"You can't stop me!" said Voldemort, "no one can!" he cackled a terrible laugh that sent shivers up my spine, "With Harry Potter dead, no one will be able to stop me." He looked at me in the eyes with his horrifying gaze and asked "Your plans so far have been impressive, and your prowess is praiseworthy, but blood traitors won't be granted any mercy from me!" He lifted his wand and said "Avada Kedavra"

I knew there would be no avoiding it, but I had a plan for this exact instant, I had planned to die in this very moment. The killing curse struck my chest and my body fell. Voldemort laughed in celebration and I clapped mockingly. His eyes went wide and he stared at his own shadow, slowly clapping. "I couldn't stop you, but I can at least annoy you until the end of time."

He looked at me with befuddlement "What?"

I looked at him with a smile, though he couldn't see it. "What kind of fish is made of only 2 sodium atoms?" I asked.

He blinked "What?!"

"Come on Tom, I expected you to be good with riddles..." I said condescendingly.

Voldemort pointed his wand at me -his shadow and said "Crucio", I didn't feel a thing, but he sure did. After he recovered, he looked at me and admitted "I don't know".

"2 Na" I said smugly and he made a face of disgust. I decided to put salt on the wound and explain the pun "You know, because Na is the at-"

"I know the periodic table" he said angrily and I smiled.

"Didn't expect the blood-purity jerk to know something about muggle sciences." I said, though I wasn't really surprised. I knew Tom's history, Harry and Dumbledore already told me everything they knew about him.

He peered at me with his red eyes and I shrugged "I will find a way to erase you, King." he said, using my name for the first time since our first encounter.

"How will you do that if I keep pestering you without letting you a moment to think without interruption?" I asked. "You heard the rumour going around about butter?" I asked, and a moment later I said "Never-mind, I shouldn't spread it." He pointed his wand at me and sent a silencing charm, but I knew it would never work, I don't produce sound anyway. I pretended to not be able to make a sound, making angry and rude gestures at him.

"Finally some silence" he said, looking at me smugly.

"Congratulations, you really are the greatest wizard in the world!" I said sarcastically "Though your silencing charm could use some work." He looked at me with rage and I cut him off before he could say anything "Try it again, but pay attention to the wand movement this time. Swish and flick!"

"YOU!" he raged, aimed his wand at me and screamed "Avada Kedavra". In his rage, he must have forgotten that any spell he casts at me will affect him. Better than I could have planned.