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"Tvs, Radios, and Text via book or newspaper... when those are around..."

I look to the white chess piece with gold inlays held between my index finger and thumb.

It is the bishop piece.

An evil piece.

And as such, it will allow me to create a devil peerage full of beautiful women or whatever it is devils do.


I cast identify.

Evil Piece: (Bishop)
A powerful artefact that allows you to turn people into your very own servants, changing their race to 'Devil' and granting them boons based on the piece used to revive them. In this case, the Bishop piece gives the user a +4 profane bonus to their main casting stat in addition to the increases the base 'Devil' race grants them. Plus it grants them a further +50% demonic power over their original value.
Attuned Master: Gaius Decarabia-Malthus
Note: Sometimes the things you wish to revive are too strong, in which case they may require more than one piece. A Bishop piece is Worth 3 pawns.
Note: the level of strength of the 'Master' affects the pieces. A level one may need several pieces to reincarnate someone with incredible potential, yet a stronger master may revive them with far fewer pieces.
Note: for reviving creatures from the dead, the body must be mostly intact, and have been dead for no longer than an hour.

I got no damned mutation pieces.


I am suddenly left with a lot of nothing to do.

I sit the chess piece down on the board and let out a low hum.

According to my identify, I could theoretically 'permanency' a summoned monster with one of these pieces. But I'm not sure I want to do that... at least not yet.

Maybe in the future when I've got some form of dragon summon.

I also decided to find a way to make potions basically endlessly, I've even got a quest for it.

Potion Factory 1:
A new brand of magic item has struck the underworld... yet only two people currently know about it. The ability to grant a myriad of effects by merely drinking a fluid. So far you have only showed off a healing potion, and a weak one at that! But even that was enough to gain the interest of the Satan of foreign affairs. Another potential export of the underworld. Weak healing potions that are extremely affordable instead of the increasingly rare tears of the Phenex. The only problem is the speed you are able to 'produce' them. One an hour does not a market make. If only there was a way to automate this process so it could be going even while your attention is elsewhere.

Come through with your idea to automate potion creation: []
Create an automated Potion Creation Device: []

Reward(s): ?

I've actually already got a method to automate the potions.

Alchemical Device (Low): (500 Electrum)
You gain the knowledge to create an 'Alchemical Device', a special machine that is capable of creating potions on its own, however this process isn't automatic, it still requires something to load the machine with glass vials, ingredients, and supply the magical power to cast the final spell for the potion. However, the spell you want is coded in the machine and it accepts magic power of all kinds.
The cost to create this device is typically 100 times that of the base potion's market price, this variant creates potions as if it were a simple caster with no benefits to speed, meaning the average potion with a cost of 250 or under will take still 2 hours to brew, and a potion above that will still take 8 hours, plus eight hours for every 1000 gold pieces it is worth, however the alchemical device's true power is its ability to brew in bulk, a 'Low' quality Alchemical Device may brew 3 potions at a time.
Note: The higher spell level and caster level of the potion being created causes the machine to be larger and larger, a simple level zero might be the size of a foot stool, yet a third level spell alchemical machine might even potentially grow to fill an entire room.

I bought that ability... and I plan to have it in my basement.

What this skill doesn't tell you, I've found out, is that it also allows you to create modifications to your alchemical device for more money.

It also implants the knowledge about the inner workings of an alchemy machine... and hoo boy... there's a lot.

It's basically an entire factory's assembly line compacted down into a small space but you toss in a bunch of magical gunk as well.

Speaking of magical gunk, it even has MAGIC pollution!

Not a lot of it, mind you, but still, get enough potion fumes and suddenly my mansion is walking around with me inside of it like Baba-fuckin-Yaga

Who probably exists in this damn world...

As I was saying, the pollution is countered fairly easily so I don't see why I WOULDN'T do that, just make a simple prestidigitation filter.

I take a sip of tea as I slowly turn and scroll through the laptop sat on my... well... lap.

I plan to build a basement with my Lyre of building, but that means I've got six more days to kill before the ability is recharged.

"Decarabia Heir returned, crowned Lord Decarabia."

Oh hey, that's me.

I scroll past the news article.

I should probably get onto making whatever I need for the automation...

Currently I am gathering small bits and pieces with my power every hour or so...

To make a cure light wounds auto-alchemical device I'll need roughly five thousand gold worth of items... I can achieve that in roughly fifty one hours.

Then I'll need extra for the modifications...

I should also probably sort through the many laws of hell.

Primarily in a way to fuck over the Phenex family and get them to give me stuff.

I never expected my body to be so... tilted... at something that was done to it hundreds of years ago.

Technically less than a month, but still.


I could also do a few other things to entertain myself. According to the year it is only two thousand and four... and that means there are soooo many songs that have yet to be released yet... my clan trait makes me a good singer, so mayhaps a little plagiarism would be pretty fun?

When in hell, after all.

It'll give me something to entertain myself with at the very least.

Pov: elsewhere


A pink-wearing magical girl sitting behind a desk lets out a quiet sigh as her eyes slide to the computer screen to her left.

She has been keeping tabs on a new variable in the underworld. The heir of a thought to be extinct clan has returned... somehow.

Some form of temporal anomaly.

Ajuka has been observing the area, and as of right now, the reason for the distortion is still undetermined... which is a little startling, as Ajuka is able to figure out things in mere moments with his calculation magic... for something so blatant to remain elusive for days?

She has never seen him that annoyed, now that she thinks about it.

"Please not a problem with the Phenex family." The woman chants under her breath as she slowly looks to the screen and checks what alerted her.

He has been checking law after law for the past couple of days, it looks like he is planning to try and thrash them in court... the problem is, he has no backing, while his potions are sort of interesting, they aren't worth offending the Phenex clan, and while he is the last of his clan, his clan traits aren't that powerful.


The two people with mutated clan traits have been absolute powerhouses, so it why would it be any different for him as well?

His ability to summon stuff is pretty cool, though... to create a construct that can bleed and breathe probably took tons of work... and while someone like Ajuka could probably do that in seconds- he hasn't done It as far as she knows, but it's far more impressive for a medium class Devil to be able to accomplish something like that.

There's actually another problem as well...

He found something.

Something he can actually use to get into a legal dispute with the Phenex family.

The woman hopes he is smart enough to not go for that quite yet.

She wouldn't want a little cutie like him to have his current territory taken away from him, or for him to get swamped by court fees.

Why is she so interested in the little devil?

Well, he actually sort of looks like Sona a little bit! Black hair, purple eyes, pale skin... he's like a little boy Sona and that's enough for her to like him! Plus, he is also a planner like Sona! It's like looking in a gender swapping mirror! Adorable!

She should get him a pair of glasses.

"A Devil Tube video?" The leviathan mutters to herself as she looks to the screen.

He made a devil tube account in under a week... she'd have thought he would have been still figuring out technology for at least a year or three..."

No subscribers, a single video, zero likes and views.

Radio Demon

I mean, its sort of ironic...

Welcome to the internet.


She experimentally clicks on the video.

A song... okay?

I let out a long sigh as I run a hand through my hair, sat in front of me is a strange sack puppet thing with a wooden body.

"One down... however many more to go."

I am unsure how many I'll need, but they are relatively inexpensive to make, even if I have upgraded them slightly, so that's nice.

Achievement Get:

Thoroughly Impress the Satan Leviathan:
Mutant Clan Trait, Inteligent, fairly strong, the ability to create an apparent medical marvel, ascendant body-type, and now music? You will definitely be a catch for whoever tries to snatch you up. Not her, though! She only has enough room in her heart for So-tan! but you are closer than most.
Reward: 200 Electrum, +1 caster level for 'Cold' spells, Devil Magic maximum capacity permanently increased by 10

'Ascendant body type? Uhhh... what the hell does she mean by that? Wait- she found my video?!'

I frown and scratch my chin. 'She's probably watching me at all times.'

Anyways, the free two hundred electrum is just what I need for my quest in world domination!

I'm saving up for... a thing.

And for that I'll need third party spellcasting up to third level... whiiiich is pretty far out there, not gonna lie.

Unlock third party spells (Cleric/Oracle) (Cantrips)
Unlocks the use of all level 0 third party Cleric/Oracle spells
Cost: 100 Electrum.

Unlock third party spells (Cleric/Oracle) (First Level)
Unlocks the use of all level 1 third party Cleric/Oracle spells
Cost: 800 Electrum.

Unlock third party spells (Cleric/Oracle) (Second Level)
Unlocks the use of all level 2 third party Cleric/Oracle spells
Cost: 2000 Electrum.

Unlock third party spells (Cleric/Oracle) (Third Level)
Unlocks the use of all level 3 third party Cleric/Oracle spells
Cost: 4500 Electrum.

I'll need roughly seventy five hundred electrum. Plus whatever the spell needs.

I can unlock level one third party cleric and oracle spells right now, but I can't use them.

I let out a low click of annoyance as I go back to working on the sack puppet.

I drum my fingers on the stone floor I am sat upon as I let out a long sigh.

My goal is achieved, the potion factory is working as intended... three potions every two hours. Extremely slow, sure, but faster than I could do it.

I let out a quiet yawn as I continue scrolling through the internet, and let me just say that devil law is fucking confusing.

The devil dispute act of the fifteenth's century... due to the devil's birthrates and the sudden extinction of several clans in the great war, an act was created to stop devil houses from fighting amongst themselves over simple things like territory. In section eight, it details that any and all engagements must be mutually disbanded. In the case of one of the deaths of one of the people to be engaged, at the very least a death in a very ambiguous way, the other engage-ee must wait six months to truly determine if their betrothed is truly deceased.

The Phenex family in this case, broke this rule when my supposed fiancée, immediately married her own brother without even saying that the engagement was canceled.

Theoretically, we are still engaged. They never fucking bothered to cancel it.

A mistake.

A critical error.

One I am going to exploit the hell out of.

I look over to the large machine in front of me, I am sat on a stone floor with my laptop sat before me, several small poppets- those strange sack puppet creatures- stand around the room, they are roughly the size of toddlers, yet they are able to carry several hundred pounds easily.

I look to several large crates with my clan's emblem on them, a plume of peacock feathers arced and swayed in a way that looks sort of like a bird head as the feathers all come to one point.

There's a hiss as several red lights on the machine light up, the poppets standing beside the machine spring into action as three vials are slid out of a conveyor-like slot, each filled with a red liquid and held within a metal ring.

The first poppet carefully takes out a potion and slips it into a secure container which prevents the potion from jiggling around, there's metal wire in the bottoms of the small containers that allow it to stand on its own without falling and keeps it snug.

It takes the other two and slips them into the small rectangle as well.

The machine is pretty neat if I do say so myself, it's cylinder-like in shape, about four feet wide and tall, and eight to ten long.

The small sack puppet on the other side swiftly grabs three empty vials from a crate beside it and places them within three holders on the other side.

I look to a small block on top of the cylinder.

Perhaps the greatest addition!

The magic battery!

Normally, I would have had to insert a spell WHENEVER I wanted to create a potion and practically baby sit it and come back every two hours... but with that? I can pour all of my spells into it and just go do something else.

It can currently hold two hundred and fifty spell levels... it takes three of them for every set of potions, then one for every hour the machine is active... meaning the upkeep to make a single set of potions is five energy.

It can also use demonic energy, so it was really easy to fill.

It is currently at two thirty.

With a full tank it'll produce for a little over four days and make one hundred and fifty cure light wounds potions.

I watch as the poppet at the end of the machine picks up the set of three potions and walks it over towards a large dip in the ground that's pallet-sized, it sits the set of three next to the other three sets of three.

Eight hours... only twelve potions...

At least I'm not being physically taxed like the Phenex family when they make a phoenix tear.

The poppet walks past and grabs an empty three-set box and walks back to the machine and stops moving.

There's definitely some room for improvement... or I could just make more machines... hm... decisions, decisions.

I cast a look around my basement. The first potion machine takes up barely five percent, the main problem is all the other trash I have around here, the boxes, the poppets, the ingredient storage, and more.

The machine whirrs, a red light lighting up on the side, a poppet who was standing beside it reaches over and pulls out something that looks like a gun magizine, it turns and slowly walks over to a stack of them and grabs another, returning to the machine where it inserts it again.


Another poppet picks up three spotted mushrooms and a few red flowers, then walks over and tosses them into a hopper and climbs on top of the machine.

It looks down into the hopper, seemingly checking to see if anything got stuck, then climbs down.

Poppets are fucking stupid... the benefit is that they can be coded to do specific actions if you are smart about it.

I added a bunch of lights on the alchemical device that light up when they are supposed to do stuff.

I actually made too many poppets... I made six when the machine only needs four...

Hm... I'll figure out what to do with them later.

I could sell them to Serafall.

I don't know what she'd want with mentally retarded sack boys, though...

"I could ask her the next time she shows up-"

Something triggers my alarm barriers, causing me to slowly blink.

"Like right now."

I grab my laptop and turn it off, slipping it under my arm as I turn to the exit of the room and fly up a vertical elevator shaft.

I come to a small platform and land on it, then place my hand on the indented wall in front of it.

"Fall." I hiss.

The wall slides downwards allowing me to step through to the other side.

"Arise." I command while channeling demonic energy into the small lip in the ground as I step over it.

A book case steadily rises from the ground as I sit the laptop on a nearby desk.

I rush out of my bedroom and run down the hallway.

I come to a stop on the balcony overlooking the main hall.

Three knocks ring out on the door.

I nod slowly, causing one of the unseen servants to open the door.

The magical girl is once more standing there, she spies me on the balcony almost immediately.

"Sera-tan!" I wave.

"Gai-tan!" She waves back. "There's someone who wants to meet you!"

I blink at the second figure who walks into view, a tall man with slicked back green hair, wearing a simple greenish grey suit.

Oh. He is here. That is unsettling.

I hop off the balcony and fall the thirty feet or so to the floor, landing with a small crouch.

I bow my head slightly. "Satan Beelzebub. What can I do for you today."

"Greetings, Lord Decarabia." He states with a small nod. "I have heard about your summoning magic and wished to see it for myself."

"Oh. Alright." I blink as I hold out a hand in front of myself.

The faster I do what he says, the faster he can leave me alone.

A large magic circle appears on the floor, purple in color with the Decarabia clan sigil in the center.

With a purple flash five wolves appear in the circle.

The Satan cups his chin and lets out a low hum. "Ingenious..."

"But wait, there's more!" I grin as with another flash the wolves turn into motes of light that swiftly swirl into one large mass.

The glowing sphere slowly fades, revealing a large horse-sized wolf, mouth full of razor-sharp teeth the size of daggers, powerful bulging muscles, and a single row of bone spikes running down its back.

"Intriguing..." He mutters. "That should be-"

He holds out a hand, a magic circle appearing above his hand.

A small raven appears above his palm. "Impossible?"

He seems to delve into his thoughts for a moment.

His eyes suddenly look up, locking with mine. "I will be transferring some money into your bank account."

"I have a bank account?" I blink.

He nods to Serafall. "Sera, I'll be off now."

"Goodbye Ajuka." The woman nods.

He disappears with a flash of teleportation. Only now does the realization of the repercussions from my actions reach me.

Oh my god- ow... what sort of monster did I release onto the demonic world? A stronger summoner than myself?! That motherfucker probably has abilities on par with that one sacred gear I can't remember the name of right now!

I slowly look to Serafall. "So, what do you need Sera-Tan?"

"Oh, I was just showing Ajuka here and making sure he didn't bully you!"

"Oh... okay..." I mutter, a grin quickly splitting my face. "Sera-Tan! I did it!"

"Did what?" She blinks.

"Follow me!" I grin as I quickly run up the stairs, and down the hallway towards my room.

I hear Serafall's heels click on the wood as she slowly follows along.

I open the door to my room and look back to see her at the end of the hallway.

I step inside and place my hand on the bookshelf.

A moment later Serafall steps inside and looks around, my bedroom is a little barren, the only thing I have is a king sized bed, a desk, a walk-in closet, and a connected bathroom.

It has no... personality...

"Fall." I state.

Four books glow on the bookshelf as it begins slowly sliding downwards.

"Secret passage." She whispers with stars in her eyes.

I gesture into the darkness. "it's a thirty foot drop"

I hop off. "Weeee!"


Ah. Landed wrong.

I hop on one leg for a moment as Serafall gently lands behind me, steam hisses in my pantleg as my bones mend under my skin.

I resume walking as I gesture into a large room. "Tadaaaah!"

Her eyes lock onto the machine in the center of the room.

"Is that-"

"Something that produces potions? Yep!" I grin as I walk over to it.

A quest has been completed.

"It's not very fast, nor very efficient, yet I don't need to babysit it for it to make potions! It's more a proof of concept than a final design."

I gesture to the four sets of three. "It makes three potions every two hours... and with a full magical battery it can run for a little over four days, making one hundred and fifty potions in all."

She reaches over and pats my head. "Good job Gai-tan! It might not be enough to sell, but it's definitely a start."

"Before I forget." The woman begins. "I asked my family about the potions you gave me and after seeing their effects they were extremely interested. They have a few phoenix tears on hand, but those are saved for critical situations, they'd love a cheaper alternative that they could afford to use on anyone. They should drop by some time when they are free."

"Oh. Alright... I might be able to work out something with them... one hundred and fifty potions a week should be more than enough to supply a single hospital."

"You underestimate just how many patients go through the Serafall Memorial hospital."


"Yes, that's its name." The woman pouts. "They didn't even think about my suggestion of 'Sera-tans ultimate healy place of magic healing'."

"Shame." I sigh as I turn towards the only door in the room. "

"it is!" She cheers.

We chatted for a little while before she had to go... Satan business and what not, she said that she would tell her parents that I have a way to produce potions on masse.

Potion Factory 1:

Come through with your idea to automate potion creation: [x]
Create an automated Potion Creation Device: [x]

Reward(s): 500 Electrum

At the very least it refunded the cost for learning how to make a potion machine... shame I didn't get a refund for the fifty or so electrum I spent to gain the rest of the materials earlier today.

Current Electrum: 3240

'I'd like to purchase a level.'


Electrum Remaining: 740

Well, it's clear I won't be getting to level seven for a while... that's a shame.

I silently purchase level zero of third party oracle spells and let out a low hum.

Just seven thousand more electrum... then I'll have the means to become the most valuable man in the underworld...

The man who knows how to create potions that duplicate the effects of the third-party conception spell... a Fertility Spell...

And thus, another chapter comes to a close! I hope you all enjoyed it, this chapter's a bit longer than the other ones.

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Reader 451: To be fair, I was being sarcastic.

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Ash: that is a hard question indeed... I never watched past season 2 so I don't really know Rosswiesse that well, all I know is that a lot of people think she's best girl... out of the ones I do know, however, I've narrowed it down to three. Irina, Xenovia, and Ravel.

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