Wazup y'all!

So for this post, I am going to give you some summarized background info on the OCs that have been or will be introduced in my and jdog4161's story, Rebooting Cybertron. I'll start with the ones we already posted so there aren't as many spoilers. But also keep in mind that some of the stuff we talk about with characters we already introduced may include aspects about them that have yet to be revealed. So WARNING, if you haven't finished the story, there will be spoilers. Also, I started writing this when we were just finishing chapter 16, so I may be changing a couple things to clarify.

First and foremost, we are going to start with the earliest OCs that have been introduced.

First up, it's Ransack!

Ransack is one of our favourite characters for sure, he's moody, sarcastic, and extremely proud. Honestly, the reason we love him so much is because he is so fun to write! He has the best one-liners, he bickers with Widowmaker daily, and he is awesome on the battlefield. He can get so enraged he can actually ignite in flame, which increases his speed, strength, and.. well... he's hot (temperature you perverts). He's a fire ant, what did you expect? He also has the ability to melt damn near anything when ignited.

Now technically Ransack is a character that hasbro owns, but what we did is we made our own version of him.

His component within Pestilence is the right leg, which provides armour and stability. He does have a few weapons, for ranged weaponry, he has the Subsonic repeater, EMP shotgun, and Scatter blaster. His flames count for both ranged and melee weaponry.

Now for those of you that are familiar with FOC/WFC weaponry, you know that the Subsonic repeater, EMP shotgun, and Scatter blaster are fantastic. The EMP Shotgun is a mid ranged weapon dealing incredible damage, and when paired with the scatter blaster with a small bot you were unstoppable at close range. In FOC the best close range kit was Scattershot + Subsonic repeater (they removed the EMP shotgun), so basically jdog said, "screw it I'm giving him all three."

Now, here's Widowmaker!

Now I know what you're thinking, why get an Insecticon who turns into a black widow and name it after a character from a first person shooter game? Well, Widowmaker is a sniper in Overwatch, so why not make our character a sniper too? Also she turns into a black widow, so the name just works. Now for her personality, she is extremely protective to the point where she is almost motherly. The whole reason she fights with Ransack all the time is because she is defending the other Insecticons from getting picked on. Although she can be a little snarky at times which is fun to write when she bickers with Ransack :p.

Now when we started writing her out, her scripts (that jdog wrote :) ) made her sound like everyone's grandma, constantly saying things like 'hon' and 'darling'. I personally thought that was too strong for her so we dumbed her down to being mainly protective. Now the thing is, jdog wants all the Insecticons to be insanely powerful in some aspect, if Widow was any bigger she would classify as a heavy. She has SO MANY WEAPONS. And some of them are mainly used on Pestilence! This is the exact bio that jdog wrote in our info doc: "Can independently fire missiles, webs, a bunker buster shell and a minigun from pestilence's shoulder (only one mode at a time)." Just picture a minigun on the back of a robotic spider… Thanks Shockwave. And that's not all, she also has spider leg claws and whip/grappling hook for melee weaponry, webs (obviously), and 8 small missile slots on her back for ranged weaponry. I'll admit, that's pretty sweet. Now of course she didn't get all these weapons at once or else she could probably take on Overlord personally!

Now adding on to her script, she had one line in chapter 8 when she actually slapped Ransack in the face for teasing her. He said "Seriously? Did you just slap me?" and she responded by saying, "I know, weird right?"

If you haven't figured it out already I love referencing movie quotes, this one is actually from the power rangers movie, and I thought it was perfect for this scene with her personality of being slightly snarky at times.