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Naruto Uzumaki, A boy who was alone his whole life. Not before he met Sakura Haruno, a simple act of kindness by a seven-year-old curious girl was the best thing that could ever happen to the small boy.

A boy who hasn't gotten a shed of kindness his entire short life he has finally got it. Her emerald eyes, her cotton candy hair, her broad forehead.

Everything about her made the boy Obsessed with the girl.

Ever since that day, Naruto has been following the girl. His chest tightens and his heart beats rapidly.

No one had made him feel like that before, and he loved that feeling.

When the Sandaime hesitantly added him to the academy, he was overjoyed. He never liked the Sandaime, he was like everyone else who treated him terribly.

So when he overheard Sakura saying she was joining the academy, he was ecstatic.

He would finally be able to see her again. Oh how long he waited to meet her again. The only reason why he was still alive was because of her. She gave her a reason to live.

His life revolves around her.

When he found out about the girl's crush on Uchiha, he was crushed. He didn't like that, he hated that feeling when she said those words. He would do anything to be with her.

Anything, even if it means to hurt.

To make someone bleed.

Or to kill.

During one of the teachings, Iruka felt terrified. The glances Naruto was sending Sakura without anyone but Iruka realizing. They weren't the usual seven-year-old crush. No... it was something even worse, he's seen them before and they never went well.

It's the obsessed one.

He's seen many in his lifetime, they could be obsessed with many things. Friendship, Lovers, Teammates. But this one, made him feared the most. His eyes were filled with a loving one, one that would do anything to keep the source of the obsession. The boy has been training even harder too, he could even beat Sasuke. And that made him worried. The gaze never left the girl for the entire day.

When he went to the Sandaime that day, he begged for Naruto to have extra watch over him. It fell on deaf ears though, having no reason for it or anybody watching over him.

A day after they found the corpse of Sasuke Uchiha in an alley at the Uchiha Residence who looked barely describable. His face was bashed in with a brick and his fingers were missing. The only thing that made people recognize the Uchiha was his blood-stained shirt with this Uchiha clan logo on it.

His funeral was placed a few days later, The entire class showed up. Along with the teachers and half of them civilians. Naruto showed up too, though his gaze still laid on Sakura. Who was too caught up in grieving to realize along with everyone else.

Naruto thought she was still attractive even when crying. Which only made him obsessed over her even more.

With Sasuke, the girls went after the next strongest and attractive boy in the class and the next thing that happened was like Sasuke never existed. Their eyes now fell on Naruto as he was exactly like Sasuke.

All except one girl who was what Naruto longed for, Craved for. He wanted that feeling to stay with him forever, And as he said.

He would do anything for that feeling to stay.