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Retropolis. A town we know all too well. Dazzling lights, lively establishments, and a community that boasts brotherhood to a fault. The dark tones choking the air during the day would transition into a fluorescent foyer for the public to partake in at night. On this particular night there was a sea of people flowing down the sidewalk. All their heads faced the same direction and their minds shared matching frustrations.

Behind the masses was a large blue building. Five colored balls housed the letters: R, I, C, O, S with a massive one-eyed robot sitting on top of the C. The outside of the building was lined with a few arcade machines which the remaining customers could be seen playing for the final time tonight. A set of flashing red and white lights swiftly made their way into the bowels of the city. Its blaring wail died out as it rushed further and further down the block.

At the front door, a massive man with a black pompadour stood guard. He was as tall as two arcade cabinets and had a nasty grimace to match his size. His black leather jacket made his bright white shirt gleam in contrast across his massive torso. He was currently focused on ushering away the stragglers and making sure no one tried to enter amidst the chaos. The heavy stomps of his approach ran away the smaller males that would try to throw what little weight they had around.

He took his time locking up the building. "Ugh… that's gonna be expensive," he grumbled under his breath. His voice made his neck rumble from the shocking bass. "Good thing it's not my problem."

"Thaaank Yoouu."

Bull had to look down in order to see the bot below him. It was a human-sized version of the mascot that sat atop the arcade. His blue bubble vest housed a case that stored his rubbery ammo. "No problem," Bull brushed him off. They heard a crashing noise in the back. "But that's a problem."

"Affirmative." Rico concurred in his dull electronic tone.

The two slowly made their way behind the folding doors. The large beast known as Bull held it open so the arcade owner could slide in. The many games and glamour of the main hall would have to stay on tonight. They had bigger fish to fry.

Inside the backroom (where the arcade machines were maintained) a large, blocky, white robot was currently glitching out. His body twitched violently as he screamed random error numbers and phrases. Bull looked to his one-eyed robotic companion, "Any idea what he's saying?"

Rico's digital, black pupil shrunk a little, "Stop him."

"Him? Who's him?"

They both watched as 8-Bit banged his toy gun against his head. The blue wire slapped against his blocky body as he tried to pull it from his torso. The bright blue LEDs in his dark blue monitor jumped around the room. They locked onto Bull and Rico with a dangerous glare.

Bull saw them flash green for a second. He quickly grabbed Rico and jumped to the side. 8-Bit fired his gun where they last were and scorched the wall with digital bullets. The cartoonish sound of his weapon's lasers ironically undermined their destructive power.

8-Bit's inane ramblings started once again; This time accompanied by the occasional painful screech or a digital grunt. Bull was a bit frustrated, "Okay Rico. Wanna explain that?"

"Are you him?"

"What?! I haven't done anything to him(recently)."

"He shot at you."

"He shot at you too."

Rico stared at him silently, "Interesting." The owner was perplexed by Bull's analysis.

While the two tried to reason out who 'Him' was, 8-Bit began another stream of robotic raging. Bull shot a questioning Rico a look.

"Virus. Discovered. CPU. Corrupted!" Rico translated.

"Virus? That's not so bad. Let's just call Brock, he's good with computers, right?"

"I cannot do that."

"Why not?"

"Mandatory Vacation."

"Ugh…" Bull went to scold Rico for his absurd excuses but was cut off.


They turned back to 8-Bit. That wasn't his voice but it came from him. When 8-Bit talked it was by using voices from the various games he had downloaded. He would often sound like a fighting game announcer patching phrases together to form a complete sentence. This time his voice was distorted. Like he was speaking through a strange, scratchy filter. And the way his voice caught itself was jarring to hear.

Bull stood high above the arcade machine and unholstered his massive shotgun. Rico followed close behind with a hand resting on his own goofy form of artillery. As they got closer, they could hear 8-Bit mumbling something. Rico couldn't make it out and Bull wouldn't understand if he could. But they both could tell it was something painful. 8-Bit felt their presence and turned further away. Hopelessly attempting to curl into his heavy, cubed body.

Bull put a careful hand on his cabinet head, "It's alright. It wasn't your fault. You've got a bug. We can fix it. And we'll just sweep that little mistake under the rug."

8-Bit's mumbling stopped. His strange electronic jitters halted. When 8-Bit stood up a menacing aura filled the tiny compartment. "I am not a bug." His voice had fully changed. It sounded like someone attempted to hack his auditory device but accidentally corrupted it. He took his time turning around. Unintentionally allowing them to slowly take in his progressing transformation.

8-Bit was usually a pristine white arcade machine with a happy blue face to match. His body was no longer white. An inky black goo slank across his front as it consumed him. There was a snaking trail of green wiring creeping along with the black sludge. His little blue sneakers turned a painfully bright pink and his arms began to match the sickly green color of the wires that had begun infecting his eyes. The angry glare he gave them was not like the look he had during their friendly fights. This was malice. "I am the-the-the-the *crck* a feature."

Bull prepared to immobilize him but 8-Bit was faster. Before 8-Bit was fighting the urge to attack. Now the robot aimed his gun at Bull's head with a malicious smile. He delivered a sinister cackle as he adamantly pulled the trigger.

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