After what seemed like an eternity, the hug between mother and son broke up. Sally then looked up at her son and glared at him. Speaking in a low, dangerous tone of voice, she said, "Now you are going to explain where you have been for the last two weeks, and you had better hope as well as pray to any and every god that you wish, that it is an acceptable reason for your disappearance, am I understood?!" it was delivered so calmly, Percy could only gulp!

Percy glanced over at his father, who didn't seem inclined to help, and upon noticing his son looking at him for help, he just threw his hands in the air and shook his head, saying, "oh no, I ain't even about to touch this one."

'bastard!' Percy thought to himself. Seeing his mother about to throw daggers, with her eyes.

"Well… you know, I went with Raynare into the comic convention center, I felt a huge power, it wasn't at the level of Dad's from when I met him those few times, it was about maybe above minor god level, but below dad. Though it felt like the same type of magic, as in it felt, like I was in the arctic, I could feel and taste the cold. I thought Raynare was with me the whole time, but as I got closer to an exhibit, a magical girl show, for some reason, I noticed subconsciously that Raynare had disappeared, there was someone there though. She was odd. She had long black hair in two tails, she was about my height, maybe a little bit shorter, perhaps a few inches? She had pink eyes, literally they were pink, but the most disturbing fact about her?! She introduced herself as 'Levia-tan'. Her breasts were much bigger than they should have been. After seeing her, I felt as if the world had….distorted for lack of a better term, she started to push out a bit more of the power I had sensed earlier, and then one of the receptionist women came in. She disillusioned her disguise, and turned out to be Echidna, along with her bitch of a daughter, Chimera. I fought the two of them, I won, but the other 'woman' was gone. Came out of the comic convention, and I noticed I had been missing for two weeks. Grabbed something to eat and ran here." Percy gave a brief overview.

Poseidon was deep in thought. Hearing the name Levia-tan, however, gave him pause. 'from the description, it sounds like it was Serafall Leviathan, but why? What interest could she possibly have in my son? I don't know whether or not I should be proud, amused, offended, or insulted about my son and is ability to attract powerful members of the opposite sex.' the god thought to himself.

"Well I don't care! If you ever disappear on me like that again, you will be grounded and never allowed to leave, do you understand me?" Sally told her son, before crushing him into another hug, not even letting him speak. Percy shot his dad a look that screamed help, but Poseidon just shook his head, and stepped back, smirking when his son mouthed the words, 'fucking traitor' at him.

"That all being said Perseus, I am glad to hear of your training. You are a fine warrior and I am sure your strength will continue to grow. Why at this rate, you may even be able to ascend to becoming an Olympian at a young age, if you keep doing such notable feats. Though I would caution you, if you grow to strong or make yourself to noticed, Zeus and Hades will eventually get knowledge of your existence, if they don't already know. Keep pushing yourself, find your limits and surpass them! Make your way onto the history pages. Hesitate and you will die. For you it's a kill or be killed world out there, my son. You already have enemies just for being my son, and a male, I have no doubt that as you age, you will make many more enemies." the young, budding warrior's father spoke to him imparting a few words of wisdom.

"Honestly, dad, I don't know if I have what it takes to beat Kronos, let alone anything that comes after him. There's also these dreams I have been having. Dreams of death, destruction, chaos, terror, fear, and pain. I saw giant dragons in the sky. A huge red one, a huge black one, a huge blue one, and then some weird beast with many heads and tails, with what seemed to be an ape's body. I wish I knew what these dreams were, and what they represented. Sometimes, whenever I get the dreams, I wake up in a cold sweat. Are these dreams of the future? Or the past? Somehow I get a feeling that the dragons in my dream, or memories, whatever they may be, are much stronger than Kronos even in his prime." Percy spoke to his father about his dreams, now that his father was in the room with him and he could get some advice.

Poseidon's eyes widened, the dragons his son described, could it be possible? Why was his son getting dreams or memories of them?! Better not let Zeus know. Although he was right about them all being stronger than Kronos.

"Well just ignore them all for now. Eventually if the time comes, if these beings come forth, you will not face them alone. Though to tell you the truth, we would not stand a chance against them. Focus your attention on Kronos, and getting stronger. In three years time, you will be fully immersed in fighting the titans. Your uncle finally has managed to see sense and realized that the titan lord is being revived. I don't even know why he chose to try and bury his head in the sand about it. He wasn't even swallowed. Stupid temper tantrum, electric toothpick throwing child. That's what he is! The bastard!" Poseidon told his son, trying to soothe his inner worries and emotions, before going off on a tangent about Zeus.

"Perhaps you should go and see Raynare? I know she was pretty hurt by you disappearing as well, Kalawarner was upset as too, but Raynare has hardly come out of her room. She's your best friend, so she might need some reassurance that you are fine." Sally spoke to her son, seeing that her lover? Father of her child(ren)? Whatever he was, was off in his own world daydreaming of killing Zeus and throwing his reforming remains in Tartarus.

"alright, just know this. I leave everything I own, what little bit there is anyways, to you mother. You were the best mother a son could ask for, and I love you. Perhaps dad could give you all of my power, once Raynare kills me? Hm, who knows." Percy mused only half joking, before leaving the room, not hearing his mother snort in amusement, thinking her son was being over dramatic.

Coming to the room, he drew in a deep breathe, and knocked on the door, hearing a low, "come in" he opened the door, and walked in.

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