Hello fans of Hunt Kurama, I'm sad to say that I've had no interest in writing this story anymore mainly because I constantly change naruto's bankai or I change around a lot of the story points and I constantly get off track of the main points on this story but fear not for I will not abandon this story but I also read a review that pointed out I may be better off rewriting this and I agree with that reviewer. I'm going to put this story on infinite hiatus until I can get this story better and figure out where I want this to go. I will be making two different Naruto/Bleach stories one is going to called Demon Division(Which will use the 9 jinchuriki as a part of the first iteration of the gotei 13 alongside the original captains that participated in the first 1000-year blood war) the nine jinchurikki's design have come from a DeviantArt artist called luismiguelbastidas where he drew the nine of them as vizards which I will use as apart of there stories in the Demon Division which is only going to have the nine of them so if anyone has some form of input they'd like to see feel free to message me. ll write some of the notes I have for the jinchurikki and their weapons so feel free to pass ideas. I may come back to Hunt Kurama at some point but for now I've got nothing but demon diviions will be up as soon as I can get to writing and plan out the story better also for those waiting for Demonic Misfit I'm currently writing out that chapter and should hopefully have it done soon, I've been getting sidetracked with a few different story ideas

Demon DIvision Memebers

Naruto Uzumaki(Captain)

Kirabi "Killer B"(Lieutenant)

Fu(Third Seat)

Utakata(Fourth Seat)

Han(Fifth Seat)

Roshi(Sixth Seat)

Yagura(Seventh Seat)

Yugito(Eigth Seat)

Gaara(Ninth Seat)

Synopsis: Besides the original captains of the gotei 13 Yamamoto knew of nine more captains that would be very beneficial to the aid/defense of the soul society but the biggest problem is that they would barely listen to him since they all swore loyalty to the one with the highest power above them in terms of power but the biggest thing is they were the first shingami to display the use of hollow powers as well as having their memories from when they were alive. Now the time has come to free them from there cells and once again call upon them to defend the seiretei from its enemies.