Walking into his shack, Jason set down his things and headed for the shower. It had been a long day and he was tired. He planned to shower, go into town for some food, come back and crash.

So after showering and changing into a new set of clothes, including a blue-colored jacket, a black shirt, and a pair of jeans, he headed into town.

He decided on a local restaurant which had good food and did good on the to-go.

But as he did, he noticed suspicious activity almost immediately. As he monitored the people in town, he noticed a young woman, possibly mid or late 20s, walking along, minding her own business. It wasn't really her that Jason found suspicious, it was who was tailing her. Two men, strong, intimidating looking men who stuck out like sore thumbs in the crowd, were following her. At first, he wasn't too sure. But just the sight of this scene didn't sit right with him.

As inconspicuous as he could, he crossed the street and blended in with the other people walking on the sidewalk.

Then he slowly walked up to her and finally put his arm around her shoulders and guided her into a speed walk.

"Who are you?" The girl exclaimed.

"You're being followed." Jason said, not slowing his walk. "They've been tailing you for two blocks now."

That seemed to be all the girl needed to hear before falling into step with Jason.

They needed a place to hide in plain sight. Anywhere where it wasn't out in the open. It then occurred to him; the restaurant he was initially going to.

The two made it to the establishment and walked in. Only thing was the two stalkers were on their tail. Jason had to think of something, and fast. They stood in line, acting as calm as they could and waited for the two to come in. Hearing the door open and seeing them come in thanks to a small mirror behind the counter, they knew they were here.

"What do we do?" The girl whispered to Jason with worry.

"Get down." He whispered. "Behind the counter."

She obeyed and immediately walked around the counter before crouching down. Though the cashier was confused by this, they wouldn't be for long.

Now that the girl was safe, Jason could deal with this joker.

That didn't take long as the man put a bully-like hand on Jason's shoulder, unknowingly opening a window for Jason.

Swiftly, Jason grabbed onto the man's hand before twirling around with his hold still on it, twisting the arm as he did. The man howled in pain before bringing his other hand around in a balled up fist, only for it to be caught by Jason before he kicked the man away, separating the two.

The man slid along the floor until he hit a table where a couple sat. Swiftly getting to his feet, he grabbed the chair of the main sitting there, letting him fall to the floor and the woman jumping from her seat to his side.

Meanwhile, the baddie was coming again to Jason with a chair ready to hit him. Thinking quickly, Jason looked to an empty plate on a table next to him and knew what to do.

"Mind if I borrow this?" He asked the man sitting there, grabbing it before he could answer.

With the plate in hand, Jason began towards the man armed with the chair. The man readjusted his grip on the chair, lifting it so he could bring it down on Jason.

But just before he could, Jason threw the plate like a frisbee, sending it flying to the man and hitting him dead between the bridge of his nose. This caused him to let go of the chair and cup his face and yell out in pain.

Jason, however, caught the chair before it hit the ground and swept it under the baddie's legs, tripping him up and sending him falling to the floor. As soon as he landed, Jason delivered one swift punch to the face, knocking the man unconscious.

With that taken care of, Jason began to stand up, catching his breath. That wasn't the hardest fight he's ever been in, but it was still something.

[CLICK x2]

The sound of a gun being cocked alerted him as he looked over his shoulder to see another man, possibly this guy's partner, holding a gun on Jason.

Slowly, Jason raised his hands, thinking of how he was getting out of this one.

Suddenly, the sound of a plate breaking behind him made him turn around to see the man on the floor unconscious and the girl they were after standing over the counter with the edge of a broken plate in her hand.

"Thanks," Jason said before kicking the gun on the floor away from its unconscious owner. "Come on, we gotta go."

So the girl swung her legs over the edge of the counter and jumped off before running out the back with Jason.

Little did either of them know that as they fled, the camera of a phone, held by a teenage boy, had captured the whole altercation.

Jason and the girl ran through into an alley behind the restaurant and kept out of sight.

"Hey, thank you for that." the girl said to him.

But Jason didn't respond. Instead, he was peeking around corners to see who or what might be coming.

"Who were those guys?" He finally asked, turning to face her.

The girl seemed to hesitate but answered, "I don't know."

But Jason wasn't so easily fooled. "People like that don't try and grab someone unless they have a reason. Now who are you?"

"My name's Macy. And... well, my dad's a very rich man."

Now the truth was out. Jason felt it wasn't the whole truth, but it was something.

"Well look, you've gotta get some place safe. Not in public."

"Already on it," Macy said, tapping away on her phone.

Jason looked to her and wondered what she was up to.

"What're you doing?" he asked.

"Calling my ride."

'Ride?' That confused Jason a little more. This girl, who had almost been kidnapped, was now cool as a cucumber and, apparently, calling for her ride. What was it with this girl?

"He's here." she finally said, looking up from her phone.

"Who's here?"

"My ride."

Macy began to walk out of the alley and Jason almost grabbed her and pulled her back, but he stopped when he saw a shiny black Cadillac pull up and stop.

The front passenger side door opened and a tall, strong looking man stepped out of the car. "Ma'am, are you alright?"

"A little shaken up, but otherwise fine."

"We need to get you some place safe, right away."

"Wait!" she said before turning back to the man who saved her. "What's your name?"

Truthfully, he didn't want to lie. And technically, it would be a lie if he told her this name. So he opened up and replied. "Jason."

"Thank you, Jason, for saving my life."

Jason nodded in reply and watched as the girl jumped into the backseat of the car.

"You be careful!" He called out just before she closed the door. Macy smiled and nodded before finally closing it.

As he watched the car drive off, he hoped that Macy would be alright. And with that entourage, he felt she had a good chance. That was a surprise, though, her having that kind of security. Must be someone important. Possibly a politician's daughter, or maybe the mafia.

Jason was pulled from his thoughts by the flashing of blue and red lights and the sound of sirens coming up the street. Seeing that as his cue, he faded back into the shadows of the alley and ran.

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