Update AN:
This story has been reworked with my wonderful Beta, SiriusOrionBitch. Massive thanks to him for having the patience to fix so many of the horrible mistakes I made back then (and still do).

AN: What's Next?

Well, guys...

First, let me tell you that it has been an incredible journey up to this point. I published the first chapter of this story on October 13th and within those four months, over 530 thousand words were written and over 100 chapters uploaded.

Your feedback and kind words of motivation have been incredible. Each morning, I wake up to words of encouragement, be it in the review section, or my DMs. When I wrote the first chapter back in October, I would have never thought that I might continue writing this story until it's larger than multiple Harry Potter books combined. However, this story blew up and I felt the need to continue writing almost every single day.

Now we stand at around 1.5 million accumulated views and with hundreds of people reading the new chapters immediately after they are published. This story is the second most popular piece of work, right behind professional authors like TheBlack'sResurgence...

Who would have ever thought...?

I started reading Harry Potter probably around 2009. I fell in love with the books and read them multiple times, be it in German or English. Up until July 2021, fanfictions never caught my interest. However, after reading A Cadmean Victory by DarknessEnthroned, I fell in love with the genre and spent hours looking up interesting fics. His writing inspirited me a lot, which many of you can probably tell already. My favorite pairing is HarryXFleur and I have read pretty much every major story in this pairing by now.

Many of you expressed your wish to continue reading my works. I think it's understandable that there will not be another FleurXHarry pairing so soon. For some time, I played with the idea of writing a HarryXDaphne fanfic, but ultimately, over the last few days, a different idea pushed itself to the forefront of my mind.

I am therefore happy to announce that tomorrow, around 18:00 CET, the first chapter of my new story will be published.

I won't spoil too much, however, I can already tell you that the genre will be the same (Adventure/Romance) Yet, the pairing and setting will be a bit more niche. I try to grow as an author, so allow me to experiment a bit with my style of writing. Hopefully, I will see many of you again in the review section of my new story.

Take care and see you tomorrow,