I ran out of the doorway that led us into St. Helens, following the metal spider. At first I couldn't believe myself that I left him to fend himself off against the Telekhines. But he forced me to leave none the matter, not at all caring for himself. He just wanted for me to be safe. I remembered staring at him like he was crazy, which he probably was to be honest, I remembered all of the times he saved me from these life-or-death situations, Hades he even travelled all the way across the whole country and fought, FOUGHT a freaking Titan, just to save me. Of all the times I have done something selfless and acted brave, it didn't compare to how brave, selfless and caring he was for everyone who he cared about. And now he did it again, risked his life for me to get away safely.

I couldn't stand it, the words of the prophecy rang in my head like sharp knives raking across metal, "And lose a love to worse than death".

No, no, NOOOO. I was screaming internally as that horrible realisation struck me, "And lose a love to worse than death".

I hadn't admitted it to anyone, but I had a crush on Percy since we were 12, the first time we were on a quest together. And slowly those feelings grew stronger, after everything we had been through.

But now, now he was going to- I choked silently, trying not to show my regret and grief for bringing him along with me on this stupid quest.

I always wanted a quest since I was seven, a quest of my own. But if this is what it takes out of the one leading the quest, I want none of it.

Then I heard a blood curdling scream so sharp and-and scary, it made me stop in my tracks. I recognized the voice. It was Percy's.

I hastily made my way back to the door, ignoring the spider getting away. And then a huge blast of air knocked me a good dozen feet away from the door.

I felt tears already sliding down my face, knowing what just happened. "NO! NO, NO NO!" I screamed frantically at the pile of rubble now in front of me.

"No, P-Percy." I sat there crying for a few minutes, leaning against the wall. I held my eyes shut tightly and screamed, "WHY?! WHY HIM?!" I cursed the Fates for every mental torture they have put in my life till now. First, my family didn't care for me at all. Then they took away Thalia, my new family, away from me as well. And then Luke, that bastard, he put everyone I loved in danger, made me hold up the literal sky, and then thought he could just make up and then expect me to run away together with him. And now, because of him, Percy's gone too. Why did the Fates like to play with my life so? Why couldn't they just give me a break? I thought Percy would be something-someone that wouldn't leave me like the others had, that he would be the first thing that was permanent in my life, someone I could count on always. But it seemed that the Fates just like to play with people's lives like their play things.

I sat there crying and grieving for a while, but remembered that I had to get back to Hapheastus, I couldn't let Percy's sacrifice for me go to waste. I didn't see the metal spider anywhere. I tried to go back on the way that led us here. Eventually after hours of being lost, falling into traps and fighting a few monsters on the way, I heard a clanking noise, like a small metal object banging against a huge one. I hurried towards the direction of the noise and found the metal spider banging its head against the wall to Haphaestus's workshop. I placed my hand on the door and it opened.

I saw the God working on a piece of Celestial Bronze that looked way too complex to be recognized even for me.

"Well, did you find anything?" He said, "Where are your other companions?"

I sobbed silently at the reminder, "Grover and Tyson went into a different way down the Labyrinth in search of Pan."

I paused for a slight second before telling him about the Telekhines and how they were building a weapon in the forges, "They said it would be even sharper then before, and then" I sniffled and paused again, "And then the other Telekhines burst through the-the door, and Per-Percy told me to get out of there." I was practically choking every few seconds now.

"A-And, when I-I went outside, th-there was a huge explosion a-and the whole place collapsed on i-itself" I was visibly crying and sobbing now in front of the God.

"Hmm" He thought for a moment and continued, " If the weapon they were talking about is what I fear it could be- no, it couldn't be. Probably just another weapon for their arsenal, nothing...dangerous" I noticed how he paused before analysing what word to use.

He looked at me and I didn't meet his eyes. "So do you want to learn about how to navigate through the Labyrinth now?" he asked.

I didn't reply for a moment, overwhelmed in my grief, "No, just, could you get me back to camp please?" I looked up at him, and he looked quite sadly at me, I never knew Gods could show sympathy.

"Very well." He disassembled and reassembled the metal spider in 2 seconds and clicked a button, and it started running out of the door.

"Follow the spider, it will lead you back to the entrance in your camp, after that it will come back to me."

I nodded slightly and started running after the spider.

After about 10 minutes of running and following the metal spider, it came to a stop against a rock boulder. I caught up to it and it quickly started running back to where we came from. I panted for a moment, and then pressed my hand against the boulder. Immediately it started to shift from its place and gave way to bright sunlight.

I came out of the entrance and was greeted by shouting, "AND FI-, HOLD! HOLD FIRE!"

I looked up and saw Clarisse looking down on me.

"So you survived" then she looked frantically behind me, "Where are the others?"

I bit back my sob, the sound of hooves stopped behind Clarisse.

"Annabeth dear, are you okay? Where are-" I think he saw the look on my face, and looked down sadly, then announced, "We will talk of this in the Big House, the rest of you, back to guard duty!"

I passed by Clarisse following Chiron, even she was looking down at her feet with anger on her face.

I explained everything that happened to Chiron, again, and I was basically sobbing and crying by the end of it. Chiron took me in his arms like he would when I had nightmares and woke him up when I first came to camp.

We just sat there with me in his arms, sniffling against his chest.

I finally broke off, and looked towards the ground. "Annabeth dear you should go rest, you have... had a lot on your shoulders lately" Chiron said.

I just nodded and got up and went towards my cabin. When I entered my cabin, everyone was giving me looks of pity, but I ignored them all. I just went to the shower and cleaned myself off, water. Water reminded me of him again, and I broke down in the middle of my shower and cried like I never have in my life, I was conscious enough not to scream while in the bathroom though. I don't know how much time I spent there bawling in the shower, but someone knocked on the door, "Um, Annabeth? I need to use the restroom." I replied weakly and said that I would be out in moment. I dried myself and walked out and saw Malcolm looking at me sadly. He said, "Annabeth, are you.. um, okay? You've been in the shower for fifteen minutes"

I simply ignored him and walked off towards my bed. I flopped down and looked up at my nightstand, there was a picture of Percy, Grover and me in a frame, celebrating after our first quest. Next to it was another photo of Percy and Grover doing a who-can-eat-the-most-enchiladas contest, needless to say Grover won that one. Then there was another one of Percy and me together, looking at the sky, on Fourth Of July, at the fireworks provided by the Hapheastus cabin.

I took that picture and held it on my chest while laying down on the bed. I wanted nothing more than be with him right now. I remembered how I kissed him on Mt. Helens before running out of there. His lips tasted like salt water, I gave a weak chuckle at the memory.

Then I remembered that, he was now.. dead. I couldn't have him anymore, nothing in my life would ever be permanent, everyone who I love, either leaves me or dies. I just didn't have it in me anymore, I couldn't handle anymore of this. Tears found my face again, and I started sobbing and choking. I cried and cried all that night. If only I told him my feelings sooner, even though I hinted at possibly everything possible to let him know, that I loved him. If only Luke didn't betray all of us. If only EVERYTHING wasn't against me and my feelings. If-if only.. he let me fight beside me at Mt. Helens, so I could at least die beside him, to spend the last moments of my life with him.

All these thoughts were branding into my mind like a tumor. I couldn't stop my tears from falling from my eyes. I was miserable.

I eventually slipped into Hypnos's realm. I think the Gods were taking pity on me, because I didn't get any kind of nightmares that night.

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