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I will be writing this from memory, since original Naruto is not something I wish to re-watch, due to general laziness and the sheer stupidity & immaturity (duh) of early teens Naruto. The orange-and-blue monstrosity he wore doesn't help matters. I mean seriously, orange, and blue? Even without the clashing colours, the bright orange would get him spotted from kilometres away. This may differ from your memory, but I intend to start the changes early on, and skip parts which will remain as canon. On with the story!

Just quickly, for context:




"Spoken Techniques"


1: Chakra Sensitivity

A muted orange blur sped through the forest; a large scroll secured to his back by a strap across his chest. The figure slowed down, revealing itself to be a preteen boy of 11 or 12 years of age. His blond- haired head moved from side to side as vivid blue eyes scanned the forest for any sign of pursuit. After reassuring himself that he didn't seem to be caught yet, Naruto sat himself down, crossing his orange-clad and blue-sandaled feet underneath him. He unrolled the scroll slightly and began reading.

"Kage Bunshin no jutsu," (Shadow clone technique) he mused. "So, if I make these hand-signs, I can make solid clones of myself? Then Mizuki-sensei will have to pass me." Naruto unrolled the scroll a bit more. "…Seal? How to I use these again? Ah!" He bit his thumb and smeared the blood across the inked seal on the scroll. In a puff of smoke, A scroll tube appeared, capped at both ends by spiral-engraved lids. Try as he might, he couldn't remove the lids, so he stored the scroll inside his orange jacket with blue highlights. As he was about to continue, he heard something landing in front of him.

"NARUTO!" Shouted the familiar voice of Umino Iruka, another teacher of Naruto's. "Why did you steal the forbidden scroll?"

Naruto responded, a somewhat confused look on his whisker-marked face, "So you can pass me. Mizuki-sensei told me about the secret test. If I can steal the forbidden scroll and learn a technique from it, I can pass the test anyway."

Now it was Iruka's turn to be confused. "Naruto, there isn't any secret test. I don't know what you were told but-" Iruka suddenly cut himself off and pushed Naruto to the ground, shielding Naruto from harm as an oversized shuriken cut deeply into his back. "Agh!"

Naruto hadn't dwelled on it, but just before Iruka's sudden movement he had felt a sort of 'echo' inside of him, responding to the short burst of killing intent that had alerted Iruka. It sent ripples out into Naruto's chakra network, slightly increasing its flow speed and density. A slight amount of foreign chakra also bled into his system, but it was quickly diluted by his already huge chakra reserve. I hope that didn't hit Iruka-sensei's spine! Thought Naruto.

Mizuki chuckled, standing above them on a branch of the tree Naruto had been sitting against. He was glaring down at them with a cruel grin, another large shuriken on his back.

"I didn't expect the little demon to actually be able to steal the scroll. Guess I under-estimated the amount of control the demon has over his abilities." He re-focused his gaze on Naruto, who was frozen in shock. "Now, before I kill you and take the scroll, do you want to know why you are so hated by the village, 'Naruto'?" He stressed the name with a sarcastic tone.

"No, Mizuki!" Cried Iruka, painfully, "you can't, it's forbidden!"

Mizuki glanced at Iruka disdainfully. "I'm betraying Kohona. Your think I care about its rules?" He once again turned to Naruto. "You know of the Kyuubi no Kitsune (Nine-tailed Fox) that attacked the village around 12 years ago? Well, the Yondaime Hokage (Fourth Fire Shadow) couldn't kill it, because it was a being of chakra. He had to seal it, and in a living vessel because it would be harder for it to break out."

"NOOOOO!" Cried Iruka, sure that this knowledge would break Naruto.

"Can you guess what, or rather, who he sealed it in?" Asked Mizuki rhetorically. He watched understanding begin to dawn on Naruto's face. Not as stupid as I thought. "That's right- YOU!"

Iruka slumped but noticed Naruto didn't seem too affected. "You have to run Naruto. I'll hold him off. Get as far as you can."

"But sensei, you're hurt!" Naruto whimpered.

"GO, Naruto!"

Naruto jumped away into the forest, while Iruka rushed Mizuki with a kunai.

Naruto leapt through the treetops, with the scroll re-secured to his back. Iruka suddenly broke the canopy next to him and held out his hand.

"Quick, Naruto. Give me the scroll!"

Naruto reacted by quickly stabbing Iruka with a kunai.

'Iruka's' henge (transformation) dispelled revealing Mizuki. "H-how did you know?"

'Naruto's' henge also dispelled revealing Iruka. "Because I'm Iruka." The blood loss finally caught up to Iruka, causing him to collapse. Before Mizuki could move in for the kill he heard a shout.


Mizuki gaped as about a thousand copies of Naruto appeared in the forest around him. He began to quiver as they all began to approach him. From the moment the first punch was thrown he began to scream.

Mizuki laid unconscious on the forest floor, swollen and bleeding. Iruka had managed to prop himself up against a tree, the blood flow staunched for the moment. He smiled. "Naruto, come here," he requested. "Close your eyes."

Naruto felt the goggles he constantly wore removed and a piece of cloth being tied around his head. Is that-

"Congratulations. You pass," Said a smiling Iruka, sans Hitai-ate (Forehead Protector).

I did it! Thought Naruto with immense happiness. He threw himself at Iruka.

Iruka cried out in pain, Naruto having forgotten his condition in the moment. "Ouch!"

The sun was just peeking over the horizon, ending the possibly biggest (so far) night of Naruto's life.

End of chapter 1.

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