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"Daddy, no." I cried as I laid over my father's dead body. Victoria had caught up to me; she had gotten past the pack killed my father in front of me. Victoria grabbed my hair and pulled me away from Charlie, throwing me across the room. She had already broken me. She had broken my leg and one of my arms; when you're as clumsy as I was, you got to know when something had broken and when it had sprained. I could feel the warm, thick liquid that was my blood running down my face. I just wanted her to kill me already.

Charlie had come home after work as he usually did and walked in on Victoria playing with the human. He didn't even hesitate; he tried his best to get to me; he died trying to save me. Victoria drained him in front of me while I screamed, begging her to let him go. That was two days ago. Laurent walked around my house, pouring gasoline all over the floor.

"How about we take her to the Volturi? After we have some fun, of course? They will be able to punish the Cullen's for you; after all, they have broken the law. We can send the video to them after you have had enough; what do you think, Victoria?" Laurent asked her. I couldn't see either of them anymore; my eyes had almost swollen shut.

"Please just kill me already." I only just managed to say through swollen and cut lips.

"See if you can get a plane or something; the flight is going to get messy," Victoria said to her companion. Carlisle gave him a chance; the Cullen's let him go up to Denali to be with their cousins. I tried on last time, making a decision, and prayed that Alice would see. I made decisions over the previous two days; no one had come to help me. I had lost track of time, with no idea of how long I had been lying on the floor for; I could only stay there wishing for death to claim me. Victoria had told me that she only came here after paying a visit to my mom; she had killed both Renee and Phil. She showed me the video of what she did to them; then I found out that Renee was pregnant, Victoria had murdered my family, my unborn sibling.

Victoria picked me up, threw me over her shoulder, and took off after saying something to Laurent. I heard the explosion a couple of minutes later and tried to look up to see. I knew that it was my house that had exploded, with my dead father inside. I broke down again, feeling the heartbreak that I could never say goodbye to my dad. Never lay him to rest. With that thought, I let the dark claim me. Victoria had taken everything from me.


I was tired of listening to my brother drone on about inconsequential things. For example, there had been three vampires coming to us and begging for death; before Aro could say anything, I ran to them and granted their wish; I was sick of the sound of his voice and wanted it to be over with for the day.

"Masters, we have one last Vampire to see you today," Felix said to us, but something was off; usually, he was relatively upbeat when we had vampires come in and state their case. He was one to gossip with Demetri if the latter had been unable to come in due to being out on a mission that we had sent him on.

"Bring them in. Caius, please refrain from destroying this one until we determine the issue. Please, brother." Aro asked, his tone becoming sharp. Aro hated it when I took his fun away from him.

"I'll think about it." I smiled at him. I watched as Felix stood by the doors; I could hear his teeth grinding together; this vampire had hit a nerve with the giant of a man. I listened to the vampire coming closer. As they came closer, I could hear a faint human heartbeat; I looked over towards my brothers, who both looked just as concerned. The three of us quickly masked our concern, the human was clearly on the brink of death, yet the human gets brought before us.

I watched as a woman with hair like fire walked through the throne room doors, carrying a human over her shoulder like it was some prize that she was claiming.

"Welcome to Volterra; how may we help you this fine day." Aro smiled toward the woman and dropped the human roughly to the ground.

"I have come to report a crime. A coven has killed my Mate. They also informed this human of our existence. She received a claim of a Mate to one of the coven, but they left her behind." So the vampiress claimed, looking smug. Aro stood from his seat and walked towards the woman. He knelt to look over the human on the ground; He rolled the human over to read them, no doubt.

I couldn't seem to take my eyes from the vampire in front of me.

"What is it you wish us to do with the human?" I asked angrily.

"The choice is yours; I did want to avenge my Mate. Mate for a Mate and all, but felt you needed to know about the crime committed by the coven." The woman smiled proudly.

"May I see for myself the coven that is at the centre of this accusation over this broken law?" Aro asked as he held out his hand for her to take. I called over Jane. Whispered for her to fetch the Doctor and take him to my office. She left immediately. We had a doctor on staff for our human employees should they get an injury of some kind.

"Oh my, this is a problem," Aro said as he turned and looked towards both Marcus and myself. Marcus stood and walked towards the human, but as he passed Aro, I noticed that he made a point of touching our brother's hand.

"Let us be done with this. Heidi will be back, but in a moment." Marcus said as he looked down at the human, whose heartbeat became fainter. He picked her up off the ground.

"With your permission, brother Caius I will take the human to your office," Marcus said to me. I just nodded my consent. As the doors closed behind Marcus, Aro turned and surprised us all as he destroyed the woman standing before us, lighting her remains on fire.

"Playing with a human as she did was nothing but a game for the woman; she had done this to several others. Felix, take a contingent of the guard to Seattle Washington; the woman has left an army of newborns there; destroy every last one." Aro said before dismissing the rest of the guard. Aro was not usually the hostile part of our triad. For him to become so had me concerned, he walked out immediately after dismissing the guards. I made my leave to follow after him.

"How is young Isabella?" Aro asked Marcus. I saw that the Doctor was rushing around as fast as he humanly could. I looked towards my two brothers curiously. Neither of them usually got excited like this.

"Are either of you going to fill me in on what is going on?" I asked them both as I removed my robes.

"Brother, thank you for thinking of having Jane call in the doctor to tend to the young woman," Marcus said to me. Aro whipped around, looking at me like I had suddenly grown a heartbeat. I just rolled my eyes at him.

"Once young Isabella has regained her health, we will need to call the offending coven to trial; this is unacceptable," Aro muttered. He was now pacing back and forth in front of my desk.

"Who was the coven?" Marcus and I both asked.

"Sorry to interrupt, Masters, but I thought that I should bring this to your attention." The Doctor said, drawing our attention towards the young girl's wrist. All three of us gasped. They were followed by each of us growling. There were two bite marks as bright as the sun in the sky. This girl had been fed on yet had not changed.

"Alec!" Aro shouted.

"Master," Alec said as he walked through my office door after knocking.

"You will find out if Felix has left and if he is still here, you and Jane will join him and Demetri and bring in the Cullen's for trial. Do not make any decisions whatsoever." Aro growled out.

"Carlisle?" Marcus asked, suddenly finding a chair under neither of him.

"Doctor, I feel that the young girl will be more comfortable in a bed. Can she be moved?" I asked the Doctor before us. He nodded, and I picked her up and instructed him to follow me; as I led him to my quarters, she deserved to be comfortable at least. The Doctor then continued to work on the young woman. Finally, I walked back to my office to talk to my brothers in relative privacy.

When I walked in, Aro was pacing the floor, growling randomly.

"Would you care to share your thoughts, brother?" Marcus asked.

"Or is it that you are finally angry over your golden child, and his disrespect of our laws flouted them in front of our faces?" I asked, knowing that I was correct. He growled at me.

"I am aware that I have let some things slide when it comes to Carlisle. But this blatant disrespect for our fundamental laws is something that cannot get overlooked; considering the number of years that he lived here with the Volturi, we taught I'm all of our laws, he knows very well what cannot be tolerated." Aro said, I just laughed; I have felt for centuries that Aro's golden child has been getting away with things that no others would be. Marcus just looked at me with a smile, also gracing his lips. Aro glared at both of us.

"You sure that it's not that golden child of yours has gotten out of hand and found out. Also that the evidence of such has gotten laid at your feet in full view of our guards." I asked Aro. I was trying to ignore that smug feeling rising in my chest. So we stayed sitting and discussing what we would do with Cullen's blatant disrespect for our laws.

"No matter the crime or who committed it, the punishment should get handed down. Am I angry with Carlisle's blatant disrespect of our laws? Yes. Am I expecting him to try and downplay the crime and use our friendship not to receive any punishment? Yes. Will he be exempt from our laws? No." Aro glared at both Marcus and me.

"I am pleased that you have begun to see your golden child for what he…." I said when I was interrupted by intense pain in my chest. I ran from my office, following the pain. Following it into my bedroom where the human lay on my bed, the Doctor hovering over her, I grabbed the Doctor as he was attempting to help the human and threw him across the room, the need to remove the man. I listened for the human's heartbeat just to find that it was there but faint. I bit into all of her pulse points, as well as directly over her heart. I was pumping as much venom into her system as I could before copying what the Doctor had done to keep her heart beating until the venom took hold. Once I heard her heart pick up and the venom took hold, I fell back onto the foot of my bed and let out a sigh of relief; I was thankful that this young woman was going to survive.

I vaguely heard a knock on my door before hearing it open. I growled at the intruder who I had yet to permit entrance.

"Peace, brother, we know why you changed the young woman; it is clear to us." So I heard Marcus tell me.

"Yes, is there any other reason why you decided to change, young Isabella?" Aro asked me.

"I felt she could be of use to us as a witness against the Cullen Coven. So it just made sense to change her." So I told my brothers without taking my eyes from the young woman that was curiously silent.


Felix, Alec, Jane, and I had landed in Seattle, Washington, to deal with the bit of problem of a Newborn Army that had gotten created. The Masters were rather angry over this particular creation, but that was not the best part of this mission; we would bring the Cullen Coven for trial.

It had taken us all of two days to find and destroy all of the newborns before we left to make our way to Denali to fetch the Cullen's. I knew that Felix was looking forward to getting them; being usually so cheerful, he was on edge and looking for a fight right now. So as we made it to the outskirts of the Denali coven property, I halted our descent on the property to where I knew the Carlisle to reside from time to time.

"We are going to have to watch not only our thoughts but our make a conscious effort to make no decisions at all. Carlisle has a seer, a mind reader in his coven; he has the revered Major residing with him also at the moment. So take these few moments to clear your mind of everything. If you need to make a decision about something and have to think about something, think of the next position that you will be in with your Mate." As I looked over at Jane, I told everyone, but she just rolled her beautiful red eyes at me. Once we were all on the same page, we moved in, only to see Eleazar walk out the door to meet with us.

"Demetri, such a pleasure to see you again. What do we owe the satisfaction of your visit?" Eleazar asked me.

"We are here for Carlisle and his coven." I smiled, watching the vampire himself along with his coven walkout.

"I can't see; I can't see anything." A child said it was the most disgusting thing to happen to her. I watched as the revered Major placed a hand on the child's shoulder as he watched us all intently. I had met him while he was with Maria in the Southern Wars. I always had a lot of respect for him as a fighter.

"I don't think you have the correct person," the redhead said to me; this must be the mind reader.

"Our Masters have requested the pleasure of visitation from you and your Coven Carlisle. So if you would please all come with us. Where is your eighth member? We were under the impression that there were eight in your coven." I said to him. I watched as a tall blonde woman glared at the redhead.

"No, there have always been seven members of our family, Demetri," Carlisle said to me.

"Funny, it is not very often that we have the incorrect information; maybe what the Masters got told was wrong somehow?" Jane asked. I smiled at her.

"What is it that the Volturi want to see my family about?" Carlisle asked.

"We are not privy to that information. We just know that our Masters asked us to retrieve you all for a visit with them, as it has been too long." Felix answered. Before instructing Carlisle to follow us.

We had been away from our home for nearly four days; even though we had been away for longer, it would be nice to get back to our home.

"I told you she would be trouble, Edward, yet why couldn't you just listen," the tall blonde woman growled at the redhead.

"Rosalie, that is enough; I'm sure that there will be nothing to worry about once I talk to my old friend, this will all get cleared up, and we can come home," Carlisle growled, yet it was clear that he felt just as frustrated. I smiled over at Alec, who was chuckling away at what Carlisle's coven had got themselves into possibly.


I was burning, but I would be damned if I would give Victoria the pleasure of hearing me scream out in pain. I clenched my jaw and prayed that I would be able to stop myself from screaming out. I knew that we had gotten to Volterra, and that was all. I felt it painfully when Victoria threw me down on the ground; I could only guess that she was giving me up as a sacrifice to the Volturi so that they would help her kill HIS family. Victoria blamed me for killing James, but how could I kill a vampire on my own? I'm just a human, well I had been before someone bit me, I didn't want Victoria to be my sire, but I guess now I had no choice. I tried to remember the names and faces of the leaders that HE told me about, in between remembering all of my family and the good things that I wanted to keep hold of.

What their faces looked like, their voices sound like, the look of joy that Charlie had when he talked about going fishing with Billy and Harry, the joy that Renee had when she found a new hobby that she had gotten excited over.

I had even tried to remember what HIS family looked like and sounded like so that I could find them and make them pay for Victoria killing the only family I had.

I had no idea how much time had passed, but I figured that I was close to the end when I could start to hear the voices around me, hear three men talking close by me.

"How fairs young Isabella? It looks like the change is happening nicely. I have not heard of many that go through the change silent; it will be interesting to see what kind of newborn she is." I heard a man say, he sounded like he could be like a grandfather, but then with vampires, who couldn't sound like that if they wanted.

"Yes, she will be a great addition to our little family." Another said this one seemed like he might have swallowed a squeaky toy that belonged to a pet.

"Whatever plans you have will not be happening, brother; she is innocent in all of this." A third voice said the voice sounds heavenly — deep, smooth, like pure silk. I heard footsteps come closer, for someone knocked on the door, and the angelic voice called them to enter.

"Demetri and his team are back with your guests." A voice said.

"I think our brother is finally seeing this golden child for the manipulative moron that he is," the angelic voice said; he sounded out of place, though, like he was annoyed about whoever it was; they were talking.

Not long after, I felt the burn come away from my fingers and toes and fast start to centre itself around my heart.

I wanted to scream out more than anything, but instead, I clenched my jaw down tight and did my best not to cry out.

I was able to count down the seconds listen to my heartbeat, right up until it stopped; I took a second to be glad that the pain had gone. Then, I opened my eyes and watched as the dust mites floated around, taking in a deep breath in taking in all of the scents that were around me. I could smell everything; I could smell dark chocolate with fresh-cut grass and old books. I could smell cinnamon and red wine. I could also smell the forest behind Charlie's house and rain hitting the road. I had the feeling that I wanted to sit up and look around, but before I could, I was already doing so. Looking around, I saw that I was in a very opulent sepia-toned room, the walls lined with books, floor to ceiling; I saw three people, two men, and a who looked like a young girl, standing in front of two other men, almost guarding them.

The three at the front looked like there was a threat or something dangerous nearby, so I turned to look around for whatever it could be, only to find nothing around.

"Is everything ok?" I asked then quietly. I was wondering what was going on. I looked around at the books lining the shelves, wondering who they belonged to; they all seemed very old.

"All is just fine young one; they are just a little on edge." A man said to me when I looked back at who spoke, I noticed that it was a man with long dark brown hair, he had stepped forward, the man next to him had blond hair, but if you were human, it could be mistaken for white.

Out of the two men in front of them, one was tall and reminded me a lot of Emmett, and the other was agile and athletic; the young lady was of similar build to what I could remember Alice being, the young girl in front of me was golden blonde.

"Jane, please retrieve our brother; I am sure that he will be interested to know that young Isabella has woken from her change." The sexy blonde man said. At least now I knew the young ladies name. She nodded and left the room.

"So hi, I'm Bella; who are you? and if I can ask, where am I?" I asked them all as I introduced myself.

"I am Marcus, the young lady that just left, Jane; these two are Demetri and Felix, the man next to me is one of my brothers, Caius, and our other brother who you will be meeting in a moment, is Aro. You are in Volterra, dear. Can you tell us what you remember?" the man I now knew to be Marcus asked me.

"Well, I got beaten, and my family murdered, by a vampire with a grudge; she and her friend Laurent then decided to bring me here to see the rulers. I think she wanted them to kill me and help her; she wanted revenge for her Mate getting killed by my ex, but she blamed me for killing him like a human could kill a vampire. Do they know that I am here? The rulers? Am I in trouble for knowing about the secret? I mean, my ex left me human and all." I asked, suddenly nervous.

"Well sweetheart, I am sure that you will be fine; yes, the rulers know, we are two of the rulers, were you not told about us?" the sexy man I know new to be Caius told me with a smile. Damn, I had to sit down; I nodded my head and tried to take in the fact that I was in front of two of the rulers of the vampire world and one of them called me sweetheart. I got told they were cruel, and they collected vampires. Not long after I sat down, there was a knock at the door. Caius called whoever it was to enter.

"Ah, Isabella is awake finally; how marvellous." A third man said seconds after he walked in the door and looked at me. I could only assume that this was Aro.

"Isabella, this is our brother Aro," Marcus told me. I nodded towards the man. I honestly didn't know what to say.

"Is everything alright, Isabella?" Marcus asked me. I nodded and looked towards my feet.

"Leave us," Caius said, and the two men and young woman left.

"Isabella, what is it that has you worried?" Aro asked me.

"Are you going to torture me or collect me?" I asked my voice nearly a whisper.

"Why would we do either of those things?" Aro asked me.

"I got told the Volturi was cruel, and they collected vampires for their guard." I again whispered.

"Well, we can tell you right now that we do not, and if we are cruel, it is because the crime that has been committed is unforgivable. Tell us, Isabella, who told you about us?" Aro asked me; it was only then that I noticed that he was kneeling. Caius was sitting next to me, and Marcus was on my other side. I felt conflicted, I had promised not to say anything about who told me, but then, I had figured a lot of it out for myself; it was just HE had confirmed it, that was all. Well, that and Jacob had told me a little also. But again, that only confirmed what I had already known also.

"I figured it out for myself," I said to him.

"Alright, how about we get you, someone, to eat? You must be thirsty," Caius said to me. He held out his hand for me to take and waited while I seemly had an internal debate as to if I should take his hand or not, he was a King after all.

"There is nothing to worry about; I will not bite again." He smiled at me. I was confused, though; what did he mean again?

"Caius is your sire, Isabella," Marcus informed me; the confusion must have been evident on my face. I then launched myself at him, thanking him profusely; I didn't want Victoria to be my sire at all.

"Thank you; I didn't want Victoria to be my sire. I was kind of dreading it. So thank you." I smiled, hugging him; I hadn't realized that I had retained so much hostility to the idea of Victoria as my sire until I felt myself break down and cry tearless sobs of relief. As I still had my face buried in his chest, feeling his arms go around me and try to soothe me as I cried. I felt it when I got picked, heard him sit down and felt it when he placed me in his lap; I felt so stupid being this upset, all over something that I had no control over. I heard the door open and close again before hearing his quiet, soothing humming as he rocked me, yet I couldn't for the life of me figure out why I was so upset over the fact that he was my sire.

"Victoria was a cruel woman; I understand why it is that you are upset, but then some would say that I am just as bad to have as a sire. But please know this, as your sire, I will defend you till my death, if you are ever hurt, I will help you heal, if someone were to take you against your will, I would move both heaven and hell to find you and bring you home again. I will teach you to feed, fight, and defend yourself. Should you fall in love with another, I shall protect him also, until the day he hurts you, then I will kill him. you are now part of this family, and we protect our family." Caius said to me as he stroked my cheek.

"My mom was pregnant with my sibling; I didn't even know if I was going to have a brother or sister. I never got to say goodbye; my dad was trying to protect me, and she killed him in front of me; I didn't want her to become my sire, to forever linked to someone who had killed my family as she did." I whispered; he just smoothed my hair. Why did HE have to bring me into his and his family's lives? Just to tell me that I wasn't good enough. As much as I wanted to forget the words that HE had said to me, I just couldn't let myself, but I did want an answer as to why.

"Do vampires find humans just a mere distraction? Are humans just a toy to vampires?" I asked

"What do you mean? If you mean, do we the Volturi condone vampires to keep what we call pets, then no, it's has been outlawed for centuries."

"How do you know if that's what you were, though?" I asked. I stayed leaning into Caius, feeling too comfortable to move.

"For each vampire, it was different; some were overly affectionate, making the human feel like they were loved and even promising to turn the human, when in fact they were just kept around for their blood alone. They constantly used their lure to make the human submissive to their wants. My brothers and I found the practice of keeping pets disgusting and degrading to humans, so we outlawed it; any vampire found to have or found to once have had a pet, they get sentenced to death, why do you ask?" Caius asked me. What he described, it sounded like how HE treated me. Was I just a pet then? I felt nauseous; even though nothing was in my stomach, I felt like throwing up. I vaguely heard my name getting called but couldn't seem to focus. Then, I felt someone grab me, pulling me.


I had tried to gain the attention of Isabella for close to twenty minutes. My brothers and sister were also trying, Aro had come running in with Marcus and Sulpicia, and my sister was trying to bring Isabella around.

"Brother, do you have any idea what it was that caused this?" Aro asked. He was looking over at Isabella in worry. I just held my hand out to him; Aro took it eagerly. It was clear that he saw young Isabella as a sister already.

"We will need to deal with this as soon as possible," Aro growled.

"I believe that Isabella figured out that the Cullen's kept her only as a pet." Aro sneered. The sound was quickly followed by Marcus, Sulpicia's, and my own; this was all followed by Isabella's scared whimper.

"I will need to read them to know for sure," Aro said, looking over to me apologetically.

"She still needs to feed; I suggest calling Heidi to bring a human, Caius. She will need to either feed in here or take her elsewhere. But I feel that she may need assistance right now." Sulpicia said to me; I just nodded and called Heidi to me. Once she arrived, I instructed that she bring in ten humans. I turned back to see Marcus removing hair from Isabella's face just to have me growl at him; he just smiled in return.

"Calm, brother, I wanted to see if she was well," Marcus said to me; it wasn't long before I could hear Heidi coming getting followed by ten heartbeats.

"Brother, we will leave you with Isabella, be please let us know how she fairs," Aro said to me; Marcus left to let Heidi in as Aro and Sulpicia left. I instructed Heidi to take the humans into my office. Sulpicia had laid Isabella on my bed; I walked over to her and sat down.

"Isabella, please come back to me; I will make them hurt, everyone that has ever hurt you, I will make sure that they hurt before I kill them slowly. I will do it all; just come back to me." I whispered. I wanted her to look at me, talk to me. I picked her up again and called Heidi to bring in one of the humans as she did. I asked her to knock the human out.


I became lost in my thoughts; I just found out that Edward had kept me around like anyone else would keep a cat or dog for entertainment; he never loved me; I was nothing to any of them. So I wondered, even though I was now a vampire, was I going to be seen as just the Cullen's pet? Is that how my sire would see me?

I had no sense of how long I had gotten lost for, but I knew that I had felt something warm sliding down my throat; I felt a breath on my cheek with the sounds of pleading; why was the angel pleading?

It sounded wrong; it reminded me of how HE pleaded with me after James bit me, but I had to wonder, was that all planned? I remember thinking about that briefly when I was running from Jasper and Alice. HE had told me after all that my blood sang to him like nothing else later; I had figured that I got given blood, but after a while, that stopped. What could I do now? Caius said he would hurt anyone that hurt me, but would he do that.

"Brother, anything yet?" I heard Aro ask. I didn't hear any reply.

"Let Sulpicia take care of her; you need to come to the throne room, brother." I heard Aro say. But again, nothing.

"Alright, but can I ask Sulpicia to come in any way to bathe Isabella? Might give you some time to do the same." Aro asked. I had no idea what happened, but it wasn't long before I heard a woman's voice asking if she could pick me up. The ok must have got given as I was seconds later. I heard running water and could smell coconut and jasmine, figuring it must be the bath oils she must have placed into the bathwater.

"I'm Sulpicia, Aro's Mate and wife; I'm just going to bathe you, don't worry; Caius is going to have a shower himself in mine and Aro's bathroom. I cannot wait until I get to meet you properly and talk to you; I think that you are going to love it here; I cannot wait until I can get to know you better." The woman said to me. I felt it as she stripped me of my clothes and placed me in the bath, gently washing my hair and body.

I had no idea what it was about this woman. I was able to get my eyes to focus for the first time since I had no idea when and get a good look at the woman that was caring for me.

She was beautiful, with dark mahogany brown hair ruby eyes; she had this look on her face like she genuinely cared about me. I felt my brow furrow, and I tried to look at her, wondering if she was as genuine as she looked. After all, I believed Esme Cullen cared, and I was just a pet to her and her family.

"Am I your pet now?" I asked, my voice a whisper. I must have scared the poor woman, as she dropped me and jumped back before she realized what happened; she pulled me out of the water and hugged me.

"Darling, my beautiful darling girl, no, no, no, you will be my sister." She said back to me. She picked me up, started to dry me, and asked me if I could stand; I looked at her with confusion.

Once I was dried, she led me back to the bedroom and helped me pick out something to wear; she thought I might be comfortable in a light dress. I asked if I could wear jeans and a t-shirt instead, and she just smiled at me and nodded. It was then that I noticed that the room smelt musty, and it was a mess; I scrunched up my nose and followed her over to a dresser, where she sat me down and brushed my hair.

"How long had I gotten lost for?" I asked almost in a whisper.

"It has been almost two months. Caius has been feeding you regularly; Aro and Marcus are very worried about you both." Sulpicia said.

"Why?" I asked.

"Because you are family, I know that you might have heard that before, but we take family seriously. And before you ask again, no, you're not a pet; we do not believe in them." Sulpicia said to me. I nodded and wondered if I would ever believe that. Then, I heard a commotion outside the door and voices attempting to be quiet.

"That would be Aro and Caius. Caius has gotten rather short-tempered with everyone lately. But we all understand; he is worried about you." she told me as she placed down the hairbrush. Walking over to the door, she had not stopped smiling, from the frown that I had seen on her face when I had forced myself to focus; when my mind had let me focus and had seen her look of hurt in her features, to the happy smile that she had since the surprise. I couldn't help but wonder, was I someone of value in their family? I listened as she told Aro and Caius to calm down and to talk a deep breath.

"Darling, what is going on? What have you done?" I heard Aro ask seconds before I heard his gasp.

"Are you going to share?" I heard Caius ask.

"What have you dressed, Isabella in?" I heard him ask, but the tone sounded tired. He sounded tired.

"See for yourself, brother." I heard Aro say; you could hear the smile on his face. It was then that I watched as Caius walked in and over to the bathroom. Before coming out in a panic and looking over to the bed. I tilted my head and looked at him curiously, he looked like I remembered, but there was something off about his appearance. It was then that I watched almost in slow motion as he turned and looked towards me. I was watching as he dropped to his knees. I just stayed where I was, feeling too scared to move. I looked over to where Sulpicia was standing and watched as she nodded her head, letting me know it was ok to go to my sire. I got up and walked over to him, kneeling in front of him, wanting to make sure that he was alright.

Before I was able to ask him, Caius grabbed me and pulled me towards him, hugging me close; I could feel him shaking and realized that he was crying; so I wrapped my arms around him and tried to comfort him like I remembered him doing for me before I got lost to my mind. All I wanted to do was to try and calm him; I had no idea of what to do, so I wrapped myself around him and held him close to me as tightly as I was able, without hurting him.

"It's ok, tell me what I can do for you?" I whispered to Caius. He just held me tightly.

"We will let you both have some privacy. But please, when you are ready, come and see me; I would love for us to get to know each other." Sulpicia said, smiling at me. I smiled back and nodded, watching as she and Aro walked out of the room. As soon as the door closed, I got picked up, and Caius took us both over to the bed, laying us down, pulling me close and breathing me in.

"When?" he asked me.

"Um, when I was getting a bath. I asked Sulpicia if I was her pet now. She pulled me out of the water and hugged me, telling me that I wasn't. Also, as you had told me, she doesn't believe in the practice of having pets. I'm sorry that I got lost in my head. I didn't know if anything I had gotten told or felt was even real with the Cullen's. Are you alright?" I asked. I couldn't look at him.

"I'm thrilled that you are back with me, that you came back to me, to us all; Marcus and Aro have been anxious about you," Caius said.

"Thank you for staying with me the whole time. Sulpicia told me. But can I suggest something? Maybe you need to eat. Your eyes are pitch black." I said I didn't know how he would take my suggestion; Edward always got angry when I said he should eat.

"Well then, if that is the case. You also need to, as your eyes are just as black as mine. But, unfortunately, I never did get to teach you how to feed correctly. So how about we go and do just that?" Caius asked me, smiling at me.

But then he did something that I never expected; he kissed me. And it wasn't like how Emmett or Jasper did, as a brotherly gesture; it was like I had seen Emmett kiss Rosalie. I stared at him, my eyes wide.

"How about we go and get something to eat?" Caius asked me. I just nodded dumbly. Never had I been kissed like that.

He took my hand, but as Caius opened the door, there stood a gorgeous woman with beautiful big red eyes and dark wavy brown hair; she would give any pin-up model a run for their money, dressed in a skintight red dress that stopped at the knee. She was more beautiful than Rosalie Hale. The woman was giving my self-esteem a severe hit. I couldn't help but feel utterly inadequate in front of this woman.

"Master, by the request of my Mistress. There are ten humans in your office for both of you." the woman said to Caius.

"Thank you, Heidi. I will see your Mistress later on to thank her." Caius said, smiling. He dismissed her before pulling towards another door. I could hear multiple heartbeats within the room. I just looked over at Caius, and he opened the door for me, looking at me and pulling me into the room. I just stood there not knowing what to do, the back of my throat burning; Caius had let my hand go at some point and was just looking at me.

"You should feed first," I told him. He asked if I was sure, and I replied with a nod.

Watching as Caius fed was a thing of beauty. The way Caius chose his prey, the way he gave them a false sense of security before ripping their throats out, sucking them dry in a matter of seconds and dropping them to the ground before going on to the next human. I watched as he drained three humans before he came over to me; there was still seven there more me.

"Aren't you still hungry?" I asked him. He just shook his head. Caius led me over to one rather large man, who was panicking in the corner of the office, trying to find a way out. Caius just pulled him out of the corner for me.

"No, I don't need much because of my age. Now, let's get you fed. Did you watch what I did? Try and zero in on the artery on the neck, placing your teeth, just above it enough that you don't tear it in half, you want to put just enough pressure," Caius said to me, placing me behind the man, I could see that he was far taller than I was so I was trying to figure a way to feed. Still, I didn't have to wonder for long as Caius knocked on the back of the man's knees, making him kneel, bringing him down to my height. Then, showing me how to feed lets me know that it is instinct, but it also helps to have a guiding hand. I listened to all he told me, watched as Caius showed me where to bite, and indicated how much pressure I should be using.

I went through all seven, not realizing that I was so hungry. Caius only had to show me once, and I thanked God that vampires have perfect memory. Once I finished, the woman, Heidi, came back and asked if Caius would like her to take the bodies away. He just nodded and pulled me out. I wasn't sure if I liked her or not. I was leaning towards the way she looked at Caius like he was something for her to eat, not liking her at all. Caius pulled me back into his room, and towards the bathroom, I was still looking behind me toward that Heidi woman, expecting her to come up behind me and try something. I had no idea what exactly, but something. Then again, I turned out to be a lousy judge of character. So what would I know?

As Caius closed the door to break my line of sight, he just looked at me as if he knew what I was thinking.

"You don't like Heidi, let me guess, you see her as a threat but are unsure as to why that is," Caius said to me. Ok, maybe he did know what I was thinking. What was I meant to say to that?

"I know part of the reason why? Am I not allowed to dislike her? Is she your girlfriend or Mate or whatever?" I asked, feeling defensive. He just smiled at me as if he knew something, something I wasn't privy to, but considering my luck, that was precisely the case. But then why did he kiss me?

"No, Heidi is not my girlfriend or Mate; I do have a Mate though, I understand why you don't like her, but there is no reason for it. Heidi is what we call a fisher; she has the gift of allure; she brings humans here for us to feed on; she is part of the guard. Please, do not be jealous of her," Caius said; he took my face between his hands, encouraging me to look at him while he asked me not to be jealous of someone that looked like a goddess. I couldn't answer him.

"Ok, well, how about we get out of these bloodied clothes and into something else? Now that you are awake, I should get back to work; I do have a coven to punish after all." Caius smiled. He looked like he was going to enjoy this particular punishment.

"Can I ask who it is? Or am I not to know? Is it only for you Kings to know about?" I asked

"You should be told yes, but I beg, do not take offence to what I am about to say. When we found out that the Cullen's were keeping pets, we had them brought here; we sent for them anyway. When you were going through the change, they have been here since. I have asked Aro and Marcus to hold off the judgment of them until you were well once again. Now that you have at least come back to me, we can punish them for their crimes." Caius said as he watched me closely.

"I want to be there," I said to him; I didn't know why I had to be; I just knew that I did.

"Do you want to defend them?" he asked; he looked hurt by the idea.

"No, but I would like some answers as to why Edward felt like he needed to abandon me in the forest behind my father's house, to get later lost and nearly die of hypothermia," I said as I shrugged my shoulders.

"I will get those answers for you, but I have to tell you, you will be discouraged from talking in the trial. There is a sure way that these usually go. Alright. I will give you my robe to wear, but please keep the hood up." Caius asked me. I nodded. As he pulled out some clothes for the both of us and helped me out of the clothes I was wearing, he asked if there was anything else that I wanted answers to so that he could get them for me and have closure finally. It felt strange that he was helping me dress, even though he had told me it was because he needed to help until I could regulate my strength, yet all I wanted was for him to take them all off.

I watched as he stripped down to nothing also, and even though it was the first time I had seen a man naked, I found myself scared of how large he was. Were all men like that? I knew the basics; Renee felt like she needed to 'talk' with me when I was seven. So I knew the basic mechanics of how things worked; the difference was she used a small banana to indicate. I tried my best not to stare at him and prayed that he would hurry up and put some clothes on. He was a gorgeous man in every way. Yet another way that I felt inadequate. All these vampires around me were so supernaturally beautiful. However, even though I had seen myself in the mirror when Sulpicia had brushed my hair, I still thought of myself to be nothing of great importance to look at, still, the plain Jane that I always knew that I was.

Once we had both dressed and I was wearing the robe that Caius had given me, I followed him as we went towards the throne room. Caius had let me know where I was to stand, which was right beside him, while the trial was taking place.

Caius sat on his throne, greeting his brothers. Who seemed surprised to see the both of us? Sulpicia was standing next to, but just behind Aro in a similar spot to me, moving towards me a little; she took my hand and gave me an encouraging smile.

"Brother, it is good to see you back with us," Aro said; Marcus just gave a friendly nod towards his brother and smiled at me.

"Is it possible to bring the trial forward to end this, finally?" Caius asked. Both Aro and Marcus both smiled and nodded. They were calling for the Cullen's to get brought forth. With all of the guards to be in attendance.

It didn't seem to take long for everyone to filter in; The last to come in was the Cullen's themselves. I could hear the yelling about not being seen for two months and hearing them complain about the injustice of it all.

When I saw them for the first time in months, I didn't know what to feel, was I angry? Yes. Did I want answers? Yes. Did I know that I would somehow get all of my answers and that Caius would see to it? Yes. I had a sudden urge not to let Edward read anyone. I didn't feel that he had the right to have that, to know what was going on before Aro, Marcus, and Caius could make up their minds about what was going to happen. I felt like a bubble expanded out of me and covered Sulpicia and the brothers.

It was then that Edward started to whine even more like a little girl that he could not read anyone's mind. All but two of them had eyes that were pitch black. Both Emmett and Jasper had blood-red eyes; both of them seemed calm and accepting of what fate lay before them.

"Aro, old friend, it is good to see you finally; I have asked to talk to you for a while now," Carlisle said; he stepped forward and was pulled back by one of the guards.

"We are not old friends now, Carlisle; we have received information of a serious crime that your coven had committed, but if you will, what do our laws say regarding pets? What do our laws also say regarding keeping the secret?" Aro said to him; he looked angry.

"Pets are prohibited, and humans are not allowed knowledge of our existence. Why, Aro, is this getting brought up? I know the laws, as do my family, Aro." Carlisle said, but you could see when he put two and two together and got 'Bella.' Just the same time as it clicked for everyone else.

"If that is the case, let me read each of you. if you have nothing to hide, you will do so freely." Aro said. Both Emmett and Jasper came forward immediately. They were holding out each of their hands for Aro to take. Both men were pulled back by their Mates.

"Interesting; you all have something to hide. Well, get on with it, Aro," Caius growled out; he already believed they were guilty.

Aro ended up reading them all, leaving Carlisle, Alice, and Edward for last. He walked up to where we stood and looked at Sulpicia and me before looking at Marcus and Caius. Aro whispered towards Marcus, asking what he had seen between them all. Marcus just held out his hand for Aro; I could only watch Aro and sighed before nodding his head.

"Well, Carlisle, it seems that you and your coven have not heeded our laws at all. Your first child informed a human about our existence and then kept her as a pet, both of which are prohibited, and yet you let this happen, fully aware of what the penalties will be when we, the Volturi, find out." Aro said, pacing with his hands behind his back.

"If you would just let me explain, old friend," Carlisle said. I could hear the placating tone in his voice, and it just aggravated me.

"QUIET. I have read it in your memories, your thoughts." Aro said, growling at the coven I had once called family.

"Why did you feel the need to play with the human in the manner that you did?" Caius asked.

"We did not play with her; she is the Mate of my son," Carlisle said to Caius.

"Then why did your son leave her, abandoned on the forest floor to die of hypothermia? There is no way you can hurt or leave your Mate, yet if this is what he claims, where is she? Why has she not been changed and being presented before us with the rest of your coven?" Caius asked.

"I left her for her protection; I never wanted her to get brought into this world; I left so that she could have a normal human life," Edward said. I wanted to scoff at that. He left me so that Victoria could find me and kill my parents and me.

"Maybe it was Victoria that was incorrect when she brought the human to us to dispose of," Marcus said. Then, looking over to Caius, Sulpicia, and I. Edward must have decided that it was a good idea to attack Marcus as he lunged at him.

I just panicked, not wanting him to be hurt at all. He couldn't get hurt; I hadn't had a chance to get to know him yet. I watched as Demetri tried to grab Edward to see my ex bounce off of something and get flung away across the room. Everyone looked at me then; I heard someone hiss and saw everyone look towards Caius. I saw Caius stand and move back towards me, gently prying my hand from his shoulder. I had grabbed him and was hurting him. I let go.

"It's alright. Marcus is safe; thank you." Caius whispered to me. Before turning towards Aro and walking towards him, placing a finger on his palm.

"Of course." That is all Aro replied with; He came back towards me then.

"I think I stopped Edward from reading all your thoughts," I whispered to him.

"I know; we would be guarding them anyway. But thank you. Sulpicia, would you please take my Darling back to my room? I will come as soon as this trial has finished." Caius asked her. She smiled and nodded, putting her arm around my shoulders and leading me out.


I watched as my sister led Isabella out, I had not been able to tell her yet that she was my Mate, and I had no intention of doing so in front of this coven of criminals. I had informed Aro when I asked if Sulpicia could take my Mate back to our room that we would have to guard our thoughts once she left, and he just answered both with two simple words, 'of course.' Once they had both left, I turned back to the Cullen coven, taking my seat.

"You have broken several laws; you have kept a human pet, which, as Aro has said, is prohibited. You have told said human about our world, again this is prohibited. You had left that human without changing her, which is prohibited. No more excuses; you are the leader of this coven, are you not Carlisle?" I growled.

"Yes, I am," he said through clenched teeth as he answered me.

"Then why was it that you let your coven members decide for you coven? You are a disgrace to the vampire world. Brother's what say you?" I asked both Aro and Marcus.

"I agree with Caius; you knew the laws. Yet you are showing a severe lack of understanding; we taught you the laws ourselves, Carlisle. For you to disregard the laws like this is a disgrace. For you to ignore teaching your coven the laws; is a disgrace. It seems that only one in your coven learned the laws for themselves and tried to make you see sense. The other has had first-hand experience of the laws and wanted you to see reason. As a coven leader to ignore the warning of your coven members like that, well, Carlisle, you should have known better." Marcus said to the coven leader in front of us.

"Would you have me act like any other barbarian coven leader and ignore the wishes of my family?" Carlisle yelled at us.

It was then that I witnessed all of our guards take a step forward. Most of them had known Carlisle when he lived with us centuries ago. They were now seeing him in a different light.

"You and your coven will be judged and punished as our laws deem fit. If there is an issue with this, well, you should have thought about that before you broke the law." Aro said, his voice rising in volume.

"Mr McCarty, Major Whitlock, please come forward and stand next to Jane and Alec." We waited until the pair had complied.

"Now, the rest of you. The rest of you are found guilty of the keeping of a pet, as well, we find you guilty of physical and emotional abuse of a human pet," Aro said

"WHAT!" I shouted. My sight turned red.

They had hurt her. I lunged forward and ripped them all apart. I did not care that I should have waited until the verdict had got called. None of them deserved to live the second life they had gifted to them. I pulled my lighter from my pocket, piled them high, lit them all on fire, and watched them burn.

Once I had finished, I got pulled away; I felt a soft, warm hand on my cheek heard someone whisper in my ear that I was ok, that she was ok. Then, looking down, I saw my Mate, my Isabella. I pulled her close and raced out of the throne room and towards our bedroom. I needed to be with her.

"It's ok; I'm here. Come on, honey; I'm right here. Can you come back to me? please, Caius." I heard to say to me. Isabella sounded like she was getting increasingly upset.

"I'm here; I'm with you. I am sorry that I got so angry; I found some things out; I had to kill them all. I'm sorry, Isabella." I said, holding her close.

"I understand." That is all she said to me. I pulled away from her, looking down at her. I needed to let her know, but she had heard that she was that child's Mate; when she was not, Isabella was mine.

"I need to tell you something; I hope that you believe me. You were never that child's Mate; I know this, Marcus has confirmed this. Aro has seen this also. So you are my Mate Isabella." I said to her. I took a step back from her if she wanted space from me.

"What did you hear?" she asked me. She sounded scared.

"That they emotionally abused you as well as physically abused you. That was all. I do not know any details." I told her.

"Are you sure that is all?" she asked as her voice cracked. Something was wrong.

"Isabella, what happened?" I asked as I took her shoulders. Before she could say anything, Aro came through the door, looking furious.

"You could have left one for the rest of us, brother," Aro said as he glared at me, Marcus right behind him.

"Can I please talk to Aro? In private?" Isabella asked, not yet, had she raised her head to look at me, or anyone for that matter.

"Of course," I said uncertainly, not sure what to do. I had informed Isabella of our bond, and she asked to speak with my brother.

"Fantastic timing, Caius; I was hoping to speak to you about something. Let us talk in my Study." Marcus said, gripping my shoulder, pulling me along.

Once we were in his office, I turned on him.

"Calm brother, there has been something things come to light, no doubt that she would like to talk with her brother about these things.


I was curious about what my brother's young Mate wanted to talk to me about, I had my suspicions, but I wanted to know from young Isabella.

"I just wanted to know what else you saw in Edwards mind. I know you read him; I just want to know what else you noticed? If that is ok, that is. I don't mean to be rude at all, your Majesty." She asked me, curious little thing she was.

"Sister, please, to guess what you are talking about, I think that you mean the 'other' abuse that you faced at the hands of Edward Cullen, so do I assume this correctly that you want to be the one to tell my brother of the rape that you endured at the hands of that child?" I asked her as I guided her towards Caius's sofa in the bedroom. Isabella looked towards the ground; if I had not been watching her, I would have missed the slight nod she gave me. I sighed. I was pulling my sister close as she started to cry. If I had to guess, I would say that she has never been able to deal with what has happened to her without the consequence of being hurt. From the memories that I received from that child if she ever said no, he beat her until she ended up in the hospital, then passed it off to her father as her clumsiness. I had to wonder why none of the family suspected her abuse.