Story Name: Undecided

Fandom: Harry Potter or any HP crossover

Timeline: 980 AD

You all know the story. A human from the regular, non fictional world dies, almost always to a Truck, and is brought in front of some Omnipotent Being. A ROB, if you will. Then, the ROB grants the human, now a soul, a few wishes.

The same thing happened to me. Well, not exactly the same, there was no ROB for me. But it still happened.

I died, because of an accident with, you guessed it- a Truck. And not just any truck. An Indian truck, which had the words "Muh me le mera" on it's Windshield. Not the back, like any sane Indian truck would have, but on its windshield.

What does it mean, you might ask? Basically, it says, "Suck my dick" in Hindi.

So, yeah. I got killed by a truck, while being told to suck it's dick, and the next thing I know, I'm laying in a crib/bed, 2 years old again.

No matter what anyone tells you, I did not scream in fright, no. I just.. was a little bit afraid. Just a bit.

So, my screaming brought a woman running inside the room, who picked me up, and started rocking me.

I'm not going to lie, I was a child again, practically a baby, and had the hormones of said baby. So, I slept like a baby, after the woman rocked me. The last thing that I heard before I fell asleep, I just knew, they were going to bring my mood down, a lot.

"Shhh.. sleep, my little Athena.. shhhh.. shhhh..."

But, I didn't register the words then, and quickly fell asleep to the gentle rocking of the woman. But, when I woke up, it all came back to me.

I was in an accident, with a truck that told me to suck it's dick. And then, I was a baby? I was reborn?

Okay, I can accept that. I wanted to get reborn for a long time anyway. This just.. I did not think it'd actually be possible.

Where was I? Ah, yes. I was reborn, and the shock of it made me scream for 5 seconds straight. I remember a woman coming in, picking me up, and rocking me to sleep. She must have thought I'd had a nightmare, how silly. But.. there was something else. She called me.. Athena, like the Greek Goddess.

Athena.. Oh fuck.. I was a God damned girl now! Fuck! As soon as I thought that, I got a sudden sharp pain in my head, as I saw the memories of the girl, whose body I had taken over.

It wasn't much, just usual normal life. There was a mother, which must be the woman from last night, but no father. No known siblings, and no known pets. As far as the girl.. Athena, remembers, she and her mother lived completely alone, with no visitors, ever. Athena hadn't even left the house, not even once.

Thankfully, Athena was just beginning to talk, so I did not have much in the way of filling a role. I just had to act dumber than my usual self, and not curse. Easy.

'Things could not just get worse.' I'd thought to myself, furiously stabbing my spoon in the porridge I was having for breakfast.

I could have never known, that the worse was just beginning.

The 'Event' as I'm calling my rebirth, happened exactly 3 days ago, which gave me enough time to recognise a few things about this new world I was thrown into.

My mother, and yes, she is my new mother, waving a wooden stick to stir the pot, while being 10 meters away from it was a hint thrown right in my face. And even if that wasn't, she smiled at me, seeing my wonder, and said, "You like this, little Athena? This is.. Magic!"

As she whispered the word Magic, she snapped her fingers, and somehow created a miniature firework show for me, right in front of my easily impressed eyes.

Once I got over my awe, I realized that I was in some world, where Magic was actually real, and where the fashion sense was.. old. You can see what realization I came upon.

Harry Potter. I was in the world of Harry Fricking Potter. And Gods, was I happy! I was reborn, and not just that, I was reborn in the one world I knew a shitload about.

This was the only good thing about being reborn, I soon realized. Why, you ask?

Because of what happened next.

As I was marvelling over the magical fireworks, I heard a lot of screaming and yelling come from somewhere far away, which made me curious, but made my mother alert.

Immediately, she stood up, and ran towards the window. Moving the curtain to the side, she looked out, and said, "Athena. Come, I want to show you something."

Curiosity taking over my 2 year old mind, I walked towards mother, whose name I still had no idea of. Taking my hand, mother hugged me close towards herself, and I felt some sort of liquid fall over us.

As I looked at me hands, seeing them disappear right in front of my eyes, I gasped out loud, and whispered, "Magic?"

Mother chuckled, and nodded at that. She then said, "Yes, Magic. Now, I want you to do something for me, okay baby?"

I nodded, and looked at the vaguely shaped face of my mother. She was invisible, you know, but not entirely. Or maybe it's because we were both under the same spell that I could see her. I'll find out some day in the future.

Mother patted my head, and said, "Where we're going now, there are.. bad men out there. They will want to hurt us if they know we're there. So we have to stay silent, okay honey?"

I widened my eyes, while my mouth involuntarily gasped a bit, and I silently nodded. What the fuck was I supposed to say to that? Don't take me where someone can kill me? Like that would have been easy to explain, coming from a child of practically Two!

And I couldn't even ask, why she was taking me, a two year old, to a place where someone wants to harm us!

So, I sucked it up, believing in myself, and the fact that I can't die as soon as I was reborn in a whole new world. My favourite world at that.

As I nodded, my mother hugged me closer, and then, I felt like puking. I've been swimming before. Not that deep, but I know how it feels to have water apply pressure all around you.

Multiple it by a thousand times, and you get what I was feeling that time. When the books, and even some of the repetitive fanfics described Aparation as passing through a straw, I just rolled my eyes, because everyone says that as if they know what it feels like.

But now, I can say, it feels worse. Mother had told me to stay silent, so I did not scream as we appeared somewhere else, for the first time in my small life. But I did have to swallow the bile down, by force, as mother smiled sadly at my reaction.

I was just squeezed through a temporary wormhole, forcefully that too, and ejected to another location. Traveling by spontaneous creation of breeches in Space-Time is not something to be taken lightly.

As I tried bringing my breathing under control, mother waved her hand, wand nowhere in sight, and sent me flying through the air, making my eyes widen, and caused me to almost start screaming.

I still stayed silent, and had an internal panic attack, and being sent flying, as she placed me on a sturdy branch of a tree. She then waved her hand once again, and said, quite clearly, and loudly, in fact, "Now, I want you to stay here, silently, Athena. I just have to do something for a minute, and then I'll come right to you."

I've seen enough movies to know what was going to happen. She was not coming back. And my inner original Athena woke up, and began crying, yelling, "Motha No Go! NOOO!"

I can now tell, that it was actually me crying, not wanting to lose a loving mother as soon as I'd got her, but alas, that wasn't in my hands.

So, I saw mother pull up the hood of her robe, which I didn't even notice she had on, and silently saw as she left towards the commotion. What was the commotion you ask?

Angry Villagers. Literally. There was a mob, with villagers wearing old time clothes, carrying flaming torches, pitchforks and a lot of other farming equipment that could double as weapons.

I could see everything quite clearly from my spot on top of the tree branch, which was about a story high, with the tree itself being on top of a small patch of raised ground.

So it was, that I saw perfectly, why the mob was so angry, and why my mother left me here. The mob was carrying a girl, barely 10 years old, probably less, who was unconscious. Her hands were bound by thick chains of what I thought was Iron, and she herself was being carried upon a wooden pole, like those seen in the old movies.

You know the ones, where they try and fry something over a fire? Yeah, I did not make the connection then.

As the mob, while chanting something that sounded suspiciously similar to "Burn the Bitch", tied the girl up, I saw one of them throw a bucket full of water over her, which woke the girl up.

She had immediately begun screaming, begging them for help, begging them to free her, but no one came forward to do it. Surprisingly, one man, at least in his 40s, came forward and slapped the girl hard.

I'm an Indian, and we've seen a lot of violence against kids. Heck, I myself was beaten blue by my mother, when I was younger. But a stranger slapping a girl, while she was tied up over what looked like a pyre? That shit was nasty.

He shouted, "Why should I help a witch?!" at the girl, making her cry even more.

The girl, who was pathetically begging for her life now, whispered something too softly for me to hear, but the man probably heard it, as he slapped her on her other cheek, and the mob cheered him on.


Then, I heard the man question her quite clearly, as he shouted, "Are you a witch or not?! Say it Heathen!"

Again, the girl whispered, while she began crying again, which the mob stayed silend on.

It was only when the man took a burning torch from one of the people in the mob, that I realized what was happening. A Witch Burning. I had just witnessed a Witch Trial, where she was already guilty of Witchcraft.

The poor girl probably "confessed" just to get it over with.

As I was feeling helpless, not able to do anything, it happened. The man had just thrown torch towards the Pyre, when it was thrown flying towards him. The fire covered him completely, and he was burned to ashes within a few seconds, barely giving him time to cry out in pain.

But that wasn't all. One by one, the fire torches in the Mobs hands began going out of their control, and started burning everyone there, causing mass panic.

Most of the people threw down their torches, and ran for their lives, while a few burned down by their own flames, and took a few others with them.

One brave soul though, thought the crying girl to be the source of it all, so she picked up a discarded pitchfork, and ran towards the girl, probably hoping to kill the girl.

Right as she was reaching the girl, the pitchfork bent in a weird angle, and stabbed the woman right in her eyes, definitely going into the brain.

As the last person that dared to stay in the place died, the air around the girl shimmered, and a robed figure appeared in it's place. My Mother was alive, and so was the girl!

And my mother is one badass witch! She killed the worst offenders in a few seconds! But, I still feel sad for the girl.

They spoke for a half a minute, after which the girl became unconscious once again, and mother carried her towards me, now free of bindings.

As she was walking, everything finally registered to me. The pitchforks, witch burnings, and the fashion. I was definitely nowhere close to my own time.

And yesterday, one day after we'd returned home, one unconscious guest with us, was when I finally realised just how far back I was.

It was when I was play-drawing in the kitchen, while mother read a tome. The tome was thick, and the words were definitely not in any language I knew. I know three languages, which isn't much, but its definitely better than just one.

As we were busy, and the girl from last night was still asleep, I saw something that made me freeze. There was a letter, that mother just pulled out of her tome, which looked as if it was written just yesterday.

And it probably was, which is what I was so frozen. The written words might go over my heads at this time, but the numbers are mostly similar to what I knew. And the date on the letter, was most definitely 12th December, 982. Not 1982. 982.

"Oh, fuck." I whispered, realizing my current timeline.

"Athena Rowena Ravenclaw! Where did you here that word? That is entirely inappropriate for you to use!" Mother said, firmly, and while pinching my cheeks enough that I began tearing up.

As I began furiously crying, repeating "No. No!" again and again, - I can't speak sentences yet, remember?- I finally registered what she just called me.

Oh double fuck. Rowena Ravenclaw?! Is my mother The Rowena Ravenclaw? The timeline matches perfectly for that to be possible! Well, at least I'll have a smart, and strong mother, and get a chance to be smart and strong myself.

Even if the world might look down on me for being a girl, I won't let it hold me down. I do have the advantage of Magic on my side, you know.

As mother sent me to my room, taking my wooden toys away as punishment for the bad word, I thought to myself, 'Well, I'm in 982 AD, might as well have fun living in this time.'

A/N: A new plot bunny, which won't turn into a fic, yet. I just wanted to get this out there.

About MC: A guy reborn as the daughter of Rowena Ravenclaw, before Hogwarts was even started. She will be amongst the first batch of students at Hogwarts, and learn everything with the same diligence as her mother once learned under her own Master, we all know who she most definitely is.

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