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"General Ironwood. I believe this is the first time we have met face to face." I smile as I come to stop in front of him with my arms folded behind my back.

"It is... I take it is quite important for you to seek me out like this... you typically seem to do other things..."

"That is because I have a proposition for you... or rather, a Proposition for Winter Schnee." I state with a calmed neutral expression.

"Oh? And what is this proposition."

"I wish to turn her into a devil?'

His features fall slightly. "You want to turn her into your servant just like Weiss Schnee?"

"No. I want to turn her into a pure-blooded devil... making her one of the 'original' noble devils of this world."

He narrows his eyes slightly. "And what would the point of this be?"

"You may not know, but there are two real political parties within the devil faction. Those like myself who is part of the 'New Satans', follow a group of five leaders, and the 'Great King' faction, who merely follow one. The New Satan faction by far the most tolerant of the two, the Great King faction believing that 'noble' and 'pure blooded' devils are greater than the 'lesser' reincarnated devils. The great king faction has also been doing numerous shady things out of the public eye which threatens the peace we have struck with two of our previous enemies... this is why we are beginning the process of targeting their backers and slowly dismantling their political party by piece."

"This is why I want to turn her into a devil... I wish to make her one of the 'Original' devils of this world, a devil which we have previously struck an agreement with about how our supernatural creatures should act within this world."

"I see." The man notes. "A way to enforce your rules upon them... if they try to change anything, they could be 'upsetting' the devils of this world."

"Which could result in a war, which would give us more than enough reason to stop them from doing it." I nod with a pleased smile. "Since this applies to Winter, I believe that we should call her."

"She is already on her way" The general announces. "For my opinion on this... from what I have seen of the capability of devils... If she truly holds no relation to you, I am for it."

"At most, the relation she would have is a slight moral obligation to join a war should it happen, but she could very easily make a reason such as 'it's not my dimension' to get out of it for the first one hundred years or so." I answer slowly.

"Hrn. Are you typically the sort who gets into wars?"

"I imagine that one or two factions will declare war upon the biblical factions after dimensional travel is revealed, yet at the end of the day... you'd have to be suicidal to fight me. There are certainly foes who could best me, yes, but I severely doubt they could handle everything I've got at my disposal."

"I see..." The man slowly nods. "Very well, as long as we aren't getting into any wars, I would in addition be willing to ally Atlas with your faction. You have done far more for us for so little."

I hear the elevator ring outside of the room causing me to nod slowly. "We may speak about alliances at a later date."

After a moment the white haired elder sibling of Weiss enters the room.

"Specialist Schnee repor-*Erk*" She salutes the general only to pause and flinch as she spies me. "Gaius?"

"Hello~" I wave.

"What are... you doing here?" She mutters in quiet confusion.

"I have an offer for you!" I smile brightly. "How would you like to be made strong enough that you could singlehandedly go to war with a military might comparable to Atlas' and win?"

"What are you talking about?" The woman quietly mutters. "There's no way that can be true."

"It is." Ironwood grimly states.

I nod sagely and conjure a ball of black fire in my hand. "This orb right here could probably destroy the entirety of Atlas in a single shot."

Ironwood's eyes narrow slightly at my casual threat, but he seemingly gets over it as he decides that I didn't really mean it that way.

I honestly, didn't.

"F-Fire?! I thought your ability was to create swords!" The woman exclaims.

I cause the fire to disappear as I slowly walk and take a seat a short distance away in an elaborate wooden cushioned chair that forms from absolutely nothing. "Oh, I have numerous abilities, swords, magic, super strength, regeneration comparable to nothing in this world."

"Allow me to formally introduce myself. I am Gaius Decarabia-Malthus, heir to both the Malthus and Decarabia clans. You wouldn't have heard of them, as they aren't technically original to this world... in addition, I am not human... nor faunus... something more... something primal and powerful."

Winter seems like she is barely comprehending this.

Her eyes stray over to Ironwood.

"The world is a lot bigger than you first thought, Specialist Schnee." He announces in a deep and serious tone. "Magic, maidens, powers beyond your understanding have been at work since the dawn of time... but he's a bit of a new case."

I nod quietly as I stand again. "I am a devil, one of the five leaders of my faction known as the 'New Satan Faction'. I have sought you out today, as one of my fellow Satans has developed something that would spit in the eye of our fellow political faction... and we plan to make use of it."

A frown crosses her face.

"I see... you... aren't human."

Two wings of fire sprout from my back, flickering behind me as I cross my arms in front of my chest. "No. I am not. Are you prepared to hear my proposition?"

"What proposition?" She mutedly questions, still struggling to comprehend the situation.

"The devil race has extremely low fertility, this led Ajuka Beelzebub, my fellow Satan, to create something called Evil Pieces. They come as a set of fifteen, a chess set excluding the king. One queen, two rooks, two knights, two bishops, and eight pawns. These pieces allow us noble devils to reincarnate other races into devils who more or less become our servants."

"I take it you want me to become your servant?" The woman huffs as she crosses her arms. "I will only follow the general."

"That's good." I smile as I slowly nod, pulling out a blackened chess piece. "This... is a King Piece. Something which up until recently was something that merely boosted the power of the user several fold... it was discontinued before all too many were made due to this little aspect, as it could easily be used to overthrow governments... but recently, Ajuka has made some more, with one striking change... instead of increasing power... this does something else."

"Unlike a normal evil piece which roughly makes you say... ninety-six or so percent devil, with four percent being your original race, this piece completely transforms the user into a noble devil. The previous imperfect devil transformation was due to the demands of our opposing faction, the great king faction, who believe in blood purity above all else... yet we are slowly distancing ourselves from them."

I toss the piece up in the air and catch it over and over. "This piece also has another striking feature... it turns latent powers... or in your case, semblances, into bloodline powers. Clan traits."

"This piece turns the user into a pure-blooded devil. Creating an entirely new pillar clan. Those words perhaps don't mean much to you as of right now, being dragged into this world so suddenly, but that is quite world shattering to our own race." I idly hum as I catch the piece between an index and middle finger. "My offer to you... is to become Remnant's first pillar family."

She frowns lightly and looks over me slowly. "Hrn. What's the catch?"

"Hm?" I hum as I tilt my head.

"There has to be a catch to this." She frowns.

"In this case, not really. Yes, you will more or less be obligated to join us in any war efforts should we go to war in the far distant future, but otherwise as long as you help us remove the great king faction from power, that's it."

"I don't want to be dragged into a war-"

"Oh, I'm not talking about soon, I'm talking about like... in hundreds of years or so." I wave off. "Besides, you have a good two hundred years worth of declining to help before you are morally obligated to do anything. If anything gets in a war with me, it's doubtful if it'll even last a year if I'm going to be completely honest."

"Wh- H-Hundreds of years?!"

"Yes, devils live to ten thousand. In addition to the life span, you gain the ability to freely use magic, your semblance's power will be improved several times, you'll be able to see in the dark and gain super hearing, plus you will just in general become stronger, faster, and more durable."

"And the flaws?"

"You'll be damaged by holy weaponry, and if you visit our original world, you won't be able to say or think the word 'God' without having a headache, but that's less of a problem here, in addition, back in our own world, crosses will hurt you, but that's about it... you might also feel weak under direct sunlight for a while, but you will grow out of that.

My eyes stray to Ironwood. "You may also want to get her some noise canceling headphones. Another issue with the transformation is that it brings your aura enhanced senses from a ten all the way to a twenty, without some form of support, she will not be able to sleep until she gets used to her new senses."

He nods silently.

"Finally, the next largest issue... is that your Aura will stop working."

Ironwood's brow raises slightly.

"What?" Winter whispers. "You are asking me to... cast aside my aura?"

"It'll be replaced with demonic power which you can use to do all the things your current aura can do and more. The issue is your aura is like air... wispy, thin, easy to move... Demonic power in comparison is like sap or mud. Far thicker, heavier, stronger."

"So, you are saying that if she chooses this, she will lose access to her aura and her semblance for a time and in exchange gain far more power down the line when she learns how to control her powers yet again." Ironwood observes.

"That's right." I nod.

"And if you were going to become a devil's servant, typically they would go on about how you would have the potential to rank up into a high class devil one day and gain your own peerage... but if you choose to become a pillar family you will automatically become a high class devil and gain your very own set of evil pieces which you can use to reincarnate whoever you want into devils, giving them the same general increase as you." I announce.

Her eyes widen. "Really?"

"That's right." I confirm. "I'd be careful of who you choose though, should you decide to become a devil. The only way to get a piece back after you use it... is for the piece in question to die... or you could trade them away to another devil for unused pieces."

Her eyes stray to Ironwood who shrugs. "This is entirely up to you. It is your life, and I won't command you to do anything."

The woman frowns slowly as she seems to think over her options.

"I... accept." She eventually nods.

"Good." I smile as I slowly walk forwards and clap my hands together. "Be thinking on if you want to revive people into your peerage, the number of pieces a person may need to reincarnate into a devil is dependent on both their potential and your strength in comparison to them... and keep in mind that each piece has a benefit. Bishops have increased magical capabilities, knights have improved speed, rooks have better strength and durability, queens have all three... and pawns can promote into any piece once they reach what you designate as enemy territory... keep in mind that the strength of the semblances of the people you choose will also improve drastically... that one fast girl in your ace ops would be an incredible knight piece."

The crystal chess piece in my hand glows as I reach over and press it into her chest.

"Over the next hour or so you will be transformed." I inform as I turn to Ironwood.

With a flash several stacks of books appear on his desk. "These are things which she will probably need as a devil. Soon I will send Weiss over to teach you the basics... and Ajuka will be here to bind your Evil Pieces to you."

"Until then, I hope you enjoy your newfound longevity and power. Don't do anything too dangerous, for now your aura won't save you~"

With those parting words I teleport away.

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We step into Kuoh a short hour later, briefly pausing and looking over the four figures sat in the room.

Serafall, who was probably about to say something taunting the female great Seraph pauses and slowly closes her mouth.

Her eyes stray to the two remaining people.

"Uriel? Raphiel?" The woman mutters quietly. "Why... are you two here?"

Michael slowly looks up and lets out a quiet sigh, looking past Serafall to me. "Gaius Decarabia... we plead to you... we need your help to revive our father."


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