Obito Uchiha, as he was once known, scowled darkly. After so much blood, sweat, and tears, Project Tsuki no Me was finally complete. It had been an uncomfortably close call, and a near total defeat for him, but ultimately he had pulled through and successfully caught the world in Infinite Tsukuyomi.

Honestly, he should have been celebrating. He could finally leave behind the dead heroes and broken promises of the reality he had denounced as illusory. He could have Minato-sensei back, as well as Rin, and even Kakashi as he had once been.

There was only onetinysnag.

Madara had misunderstood how Infinite Tsukuyomi worked (or else the Uchiha patriarch had willfully misinformed his descendant, but Tobi was not ready to believe that). True, it put every living person on earth under the most powerful genjutsu ever conceived, ensnaring them in a perfect fantasy world, creating what was essentially an illusory utopia for all living things, but there was a problem. A problem resulting from an apparently fatal misunderstanding of the nature of the world created by Infinite Tsukuyomi.

The nature of the illusory world was determined not strictly by the desires of the caster, or the separate desires of each individual placed under the genjutsu. No, rather it would seem that it was determined by the deepest desires of the person with the strongest will.

And judging by the nature of the world that "he" now beheld, Obito was fairly certain that said person was, of course, who else but Naruto Uzumaki.

Scowling more deeply, "he" let the bloody crimson sharingan in "his" right eye fade to a plain onyx orb. The rinnegan in "his" left eye did not change. Swearing under "his" breath, silently lamenting the absence of what should have been dangling between "his" legs and trying to keep the new, sizable mounds on her chest from ripping out the seams of her shirt, Obito idly wondered ifObikowould be too obvious of an alias as she began walking in the general direction of the Leaf Village.

Mina Namikaze woke up that morning to the sensation of her lover, the vivacious and modestly voluptuous Kushina Uzumaki, playfully nibbling on her earlobe. She was lying in Kushina's bed, naked save for the thin white sheets which just barely preserved her modesty. Their legs were tangled together, and the room smelt strongly of their mingled sex.

It had been a hell of a wild night: the most fun either of them had had in months. Though only the two of them were still there, she remembered quite vividly that the two Uchiha heads, Mikoto and Fugako ("The Princess and the Tomboy," as the pair had often been called in their youth) had been with them, and their two daughters, Itami and Sasuki, had also joined in.

For a moment, the thought crossed Mina's mind of how two females could have biological children withoutin vitrofertilization, which she knew neither one had ever had, but she felt no need to dwell on it. Instead, she recalled how passionate Fugako had been in rubbing their tits together (though Mina usually bound her breasts tightly when on duty, so as to keep them from getting in her way, she wasverygenerously endowed, on about the same level as Lady Tsunade, and Fugako was a similar size, though the headstrong Uchiha rather flaunted what she had). She also recalled watching as Mikoto and Kushina sixty-nined one another while Itami and Sasuki rimmed them.

Smiling softly at the memories of the previous night, and moaning as she felt Kushina bite down on her ear just hard enough to leave a mark, Mina sat up in the bed, allowing the sheets to slide off of her body. Her large breasts jiggled excitingly from the movement, catching Kushina's lustful attention.

"You look extra perky this morning," the redhead remarked teasingly, giving Mina's left tit a sharp, friendly slap. The sizable orb of flesh jiggled even more, and Mina yelped lewdly before returning the favor with a pinch or two on Kushina's bum, causing her to squeal and giggle.

"And you're hopeless as ever," Mina said, giving her lover a brief but passionate kiss. "But I suppose that's what I love about you."

"Shock!" Kushina declared theatrically. "And all this time I thought you loved me for mybody!" she cried, faking a sob.

"Oh, I love that too," Mina replied, further fondling the redhead's firm, shapely ass.

Kushina laughed. "Good!" she said. "Because this body wants every bit of love it can get!" And she winked exaggeratedly, causing the blonde to giggle and give her a spank.

"Oh, I should have listened when sensei warned me about you," said Mina jokingly. "She told me that you Uzumaki are all whores and vixens who want nothing more than ravish any half-way attractive girl they see, but I didn't believe her!"

"I take exception to that," Kushina retorted. "I'll have you know that we Uzumaki also enjoybeingravished."

They both laughed, playfully fondling one another, and soon they were once more making hot, sweaty love. Mina and Kushina fucked each other long and loud, not caring who heard their moans and dirty talk. For several minutes they carried on uninterrupted, but as they were in the middle of scissoring one another they suddenly heard a knock on their bedroom door.

Mina and Kushina paid the knocking no mind initially, but when the door swung open to let their handsome blue-eyed hunk of a son walk in they immediately becamemuchmore focused on their visitor. The two women blushed under their son's gaze, getting immensely turned on by the fact that he had walked in on them having sex, and as a result their fucking gained even more vigor.

Naruto blushed at the sight of his parents having sex, and he felt a certain embarrassing stiffness between his legs from the gorgeous view he was getting of their criminally hot bodies. But his arousal was mastered by annoyance, and he scowled.

"Mom!" he said. "Ma! Do you two really have to be so loud so early in the morning?!"

Kushina smirked, seeing the sizable tent in the young man's boxers. She gave her son a come-hither look, angling her torso to give him the best possible view of her tits as they bounced and jiggled from the rocking of her body as she scissored Mina.

"You're welcome to join us," she purred huskily, winking at him. "The more the merrier!" And then she came from fucking her lover, and she moaned loudly, intentionally making the lewdest noises she could manage.

Naruto's face grew flush, and he tried hard not to stare at either of his mothers' racks or cunts even as his member further stiffened. He did not humor them with a response, though it would certainly seem he was tempted.

Mina smiled, seeing the bulge in Naruto's boxers growing even larger. She was soaking wet at the thought of getting her hands on the boy's cock, and just thinking about having his meat inside of her made her violently orgasm. She wailed, throwing her head back and rubbing her huge tits as her juices splashed all over her lover's thighs.

Looking into her son's eyes, bathing in the warm afterglow of orgasm, Mina happily spread the lips of her and Kushina's pussies, wiggling their juicy hips.

"Come in," she said lustily, the meaning of her words obvious. "It's nice and cozy inside."

Naruto, blushing with his gaze affixed to his mothers' pussies and his erection straining against the confines of his boxers, nonetheless still managed to gather enough wit to say: "Looks like a tight fit."

Kushina giggled. "Oh, but I'm sure you'll be able to slip right in without any problems."

All three of them grinned, enjoying themselves. This kind of battle of innuendos was quite common in the Uzumaki household, and they were all rather good at it. But still, Kushina and Mina would not be satisfied with just innuendo. They wanted him to fuck them. They longed to have sex with their son.

And perhaps this got across in their words, because soon they found that Naruto was paying less attention to their questionable game and more to the naked bodies of his mothers. His face was red and he was sweating, and all of this delighted Mina and Kushina.

Soon enough, Naruto's erection grew too large to be contained, ripping his boxers at the seams. The now useless garment fell to the floor, and Naruto's cock stood at attention, easily one of the biggest and hardest things his moms had ever seen.

Mina and Kushina smiled approvingly at the sight of their son's massive, throbbing erection. It twitched and pulsed menacingly, so large and phallic that it seemed the very essence of manhood. They eyed it hungrily, licking their lips and shamelessly presenting themselves: Mina squeezing her tits together and spreading the lips of her pussy, Kushina bending over and shaking her tight, round ass while spreading her cheeks.

And at the sight of how his mothers were acting, something small inside of Naruto snapped. His restraint was gone. It no longer mattered that they were his parents: he wanted to fuck Mina and Kushina - he wanted to fuck them raw and use their bodies and make themhis.

"Naruto, son..." moaned Mina, bucking her hips up in the air, looking pleading into his eyes. "Please, fuck me."

Naruto looked from the blonde to the redhead, then back again. He had a small smirk on his face, his eyes glinting with a hint of something.

"You really want this, don't you," he said. It wasn't a question.

"We do!" Kushina and Mina replied eagerly, feeling no shame in abasing themselves before their son. "We've wanted this for so long!"

Naruto's smirk widened, and he approached the pair.

"To think my parents would be such sluts..." he remarked with amusement. "Wanting to fuck their own son. How sick," he said, giving Kushina a smack on the ass.

"Ohhhhh!" the redhead moaned, her eyes rolling back in her head as she came. It was incredible. Just a single spank from her son was enough to push her to orgasm. "Yes! Fuck me!" she exclaimed.

Naruto gave Kushina's ass a soft squeeze, delighted at the reaction he had garnered from her. Then he turned his attention to his other mother, the Yellow Flash Mina Namikaze. Leaning over, he grabbed one of her massive breasts and squeezed. Mina came immediately from this, and the noises she made while doing so were extremely lewd.

Naruto smiled, and eyed his mothers once more. His dick twitching and his balls aching, he decided. He would fuck them. They wanted it, and he wanted it. The only question was, who would he do first?

Looking at his redheaded mother's round, shapely bum, seeing her tight asshole and soaking cunt, Naruto made up his mind. Kushina would be first. He would take her ass, make it his.

Grabbing her by the hips, squeezing and fondling, he rubbed the tip of his dick between her buttocks and pressed it against her anus. She groaned at the feeling, lustfully grinding her ass against his cock. Silently, she begged him to go inside her. Her body urged him to press onward, but Naruto took his time. He teased her asshole with the tip of his penis, causing her to moan and whimper.

Mina smiled as she watched this, gleefully diddling herself as she watched her lover writhe in ecstasy beneath their son. She pinched her stiff, puffy nipples, and rubbed her massive breasts, visibly lactating. She thrust her fingers in and out of her pussy, panting as she teased her clitoris and plumbed her depths. She came a time or two before Naruto and Kushina even really got started: but when they did, her masturbation grew all the fiercer.

Kushina let out a cry when her son finally plunged himself into her, shoving his massive rod into her anus. The pain was immense, at first, as he stretched out her insides and tore up her asshole, but soon enough it melted in pleasure. She moaned lewdly as he fucked her, delighting in the sounds he was making as he pumped in and out of her ass. He was enjoying himself so much that it was almost adorable to her.

Naruto groaned and panted as he passionately rocked his hips against his mother's behind. Her ass was tighter than he could have ever imagined, and it was all he could do to keep from coming the second he went inside her. He was in heaven, fucking his mom's ass, and he did not care one bit if it was wrong or right. It simply felt to goodnotto be done.

So he did it, long and hard.

Kushina gasped when she felt her son suddenly shoot a load of hot semen into her ass. She moaned perversely, delighting in the sensation. His seed splurted out of her anus as he continued to fuck her, still rock hard even after coming.

Naruto banged Kushina for close to twenty more minutes, coming in her ass countless times, and causing her to come at least just as much. But eventually she collapsed into the bed from exhaustion, completely spent and awash in a profound sense of euphoria.

Pulling out of his mother, Naruto then turned his attention to his other mother, Mina, who eagerly spread her legs in anticipation of what was to come. He also saw that her nipples were liberally dribbling with rich, creamy milk.

When Naruto saw the buxom blonde MILF before him spread her legs, and then the lips of her pussy, he smirked. It was intoxicating how empowered he felt, seeing a kunoichi so famed throughout the Elemental Nations abasing herself before him. That she was his own mother only sweetened the deal, and his member was rock hard at the sight of her shame.

"You still want it, huh?" he observed, briefly glancing back at Kushina. The vivacious redhead had been reduced to a barely coherent puddle of liquefied bliss, weakly moaning and purring in the afterglow of numerous orgasms.

He then looked back to Mina, his other mother, and she smiled when his eyes met hers.

"More than ever," she said huskily, bucking her hips a little as he came nearer. She licked her lips hungrily as she eyed his imposing cock, no doubt imagining how it would feel to have it inside her.

"You two are hopeless," Naruto said with a chuckle, before getting on top of the blonde. He teasing tweaked one of her nipples, rubbing his manhood teasingly against her womanly entrance.

"We are, yes," said Mina, whimpering as her son toyed with her. Her pulse quickened when he pinched her nipple, and she moaned lowly. "Yes! Oh god, yes we are!" she wailed as he slowly, tortuously probed her entrance. He was teasing her, willfully prolonging the torment of desire.

It was not long before she broke.

"Please!" she begged Naruto pitifully, mewling and squealing as he persisted in torturing her through the forestallment of penetration. "Don't drag it out, Naruto! I...!"

The blond smirked, hearing his mother's voice crack as she writhed beneath him.

"If you say so," he replied playfully, before kissing her deeply and thrusting himself into her womanhood. Mina moaned loudly, melting in ecstasy as he finally began to truly fuck her. The noise was muffled by his lips, though.

Naruto pounded his blonde mother, setting her curves to jiggling and shaking as he slapped his pelvis repeatedly against hers. He played with Mina's tits as he fucked her, squeezing and rubbing them with incredible skill. She was like putty in his hands, his masterful ministrations rendering her senseless from euphoria.

He hammered her like a bent nail, banging his mom long and hard. She loved how her son was making her feel, and she came a number of times. He came also, filling her womb with his seed. In this Mina took much delight. The thought of potentially becoming pregnant with her own grandchildren aroused her immeasurably, and she egged her son on to the point were she felt like her belly should have been bulging from all the seed he pumped into her.

Eventually, Mina could take no more, and she passed out. Kushina was still out of it, too.

Naruto, pulling out of his mom with no small amount of reluctance, belatedly realized just what he had done.

He blinked. Then he shrugged. They had asked for it, after all. No use crying over spoiled milk, and all that.

Pulling his boxers back on, he chanced to look at the clock on the bedside table. His eyes widened when he saw it and realized that he was late.

Late for amission.

Sakura-chan was going tokillhim.