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I laid her on the bed that I considered ours; I was never with Athenodora in this room; she always insisted on fucking me in a more comfortable place. But, unfortunately, my bedroom did not seem to fit that ideal for her. Not that I cared about any of that.

Now I had my Mate under me, kissing down her body, listening to her whimper and moan as I kissed each inch of her. I wanted to laugh when she told me I was taking too long to kiss her. But I was too busy being surprised that she had launched herself at me. I felt ecstatic when she said my name, the way it fell from her lips, was everything I never knew I always wanted.

"We can stop at any point you wish," I told her, making sure that she heard me also.

"You're wearing too many clothes," Isabella told me.

"Then help me do something about that, Isabella," I told her. Of course, I did not expect her to rip every piece of clothing off me, attacking my skin each time something got pulled away, pushing me down onto my back. But, I happily gave over my control to her; once the last piece of my clothing ripped apart, she made fast work of removing her own.

"Isa. Or Izzy. No more, Isabella. Please, Caius." She requested.

"Whatever you want. My Queen." I said to her, sitting up and kissing her, feeling her straddle me before slamming down on, impaling herself on my cock and causing me to moan loudly. She lifted off me slowly, rolling her hips as she went, just to slam back down on me when she reached the head — causing me to moan out more. Her name was falling from my lips, over and again. Then, placing my hand on her hips to help ground myself, she grabbed my hands and placed them above my head, on the carved headboard.

"Keep hold of the headboard. Try not to break it." Isa breathed out. I didn't care right now if she wanted to take over this control. If she needed to feel like Isa was in control of something, and this is all I could give her, then she could have the power over me here.

"Caius, fuck, you feel so good," Isa said to me.

"Since when did sex feel good?" I heard her ask under her breath. I wanted to tell her that it always feels this good when it consented, but I didn't. Now would not be the right time for that.

"It always feels good. You just have to have the right partner, one who knows how to please you." Then, I told her, she smiled at me before she proceeded to remove herself from me and get off the bed. She was leaving me confused.

"Is that what it is, huh? Well then. Why don't you show me what you got then?" Isa said as she proceeded to walk away from me.

"Are you just teasing me? Getting me all worked up; well, I don't think I will; you did tell me not to let go of the headboard after all. So I am sorry, but I am completely at your mercy, my dear Isa." So I told her with a smile of my own.

"Are you now. Well, what if I want you to let go of that and come over here? Teach me a lesson." Isa said. But there was something off about it.

"No, I'll stay here. I will let go of the headboard, but I will stay where I am. Isa, do you think I will punish you using sex?" I asked, grabbing the sheet and throwing it to her. The sweet smile I had seen on her face was now gone.

"Why not. I'm not going to use that to punish you, if I'm going to have sex with you, if I'm going to make love to you, it will be because I want to show you how much I love you." I told her, she just scoffed.

"Was this all a ploy? Get me to mark you so you can leave? Do you want me dead? fine." I left the bed, ran up to her, and marked her as my Mate. I heard her scream in pain as I injected venom into the mark.

"Leave then; you got what you wanted. Leave. I will die. But so will you. I don't need you to mark me for us both the perish if you leave." I told her before walking into the bathroom and turning on the shower.

I heard her making her way around the room; I felt it when she left. I took my time in the shower. I couldn't understand why, but then I could. The Cullen Coven all played with her; this is all she knows. I will give her what she wants while I am still able.


I was only able to close the door. After I dressed, I heard my Sire in the shower, and I dressed and went to leave. He had marked me as I asked. It was painful like he said. I didn't expect to start to have feelings for him while I fucked him; I don't know what I expected. But it backfired whatever it was; I sat outside the bedroom door and stayed there; I told him I wouldn't go far; I did mean that I didn't expect to feel this amount of pain. I felt myself getting pulled into a hug, then. Someone was telling me that it would be alright.

"I know why you did that. I was confused to start with, but I know now. Just because someone hurt you that way doesn't make it right to do the same to someone who genuinely wants to love you. I will give you my life, my existence, if that is what you want. But I will never hurt you in any way. I will never use something against you, like what happened to you, and like you just did. I will try and show you want it is like to be loved; I will show you what it means to trust someone completely, knowing that that person will die for you just to protect you. I will try to be the Mate, lover, friend, and confidant you deserve. But I will not stand by and let you do what you just did. I will not stand by while you take your hurt out on me over something another did; none of these things is any fault of my own. I did not do any of that to you." Caius said to me before picking me up and placing me on his lap.

"I will protect you. I will teach you. I will worship you." He told me while kissing the side of my head. "Thank you for not going far," Caius said.

I felt him stand with me in his arms. Walking back into the bedroom, and closed the door.

"I don't know what to do," I told him quietly.

"You're doing it, open up to me; let me help you. I understand that that Coven wronged you. I know that it was your first experience with our race. But you have the power to change how you view things, how you see our species. Take the Volturi; we have an evil reputation; I have the worst, next to the Major, end of the day, all the Volturi are trying to do is keep the peace and punish those who break the law. Of the three of us, Marcus, Aro, and myself, Aro is the exuberant, understanding one. Marcus is the one lost to time over his lost Mate and love, so he is understanding in that way. And I am the cruel one, the heartless one who would laugh and smile over someone's pain. I would enjoy watching and participating in the Vampires torture. Then you come into my life; I no longer want any of that. But anyone that hurts you will feel my wrath." Caius said to me, making me look at him the whole time.

"I wish I could make them hurt as they hurt me," I told him.

"I can make that happen to a degree," Caius said with an air of certainty.

"How they are dead," I asked.

"We have a Vampire in the guard who can change the appearance of anyone we wish him to change. We can gather a few criminals who happen to be Vampires. This guard can change their appearance; you can get your revenge." Caius said to me.

"Truly?" I asked him.

"Yes, my Queen, truly. You will be able to get your revenge on the Coven, who hurt you. But there is a condition. It has to be a one-time thing. Once you have completed what you set out to do and the illusion leaves, it will not return, and this has to end. No more, do you understand? Or, you can set out to punish those who have broken the law. Get your revenge that way. And honour the memory of your dead human father, who did similar to what we the Volturi do." He said, placing his forehead against my own.

"That's mean using my dad in that way. Can I think about it?" I asked him.

"Of course, you can, my Queen," Caius said to me. We stayed like this, sitting in front of the door, while I just thought about what I wanted to do. Caius started to hum soothing to me, which sounded strangely punk rock-like.

I weighed up the pros and cons of getting my revenge on Cullen's and Victoria and possibly losing what I had with Caius, I didn't know if that would happen, but I had a feeling that I would lose myself in looking for my revenge.

I thought about what Jasper said, that he had a similar introduction to what I had. Well, that is a crappy introduction to the Vampire species. And I looked at what he was like now; Jasper didn't seem like he wanted to rip out every throat that had done him wrong. Caius just sat there holding me the entire time. Humming away to whatever song it was in his head.

"I don't know if I can hurt someone. There were times when I nearly got into fights when I was on my way back, and I didn't care what they were going to do, then they looked at me and ran, let's face it, nothing about me is scary. So I have no idea why they ran, but before, they would have killed me, and I had no desire to want to fight any of them; I just wanted to die. I didn't care what happened to me." I said; he pulled me closer, I didn't think I could get closer to him, but he pulled me closer.

"I will teach you to fight; I don't want you to die. I want to learn all about you." Caius told me.

"My body is broken, I used to think that the Cullen's were angels, but they didn't love me; I learned that I can't rely on someone else, just myself. I want to learn to also rely on you, though. If that's ok with you." I asked him.

"I would love for you to rely on me; I want to help you to rely on yourself, though. I already know that you were very independent; I would love for you to go back to that, secretly I would love to see that side of you more." Caius said. I could feel his smile against the top of my head.

"But I do think that first we try and help you overcome what happened to you. that will be a long road," Caius said quietly.


I was so thankful that the Major and his Coven could find and return Isabella to us. I found myself increasingly curious about what she had been through; I had called for the Major and his Coven. I wanted to see for myself what my sister had been through this past year. I had asked Jane to bring them the Coven to my office once they arrived. And thankfully, that had.

"Aro, you wanted to see my Coven and me." Major Whitlock said to me.

"Yes, I was hoping that you or your Coven mates could inform me of what our Isabella has been through," I said to them as I stood and came around my desk. The Major looked towards his Coven and nodded to them both.

"Of course. My Mate and I found her raiding the Cullen home for money; she had gotten back to her hometown; she was able to amass about five million of cash lying around the house and garage. I got a feeling that I needed to get a completely new ID for someone, then I got a picture from the Major here and knew what I had to do, so we had it on hand when we found Lil bit. We took her to deposit the money into her new bank account, just done in different towns to keep the suspicion levels down. Then I went and fucked up and told her to quit the pity party that she was hosting. I just got off the phone with a contact who informed me that someone had placed a hit out on Lil' bit, and she was now a fugitive. Kill on sight. She was armed and dangerous. And to top it off, nearly all Vampires now knew that she was the Mate of the feared King Caius." The Captain told me this was not turning out to be good news.

"Pete here really made a right ass of himself and Bella took off, took us a couple of hours but we located her, I thought about going up to her, but she looked like she was a little scared doe, so we hung back and just kept watch from afar. There were a few instances that she unknowingly walked in a took another Vampires meal, but once they got a look at her, they backed down rather quick, smart, before literally running away. One Vampire confronted Bella it was scary how much he looked like Edward Cullen, Bella tore him apart and burned him, but she looked like she was someone else completely; it was like night and day like it is with the Major when Ares comes out to play, she has a demon, and the bitch, sorry, is evil. That one is pure, strategic, and got a single vision; anyone in her way won't be for long. But then Bella comes back, and it's like she has no idea of what has just happened. The last time I saw something like that was in the Army." The Lieutenant said. I looked over at the Major, and he looked worried.

"We followed her to Bulgaria; she walked the entire way. That was when we called the Major and let him know; I thought it was time she had a nudge to come home." The Captain said.

"Alright, then. Thank you." I said to them. As much as I wanted to see for myself these three, I would never ask.

"As you know, Major, Caius has a similar demon. So, if Isabella also has this, it could be problematic unless she learns to control it. But, on the other hand, if Isabella's demon comes out, then coaxes Caius' demon to the fore, there would be no stopping them both from destroying the Volturi, everything that we created and built." Aro said.

"If you are that worried, brother, say it to our face," Caius said, Isabella by his side. But this wasn't Caius or Isabella. They both wore pitch black eyes, not a single hint of white anywhere. It was like the entire eyeball itself had been painted the blackest black. You had no idea if they were looking at you at all.

"Brother, Sister, it is lovely to see you both. I was just asking the Major and his Coven to inform me of what has transpired over the year." I told them honestly.

"Trying to tell Aro what I was up to when you were following me? I knew you were both there." Isabella said to the Mated pair. The only clue she was looking at them was as she had turned her face directly at the couple.

"If I may, please, what shall we call you?" I asked Isabella.

"Athena," Isabella said. How ironic, Caius' demon was similar, as he was the Roman, Mars. The irony did not allude to me that we now had two gods of war and a goddess of war all in my office. And if I were not careful, I would be ripped to shreds. So I nodded my acknowledgment, bowing slightly towards them both.

"You think that there is no stopping us from taking over? Well, who says that we want any of it?" Mars said to me.

"My love, be calm now. We will be leaving for a time; I'm sure that you will be capable, without my love to help in the daily running; Caius and Isabella will be back with you by the time they return here." Athena said, placing her hand on my brother's Arm.

"For your information, Aro, Isabella was always able to 'control' me when she was human; I'm just the reason either you or Edward Cullen could never read her mind. We chose to keep our thoughts private. It is how we can have full control of our shield; otherwise, we would be dead long ago. Now we will be going before my love decides to rip you apart for your insolence. The next time you see us, you will be talking to Caius and Isabella. Come, my love, we have work to do." Athena said to me. I watched as Caius turned, grinning, and walked behind her. We all watched as they both left my office. Once I could no longer hear their steps, I was able to breathe a sigh of relief.

"Well, that was one hell of an introduction. But, major, did you ever have any indication when you were with the Cullen's that she was this different?" the Captain asked his Sire.

"There was one instance when I got restrained while she got beaten; it unnerved Edward to no end. She scared him while he was hurting her. She just smiled at him and asked if that was the best he could do. She then told him, 'Mars will make you burn.' I never got what she meant. Until Caius burned him, I knew who Caius' demon was. But it never clicked that she would have known then who he was. It was the only time Athena came out that I know of around Edward." The Major said to us.

"I have never wanted to do this, but I did see that in Edward's memory; I ask if you would if I could see it through your eyes," I asked.

"Sure. But be warned, many memories are not pleasant." The Major said to me.

"I am aware, thank you. I wish I did not have to ask this of you now. but I have a feeling that it will be rather important." I said to the Major, just as a disturbed looking Marcus walked in.

"Let me guess, you meet Athena?" the Captain asked. Marcus looked surprised but nodded.

"Yeah, we also did." The Captain said. I reached for the outstretched hand and looked for Isabella specifically.


I waited for Aro to finish sifting through my memories; I knew what he was looking for, and I knew he would find it. He let go of my hand not long after he started and thanked me.

"There was more than one instance. But only the one that Edward saw from her. Thank you for your memories of our sister. I have to ask, though, Major, were you aware of the fact that she pulled Ares out several times?" Aro asked me. It was a strange question to ask, I thought back. I took a step back.

"No, I was not aware. Did you happen to see what Athena wanted him for?" I asked.

"She wanted to find Mars," Aro said.

"Are you saying that Bella knew that her Vampire mate was Caius all along? Even when she was human?" Peter asked.

"Yes, but I have a feeling that she was never just human; you Major had yourself drawn to her from the first day, she was in that cafeteria in the high school. That was the first time she drew Ares out. She knew who you were. But take comfort. She did not set out to just 'use' you. She hoped you would become friends and eventually help her find Mars." Aro told me.

"What do you know about her human family," Marcus asked me.

"Nothing. Bella's father was the Police Chief in Forks, Bella told Edward that her mom was flighty, and she had recently remarried when not long before she moved in with her father. I didn't pay much attention. Alice and Edward didn't like me being close to her in any way due to my savage past." I told them. I felt like running after Bella and finding out what the fuck was going on, why she felt like she had to pull out Ares to get information that I would have given if she asked me herself.

"Not a good idea Major. You will get your answer, just not yet." Peter said to me. I just looked at him and shrugged but nodded. I just stood there, arms crossed, listening to Aro and Marcus discuss what they had found out and if Bella could have been a hybrid to start.

"I'm sorry, but this is sounding more absurd the more I listen to you both; you're talking about a human girl, when I interacted with her in America, being a hybrid because she could control her demon and pull forth my own. Did you not think that something may have happened to her before she moved to Forks that made her demon come forth? No one knows what happened to her before she moved to Washington State. No one will until we can talk to Bella herself." I said, getting angry that I felt that she was getting targeted.

"The Major is correct, Aro. There is no point assuming anything just yet about our sister." Marcus said, sighing. He felt resigned just to wait for Bella and Caius to get back from whatever it was they were doing.

MPOV (Mars)

I had taken over Caius to get to know my Mate. Finally, I had been waiting for her for too long. I had felt the moment when she was born into this world. And I had been waiting for her since. I knew she was also looking for me; I had heard from the Ares that a young human, named Athena, was looking for me, that he would do all he could to help me get my Mate, she was Ares, niece, after all, the granddaughter of his blood sister. I knew that Athenodora was plotting to rid Caius and me of our Mate. I felt that she had to get removed from existing; otherwise, she would be a problem. And I would not risk our Mate whatsoever.

"My Love, what have you thinking so much?" Athena asked me as we entered the home I had purchased for her when she was born. I made sure not a soul knew about this residence, not even Aro. I wanted to bring my Mate here as soon as she came to me. If she hadn't left a year ago because of that damn Wife of Caius' we would have been here a lot sooner.

"Just about the circumstances that have led us together finally. You know I felt it the moment that you were born into this world, and I have waited this whole time for you to come to me; I killed Caius' Wife, Athenodora, just because she was plotting to kill you only so you and I would not find each other. Then, finally, Ares called me and told me that you were looking for me. So I have been waiting for you, my love." I told her, smiling as I cupped her cheek.

"Do you like the home I brought you?" I asked her. I was watching as her face lit up.

"You brought this for me?" she asked. I just nodded. She never said a word as she looked around the home reminiscent of a temple befitting her beauty and status. She then turned and launched herself at me, jumping up and wrapping her legs around my waist before claiming my lips in a kiss full of every emotion that we have ever felt in our lifetimes.

"Our brothers will find out that you talked to Ares while you were human, and more than likely think you a hybrid or the like, being able to control Athena while human and all," I told her.

"I don't care what they think. I told my uncle why I was contacting him. I told him while he was Jasper, not the Major or Ares." Athena told me. Before going back to kissing down my neck. Stopping her, I kissed her, picked her up, and walked up to our bedroom.

"I want to claim you, my love. I want to claim you, mark you." I told her.

"I want that too, I want to claim you, I want to mark you, and by the gods, do I want to fuck you and have you fuck me so much I can no longer walk." She told me. The growl that left my lips as I smelt her was mouthwatering. I ripped each item of clothing she had on-off her body, attacking her breasts as my hands roamed her body. I felt a scar on her backside and had to remember to ask her about it.

I was listening as she screamed out my name as my fingers entered her.

APOV (Athena)

My Mate, my Love, he spent the entire night using his tongue and fingers to make me climax, over and again. Not once did he succumb to my begging to have him enter me already. On the contrary, he kept me in this state for near on a week.

"My love, I have loved to listen to my name fall from your lips," Mars told me. I was not ready for him to thrust into me as such a force that if I were human, I would have broken in half. Each thrust was heaven, the feeling of having Mars inside me, finally, was heaven.

Mars spent hours worshipping me, calling my name when I called out his, each time we both climaxed. Mars and I came together when we finally marked each other; each time since has been amazing. We finally came down, just lying next to each other; his fingers ran up and down my body, sending shivers throughout me. He asked me about the scar on my backside, and I had told him what it was and who administered it. He was furious; it took me hours to get him to calm enough.

"I think we need to let them come back. I never told Caius about this place, just to keep it from Aro and Athenodora. And I do feel that Isabella needs to work through some things with Caius also." Mars told me.

"I know that we must; it has been so nice though being free with you, finally. I do think that we will need to merge with Caius and Isabella so that we can be together and be complete before we go back to Volterra." I told my Mate.

"Yes, I agree. Let Caius and Isabella come back." He said. I watched as he got up and wrote a note, leaving it on the side table for Caius. Then, getting back in bed letting me know that we could bring Caius and Isabella forward now, I nodded my agreement, and I could then feel the shift in him, so I started my own, I brought Isabella back to the forefront, so she was once more in control.


Mars had allowed me to come back; I did not recognize the room I was currently lying in. Looking next to me, I saw Isabella lying next to me, looking thoroughly and utterly fucked. She was sporting a new mark on her neck.

I could tell when she had come back; finally, she gasped and lifted the sheet just to see what I already knew; we were both naked and smelling like each other.

"Where are we?" Isabella asked, looking up at me.

"I have no idea, but I have to say I love the fact that I cannot smell any other vampires anywhere near us. We are entirely secluded." She moved to lay on her side and looked down at me. I couldn't help but smile at her.

I noticed when something caught her attention, and she reached over me, picking up a piece of paper. That had my name on it.

Giving me the paper, I smelled it, but there was nothing but my scent; opening it, I saw my writing.

"What does it say?" Isabella asked.


I had brought this home the day I felt Isabella had been born and had kept it secret all this time.

You both need to work out things before going back to Volterra.

Athena and I also think it would be good if we could all merge before going back too.

Work on this before leaving, as things will never be the same again.

Once back in Volterra, we will never have to merge; this is our only chance, and it will be for the greater good. Enjoy your time together. We have.



Isabella, do not be scared; Honesty is vital.

But the past needs to get let go first."

"Well that, explains a few things," Isabella said with a smile.

"Yes, it does." I smiled back. I placed the note back on the side table before turning over and holding my Mate close.

"Caius, you're marked," Isabella said as she touched the place when my mark was. I had felt it. I had felt almost complete, so I knew that I had gotten marked also. I could only assume that the almost was due to Isabella not marking me herself.

I hoped that I could fix that very soon. So I laid there and just smiled at my Mate.

"What?" Isabella asked me.

"You are so beautiful, lying here, naked with me," I said, grinning like a fool.

"We should talk, work things out as you told yourself," Isabella told me. I rolled my eyes and fell onto my back. I took a deep breath in, groaning; I immediately regretted it; all I could smell was sex — the heady aroma of my Mates arousal.

I turned to look at her and watched as she too smelt sex in the air, loving the smell of it, watching as Isabella tried to alleviate some friction by rubbing her legs together.

"I can help you with that, you know," I smirked. I started leaning back in towards Isabella, kissing her neck.

"Caius, we really should talk," Isabella said breathlessly.

"After, I need you, my love," I whispered to her. I was kissing down her neck.

I spent the next week making love to Isabella. We did end up marking each other, and I could honestly say that I finally felt complete.

We did end up talking about everything; she told me how she had found out that Jasper was her uncle through a family history assignment at school. We talked about the abuse that she faced at the hands of the Cullen's. I knew that was one of the hardest things to come to terms. As it now gave her a skewed sense of what love was to be like, I finally got her to see that a healthy relationship for a Vampire is not necessarily a healthy human relationship. As Vampires, we are possessive creatures of things that they deem their property unless it comes to Mates, where it is a little more equal. Still, the sex is longer, and in many cases rougher, we tend to break houses.

Isabella talked about it all, about how Edward and Alice and Carlisle had made her feel. Isabella told me that she tried to go to Esme about it all, she decided to get the help that way, but instead, she got beaten and told her place. Things that Isabella said to me that they had done to her, even though I knew about all of them, I was still disgusted with the family; I was thankful to the Major for at least attempting to help her. But, the more she talked about it, let it all out, the more I saw her become free of the burden that Isabella felt she was under; the more she came to terms with what had happened and started to let it go.

I felt proud that she was letting it go; she could move on with the rest of her existence without burden.

Isabella had said to me that she had first encountered Athena when she was in Phoenix, and some of the popular kids were bullying her because she liked to read books instead of smoke and have sex with every guy in school. Then, finally, Athena came out showed them all what it felt like to have the tables turned. After that, she was never bothered again, and everyone gave her a wide birth.

Once she went to Forks, she recognized Jasper immediately; at that point, Isabella could call on Athena at will; she talked to her and asked her to call Ares forth and speak to him. So she did, but Isabella never knew what the conversation was about; Isabella went on to have a relationship with Edward then, and the rest I knew.

"So like me then you have, even human, could talk to your demon, well, I think that Mars is right we should merge, it will make everything more relaxed for the both of us, I would love to train with you, show you some things that I have learned over the millennia, we just have to figure out how to go about doing this. Maybe we should as our others?" I said to her.

"All it is is being able to accept, accept yourself and every single part of who you are, as a whole, accept that the other is essentially just you, but the other side of the coin, so to speak," Isabella told me, I heard Mars say similar. Well, that is all well and good in theory.

I looked down at my hands; I wasn't sure if I could do something for the first time.

"You can do this, my love," Isabella said to me, but it wasn't Isabella. Her voice was rougher, almost raw. It was just like Mars' voice, a hint deeper and raw. Gravelly and rough.

"Athena, I don't know if I can. I know that he is just me, but I have done so much wrong over the centuries, killed millions; that is just me, not Mars." I said, looking down at my hands.

'she will accept us,' I heard Mars say in my head.

"We will accept you; we have accepted you, all of you," Athena told me softly.

I took a deep breath and started to accept everything, everything I had done, everything he had done.

At first, I wasn't sure if it would work, but then I felt him, I felt him with me at the forefront of my mind.

"My love," Isa said and smiled at me.

"My love." I smiled back. I lunged towards her and kissed her with everything I had.

"Just as well neither of us got dressed; it would be a waste of clothing." Isa laughed.

"Isa, I would watch you walk naked all day, but only in the privacy of our home," I told her.

"Isa? I like it. I know you have used it before, but it seems more fitting now." she told me. I heard her, but I wasn't listening as I was making my way down her body, kissing and licking every inch of her. When I made it to her centre, I attacked her beautiful bundle of nerves and nibbled and sucked. Feeling her grab my hair, holding on for dear life, screaming out her climax time and again, as I lapped up her release like it was the very blood that I needed to survive. All I wanted was to hear her scream out my name, hearing her call out for me, knowing I was the one that did that to her.

I had no idea how long it had been, but she begged me to fuck her, that she needed to feel me inside her.

"Please, my love, please. I need you," she hoarsely whispered to me. I smiled and crawled up her body. I slammed into her, fucking her hard, pulling from her another climax before she pushed me roughly onto my back, climbed on top of me and gave me the ride of my life.

I screamed out her name like I was screaming for blood after being starved for years.

It was a fantastic feeling being with my Mate; after merging with my demon, it was a whole other sensation; once Isa milked me for everything, she could pull me up. She bit me, the feeling causing us both to cum once again, biting, marking each other.

Even though neither of us needed air to breathe, we both fell back, trying to get as much air into our lungs as we could.

"How long has it been? How long have we been in bed for?" Isa asked me. I grabbed my phone that I had silenced off the nightstand.

"It's been three months since you came back to Volterra and me," I said, shocked.

"Damn. Well, we better get back to Volterra." Isa said to me. I just groaned. But I knew that she was correct. So, after finding the shower, we dressed and started on our way back to our second home.

"I think I will always see this as our home now. More so than Volterra." Isa said to me with a pained sigh at having to leave.

"I have to agree with you there," I told her. We had been running for nearly an hour when we saw the walls of Volterra. I pulled her to a stop.

"When we get inside, more than likely. We will get bombarded with questions, more than likely where we have been. No doubt, Aro has had Demetri searching for us. Instead of spending his time with his Mate," I growled out.

"We will take it all in stride; they would not have been able to find us anyway. I have had us shielded the whole time." Isa said to me. I laughed and shook my head.

"I should have known that you would have done something to guarantee our privacy," I said, kissing her. Then, once again, making our way towards the walls of our second home.

Once inside, we did get a few that stared until I growled at them. I pulled us towards the throne room; I could hear that Aro and Marcus were holding court; I forcefully pushed the doors open and walked through the doors. I was pulling my Mate along with me.

"Brothers, what has this Vampire done to be here on his knees before you?" I asked.

"Caius, how wonderful it is to have you and Isabella back with us," Aro said; I heard Isa's growl at hearing that name; she was no longer Isabella; it would be something that she would have to tell them both.

"Isa, just Isa." My Mate told them.

"Forgive me, Isa, the Vampire before us, has forced our hand; he had fed within our walls when we did not grant him death when his human Mate died of old age," Aro told us.

"Pathetic," Isa said, scoffing.

"Agreed." I smiled at her.

I got up, tore the Vampires head off and set him aflame.

"Anything else set for today? No doubt, you will want to talk to us in private." Isa said to my brothers.

"No, not for today. I have to admit it would be lovely to be able to talk to you both, as you both seem different." But, Aro said, he almost sounded scared.

"Would you mind if the Major joins us, brother, sister?" Marcus asked.

"Sure, I don't mind; what about you, my love?" Isa asked me.

"I don't have any issue with it. The Major is your family, after all." I told her as I stood, walking towards my office. Usually, things like this happened in Aro's office; I felt like changing it up.

We watched as the Major waited at the door for both Aro and Marcus to enter the room before walking in himself.

"Hey, Bella. How are you, darlin'?" the Major asked. From the way he looked at us, he knew that something big had happened.

"Hi there, uncle J. I'm good, but it's just Isa now," Isa told him. To say he was surprised that she called him uncle was quite funny.

"Uncle?" the Major asked incredulously.

"Yeah, I'm your sister's granddaughter," Isa told him.

"We're blood?" He asked quietly. Isa just nodded. The Major ran towards both of us then, picked up my Mate, and spun her around. Even though I knew they were family, I still didn't like another male touching my Mate.

"It's alright, my love," Isa said to me. I just rolled my eyes at her.

Once the Major let her go, she returned to me, sitting down on my lap.

"So, everything has gotten sorted out, has it?" Aro asked. It was then that I smelt my sister; she must have just received the knowledge of our return. I could tell that Isa also picked her up, coming down the hall towards us.

We both watched as Aro growled out the second her smelt his WifeWife. I watched as his eyes turned black — moments before she barged through the door and walked towards us before Aro stopped her. Isa and I both knew that Aro knew we were a threat to him. Just like a human knew that a Vampire was a threat to them.

"We are no threat Aro," Isa told him.

"What are you doing? It is just our brother and sister returning to us finally. I want to greet our family, Aro." Picia told him. She did not fully understand why she was getting kept away.

I looked at my Mate and sighed.

"Aro, we are no threat to your Mate, to your WifeWife. To answer your question, yes, everything has been sorted out. Isa and I were able to talk things out and come to an understanding." I told my brother.

"We discovered that Isa had been able to bring forth the Major while she was human. May I ask how that was possible?" Marcus asked.

"I got heavily bullied when in school, she came out to help me and has never left; her presence instead has just gotten stronger. When I moved to Forks, I had been talking to Athena for a while, and then I saw Jasper; I knew immediately, who he was, I asked Athena to talk to Ares, I do not know what they talked about, well I do now, but then I did not. All she knew then was that she needed Mars, I then found out about Vampires and started the relationship with Edward, and we all know how that turned out." Isa told them Aro had not stopped growling at us; I was getting rather tired of it and increasingly angry at the constant growling.

"Jasper, can you please?" Isa asked her uncle. She was motioning towards Aro.

"I've been trying. It's not working." The Major told her.

"Aro, you're hurting me, my love," Picia said to her Mate.

"Aro, please calm down, brother, at least so we can answer the questions we know that you have," Isa asked him, getting up off my lap and slowly making her way towards him. Something that I did not like her doing at all. But I knew that she was worried about Picia.

"Aro, big brother, please. Can I greet my sister?" Isa asked him. Isa had her hands up, showing him she was no threat, taking slow steps forward to him and not towards Picia.

"Brother," Isa whispered.

"Caius, she does see him as her brother; their bond is one of the siblings also," Marcus told me. Even though I could see, he was also worried about my Mate. I nodded and watched my Mate make her way slowly towards our brother. I watched as the Major became increasingly uncomfortable with the fact that his niece was so close to an unhinged Vampire.

"You are hurting her brother; I know you do not mean to, but you're hurting your Mate, Sulpicia," Isa said to him, listening to Picia whimper as Aro's grip tightened.

That must have registered with him; he turned and looked at Picia, letting her go. Isa pulled her into a hug and walked out the door with her.

"Is a perceived threat that bad for you that you would harm your Mate? Isa and I are no threat to you and what we have all built here within the Volturi," I growled at my brother.

"You have not been ruling as you should for three months, given that you were spending time getting to know your Mate or coming back from the savagery that is your demon to come back to civilization. I would rather my Mate not be near either of you." Aro sneered.

"Well, too late for that as Isa has taken your Mate away so that she can calm down and heal after you harmed her. You think Caius would have to deal with me to come back to civilization; you are wrong. The only reason you believe we are a threat to you is that Athena and Isabella and Mars and I are both in complete harmony within ourselves now. We had merged with our perceived demons before we even came back into Volterra. Now, I am going to see my Mate. I suggest pulling yourself together and come and checking on the well-being of your own." I told my brother. I made my way towards the door and went to walk past him when he attempted to attack me.

I tore him apart and left him there to pull himself together.

"Leave him to pull himself together; I am going to check on my Mate and my sister." I sneered. I was walking out and following the pull telling me where to locate my Mate.

IPOV (Isa)

Once we were out the door, I picked up Sulpicia and ran her to our bedroom, where I could watch her and help her.

"Thank you, sister," Sulpicia whispered.

"What else is family for?" I smiled at her.

"You sound different now. please call me Picia." Picia said to me.

"Ok, yes, I would now. Caius and I merged with our 'demon' and became peaceful within ourselves. Hence the change in voice." I smiled at her.

"Oh, was it a smooth transition?" Picia asked me. I just had to laugh.

"As smooth as it could be, not that we talked much to start with," I told her. She laughed.

"I think sometimes sex is the only way I can get Aro to listen to anything I have to say. He does have his moments, though. Stubborn as a mule, but has his moments." Picia said to me.

"I can see it. Yes, Caius is just as stubborn, I thought it was just the time he was born, but the boys I went to school with are just as stubborn, but I have to admit putting up with the stubborn fool is worth it, especially if I get to keep that talented tongue of his. He went down on me for a week straight before even fucking me finally. It was like an out-of-body experience." I sighed.

"He goes down on you? Oh my goodness, Aro is very straightforward; I can only dream of him doing anything like that outside of once a century." Picia sighed. I felt mortified.

"No, that is not going to do. Do you blow Aro at all?" I asked, very crassly. If she could have turned red, she would have been.

"There is nothing wrong about giving your Mate a blowjob. Caius loves it when I suck him off. Then again, it's not just him who loves it; I love doing it, having that power over him, deciding when he can cum, and making it a reward for good behaviour. He doesn't break the headboard; you suck him off. If he fucked you off, don't give him anything." I told her. She didn't say a word.

"Ok, talk to me, Picia; what do you do?" I asked her.

"I'm there when he needs me; I'm here when he needs to talk," Picia said shyly.

"Oh, honey. Right, you are staying with me for a while. Yes, being their Mate is a partnership; we are their equal in every way, that does not mean that we do not have needs. But, god, how horny are you? I'm going to call my uncle. Jasper!" I shouted. Seconds later, he was at the door with Caius and Marcus.

"You shouted," Jasper said, smiling. Caius and Marcus looked confused.

"Yes, I require something that only you can give, oh uncle mine. My love, brother, neither of you can be present for this. Sorry, if you see Aro, tell him he and I need to have a chat; there is no way in HELL that his Mate should be going without. My love, teach Aro that delightful trick you do with your tongue. Sulpicia will love you for it." I told him before pulling Jasper in the room and pushing the others out, closing the door behind them.

"Bella, what's going on?" Jasper asked me.

"I need you to show Sulpicia what an intense orgasm feels like," I told my uncle. I watched as Jasper's eyes bugged out of his head.

I don't think he was expecting me to say that.

"Bella, I can't do that; she is my Kings Mate. He will kill me." Jasper said.

"She needs this if you want, go get his permission," I said; he suddenly looked uncomfortable.

"Aro is in pieces. He went to attack Caius, Caius, tore him apart, and left him to pull himself together." Jasper said quietly.

"Come with me, both of you. Is Aro still in my Mates office?" I asked. Jasper just nodded. I made my way towards the office, annoyed at my brother for being so stupid. Opening the doors to the office, I knew that my Mate was in there.

I looked down at the floor, seeing the pieces of Aro. I growled at my Mate and started to put Aro back together. Once I had his head back on his torso, he started growling once again.

"Seriously, I'm helping you here, grow the fuck up. By the way, brother, we seriously need to talk about how to please your Mate; going down on her once in a hundred years will not do. No doubt she is so backed up that she will cover this whole office; given half a chance, I will have Jasper give her an orgasm, obviously without touching her. And you will be taking lessons from Caius. Marcus, if necessary. Am I making myself clear? Or are you going to sit in time out getting blue balls in the process? I hear it is excruciating, even for Vampires." I growled at him.

I turned and nodded towards Jasper. He huffed but did as I asked.

It was not long before she was on her back; at first, she was screaming on an audible level before turning silent.

We all smelt her. Jasper just looked at me, finally clicking on what I was doing; this was also a punishment for Aro. I bent down and whispered in Aro's ear that he could be the one that brings Picia pleasure. But Aro needs to get with the times. Before asking him if he could.

"There is nothing shameful about giving your Mate pleasure like that; everyone wants to hear their Mate scream out like that. Now, if you don't want to have Caius give you lessons, which I highly suggest, then watch porn, and take notes." I whispered just loud enough for him to hear me.

He looked at Picia, still writing on the floor. I looked over at Jasper and thanked him for using his gift. He asked if he could leave, as he was highly uncomfortable. I laughed and nodded; he ran out of the door. I would have to do something for him later on in the way of thanks.

"Can I have my arms, please?" Aro asked me. He couldn't take his eyes off his WifeWife; I looked over to Caius, asking him to give his arms back while I made my way over to Picia.

"Picia, it's Isa. I hope that you know that is how Aro will make you feel; this is just the first of many that he will give you. If he doesn't, send him to me, and I'll teach him a lesson. How does that sound?" I asked her. She looked at me with hooded eyes.

"Thank you," she barely whispered. I made sure that she knew that Aro was the one that was going to make her feel this way and more. Just so that she wouldn't think she could get addicted to Jasper making her cum. There is nothing better than feeling your Mate between your legs when you cum, or even when you cum together.

I looked over at Caius, who had reattached Aro's arms and was now talking to him. Marcus had, at some point, left the room. I didn't blame him.

I looked back at Picia, happy that she was at least satisfied. I was about to brush some hair out of her face when I heard Caius sigh. He surprised me by picking me up and slamming me down onto his desk. And ripping off the jeans that I had put on this morning before I could protest, he had his mouth on me, and I was once again speechless.

"Oh my," I heard Picia saying in the background. I tried to say something, but all I could do was moan, grabbing Caius hair arching my back to alter the angle; I felt him put two fingers inside me and curl them to hit that sweet spot. I would have to try and remember to kill him for this.

Oh, who am I kidding? This is turning me on so much more. Who knew I was an exhibitionist?

It wasn't long before I was screaming out my release and seeing stars. I felt it when Caius pulled away from me; I was able to look up at him and noticed the smile on his glistening face. Caius took off his jacket and covered me.

"You're an ass," I said, between trying to gulp down air.

"You love it," Caius said to me.

"Isa, when did you get a tattoo?" I heard Picia ask me.

"Not a tattoo was a brand." I breathed out as I sat up on the desk. That would now need cleaning.

"What do you mean it was a brand?" Picia asked me.

"Carlisle branded me when I went against his wishes and threatened to tell my father what was going on," I said. Caius already knew about this; he asked me about it when he first saw it, well after we had finished screaming each other's names to the heavens. I remember how furious he was. Now it was Picia being the one I had to try and calm. I wrapped Caius' jacket around my waist, rolling it up to make a skirt with a split on the side, before going up to Picia and trying to calm her.

"How is she still walking after that?" I heard Aro ask Caius, followed by my Mates laugh.

"Practice," Caius said.

"Ass." I turned and told him.

I was angry with him. He had put me on display, just like Edward did.

"Yes, I have one; you should know this; you bit it enough," Caius said; I just rolled my eyes. Then, I held Picia and let her know that I was fine, that they were all dead now; it took Aro coming over and just to hold her, reassure her that I was alright and that I was alive and ok, the Cullen's were dead. Then, I walked over to Caius and lent on the desk that he was intently looking over.

"I think I may have to get you permanently imprinted on my desk, with your ass facing my chair," he smiled. I laughed and slapped him.

"Don't think I didn't catch that you got even more turned on just from being watched. Who knew you were such an exhibitionist, though? I will need to remember that." Caius said, whispering in my ear as he pulled me in to hold me.

"I should return the favour. See how you like it. But honestly, I surprised myself as I had no idea either; good to know, though. I do think you need to offer classes. You too good at eating me out." I told him.

"Aro, get someone to clean these floors here in my office. I'm going to take my Mate to our room." Caius said before picking me up and running with me. His jacket was not long enough that it covered everything the way he was holding me. Once we got to our room, he slammed the door shut before throwing me onto our bed and ripping my clothes off, closely followed by his own, before he parted and fell between my legs thrusting into me, making me scream out his name.

"I don't like you seen by anyone else, and I hated having to teach that imbecile how to please his WifeWife. After six Millenia of being able to read every thought someone has, you would have thought he would learn something." Caius growled while he thrust into me.

"And after the same, you would think not to bitch about someone else while you're fucking a woman," I said to him as I pushed him off me. I got off the bed and went to have a shower. None of that should have happened. Was it interesting to find out something about myself, sure? Did that mean it needed to happen? No.

"Isa, come on, I'm sorry, come back to bed." I heard Caius say.

"No. please yourself tonight, Caius," I said back to him. Once I finished, I dried off and walked out, looking for something to wear. I felt Caius come up behind me, pulling me close to him.

"Please come back to bed; I am very sorry for what I have done," Caius said, whispering in my ear.

"No, Caius. I don't think you are. Right now, you're no different from Edward. I'm going to go and find something else to do, just so you know, you're cut off," I told him, finished dressing and walked out the door. He has pissed me off with this stunt. He also had hurt me; even if it was not physically, he still hurt me.

I had no idea where I was going to go. I just knew that I needed space to think. Walking around the Castle, I made my way into the library and found a deep dark corner to sit in; picking up one of the books, I started reading to try and calm down. I ended up curling into a ball and crying, feeling betrayed.

I should have put a stop to it as soon as he started. Why didn't I?