I woke up next morning groggily. My face was stained all over with dried tear tracks from last night.

I went into the washroom and washed my faced. The grief still hung onto me all the time. Everything seemed to remind me of the selfless, idiotic, kelp head of a hero. My eyes were so swelled up and dry, it felt like I couldn't even shed any tears anymore.

I glanced up at the clock and realised that I was quite late. I went to the dining pavilion and half heartedly ate my breakfast.

I thought focusing on the activities would distract me a bit, but nothing seemed to make me ignore the grief and pain in my heart.

Climbing the Lava Wall ended up in me getting my arms singed, which mind you never had happened after my first year at camp. Archery wasn't any better either, not once did I hit a bull's eye, all of my shots were off. When I went to go for canoeing, I ended up breaking down at the pier.

Not once did I manage to get Percy, the guilt of leaving him there alone, the grief of not letting him know my feelings for him sooner, out of my head.

At nights after dinner, I would go to the beach, and dare to hope that, please, please let him not be dead. But after an hour or so, my prayers would be unanswered and I would end up wiping my tears and going back to my cabin.

After 9 days of his disappearance, I decided to tell Chiron the whole of the prophecy I heard from the Oracle at the beginning of my quest.

"-And destroy with a hero's final breath.

And lose a love to worse then death" I finished.

At first Chiron seemed to get a little teary eyes, but then sighed. He took me to his arms and hugged me, "I am sorry child, but a prophecy cannot be changed, ever. Now that you have told me this, I see that Percy may not have been the child of The Great Prophecy after all."

I didn't notice it till now, but I was sobbing and crying myself, soaking Chiron's jacket in the process.

He just held me for a while there, letting me share my misery with him, "I-I never even got to-sob-say goodbye to him. H-he just sacrificed himself like that f-sob-for me. I-I never even got to tell him, h-how I felt for him. A-and now he is dead and..." I started crying out loud again grasping onto Chiron. He just held me like that, sighing heavily and stroking my hair with his hand. I never allowed anyone ever, only Percy once, to ever see me cry like this. But at the moment I was just too much drowned in misery.

We finally broke off after a while and he said, "I imagine we should honor him. The duty of making the shroud of The Son Of Poseidon falls onto the shoulders of Cabin Six I think." I merely nodded and slowly walked out of the Big House.

I spent the next 5 days designing Percy's shroud as best as I could. Many of my siblings helped me in it, while the others were assigned off to chores and training.

I was very focused on making Percy's shroud as good as possible, it would have looked like an insult if I had made any mistakes on it. I was so engrossed in it that I almost got out of my depression for Percy's death.


Every night I would go to the beach and talk to myself, ok maybe I was going a little bit crazy at this point but..,

"Hey Seaweed Brain, how is it going out there? Is everything in Elysium good enough for you? Because I am quite sure you would make a ruckus out of even the finest place in existence."

I sigh, chiding myself for such a stupid conversation topic.

"Tomorrow we are going to be burning your shroud, I think it would've have been fun for you to see your shroud getting burned like after our return from our first quest." I pause slightly, contemplating over what I was going to say next. "If Lord Hades would allow for you to hear me, please know that, I-I love you. I never got to tell you that in person, but know that, the moments I spent with you, without fighting monsters and for our lives, were one of the best of my life. You gave me something to be happy over, even when we were in the midst of war and whatnot, you would always keep the mood light and still accept my berating on you for being stupid and such a seaweed brain." A small trickle of water seemed to make its way down my cheek. "I love you, and please, try to remember that, whether you choose to take rebirth, or whether I achieve Elysium or not, which I am sure you have, know that I love you, even if you may not."

A small sob escapes my mouth and I turn my eyes away from the sea. I rub my eyes and dry off the tears, staring blankly into the vast ocean.

"Percy" a small whispers comes out of mouth, as I slowly walk away towards my cabin.

Day of burning Percy's shroud

I was sleeping on my bed when I heard someone say, "Annabeth wake up."

I opened my eyes and saw Malcolm looking at me, "Today, is it?" I managed to croak out.

He sighed and said, "Yeah, you better wake up if you wanna help with the formalities."

I nodded and got up from my bed. I went to the shower and cleansed myself.

With the water streaming down my body I said, "Hey Percy. Today is the day we will be burning your shroud. I hope you like how I made it. I put all the effort into designing it for you. I miss you already." I choke on nothing and just carry out with my morning routine.

After the shower, I went outside to the dining pavilion, Chiron was present there looking sadly at me.

He didn't say anything, which I was grateful for, because if he did I would start bawling all over again.

I sat down on a chair, and watched the campers filling in.

"I think it's time dear." Chiron said.

I merely nodded as he trotted forward to give his speech.

"Children, today we have gathered here to commemorate the loss of one of our fellow comrades, Percy Jackson.

He showed deep caring for others and unwavering selflessness for the good of us all present here today.

He was one of my best pupils, and also a great friend of anyone at this camp, always putting others' needs before himself.

But alas, as all good things must come to an end; its been two weeks since his disappearance on a quest in the search of the inventor Daedalus in the Labyrinth.

After such a long time, we can only assume he is dead. After so long a silence, it is unlikely our prayers will be answered. I have asked his best surviving friend to do the final honours." Chiron finished his speech gesturing for me to take over.

I strode forward as my eyes sting over the next action I was about to do. I lifted his shroud over the fire burning, staring at it I whisper softly, "Goodbye Percy"

I watched as the beautiful shroud, its sea green silk, the intricately detailed trident, burning away in the flames.

I turned to look at the crowd and said, "He was probably the bravest friend I ever had, He-" I was about to continue my speech about all of our adventures and how we saved each other throughout time and time again and how I eventually fell in love with him, but guess who decides to show up all of a sudden.

I screamed as my face felt hot as fire, "He is right there!"

I noticed the crowd turning towards where I was pointing, after that I saw my surroundings blur as tears filled my eyes. I shoved everyone out of the way between me and Percy.

When I was about two steps away from him, I was contemplating over either kissing him furiously or judo flipping him right there on the spot for leaving me like that. Considering that neither was the better option, I decided on jumping him with a bone crushing hug, yelling, "WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!?"

I wanted nothing more than holding him here right now, but I noticed the silence that filled after I jumped him. I realised that everyone in the pavilion was watching our 'encounter'.

I pushed him away a little aggressively, "I-we thought you were dead Seaweed Brain!" I yelled frustratingly, more so that I didn't even get to embrace in the feeling of him after him being gone for so long.

"I sorry I got lost" he said sheepishly.

"LOST?! TWO WEEKS PERCY WHERE IN THE WORLD-" I would've ranted on more, but Chiron stopped me.

"Annabeth, perhaps we should discuss this somewhere more private shall we? The rest of you, back to your normal activities!"

Then he picked us up like we were little kittens without giving me a chance to protest, and galloped away to the Big House.

I wanted a little alone time with Percy after being gone for so long for some, personal reasons.

But Chiron strictly made him tell us of everything that had happened to him after the volcano incident.

After hearing him finish about how he came to camp, I was very suspicious that maybe he was lying about the 'Haphaestus getting him off the island' part, it sounded like a perfect scenario for someone to get teleported to Calypso's island in the ancient myths. I wasn't sure whether to be relieved or angry over the fact that he returned or went to get charmed by that sorcerous.

I decided not to indulge in it right now, so I instead said, "You have been gone two weeks, when I heard that explosion-"

"I know, I'm sorry. But I figured out how to get through the Labyrinth. I talked to Haphaestus" he cut me off abruptly.

Okay then, maybe he wasn't lying about the whole thing after all. "He told you the answer?" I asked.

"Well, he sort of told me I already knew. And I do, I understand now." he replied.

He then told me his idea. At first I was furious, here he was gone for nearly two weeks, and right after he returns, he talks about that mortal girl, Rachel.

No, 'I'm relived to see you Annabeth', 'I was worried about you while I was gone', 'Why did you kiss me on that mountain?', instead he brings up that, on my quest, that girl should lead this quest.

I told him angrily, "Percy that's crazy."

Chiron surprisingly agreed on this plan.

"But this is my quest, I need to lead it." 'Not some crazy mortal girl' I added as an after thought.

"My dear, it is your quest, but you need help." Chiron replied calmly.

"And this is supposed to help? Please! Its wrong. Its cowardly, its-" I was going to say more, but dear old seaweed decided to speak up.

"Hard to admit we need a mortal's help. But its true" he said.

I glared at him hard eyed, "You are the single most annoying person I have ever met!" I stormed out of the Big House, tears starting to form in my eyes. Here he was back from the dead, choosing to defend a useless mortal, whom he has supposedly known for only a month or so, over his best friend, whom he has known for so many years.

I went to the beach, trying not to show my hurt to anyone at the moment, and crying silently. I wanted him to comfort me after being gone for so long, but he is just as oblivious as ever, even after that kiss.

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