Chapter 1: That Look in his Eyes

Hey, actually started writing this about a year ago, but then forgot about it. So technically it is not new…

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Read a few fic's that reminded me of it recently, so I decided to bring it out of storage so to speak, touch it up a little, and post it.

Anyway a few things you will need to know.

Naruto is a Shinigami, nor sure if I will be using any other Naruto charters or not, and this is set after Kisuke and Yoruichi were banished, but before Ichigo is born.

Kyuubi will be in this fic, you will see where in this chapter, and I will tell you know that in this fic Kyuubi is a girl.

Think that is everything you need to know for now.



Summary- Trying to hide his true nature from those around him, Naruto joins the 4th Division, widely thought of as the 'Reject Division'. But no matter how hard he tries, nothing escapes the eyes of Captain Unohana, who sees right through his act. What is he hiding and just how long can it stay hidden? Rated M for a reason, (Shinigami Naruto).


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Chapter 1- That Look in his Eyes


Retsu Unohana wasn't sure what to make of the person stood before her, standing at attention, hands behind his back and a small smile on his face. He had spiky blonde hair, blue eyes even brighter than her own, and three whisker birth marks on his face. A body that seemed to have been sculpted for nothing but combat, every inch of him was covered in tight, compact muscle, a perfect mix of power and speed.

He wore the standard Shinigami robe, with what seemed to be an orange shirt under it that could be from how it was slightly open at the top, an orange rope holding the robe together and at his side was a katana. The strangest thing about the katana was though was the fact that tied tightly around the guard and sheath, were blood red bandages, making it impossible to draw the blade without first removing them.

His name was Naruto Uzumaki, the newest member of the 4th Division, and without a doubt one of the last people she would have expected to request being placed into it.

He was an average student in almost every class of the academy, kept mostly to himself according to the report she had been given on him, and had decedent skill with a sword. In fact the only class he had outright failed was Healing Kido. According to her report, he didn't even know the name of his Zanpakuto yet. Yet the only times Unohana had ever seen someone wrap their Zanpakuto like he had, was when they knew the name, but feared what it could do.

He had been offered place in the 11th Division straight out of the academy.

But he refused, and asked to be placed in the 4th Division, which led the question…


Getting a confused expression on his face and tilting his head slightly, Unohana fought to keep her usual sweet smile, holding the giggle in the back of her throat.


"Why the 4th Division, from what I have seen of your report, you would be much more suited in the 11th. Yet you requested specifically to be placed here, I can't help but wonder, why?"

A smile crossed Naruto's face as he seemed to finally understand the question was.

"Well…I don't really like fighting if I don't have to, and although I can't use Healing Kido I would be happy to help in any other way possible, even cleaning."

"It sounds like you just spent the least five years training to be a Shinigami, only to become a…cleaner? You do realise that the 4th Division is not the most respected, and you will be resining yourself to ridicule from the other Divisions. Also, despite us not being a combat focused division, we are still sent out to the field for support, you might still be forced to fight."

"I understand, Captain Unohana, and I am willing to fight when needed, but until that time comes I would be happier under your command."

Lacing her hands in front of her mouth to hide the small frown, Unohana leaned back in her seat, her eyes moving to the sword on the blonde's hip.

"Tell me Uzumaki-san, from your report, you do not yet know the name of your Zanpakuto?"

"That is correct, Captain."

"…then why, Uzumaki-san, would you feel the need to wrap it in such a way that it cannot be drawn, an action I have only ever seen done by those that are afraid of their Zanpakuto. I think there is something you are not telling me, Uzumaki-san…"

She didn't miss the way he stiffened, his hand moving as if to check the sword was still wrapped, his eyes widening slightly in fear before he caught himself.

"…I-I told you Captain, I don't like fighting…"

Slowly getting to her feet, Unohana moved around her desk to stand in front of Naruto, the younger Shinigami lowing his head so he wasn't looking her in the eye.

"As it stands, I have no reason to refuse your request to join the 4th Division…however, I will be keeping a close eye on you, Uzumaki-san, until I feel I can trust you."

Letting out a sigh, Naruto gave a low bow, a smile once again on his face.

"Thank you, Captain Unohana, I promise I will prove myself to you."

Letting her usual smile cross her lips, Unohana nodded as if nothing had happened, before turning to the closed door.


The moment she spoke the name, the door opened to reveal Isane Kotetsu, the current Vice-Captain of the 4th Division. She gave a low bow, one hand resting on her Zanpakuto, before standing next to Naruto at attention.


"Isane-san, please show Uzumaki-san to his room, and starting tomorrow put him on the clean-up team."

"Of course, Captain."


The room Isane left Naruto in was small, but more than enough for him, and it was better than the rooms they had at the academy. There was a small bed next to the widow, which overlooked the training ground, and a desk with a lamp stood against the wall on his left. The floor was simple wood, and the walls a plan white, but according to Isane he were allowed to decorate it however he wanted.

Naruto waited until he heard the Vice-Captains footsteps fade as she walked away, and the moment they were out of range, realised a deep sigh as his shoulders slumped slightly. Taking the Zanpakuto from his hip, Naruto walked over to his bed before gently laying it down, as if worried it was about to explode in his face, before backing away and falling into his desk chair.

"Insolent woman, why did you let her talk to you like that!?"

Falling deeper into his chair, Naruto let out another sigh as he turned it to face the bed, his eyes locked on the sword.

"She's my Captain, and a good person, she deserves my respect…"

"Respect! HA! Where was her respect to you? Acting all high and mighty, looking down on you…you should have used me."

Frowning at his Zanpakuto's words, Naruto stood up and turned his back to it, walking to stand on the other side of the room.

"Stop it, I will not attack my Captain because you think she was rude, it would be stupid."

"Not if you used me! You know we could kill her, and every other worthless Captain, if you would just USE ME!"

Flinching, Naruto closed his eyes and leaned his head against the, banging his fist against the wall next to him.

"Stop it…I told you no, I will not use you…"

"But Naru-kun, I want to hunt, to feel blood running down my metal! Just a little, and I will stop asking, please."

Frowning, Naruto spun around and stomped over to the bed, before grabbing his pillow and slamming it on top of it. Letting out another sigh, Naruto sat down on the bed next to his Zanpakuto, moving the pillow so he could lay his hand on the hilt.

"I said no Kyuubi-chan…I know what using you means, and if I have any other choice will not resort to…that."

"Humph…you know when I told you my name I was expecting us to work together and kill all in our path, your just lucky you're so cute…"

Chuckling slightly, Naruto got up and moved back over to the desk chair, closing his eyes and letting himself slowly fall into sleep.


A week later Unohana stood watching Naruto from her window, planning on following through on her warning to keep an eye on him, but could only frown slightly at what she was seeing. The blonde was currently sweeping the leafs into a pile from the training ground, a smile on his face and Zanpakuto on his hip, working faster than the other three members of her Division that were helping him put together. Over the week Naruto had proven to be a machine, working three times faster than any other members assigned to the same job as him, and was yet to show any sign of being tired. His stamina was impressive, for a fresh graduate, if nothing else.

She just couldn't figure him out, knowing something wasn't right but being unable to do anything about it without proof, and it was distracting her from her work.

"Captain Unohana, are you alright?"

Blinking in surprise, having forgotten that she was not alone, Unohana turned to look at the worried face of her Vice-Captain with her usual smile on her face.

"I am fine Isane-san, just a little distracted…please, tell me, what are your thoughts on Uzumaki-san?"

Looking slightly surprised, Isane took a moment to think, before shrugging her shoulders.

"He seems like a nice person from the short conversation we had when I was leading him to his room, polite, a little quite maybe but nothing odd. Though I must admit I was surprised when I learned who he was…I'm not sure what I was expecting…"

Her interest peeked, Unohana nodded for her Vice-Captain to continue, her full attention fixed on the tall sliver haired woman before her.

"Go on…"

Taking the seat in front of the Captains desk, Isane looked around slightly uncomfortably, her hands on her lap in front of her.

"Well it's just…four years ago I remember several new recruits talking about him, about how he was so ruthless, a demon in battle that enjoyed fighting even the older students at the academy. They spoke of him in fear. But then the year after, I hear the next group of new recruits talking about how he just seemed to…change, one day without warning. He stopped picking fights, and started wrapping his Zanpakuto in bandages and refused to draw it even for spares."

Unohana listened to every word, taking them in a storing them for later thought, but before she could comment, Isane continued.

"Then there was that instructor that was sent to use a year ago, the one with almost every bone in his body broken, I treated him myself. Apparently he tried to force Uzumaki-san to draw his Zanpakuto, for a spar against another student, but he went crazy and used it while still sheathed against him. He was embarrass and asked me to put in my report that he fell down the stairs, but I remember it clearly…"

Turning her chair to once again look out the window to look at the blonde with a frown on her face, Unohana was surprised to see the large pile of leaves next to him, the others panting on the ground while Naruto looked as if he had just been on a slow walk.

"I see, thank you Isane-san…I want you to keep an eye on Uzumaki-san. Take him on as a training partner, make sure he knows it is by my orders, I want to know just how skilled he really is as a fighter."

"B-but Captain Unohana, he is a newly graduated Shinigami, I have many years' worth of experience over him. To expect me to train with him would be an insult to my honour!"

Letting out a small amount of Ki, but keeping her smile, Unohana turned to look at her Vice-Captain as she froze in her seat, a look an absolute fear on her face.

"Isane-san…this is not a request, I want you to take Uzumaki-san as your training partner, taking him under your wing and to find out just what he is hiding. From this day on he will be your shadow…understood?"

Nodding her head rapidly, Isane quickly stood up and ran from the room, Unohana letting out a small chuckle at the sight.

"I still have it."


Having just finished clearing the leaves from the training ground, Naruto pulled out the chore list he had been given, crossing it off before looking to the next job for the day.

"Hmm, clean the 10th Division's windows, shouldn't take too long."

Returning the list to his pocket, Naruto ignored the people currently laying on the ground panting, shaking his head at them for tiring themselves out trying to keep up with him.


He had only gotten three steps before being stopped by the sound of the Vice-Captain calling him, turning to see her walking over to him at a sedate passed now that she had his attention.

"Vice-Captain Isane, is there something I can help you with, I was about to go clean the 10th Divisions windows. Then after that I have to water the plants in the 2nd, clean the floors in the 6th and dust the 8th."

Coming to a stop in front of the blonde, sparing a glance at the others still panting on the floor with a shake of the head, Isane pointed to the one that seemed the least likely to faint.

"Give your list to him, Captain Unohana has asked me to train with you in order to evaluate your skills. You're also to be my shadow, so from now on you will be working with me."

Getting a confused expression, Naruto reached up and scratched the back of his head, passing the list over without even looking.

"But I have no skill with Healing Kido, I fact I think I made things worse the last time I tried, before I attempted to fix it my partner only had a broken finger, after he had three broken fingers and a fractured arm…"

Letting out an uncomfortable chuckle, a sweat drop falling on the back of her head, Isane quickly recovered and shook her head as she placed her hand on her Zanpakuto.

"I heard about that actually…but that's not what we are training in. I am to be your training/sparring partner, so if you could follow me to the inside dojo- hey, where are you going!"

The moment she said sparring, Naruto had grabbed his list back and started walking off, waving over his shoulder.

"Thanks, but I don't really need a sparring partner, I'm happy on cleaning duties…"

"This is not a request Uzumaki-san, Captain Unohana has put you under my personal care, which means you will come with me now or risk being brought up on charges for insubordination."

Freezing on the spot, Naruto took a moment to consider his options, before letting out a sigh and tossing his list back to the unnamed squad member and turning back to face Isane with a resigned expression on his face.

"I understand Isane-san, my apologies, please lead the way…"


Still frowning slightly at his attitude, Isane nodded and led Naruto back into the barracks, down several corridors before opening the door to a medium sized dojo. Nodding to the mat, Isane closed the door behind him, before moving to stand across from him and drawing her Zanpakuto.

"Unwrap your Zanpakuto, Uzumaki-san, we will start with a straight up spar so that I can assess your skills before we move on to anything else."

The moment she said 'unwrap', every muscle in Naruto's body stiffened, his hand shoot to the handle as if to check the bandages were still there, before turning his attention back to the Vice-captain and gulped.

"W-would it be ok if I keep it sheathed, if I need to I will draw it, but I do not feel comfortable pointing an uncovered weapon at a comrade…"

Frowning, Isane thought about it for a moment before letting out a tired sigh and shrugging her shoulders.

"Its fine I guess, but remember I am a Vice-Captain for a reason, no matter how skilled you may think you are, you are still only a day out of the academy. Don't get cocky."

"Of course, Vice-Captain Isane, I did not mean to sound arrogant. I really am just uncomfortable at the idea of drawing my Zanpakuto against a comrade…"

Giving a low bow, Naruto slowly pulled his katana from its place at his hip, sheath and all.

Without any more words, they both fell into ready stances, Naruto's being slightly lower the Isane's with his Zanpakuto at his side insisted of in front like hers. This made the older Shinigami's eyes to narrow slightly, knowing that it wasn't a stance taught in the academy…so where did he learn it?

She also didn't miss the odd look that came to the blonde's eyes the moment he took the sword from his hip, it was if they changed from bright and innocent, to cold and dead the moment the weapon was in his hand. If she was being honest with herself, Isane would admit she was a little put off by the look. But he was only a freshly graduated academy student, and she was a Vice-Captain with at least a 100 years' experience over him, what was there for her to be worried about?

At some unseen signal, they both jumped forward, closing the space between them in an instant.

It happened so fast Isane didn't know what happened, one second she was swinging at Naruto side when the world spun around her, and the next she was looking up at him with her back on the ground and a bruise on the back of her head. His katana was back on his hip, his face once again taking on the innocent expression as he held a hand out to her, offering to help her back to her feet.

Groaning, one hand moving to the bruise on her head, Isane slapped the hand away and got to her feet. Quickly moving back to her position on the other side of the mat, the silver haired Vice-Captain sent him a hard look over her Zanpakuto, her voice suddenly a lot more stiff and formal.




Letting out a sigh, Naruto once again took his sheathed Zanpakuto from his hip, his eyes turning cold the moment it was in his hand. This time Isane didn't wait, and charge forward before Naruto could get into his stance, only to once again end up on her back before she could even see him move.

"Isane-san, are you ok?"

Locking her slightly dazed eyes back on the blonde, Isane saw that he had once again put his Zanpakuto on his hip and was offering her his hand, which she again swotted away.

Returning to her passion, she turned to face the blonde with a growl of annoyance, the fact she had lost twice in a row to a fresh graduate starting to get to her.

"Again! And stop putting away your Zanpakuto!"

"Isane-san please, I really don't want to do this-"

"Run, Itagumo!"

With a small flash, her Shikai released, two extra blades shooting from the pommel.


Unohana had been watching the two from the door, being careful not to be seen or heard, and so far everything she had seen had only made her eyes narrow.

He had moved with such swiftness and grace, faster than the untrained eye could follow, and both times had simple hit Isane on the head in such a way it would disorientate her enough to knock her to the ground. And the moment she fell, he would quickly return his blade to his hip, as if he didn't trust himself to hold it for longer than necessary.

The moment Naruto's hand touched his Zanpakuto, the look he got in his eyes as he prepared to fight…it was a look she had seen only twice before. He had lied to her before, when he claimed not to like fighting, she could see it the moment she touched his blade with the intention of using it. Naruto Uzumaki, without a doubt, loved fighting, so much in fact that he was scared of how much he loved it.

The look in his eyes had been the same she had herself so many years ago, the same look Zaraki Kenpachi had now…the look of bloodlust.

She didn't miss his words before the two started either, about being 'uncomfortable at the idea of drawing his Zanpakuto against a comrade', but again that had not been the whole truth. He was scared of what he would do to a comrade if he lost control…

But this didn't make any sense…for one thing he didn't have the immense Spiritual Pressure that came with the Bloodlust like she and Zaraki had, in fact, now that she took the time to look more closely, she couldn't feel any Spiritual Pressure coming from him at all…but that was impossible. The only explanation was that he was surprising it so much it was invisible to her.

What could have scared the boy so much that he would go out of his way to fight his nature, a nature that she knew about all too well? It had taken her meeting the current Kenpachi for her to realise what she had become, what Zaraki was now…She truly hated the Captain of the 11th Division, he was a constant reminder of what she had been, what she could still be if she didn't fight her nature and allowed herself to fall…

But what had scared Naruto Uzumaki so much that he had started fighting before he even truly fell into his nature. Without thinking, Unohana found her eyes slowly falling to the Zanpakuto at the blonde's hip, tightly wrapped in bandages. He handled it like a killer, but the moment he got a chance would return it to his side as if it would bite him, as if he was truly afraid of it…

Isane had told her that Naruto had changed in his second year at the academy, that he had started wrapping his blade at the same time, refusing to use it for spars. The only answer was that Naruto had learned his Zanpakuto's name, learned what it could do and what was in his soul, and it scared him so much he had done the same thing she herself had tried to do by joining the 4th Division.

But even when she had learned the true nature of her Zanpakuto after attaining Bankai, Unohana had contained to carve a path of blood and death everywhere she went, and it was without a doubt one of the most gruesome powers. Even if it was never officially registered to compare it to others, Unohana knew, that it was a terrible thing to wield.

If her Zanpakuto wasn't enough to shock her out of her Bloodlust, what did that say about Naruto's, about him…

Unfortunately, before she could think any more about the matter, Unohana felt her eyes widen as Isane released her Shikai. Isane, her kind, often shy Vice-Captain, had just released her Shikai in a spar against a free graduate.

Frowning, having let this go on long enough, having seen what she needed to, Unohana pulled the door open and called out, getting both Shinigami's attention.

"Isane, that is enough, re-seal you Zanpakuto this instant!"

Both turning to look at the Captain in shock, the fact she didn't have her customary smile on her face, and the stern edge in her voice being so out of character it was enough for the Vice-Captain to lose her concentration and make her Zanpakuto reseal itself.

Her eye wide, Isane seemed to come out of some kind of trance, shaking her head slightly before bowing.

"Captain Unohana, I didn't know you were there…"

"I can see that…Uzumaki-san, go to my office and wait for me, have something I need to discuss with you. Isane, stay here, I have something to say to you first."

Without a word, Naruto left the room with nothing but a bow at both women as he passed, closing the door behind him.

The moment his footsteps faded into the distance, Unohana turned to look at her Vice-Captain, her usual smile on her face and KI in the air.


"I-I don't know what came over me, Captain Unohana, I was just so angry that he was mocking me I acted without thinking…"

Letting out a sigh, the long haired Captain shook her head slightly, making Isane feel like a small child being chastised by her mother.

"Isane-san, he was not mocking you, in fact he was going out of his way to avoid it. Uzumaki-san is not something you will ever be able to understand, and that is not a bad thing, but you must be more careful in the future…"

"I…understand, Captain Unohana, it will not happen again…"

Nodding, Unohana turned to leave the room, only to pause and turn back to her.

"I know it will not…Isane you are an excellent healer, and you work hard to perfect your medical skills. However I am sorry to say Isane, because of your actions here I do not feel comfortable with you as my Vice-Captain anymore. Not only has this proven that you have been neglecting your training, but your actions make me question your ability to make decisions…please hand me your badge…"

Her eyes widening, tears falling down her face at her Captains words, Isane slowly reached down and removed her Vice-Captain badge and handed it over without a word.


As he stood waiting in the Captain's Office, Naruto couldn't think of anything but just how much trouble he was going to be in, after all he did just show up the Vice-Captain…in front of the Captain…

What if she kicked him out of the 4th Division? He would undoubtedly be moved to the 11th, which would mean he would be forced to start fighting on a regular basis again, and if that happened it would only be a matter of time before…

He couldn't even think about what would happen.

"I don't know what you're so worried about, Naru-chan, I think it would do us both good to feel the thrill of a good fight again. It's been so long, and I want to feel blood on my metal…you can't fight who you are forever…"

Ignoring the mental words of his Zanpakuto, Naruto took several deep breaths, trying to calm down. It worked just in time for the door behind him to open, Captain Unohana walking in without a care in the world and a small smile on her lips, as if nothing had happened. Without even glancing at him, she walked over to her desk, sitting down in her seat, and started moving several papers around on her desk.

This continued for the next two minutes, no words being exchanged between them, and just as Naruto was about to speak the Captain placed her hand on the desk. The doors behind him slammed closed with a bang, the curtains closing over the widow behind her desk, and the walls flashed blue.

His eyes widening, looking around the room quickly, Naruto opened his mouth only to once again be stopped when Unohana started talking.

"I have been patient with you this last week, Uzumaki-san, despite my instincts telling me you were holding something back. But now I have reached my limit, and expect answers, I have sealed this room so nothing outside will know what is happening. If you continue to refuse I will send you to a different Division by the end of the day…understood?"

For a moment all Naruto could do was stare at his Captain, a mixture of fear and acceptance on his face, before he gave a small nod.

"Good…now release your Spiritual Pressure."

Eye widening, Naruto was about to protest, but a small spike in KI made him lower his head, the words dying on his lips.

"Of course…Captain…"

Reaching for his Zanpakuto, Naruto slowly pulled it from his hip so as not to seem threatening, and started to unwrap the bandages and let them fall on the floor.


The moment the last of the bandage was removed Unohana felt her eyes widen in surprise as the air suddenly became thick from the Spiritual Pressure not saturating it, making several objects around the room start to vibrate and in some cases shatter. It was as if a wave had crashed into her body, leaving her sat water, her limbs feeling slightly sluggish. It wasn't enough to affect her outwardly, but without a doubt would leave anyone below Vice-Captain, maybe even Captain Rank on their knees, or worse.

This was the missing piece of the puzzle that she needed to confirm her suspicions, her eye moving to the bandages, realising that what they must have been made of.

Nodding her head, Unohana motion for Naruto to take a seat in front of her, the blonde doing so after a moment of hesitation.

"I was watching your spar with Isane-san from the start Uzumaki-san, you are very skilled, and from what I am feeling now you have the raw power to back it up. I also saw something that worries me…something in your eyes…"

She saw the look if realisation that crossed his face at her words, telling her that he knew exactly what she was talking about, before it gave way to a deep sadness.

"I see you know what I am talking about…good. Now tell me why you are hiding yourself in my Division, when you should be placed somewhere that will cultivate your skills. As it stands, you have Spiritual Pressure to rival a Captain, and from what I saw of your brief spar with Isane-san, at least high Vice-Captain Skills. If this was known to others, you would be hailed as a prodigy the likes of Captain Hitsugaya."

Not meeting her eyes, Naruto's hand slowly moved across his still sheathed Zanpakuto, which was currently laying on his lap.

Not missing the action, Unohana frowned slightly, leaning forward to get a better look at the blade for herself.

"Uzumaki-san…what is your Zanpakuto's name?"

Suddenly looking straight at her, his eyes wide in fear, Naruto seemed to struggle for a moment before his shoulders slumped and a sigh came from his lips.

"Kurama…her name is Kurama…"

"And what is it, exactly that Kurama does that has you so afraid you will not even used her while in her Sealed form, Uzumaki-san."

For a moment, Unohana thought Naruto wasn't going to say anything, as his eyes fell to the floor and he seemed to fall in on himself. But just as she was about to ask again, the blonde Shinigami looked up, his eyes locking on her own.

"She hunts…"

Frowning at the vague answer, Unohana kept her eyes on his for a moment longer, before letting out a sigh and nodding her head.

"Very well, but one day I want you to either tell, or show me just what you mean by that. But until then, there has been a change of plans on who your training partner will be…"

Getting a confused expression, Naruto reached down and slowly started to re-wrap the bandages around his Zanpakuto, looking at her the whole time.

"Captain Unohana…?"

"Starting first thing tomorrow, I will be training you myself, in my private training ground away from the eyes of the rest of the 4th Division. Isane-san is not strong enough to challenge you, in fact I am sure no one but myself in the 4th Division can train with you…"

Eyes widening, Naruto sat straight in his chair, staring at Unohana as if she had grown a second head. Only for them to get wider when she placed the Vice-Captain badge in front of him.

"Also, you will be wearing this from now on, I will explain everything you will need to know tomorrow. Wear it at all times, and be sure to act appropriately for your new position, there is a Vice-Captain meeting every Thursday at 6pm in the 10th Division Barracks."

"Captain Unohana…I don't understand, what about Isane-san?"

Letting out a tired sigh, Unohana leaned back in her seat, a sad smile on her face.

"Isane-san is a good Healer, she works hard in any and everything medical, but she is not a fighter. Nor is she a leader, her usual shy personality makes her unfit to give orders, and from what I saw when you spared she is not as level headed as I thought her to be. You however, despite being fresh out of the academy, are already at a Vice-Captain level. You can fight, even if you refuse to acknowledge it, and even though you have only been here a week I have heard nothing but good things from the other members."

Seeing that he was still confused, Unohana closed her eyes for a moment, thinking about the best way to word it.

"Uzu…Naruto-san, as you know the 4th Division is looked down on by the others…they think because we focus on things other than combat that we are cowards. For years they have treated my subordinates as less than trash, and no matter what I do, I am only one person. I need a strong Vice-Captain, to prove the 4th division is not weak, and I believe you are that person…"

"I-I don't know, Captain Unohana, what would people say of you replacing Isane-san with a freshly graduated Shinigami? Also…I'm not even sure I can train anymore…even against someone as strong as you…"

Frowning, Unohana stood up, letting her KI leak out slightly, her smile on her face.

"If I didn't know better, Uzumaki-san, I would think that was arrogance…"

Eye widening in horror, Naruto quickly stood up and gave a low bow.

"I meant no disrespect, Captain Unohana, I merely meant that…I cannot use my Zanpakuto on a fellow Shinigami, even in her sealed form. Kurama will hunt the blood of anyone she has tasted…just one drop is all she needs…"

Frowning at his words, her mind filled with even more questions about just what this young Shinigami's Zanpakuto did, Unohana gave a small nod. After all, she would never use her own against a fellow Shinigami while in Bankai even in a spar against another Captain…

"Very well, I will not ask you any more questions for now, but I am also not giving you a choice. You are the new Vice-Captain of the 4th Division, and you will meet me here tomorrow at 8am for training. Do not be late, Naruto-san."

Without another word, Unohana tossed the Vice-captain badge to Naruto, before turning her attention back to the paperwork on her desk as the blonde left.


Hope you all liked the chapter, there will be a time skip in the next, but not too much of one. There will also be a proper fight scene, though I don't want to spoil it so will not say anymore.

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There will be a pairing, though I am not sure 100% yet, it is between Unohana and another that I don't want to say just yet.

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