Welcome to The Flip of A Coin: Side Quests!

This will be a story series featuring little side arcs that are or aren't canon- I'll indicate what belongs in canon and what doesn't, of course- that feature our lovable Percy getting into weird situations that don't fit in with the tone of the main story. This'll be your place for any sort of pairing situation, funny moments, or even extra stuff that just didn't fit into the main plot.

I'll definitely consider requests, so if you have a specific situation you want to see, or a pairing, or even Percy do something, write it down below, and if it's a popular idea, or just one that I like, I'll write it!

I'm not trying to make this like a lemon fic, but some situations will have sexual undertones or straight-up sex, so...yeah!

Hope you guys enjoy!

- Maroon