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System Text

"Tvs, Radios, and Text via book or newspaper... when those are around..."

I sit up with a gasp and stare blankly at a screen before me.

You have been reborn! You are welcome!

I am the Departed Immigration and Complementary Enlightenment System! But you can call me D.I.C.E.!

I look around a completely dark void of nothingness, the only thing I can see is this screen before me and a dark outline of what is supposedly my body.

Why 'Departed Immigration and Complementary Enlightenment', you might ask? Well, my creators really wanted to get an acronym that spelt Dice! Simple, right?

'But it doesn't spell Dice though... it spells DICES. As in plural.'

There is a reason to this madness, however, this system allows you to become a d&d character! Incredible, right?! However, it's not the average D&D system, you don't exactly get Exp... what you DO get however, is a little something called 'Electrum'.

We will get into that in a moment! First let's make you, shall we?

A blank screen appears before me, looking roughly like a d&d character sheet... which is sort of expected considering the whole 'allows you to become a D&D character' statement.

Well, I mean, first off, this isn't D&D it's pathfinder... which is basically exactly like d&d 3.5 but with a few balance changes... it's a lot harder to break than D&D 3.5 which sort of made it my preferred system. Ugh. That's really biting me in the ass right now.

If you haven't already noticed, the DICE system automatically aligns itself to whatever system you are most familiar with.


Level: 0

Class: None

Race: Human


STR: 0
DEX: 0
CON: 0
INT: 0
WIS: 0
CHA: 0

Now, a couple things might be going through your head right now, primarily, 'Why aren't I dead. A living creature with 0 in all stats literally cannot function'. And well, it's quite simple. This is the tutorial, friend! Rules don't apply here! First, shall we roll your stats?

The sound of dice clinking around from somewhere causes me to flinch. the first sound i have heard since coming here. so abrupt and jarring. I can't believe i was jump-scared by cubes with dots on them.

Statistic 1: 11!

Statistic 2: 16!

Statistic 3: 14!

Statistic 4: 14!

Statistic 5: 14!

Statistic 6: 12!

Why don't we select your class, next? After that we will randomly select your starting world from our database!

Not bad, not bad. Decent stats at the very least.

I let out a huff of amusement. "Well now... this might just be a wee bit interesting."

It's obvious I have to choose some form of arcane class here. What if I get put in a world with no magic? That'd instantly make me a top-tier all powerful entity just by being able to cast magic missile.

The real question is... what do I choose?

Man. Min-maxing is fun.

You have 1450 Electrum Remaining

You might be wondering what this 'Electrum' stuff is... well, basically, its this form of strange currency that I am able to use to purchase things in a 'shop', these items can range from corpses of D&D beasts, magical items, and even companions, all the way to skills, feats, attribute points, and level ups.

I have so much electrum because I used quite a few flaws... most of them were negated by my high stats and removed, so it is basically just free electrum!

All that remains is my 'weak will'- which is counterbalanced by the fact I am a spellcaster class- and the largest flaw of all... 'Child'.

Yep. I was forced to design an absolutely badass handsome man, then watch as he was turned into a thirteen-year-old kid.

That child flaw was sort of 'egh.' Like, it also gave me benefits? But it definitely hindered me more than assisted me.

Minus four to my strength and constitution, plus four to my dexterity.

All I have purchased so far is a single level up, and it was incredibly cheap. Only one hundred electrum.

The main problem is that getting to level three takes four HUNDRED electrum. And who knows how much for level four.

I'm debating if I should just spend a load of electrum on my stats, or if I should level up some more.


Level: 2

Class: Sorcerer

Race: Human

Gender: Male


Hp: 10/10

Armor Class: 15

STR: 10 (14)
DEX: 18 (14)
CON: 10 (14)
INT: 12
WIS: 11
CHA: 18 (16+2)

Due to being a child, I am technically counted as 'small' size.

I may have JUST enough to get to level four... unless the price multiplies by four every time you try to level...

I cup my chin as I look over my body, I am short, a little Lankey, and wearing a dirty T-Shirt and simple cargo pants, according to the visual model, I have black hair that's about an inch or two long, and deep purple eyes.

I let out a hum and shrug. "Eh, screw it. Even if I can't get to level four, I'll have a bunch of electrum left over, more health, and an extra bloodline power.

I purchase another level, gaining four more health and an extra feat which I am undecided about at the moment.

Annnnd can I buy level four?

Cost to level up: 900 Electrum.

Yes. Yes I can.

It seems like to level up I must spend electrum equal to the previous level squared times one hundred. One times one times one hundred to get to level two, two time two times one hundred to get to level three, and three times three times one hundred to get to level four.

If I am right I'll be sixteen hundred to get to level five.

I purchase my next level and try to purchase another.

You do not have enough electrum to purchase another level!

Electrum Required to level up: 1600

Current Electrum Remaining: 150

I tilt my head. 'let's see about upgrading some stats.'

To bring my strength to a twelve I would need... forty electrum. Meh.

To bring my dex to a twenty I would need... forty electrum.

I blink slowly.

To bring my Charisma to a nineteen, I would need one hundred and sixty electrum.

'okay. I don't get it. Are these like, based on which stat is most important for me? The total number perhaps? But in that case, why is my dexterity increase so cheap...'

I cup my chin as I delve into my thoughts.

Maybe it's based on... the base stat?

I have a plus four to my dexterity, and a minus four to my strength, they are both technically fourteen.

Hm. Strange.

I look to my two lowest stats, Wisdom and Intelligence.

Both cost Forty to level up.

Maybe the cost is multiplied by four couple of levels? Hn. I'll need to bring my Charisma stat up a little more to see if that's how it works.

I simply decide 'eh. Screw it' then spend some more electrum, upgrading my Strength to Eleven, and my Dexterity up to a twenty.

I quietly allocate my new spells, I'm deciding to pack quite a few combat spells.

I slowly pick out a name.

Are you finished with your character sheet?

"yes." I slowly nod.

Character Creation ended. Selecting world.




World Selected: Dxd.

Randomizing Start location.

"Very Hard" start selected. Race has been changed. You now have the ability to go back to your character sheet and change your character.


Randomizing house.




Dual-House Selected.

I blink slowly and look back to my character sheet.

Family Name has been changed.

Name: Gaius Decarabia-Malthus

Level: 4

Class: Sorcerer

Race: Noble Devil

Gender: Male

Your sorcerer bloodline has been taken into account; your Decarabia Clan Trait has been altered.

Phoenix Bloodline erased.

Phoenix Traits added to Decarabia Clan Trait.


Devils are powerful beings, far stronger than average humans with innate magic and other crazy abilities.

Noble Devil:
Racial Bonus: +2 to all stats.
Permanent 'Tongues' spell, Permanent 'Comprehend Languages' spell.
+2 to Perception, Bluff, Sense Motive, Diplomacy, Intimidate, and Knowledge Nobility.
'Devil Magic' ability.

Devil Magic:
You have a small pool of magical power which can be used to activate your clan abilities and allows you to cast ANY spell in the Sorcerer/Wizard spell list. when casting a spell in this manner, you must spend 1 point from your Devil Magic pool per level of the spell you cast, note: you must also be of the correct level to cast this spell. you have an amount of Devil Magic equal to 10 times your character level. You regain all of your Devil Magic after a long rest.

Devil Wings: You can call forth two large wings of black fire that grant you a fly speed of 60 feet per second. *Altered By Mutated Clan Trait

Vulnerable to Holy Magic, Light Magic, and any effects that duplicate the effects of either.
You take an additional 50% damage from holy or light sources.

"Oh... oh dear."

Due to your difficulty, we shall grant you a little backstory.

You are Gaius. Heir to both the Decarabia and Malthus clans, hundreds of years ago in the civil war, both clans were sadly rendered extinct... you were set to die, surrounded on all sides by assassins, however, in this iteration of the story, a temporal anomaly took you and your soon to be assassins and hurled you roughly 500 years to the future.

You will have to fight off 6 mid class devils, 5 of which are level 6, and the final is level 8

You will be given a +2 Sword of your choice and gain proficiency in wielding it due to your Malthus clan trait.


Affirmative. Are you finished with character creation?

I swap out of couple spells, then let out a long sigh. "Yeah, I am."

Initializing insertion. For this difficulty, you have been granted 1000 Extra Electrum. Be prepared for combat. Please note, you will be granted a 10 second grace period of time stop to reorganize yourself.

A Quest has been received!

Quest forcibly minimized.

With a flash I find myself on a broken and battered road with tufts of grass unevenly sprouting from the ground, trees grow through buildings here and there, six figures are frozen around me, swords in hand, one has a magic circle in front of his hand, a shard of ice formed in front of it.

I cast two spells on myself, the first a mage armor, and the second a simple shield spell.

Invisible, weightless armor surrounds my torso as does a large round invisible shield which hovers around me.

I draw my sword and shift my stance, my eyes narrowing.

The devils suddenly blur forwards with roars.

My eyes narrow. "Fight me... if you're ready to die."

With an application of my demonic magic to cast the second level spell 'Cat's Grace' my speed practically doubles, two blasts of dark fire spew from my back as I jet forwards.

My strength and durability swiftly increase, Bull's Strength and Bears Endurance respectively, my blade lashes out, cleaving into the side of one of the devils as I blur past.

I maneuver around a spike of ice as another assassin lunges at me from behind.

Then the screaming starts...

Dozens of voices shout in shock, all out of my view.

I duck backwards with a flap of my new wings, narrowly avoiding a slash.

A beam of black and white shoots from my hand, smashing into the back of the guy I just moved past, he lets out a shout as he staggers forwards, his cloak burned as his back is charred.

One of the devils dive down at me, sword swinging downwards, he had apparently flown up into the air.

My eyebrow twitches as I am engulfed in flames, fire licks outwards in all directions as I lift a hand, two beams of fire strike him in the chest and blast him backwards, his skin is scorched and charred as I swing my blade forwards and behead him.

A knife deflects off my invisible barriers.

A wave of ice crashes into my body, causing me to wince as I am smashed thorough a nearby wall, blood spews from my mouth as my wounds ignite.

I cast a cold resistance spell and burst out of the rubble, letting out a roar of anger as I swing a hand outwards, one of the assassins are ingulfed in fire, the fire arcs towards two more in a line, but it weakest significantly and barely even scalds the last target.

A storm of ice needles pepper my body, but most are absorbed by my magic or are evaporated in my flaming aura.

I hurl out a hand, the horribly burned devil is pierced cleanly through the chest by a beam of fire, a second strikes his friend

My wounds begin to swiftly mend as I lunge to the side, barely avoiding a blast of water.

My offhand is cleaved off by an axe, a tendril of black fire sprouts from the stump as I whirl around and stab my blade into the devils throat, ripping it out with a spray of blood.

"Three down... three to go." I state as my arm begins slowly reforming.

The three remaining assassins cautiously observe me.

My eyes widen as I am forced to hurl my body out of the way of a spike of ice.

I am impaled from the left as the second assassin lunges forwards.

I grab his throat and ingulf him in fire that lashes out to the other assassin, I parry his slash, the fire jumps to him, scorching his body as I shove the other devil back, my sword flashes through the air and stabs the second assassin through the torso.

My fires are snuffed out abruptly, the fires at my elbow flickering like a candle's flame as I flinch

Blood drips from the corner of my mouth as the sword in my chest seems a little more life-threatening.

Frost creeps up my legs as the temperature drops, the remaining assassin pauses, spear of ice in his hands as his eyes widen, his breath comes out in misty gasps as his clothing begins to freeze.

"Dah dah dah! Tis I the miracle Levia-tan here to save the day from you foolish trouble makers!"

A girl bursts through the treeline, she has long black hair tied into twin tails and wears a pink magical girl outfit.

She slowly gazes across the clearing, eyes freezing on my pained expression, my armlessness and the sword in my chest.

A menacing pressure descends on the road.

"Who the hell do you think you are?" The woman seethes as she slowly turns to glare at the remaining man. "Hurting a child in this manner?!"

"Shit!" The devil curses as two wings appear on his back. "Nobody told me that damned Sitri general would be here!"

His lower body is ingulfed in ice, his wings shatter like glass as he screams in pain, the magical girl appearing behind him.

The fire on my arm is steadily growing outwards as my arm regenerates.

I grab the blade in my torso and pull it out, it clatters to the floor as the blood staining it turns to black fire and evaporates into smoke.

I fall into a seated position.

I have phenex-like regeneration. That's nice. Definitely saved my skin... and my arm.

My sleeve begins slowly mending as I let out a quiet sigh.

I look up and flinch back as I see a magical girl looming over me, eyes wide. "You're alright! I thought you were going to die!"

She picks me up with supernatural strength and pushes my face into her chest. "You poor thing! Don't worry, big sis Sera-tan has taken care of those bad guys who hurt you!"

Okay. I didn't expect this today...

I am sat in front of the strongest female devil, sipping tea, she is currently going on a tangent about how cute her little sister is.

It's damn good tea, that's for sure... honestly I sort of hated tea beforehand, but this has changed my mind.

"Anyways, I'm sorry, I went on a really bad tangent! I do that whenever I think about my ADORABLE So-tan! I don't even think I got your name."

"It's Gaius Decarabia." I supply.

"Decarabia?" She whispers as her eyes widen slightly.

Memories- that are technically not my own- have been steadily slotting themselves into place over the past hour or so, so I have basically just been going with the flow until I can fully capitalize on my backstory without it being disproven.

"That is correct." I nod slowly. "Recently my family sided with the Anti-Satan faction, and due to that and our residence's proximity to the borders of the Old Satan faction, assassins where sent to our home... my parents weren't exactly fighters, however they did buy me enough time to escape the home and flee into the forest."

I smile sadly at the table in front of me. "A small group of the people who attacked us found me shortly after... then after a short battle with myself slaying five out of six, you showed up."

"Gaius..." The devil in front of me whispers. "The Decarabia family was classified as extinct hundred of years ago."

"What?" I whisper.

"The civil war ended a few decades later."

I shakily sit the cup down and nervously bite a knuckle. "T-That's impossible I-"

I shakily inhale through my teeth. "That's why everything seemed so... different the strange chained carriage... the magical screens... the sun."

I look up slowly. "Y-You don't believe me, do you?!"

"I believe you." The woman nods.

"R-Really?" I ask.

"Back then I heard tales of the Decarabia heir having a mutated clan trait... and you have proven that you have Phenex-like regeneration. The man that was attacking you had also been missing and presumed dead for... five hundred years. I completely and whole-heartedly believe you."

I bring a hand to my head, letting out a long groan.

"What do you plan to do now?" The woman asks.

"Well, my plan to use my father's clan trait to create weapons and armor for the anti-satan faction has fallen through... I will adapt the best I can... however I fear that after five hundred years I hold little to no political power, our territory was probably split or claimed by another clan. If I attempt to reclaim my family's territory, I fear I'll be forcibly silenced. The only advantage I have would be my mutated clan trait, which would either offend of intrigue the Phenex family."

"A mutated clan trait is exceedingly rare." The Leviathan nods. "They can forever alter a clan's power for future generations. The only recorded mutations other than yours and myself would be the founder of the Bael house Zekram Bael who's clan trait forever made his house the most powerful in the underworld."

"Ah yes, another potential enemy to kill me as I may threaten the status quo." I mutter under my breath. "Wait- you?!"

The Satan smiles and nods. "Instead of the usual water magic my family ordinarily casts, I had incredible potential in ice magic."

I shake my head and look back to the leviathan. "Er- My current course of action would be to try and find out just how much has changed. Then I will proceed from there."

"Smart." The woman supplies. "This is technically out of my jurisdiction... as I am the head of foreign affairs, not domestic, however. I feel that as I have found you, and that I have saved you, I feel you are now my responsibility."

"You didn't really need to save me." I state as I pick up the tea cup and take another sip from it. "My wounds where swiftly healing, and even if I got extremely wounded, I could have just channeled my healing fire, shot myself with a fire spell, and instantly regenerated my body."

"Your opponent was a medium class devil... nearing high class..."

"And?" I ask with a slow innocent blink.

"You are still a low class. nearly medium class, mind you, but still well within low class."

"It didn't stop me from killing five medium class devils when they all attempted to kill me." I shrug. "Their only advantage was their ice spells, and I took care of that with a resistance spell and by cloaking my body in fire."

"You killed... five medium class devils?" She blinks.

"Of course." I nod. "They shouldn't have given me enough time to cast my fortification spells. But I would certainly be dead right now without my regeneration. I will admit that."

The Devil rubs her temple. "Still. I feel you are my responsibility. So, I will dutifully inform you of the large changes in the world."

"Alright." I slowly nod.

Man, I have been in a sort of scuffed state of mind recently. Nothing I seem to write feels good, and honestly it's taking a lot out of me just to post THIS. And I'm doing so because frankly the 'Flame's Trash' fic has FAAAR to many 'Dice' fics in it, and while Dxd has been absolutely fucking cursed for me in the past, I feel that this is what will allow more people to see the system I have worked on for the past... half a year or so? I've seen D&D-based gamer systems before, but nothing like this I'm fairly certain!

The chapter of 'It's about time' is like 70% done, yet I can't build up the motivation to see it through, and Badass quest is sitting at 20%.

Man. I hate these funks.

I'll probably see you all soon-ish with another chapter of this... I have 2 more prepared before I am officially out of content.