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Here's the third instalment, I thought I'd add bios for each character now, this should include previously posted chapters shortly.


Ahhh… good ol' buzz. He was definitely one of our favourites for sure. Buzzkil is about the same build as Sharpshot with a yellow/orang colour scheme. He turns into a hornet/wasp and wields dual machine guns on his back in insect mode. Buzzkill was found in a pod by the first six Insecticons in one of the earlier chapters. Buzzkill's past is tied in with Terrormite which is why I figured it would make sense to include them both in this chapter of my OC fic. Buzzkill's location on Pestilence was the backplate/armour. He was a very energetic and trigger happy Insecticon, kind of like a more composed version of Flashback, but Buzzkill acts like more of a child. He has had a long history with Terrormite from before the hive was destroyed. Buzzkill actually defended the hive on the front lines, somehow surviving. Alright, I think there definitely is something to address about Buzz. Yes he had a crush on Widowmaker, yes we developed on it, yes it was Jdog's idea, yes I'm uncomfortable with it. We done here? Great.

(spoiler alert)

When Buzzkill died, Pestilence suffered greatly emotionally and physically. Barrage eventually took his place as the backplate later on. In the end, Buzzkill was honoured with a personal sculpture of himself created by his best friend. But that was not the end of Buzzkill's story… read the epilogue of Rebooting Cybertron for more.


Name: Buzzkill

Faction: Insecticon

Rank: N/A

Class: Soldier

Special skills/traits: Gunslinger, agile, relatively high intelligence

Combiner/Combiner component?: Backplate of Pestilence

Alive?: No


Terrormite is a… well… termite. He's pretty short, probably about the height of Shockwave (which is short for FoC Insecticons), and has an orange/brown colour scheme. When it comes to personality, he's a little bit of everything. He can be brash, oblivious, vengeful, careless, kind, and even a little insane (as most Insecticons should be). Terrormite comes from a line of Insecticons known as the workers, their job is pretty self-explanatory, they build and maintain the hive by creating a metal-clay hybrid mixture that is almost unbreakable. Workers such as Terrormite also have the ability to build and also defend themselves with self-created acid. Terrormite respectively, mainly uses this ability as a weapon. Terrormite's component on Pestilence is a left wrist/arm attachment that can deploy clay and acid at will. With this component, Pestilence is able to seal any wound with clay. On one occasion that Pestilence lost his left hand in combat, he was able to seal the would with clay and replace the hand temporarily with a clay mace head.


Name: Terrormite

Faction: Insecticon

Rank: N/A

Class: Soldier/worker

Special skills/traits: Clay/acid creator, high intelligence, somewhat of a grunt

Combiner/Combiner component?: Left wrist/arm attachment of Pestilence

Alive?: Yes