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(chapter 1)

No one's pov

"There they go,..." Victor whispered at Garfield. He closed the locker door and looked to where his friend was pointing at. There stood the three 'bad boys' as they call it, Elliot, Richard, and Peter.

The three boys walked across the halls with their eyes darting forward, looking for their next targets. They were well known as the shcool bullies. They'd mess with anyone who makes eye contact. Richard, or Dick, was the leader of the trio, despite not having powers at all.

Whispers filled the halls as the three of them walked by, all smug looking. Despite being the school bullies, they were also the best of their sports club.

"Hey hey heyyy," Peter whispered to Dick, "I saw the way you look at that girl, what was her name?" he turned to Elliot.

"I think it was Kory... Kory Anders?" Elliot replied unsure as they enter their class rooms.

"What,... What. No." Dick replied with a stern voice as he glared at them. The two immediately keep quiet but kept their smirks.

"Wipe those fucking grin off your dumbass faces-.. " Dick growled but stopped as he observed a certain red head enter the room. She shyly sat down quietly.

"Well.. If ya says so," Peter grinned as he putting his feet up the table, lightly rocking the chair. He stopped, his eyes widening at the idea the just thought of, his grin grew wide.

"Heyyy,... Bet ya can't make her fall for you before graduation," he blurted out as he looked at Dick, earing a grin from Elliot.

"Yeahhh, why not?" Elliot added as he looked at Dick as well.

"How much?" Dick asked, a smug grin plastered on his face.

"Ten thousand bucks," Peter replied as he set down his feet. Elliot looked at him with a pout, Dick looked with a shocked face. After a minute of thinking, Dick smirked.


The bell rang, "Alright. Sit the fuck down," Batman entered the room then slammed the books down the table. Everyone quickly went to their chairs and quiet down.

"As you know," their teacher began, "Graduation is in two months, and next Monday will be your exams."

Everyone mentally groaned.


Everyone payed closer attention, that usually means good news.

"Instead of a written exam,... You'll be sparring, like a practice fight. Yes, powers allowed, and no, I don't care if you have no powers," Batman deadpaned.

"Class dismissed. "

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