be seen in the sky, one was unconsious, and the other was barely hanging on, struggling to both support her friend, as well as keep going. The two women were in terrible shape. The conscious woman, had long black hair down to her hips, two giant feathery pitch black wings, a very nice, slender body with large breasts, a flawless face, and two beautiful striking eyes, and wearing a very revealing black dress, that was barely held together, due to all of the tears and rips in the fabric. Numerous cuts and bruises covered the ageless beauty. This woman, is Raynare, a fallen angel, of the Grigori faction, or rather a former member of said organization.

The currently unconscious woman, was another fallen angel. She had long, beautiful, navy blue hair, that reached down past her ass, and obscured her right eye. Her eyes were a lovely brown. She to wore a rather revealing outfit, a one piece suit, that showed off quite a bit of her amazing cleavage. Her own state of dress was in tatters, she was covered in cuts and bruises. Her name, is Kalawarner.

The two women were currently on the run, barely clinging to life, trying to get to some place safe, or comfortable, in order to rest their wounds, and get some strength back. Raynare felt her body start to give out, her eyes widened, but due to exhaustion, she couldn't help it, they were going down. She closed her eyes, and whispered, "sorry Kalawarner, I failed you. I was to weak, my friend." with her final thoughts being towards her best and only friend, her wings went slack, and she plummeted, right down towards the earth, more specifically, a sandy beach, with a lone cabin, a young boy, and his mother.

"momma look, those two girls are gonna fall. We gotta do something." the young boy creid out, afraid of the two, seemingly young women falling to their deaths. His mother was beside him, trying to comfort him, "shh, close your eyes baby, and pray, hope, believe with all your heart, maybe they will be okay." although she didn't say it, she knew, at least she thought she did, that the two women would splatter upon impact.

What she didn't take into account, was for her son, to hold out his hands, and cry out in a loud voice, as well as for his father to speak to him.

'Perseus, my son, you can save them. Do you wish to save them? If so, feel it, think about the water rising up and gently grabbing a hold of them.'

'I can't. I don't know how. Please, someone help me, I don't want them to get hurt, please someone SAVE THEM.' his desperate scream tore at the master of the ocean's heart.

'Boy, listen to me, do you want them to DIE? Is that what you want?!' he heard the voice in his head once again.

"NO!" Perseus screamed, and two giant hands made of water, rose out of the ocean, and gently grabbed the two women, lowering them down onto the ground.

Perseus opened his eyes, and once he had gotten a glimpse of the women on the ground, he beamed at his mother, "wow mommy, you were right, I did exactly as you say, and they are okay!" his mom just looked at him with wide eyes, and fear passing through her eyes, she shakily took a deep breath, and spoke aloud, "baby, I need you to promise me something, okay? No matter what happens now, you can't let anyone know about your abilities, okay? You may practice them if you wish, but don't show them to anyone, and don't talk to them about it. You could be in a lot of danger or trouble if someone finds out, alright?"

"you mean I did that? But how?! All I did was think about not wanting them to get hurt, and suddenly I could feel something rising up, as if the ocean itself was calling out to me, telling me to let go."

Her son, young as he was, was by no means an intellectually challenged child, he was actually quite the opposite, so when his mother asked him to keep his new powers a secret, he figured she had a reason to do so. Sally walked over to where the unconscious women were lying in the sand, barely covered in torn and loose fabric, when her eyes widened, and a blush appeared on her face. 'hell these women are knockout bombshell babes!' she thought.

Hearing a loud thud, she whirled around, witnessing her four year old son drop to the ground, clearly knocked out, due to all power he used in his commendable effort of saving the two lovely ladies. Sally just sighed, beyond done with the day's events.

She just resigned herself to her fate, and took all three of the people inside the cabin, before putting them in beds. She then decided to grab a book, and do some light reading, since her son was unconscious, and their 'guests' were unavailable for the time being.

She took this time to, after finding a good stopping place in her book, glance over at the two women, doing a more in depth glance at them. She had to admit, the two women were certainly beautiful, and powerful as well, maybe as powerful as a minor god or goddess, or even maybe as powerful as a weaker Olympian (1).

Her thoughts then drifted towards her son, once her gaze swept over to him. 'now that he has used his powers, is he safe? Will any monsters or immortals find him? How can I protect him? What dangers will these two unknown women bring? On that record, what are they? They look as beautiful as angels, but do angels exist? With them around as well, would they harm Percy? Well, maybe not harming him, but I can certainly imagine they will most likely harm his innocence, if their bodies, and choice of clothing is any indicator.'

1.) sally as a clear sighted mortal, can see through the mist, and in this fic, she can see all pantheons/religions as what they truly are, but she doesn't know about all mythologies/religions/pantheons existing. She can also feel the aura of a supernatural being, to an extent. I am rewriting power scaling of the highschool DxD universe, don't like it? Don't read it, or at least offer constructive criticism, but that does not mean you get to be a dick about it, capiche?

Thoughts? Suggestions? Ideas? Pairing suggestions for Percy? Percy x multi/harem (females only, sorry not a fan of slash)

will update this once I can get some more free time, as well as do a bit more in depth of research, also was unable to find a timeline (as in like year) so I am basing this in 1997, so Percy is four, I am thinking on making rias and the others (who are the same age as her, or close enough in age to her) about a year or two older or younger than Percy.

Things I am undecided on right now.

Percy or sally having a sacred gear.

Sally being descended from a devil (she wouldn't know)

again, let me know your thoughts and feelings.